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Chapter 44

Yang Shiyue had pulled Qin Yun over because she had heard of Yan Qingyu and knew that he was very strong.

She looked at the group of people and said, "Qin Yun, with your talent, you can achieve great things even if you are not in the dojo."

Qin Yun said, "Teacher, believe me! I am not only doing it for myself, but also for others to know that you have not protected the devil, and that your student is extremely outstanding! "

His calm voice contained an unyielding arrogance.

When Yang Shiyue saw Qin Yun's resolute determination and confidence, she sighed lightly and let go of his hand, allowing him to walk up to the martial stage!

The Duke of Yan smiled proudly and said, "You just need to endure for an hour. In this one hour, there will be no admitting defeat or begging! Moreover, life and death will be decided by the heavens! "

He looked at Master Wei and continued, "In order to ensure fairness, I would like to request Master Wei to activate a formation. No one can enter or leave until an hour later! "

Suddenly, the crowd burst into cheers!

Yan Qingyu did not float out from that place. Instead, he landed on the battling platform like a fallen leaf. His lightness skills were truly worthy of praise.

He wore close-fitting azure clothes and had a handsome face with slanted brows and starry eyes. His eyes were filled with disdain as he sized up Qin Yun.

Master Wei placed many small flags around the battling platform and soon, a formation array was set up.

When the Duke of Yan and a group of old officials saw that this matter had been accomplished, they revealed looks of joy. They laughed heartily and toasted each other. They were as happy as if they had seen Qin Yun die.

Yan Yun was the happiest as she looked at Qin Yun with venomous eyes. She said with a smile, "Brother Kun, is Qin Yun doomed?"

"Qingyu is your brother, you don't know his strength? The Xuanwu Academy was a Black Level Martial Academy. The students inside were extremely terrifying and could not be dealt with by Qin Yun who was only at the fifth level of the martial body! Even if you are at the sixth level of the Martial Body realm, you can't guarantee that you won't be injured when facing your brother! " Wei Xuankun was also beaming with joy. Qin Yun, whom he hated to the core, was about to die a horrible death.

Principal Zhang's expression was solemn and cold. He took out an hour's worth of hourglass and flipped it over before announcing the start of the martial arts competition!

Of course, this could not be considered a martial arts competition because Yan Qingyu's strength was too much for Qin Yun!

As long as Qin Yun could endure for an hour and did not use any demonic arts, everyone would believe that he was innocent!

Yan Qingyu was a member of the Yan Clan. He had mastered the Soaring Swallow Steps very well. The instant he started, he suddenly flashed and flew out, dragging an afterimage with him!

When he was two meters away from Qin Yun, he raised his palm and sent out a gale. His internal energy was mixed within the gale as he roared at Qin Yun.

"So fast, so much faster than me!" When Qin Yun saw Yan Qingyu attack, he was alarmed. Immediately, he gritted his teeth and could only resist. There was no way to dodge it.

A knife-like gale blew on his body, slashing across it like countless sharp blades, causing many cracks to appear on his clothes.

Fortunately, he transferred the accumulated internal energy into his muscles, causing them to tense up and become stiff. Otherwise, his body would have been covered in wounds.

Although he could block it, he was forced to retreat and lean against the wall of air created by the array formation!

The Duke of Yan gave a long laugh and said with a righteous face, "Qingyu has a sword martial spirit, he can use his hand as a sword and release sword qi. Now, in order to force Qin Yun to release his demonic arts, he would know his limits. He would not kill Qin Yun immediately because he will not be able to convince everyone! "

The sixth level of the Martial Body realm was able to use powerful inner strength, but Yan Qingyu had not used it yet.

"You injured little sister Yun before. Now, I'll repay you tenfold in her place!" Yan Qingyu sneered and with a wave of his hand, he sent out a whirlwind that swept Qin Yun over.

After Qin Yun's body was wrapped around, he felt a sharp pain as though his body was being pricked by needles. He could not help but cry out in pain.

After which, Yan Qingyu chopped out with his palm, releasing a sharp sword qi.

Sword beams shrouded the area as though there were thousands of needles stabbing into his bones. The pain made Qin Yun howl crazily!

Yan Yun giggled while Wei Xuankun happily drank a bowl of wine.

The old officials could not stop grinning from ear to ear. They felt that Qin Yun had been eliminated and were overjoyed!

Yang Shiyue clenched her fists as she saw this. Her face was frosty and her teeth were tightly clenched. A wave of anger was accumulated in her heart!


When Yan Qingyu saw how Qin Yun was powerless to struggle, he smacked him in the abdomen with his palm. With a heavy strike to his dantian, Qin Yun was sent flying. He crashed into the array wall and vomited blood!

Instantly, the thousands of people in the plaza cried out in alarm!

Some people felt regret, some people felt excited, and some people felt helpless …

As Yan Qingyu's palm was extremely heavy, Qin Yun did not have any form of protection. The inner elemental energy in his dantian was definitely heavily damaged!

Everyone felt that even if he didn't die, his lower body would still have to stay in bed.

A fifteen year old martial body at the fifth level, yet he was about to fall like this. The crowd was sighing with emotion!

Yang Shiyue watched on expressionlessly. The palm strike from before had made her heart shudder. Only after she saw Qin Yun slowly stand up did she heave a sigh of relief.

She knew that Qin Yun had a powerful physique. He had immersed himself in the Heavenly Lion Lake for ten days. After much training, his toughness and toughness were not that easily defeated!

Seeing Qin Yun stand up, the audience let out a soft exclamation!

This was very surprising!

"Fine, I'll see how long you can last!" Yan Qingyu's expression turned cold as she charged forward as though she had received a great provocation. Like a sword, her inner force swept across like a tornado, lifting Qin Yun into the air.

Qin Yun's body was enveloped by the sword beams as though they were being wrapped up by thorny vines. The sword beams that penetrated his bones constantly penetrated his body and penetrated his bones!

"Hold on!" Although Qin Yun was in great pain, he was clear-headed. He hurriedly used the Mysterious Yang Tactic and began rotating his two elemental energies, condensing them into internal energy that flowed into his body.

Now he was sure that his inner strength wouldn't be shattered.

Qin Yun controlled his inner force to flow through his body as he fused the bone-piercing sword beams together before rushing into his bone marrow to temper his bones!

Yang Shiyue had previously said that the fastest way to condense the Bone Refining Scripture was to stimulate the body!

Normally, he would use precious medicinal materials and high grade beast blood to concoct the medicinal liquid and use it to soak his entire body.

Qin Yun did not have the conditions to soak in the medicinal bath. He could only use this method.

He looked at Yan Qingyu as he silently endured in his heart, "Don't be complacent, I'm using your sword energy to forge the Bone Sutra!"


Yan Qingyu continued to wreak havoc on Qin Yun with his sword Qis. It was as though Qin Yun was a sandbag as she constantly ravaged him. His strength was growing stronger each time.

Everyone watching felt their scalps go numb!

They were not frightened by Yan Qingyu's methods, but by Qin Yun's tough physique!

Every time Qin Yun suffered a heavy blow, everyone thought that he had fallen flat on the ground.

However, he could always drag his battered body up again and again!

Such tenacious willpower caused many people to be filled with admiration!

Yang Shiyue clenched her jade-like fists tightly. Her heart was filled with sweat, as she secretly felt pain in her heart.

How could she not see that Qin Yun was forging the Bone Scripture? However, this was too tragic. She had no choice but to watch and worry that Qin Yun would encounter some mishap.

The old officials who were previously elated were now tense. This was not going as smoothly as they had expected!

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