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Chapter 40

Ding Tianchun, who had his eyes closed while recuperating, said slowly, "I've met the Steel Qilin Tiger. It's already quite good that I survived. My injuries have nothing to do with Qin Yun."

Principal Zhang frowned, "I saw it too. A Class 8 Magical Beast flew out from the air. It seems that something bad is about to happen in the depths of the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range."

Yang Shiyue watched quietly from the side, she felt that this matter wasn't that simple.

"Doesn't that mean that Qin Yun of Class 7 has no results?" A fat teacher laughed.

That was because so far, the fat middle-aged teacher had led the class with the worst results. If Qin Yun failed, he would not be at the bottom of the class.

"No!" After Ding Tianchun stood up, he took out five more demon beast corpses from his bag of holding.

"Piercing Sword is a Rank 5 Demonic Beast, the other 4 are Rank 4!" Rank 5 beasts are ten, so this is equivalent to fourteen! " Ding Tianchun looked at the fat middle-aged teacher and continued, "This was all killed by Qin Yun alone. I was only responsible for pursuing the demonic beasts and giving pointers from the side!"

Principal Zhang came over to take a look and nodded. "There are traces of being hit by the Flame Light Fist on the corpse of the demon beast. He actually didn't use a weapon. It seems that the Flame Light Fist has improved by a lot!"

The three to two hundred students here immediately went into an uproar!

Just by himself, Qin Yun was able to kill a Class 5 demonic beast with his bare hands. Such strength was unimaginable for the students of the fourth level!

Many students were envious and jealous. They looked at Qin Yun with indignation!

The teachers were left speechless. They knew that Ding Tianchun was an honest man and would not side with Qin Yun.

The students gnashed their teeth in jealousy. That was because this time, Qin Yun had won the prize of first place by himself!

"We'll be waiting for class three now!" Yang Shiyue smiled and nodded appreciatively at Qin Yun.

Only Qin Yun and Ding Tianchun knew that the people from Class 3 would never return!

This was because they had all been killed by Qin Yun alone!

As Ding Tianchun thought of this, his heart was filled with emotion!

It was dark, so everyone camped and waited for the people of Class Three.

It was now the deadline.

"Principal, are they not coming back?" An old man asked. He was the original teacher of Class 3.

"I don't know. Let's wait for another day!" If they cannot return, you can go back first. I will go in alone to find them. " Principal Zhang's expression was somewhat heavy.

The next morning, Principal Zhang announced that Class 9 had won first place.

The reward this time was being able to enter the Nine Suns Spirit Convergence Array and train for ten days!

The Nine Suns Spirit Convergence Array was located at the top of the peak. Cultivating for ten days inside was equivalent to absorbing spiritual energy for one to two years at a time!

"Principal, we are not convinced. The Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array only opens once a year, so it shouldn't be a problem for a dozen people to enter." But now, it would be such a waste to leave Qin Yun's faction to themselves! " He was a middle-aged man with thick eyebrows and big eyes. He was very dissatisfied; he was the teacher of Class 1.

The other teachers also protested!

Qin Yun remembered that the teachers had a good relationship with Master Wei.

Yang Shiyue sneered and said, "Qin Yun was able to kill so many demonic beasts on his own. Why can't he use the Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array to his own?"

"He is just a trash who has just gotten lucky. You must have secretly helped him to break through so quickly." Yan Yun shouted loudly.

She had the Yan Clan backing her, and her fiance was also Master Wei's son. Furthermore, Master Wei was at the Hua Ling Martial Arts School, which was why she dared to contradict Yang Shiyue like this.

"Your fiancé entered the fifth level of the Martial Body Realm for a period of time, but he lost to me. In that case, your fiancé is not even as good as trash like me!" Qin Yun chuckled. "It will be hard for you. You want to marry a fellow worse than trash."

"You … Shut up, Big Brother Kun is a future Inscription Master, he's completely focused on the Inscription Pattern, and is already able to craft talismans. When we go back this time, Master Wei will invite all the students of the Hua Ling Wu Yuan and the various families of Tian Qin to congratulate us! " Yan Yun's angry voice was filled with pride.

When she mentioned that Wei Xuankun could make talismans, the crowd burst into an uproar.

"Isn't it just talisman crafting?" He could also craft talismans, and he had produced quite a number of them. They were all very powerful fire talismans.

The crowd burst into laughter as they heard his words.

"An ignorant fellow!" Do you know what it means to be able to craft talismans? " A teacher mocked, "This shows that Wei Xuankun has already stepped into the level of an Inscription Master! No matter how many old fellows have studied for dozens of years, it would be difficult for them to step past this threshold! "

When Yan Yun heard this, she proudly raised her head. The other students came over to congratulate Wei Xuankun as well, and they flattered him as well...

"Dean, Qin Yun has the Nine Suns Spirit Convergence Array to himself. We are truly unconvinced. You must understand our feelings!" Yan Yun said, "Master Wei is planning to hold a celebration dinner at the Martial Arts Academy. At that time, the other famous sects will know …"

"Enough! If anyone of you is unwilling, then fight with me! I have used my own strength to obtain the rewards that I deserve. On what basis are you all unconvinced? With his own strength? Are you guys as strong as me? "

"With just your mouth, with your spirit veins?" You have more spirit veins than me, and each one of you has the help of your family, but you are still inferior to me, who has only one bloodline. Why? Isn't that all because you're useless and don't work hard enough, idling around all day long?! "

Qin Yun was already infuriated as he pointed at the bunch of students with unconvinced expressions and bellowed.

The group of students did not dare to say another word. Qin Yun was able to defeat Wei Xuankun, and was not someone they could deal with!

"I'll fight you!" A tall youth walked out. He wore an expensive set of soft armor and had a proud expression on his face.

"Zheng Yuanqing, the son of the Zheng Family who possesses the Five Sun Spiritual Pulse and the Gold Tiger martial spirit? He's from Class Two! " A student whispered, his eyes filled with admiration.

"He has already stepped into the fifth stage of the Martial Body realm and possesses a rare beast martial spirit."

"According to Yan Yun, Wei Xuankun is not a battle-type cultivator, so he will lose to Qin Yun!" As for Zheng Yuanqing, who possesses a beast martial soul, he should be a master in combat and might even be able to defeat Qin Yun! "

"A life-and-death battle?" Qin Yun asked coldly.

"Qin Yun, if you lose, you will allow the class to enter the Nine Yang Spirit Convergence Array. How about it? If he loses, all the demon beasts that the second class can hunt will be yours! " Principal Zhang said, "In a martial arts sparring match, you can end it there and then."

"Alright!" Qin Yun answered.

Class Two had killed ten Rank 4 Demonic Beasts. Each one of them was worth two thousand crystal coins, a total of twenty thousand. It was quite impressive.

Zheng Yuanqing was secretly delighted. If he defeated Qin Yun, his reputation would definitely rise greatly. It would be of great help to his position in the family.

Everyone made way for them to compete.

"Begin!" Principal Zhang shouted.

Zheng Yuanqing's tiger-like body trembled, and the aura of a ferocious beast gushed out!

He released his aura and charged at Qin Yun like an enraged beast. As he charged, his hands suddenly transformed into tiger claws!

This was an illusion created from the cultivation techniques he had learned. It looked extremely realistic, and its might was also formidable.

"It's the lower grade Spirit Level Tiger's Claw. A Rank 4 Demonic Beast was ripped apart by him just now."

"I wonder how Qin Yun will deal with this?"

The two students exclaimed.

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