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Chapter 376

Mo Mo absorbed the energy from the dragon beast crystal egg and activated it's special ability to sense the dark lines on the Mystic Moon Saber. At the same time, the dark lines and the bright lines were also recorded in her mind.

While Qin Yun was waiting in the secret chamber, he took out the Nine Extinction Heart Sutra and read the pages one by one.

"This Nine Extinction Heart Sutra is really difficult!" Qin Yun looked at the first page and only had a few sentences. It was very short.

The first page could be considered an inner and mental cultivation method.

Mainly training inner force!

Only by cultivating a Dao core and having strong enough inner force can one learn the Nine Extinction Heart Sutra.

"The inner force of the Nine Extinction Heart Sutra, is the unique power of the Nine Extinction Heart Sutra!" Qin Yun muttered, "The Nine Extinction Heart Sutra has a total of nine extinctions, nine peerless unique martial arts?"

Qin Yun was also guessing secretly.

Looking at the mnemonic chant for Nine Extinctions Inner Energy, he started to try to follow the instructions. After repeated attempts, he still found no reaction.

After that, as he continued to try and deepen his comprehension of the mantra, the inner energy within the three Dao cores started to boil.

"It's very hot!"

Qin Yun was alarmed as he suddenly felt the boiling speed of his Dao core!

A large amount of inner force was boiling as it turned into another type of inner force that rushed into the three great scriptures!

In order to completely convert the internal energy of a Dao core into the internal energy of the Nine Extinction Heart Sutra, one had to transform the three great scriptures.

This was because the three great scriptures were the key to converting spiritual energy into internal energy.

If he could successfully transform the three great scriptures, then he could absorb the Nine Sun Energy into his body. Then, through the three great scriptures, he would be able to refine the Nine Extinction Inner Qi.

Qin Yun suddenly felt that the Nine Extinction Inner Qi and the Nine Suns' Spiritual Qi were very suitable. When he cultivated, he had an incomparably comfortable feeling.

"The Nine Extinction Formation has a large number of Sun runes! The Sun runes are derived from the nine suns' evolution, could the Nine Extinction Heart Sutra have some sort of connection with the nine suns?" Qin Yun wondered inwardly.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

Mo Mo continued for three days and Qin Yun cultivated for three days.

In those three days, Qin Yun reaped a great harvest.

He practiced the first chapter of the Nine Extinction Heart Sutra very smoothly. He had successfully transformed the three great sutras and the internal energy within the dao cores had also transformed into the nine extinction!

"The Nine Extinctions internal force is very strong, perfectly refining the nine suns' spiritual energy and fully evolving it into an even stronger energy, storing it in the Dao cores!"

Qin Yun looked at Mo Mo and asked, "How is it going?"

"It can perfectly be repaired but it will take at least two to three days!" Mo Mo said.

Qin Yun continued flipping through the Nine Extinction Heart Sutra and looked at the second page. "Extinction Dragon Palm uses the Nine Extinction Inner Force. However, it can be performed paired with the power of the Great Dao but pairing must either be with the Nine Extinction Inner Energy or inner strength. Otherwise, it will cause harm to the user!"

The Extinction Dragon Palm had more than ten pages and it was very complicated. But it also had many images.

"The Dragon's Thirty Six Palm is truly complicated and one palm is even harder than the other!" Qin Yun felt a headache. He felt that it would be great if he could learn a few palm strikes.

After two days, Qin Yun had only managed to grasp the first two strikes. He could only use the Vajra inner strength to activate it but he was temporarily unable to use his Dao power.

As for the Mystic Moon Saber, it had been repaired by Mo Mo!

"Mo Mo, you must be very tired!" Qin Yun placed her in his palm and gently patted her tiny head.

"Not too tired, as long as there's food!" Mo Mo did another thing for Qin Yun. She was also very happy.

"There is also a dragon beast crystal egg! "Next, I'll go find a magical beast crystal egg or something else that can replace it." Qin Yun definitely could not allow Mo Mo to starve.

The Mystic Moon Saber had been well repaired. When Qin Yun held it in his hand, he could not help but admire the magical powers of Mo Mo!

He opened the door to the secret room and Hong Mengshu immediately came over and asked: "Brother Yun, how is the recovery rate of my Mystic Moon Saber coming along?"

Qin Yun did not immediately answer because he did not see Xiao Yuemei. He asked, "Where's Yuemei?"

"That little girl left!"

"She said that she was going to roam the Martial Desolate. She asked me to borrow millions of purple coins and even used a mirror to look at my martial spirit. She even took half a warehouse of food from the Divine Inscription Palace!"

Hong Mengshu snorted lightly, "Truly a greedy little girl! If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have lent her that much purple coins!"

"This girl is going wild again. I hope she'll be safe!" Qin Yun sighed.

"Don't worry. It's already good that she's safe and sound when others meet her!" Hong Mengshu curled her lips and said, "In the future, the number of people that have been tricked by her will definitely be countless!"

Qin Yun took out the Mystic Moon Saber and handed it to Hong Mengshu. He said with a smile, "Ninth Princess, your wish has been fulfilled!"

Hong Mengshu hurriedly took the Mystic Moon Saber. As soon as she held it in her hand, she felt an indescribable feeling, causing her to be overjoyed.

"Please bind it with blood! This kind of Xuan weapon knows how to choose it's master!" Qin Yun smiled.

"Great, I already have a Xuan Artifact!!" Hong Mengshu jumped up, giggling non-stop, very much like Xiao Yuemei.

Qin Yun felt that the woman that had been with Xiao Yuemei for a long time would be easily spoiled by her. Xiao Xuanqin was just like Xiao Yuemei, mischievous.

After Hong Mengshu dripped blood on the Mystic Moon Saber, the red blade instantly overflowed with light, turning purple in color.

"That's great! Perfect refining!" Hong Mengshu felt a connection with the saber and went wild with joy. She hugged Qin Yun with joy.

Qin Yun pushed her away and said, "Shhh....don't make so much noise! If someone were to ask, you don't have to say that I repaired it! Also, you promised me that you would help me find the Purple Frost Mysterious Grass!"

Hong Mengshu was someone who had experienced a storm and quickly calmed down.

In her heart, she was filled with even more respect for Qin Yun. In her eyes, Qin Yun was someone who was more capable than the head steward of the Divine Inscription Palace.

"No problem! If I can bear the price, I'll buy it for you." Hong Mengshu laughed.

"No need, I have purple coins!" Qin Yun smiled. "If I can't afford it, I'll borrow it from you then!"

Hong Mengshu smiled sweetly, "What, you don't want anything from a woman that's giving you?"

Qin Yun looked at Hong Mengshu's charming and somewhat cute face and could not help but secretly praise her. She was indeed a rare beauty.

"No!" Qin Yun said with a smile, "I'm not such a superficial person. I'm not that easy to seduce!"

"Brother Yun, what exactly is your surname? Yuemei will only call you Big Brother Yun or something like that, with your qualifications, you must be from a good background!" Hong Mengshu curiously asked, "You must have some background!"

"Just call me Brother Yun!" Qin Yun smiled before asking, "Ninth Princess..."

"Just call me Mengshu!" It could also be seen that she was an outspoken woman.

Qin Yun said, "I'm not used to it. Let's call you Ninth Princess."

"If you don't call me Mengshu, I won't care about you!" Hong Mengshu smirked as she sat on a chair with her legs crossed. She did not even look at Qin Yun.

Qin Yun did not have any good ideas when it came to dealing with the coquettish woman. He could only comply and ask, "Mengshu, do you know where we can find magic beast crystal eggs?"

When Hong Mengshu heard Qin Yun call out her name, she smiled happily and said, "Magic Beast Crystal Egg? We need to go to the path of the Thorny Devil, that is the path to the Magical Desolate land, there are many magical beasts in the nearby mountains!"

"What do you want the magical beast crystal eggs for? To be used for cultivation? You are of the Martial Dao Realm, it is best to use a Life Mark Crystal Jade! Which stage of Life Mark Crystal Jade do you want? I'll help you take care of it in the future and give you a bit more!"

Qin Yun said, "I'm at the second level of the Martial Dao Realm. Which level do I need?"

"Of course a third stage Life Mark Crystal Jade is the best! Second stage, that's something only poor bastards will use!" Hong Mengshu said, "Don't worry, I'll take care of this!"

"Thank you, Mengshu!" Qin Yun thought for a moment before saying, "Then what is there that has the same energy as a magical beast crystal egg? The special energy of the magical beast crystal egg is of great use to me!"

Hong Mengshu found it somewhat strange. This was because Qin Yun was extremely proficient in the area of inscriptions. However, he did not know much about them.

After a moment of thought, she said, "Spirit Beast Cores! Or maybe it was a spirit beast egg! However, this was not easy to do! It might be even more difficult to obtain than the magical beast crystal egg!"

"Well, I have to go to the path of the Thorny Devil!" Qin Yun was extremely concerned about the food that Mo Mo could eat. Without sufficient food to feed Mo Mo, he would not be able to sit still.

Hong Mengshu said, "You don't need to go yourself! I'll just send someone to help you buy them, twenty thousand purple coins for one, how about it?"

"The price is not bad! Help me collect as much as possible!" Qin Yun also felt reassured.

"Alright, I'll be able to get some in about a month!" Hong Mengshu also sincerely wished to befriend Qin Yun. It was because it was extremely difficult to find an Inscription Master that could repair the Moon Rune.

In Hong Mengshu's heart, she secretly despised those so-called Xuan Inscription Masters. Even Mu Feng, the general director, was despised by her because they could not repair the Mystic Moon Saber while Qin Yun could.

"I'll go change clothes. Later, I'll take you around the city. I'll try my luck and see if I can find a good ore to cut out some good Life Marks Crystal Jade!" Hong Mengshu was currently in a good mood and she was the king of gambling, so she naturally had to take a gamble.

Qin Yun was no longer that anxious. With Hong Mengshu and Mu Feng, he would definitely have news soon enough.

He also entered the room and changed into a more simple set of grey clothes.

Hong Mengshu had changed into a light green dress with two long ponytails. She looked fresh and beautiful. When she smiled, she looked quite charming and was very alluring.

"Let's go!" Hong Mengshu led Qin Yun out of the Inscription Palace.

"Mengshu, aren't there a lot of stones there? Can't you pick one here?" Qin Yun pointed to the ones outside the Hall.

"Yuemei and I have seen it for the past few days, there's nothing good about it!" Hong Mengshu laughed, "Let's go to a place, there should be new ones there!"

Qin Yun did not understand any of this. He was just watching for fun.

"Mengshu, can your jade martial spirit really make you feel the Life Marks Crystal Jade?" Qin Yun asked softly before jumping onto the back of a spirit crane.

"Of course!" Hong Mengshu could also control the spirit crane, allowing it to fly according to her orders.

She is the Ninth Princess of Hong Wu Country, it is normal for her to have her own spirit crane.

Qin Yun did not know much about raw stones, so he asked Hong Mengshu many more detailed questions.

Just as the Spirit Crane was flying in the air, a large flock of Spirit Crane suddenly flew in front of them. Hong Mengshu hurriedly sent her Spirit Crane higher into the air, avoiding the flock of Spirit Crane.

"Where are they all going? They seem to be in a hurry!" Qin Yun asked in shock. There were more than a hundred cranes in that group. There were also people at the Spirit Martial Realm who rode cranes.

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