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Chapter 375

After Hong Mengshu heard this, she looked sad.

Xiao Yuemei pouted, "General director, is there really no other way? You are the Head Supervisor, so you must know a lot of powerful Inscription Masters. Let them help you, she spent millions upon millions of purple crystal coins to obtain this blade!"

Mu Feng laughed. "How about this! Lend me this blade, I want to copy the moon runes on it!"

"For every two hours; I'll give you five hundred thousand purple coins. I'll give you one million purple coins for four hours. How about it? This will make up for some of your losses!"

"Alright!" Hong Mengshu nodded.

"You guys wait here patiently. I'll arrange for someone to entertain you!" Mu Feng smiled and asked an old man to call a few women to serve some food.

Seeing the food, Xiao Yuemei's eyes immediately lit up.

Mu Feng also smiled as he took his Mystic Moon Saber and entered the room to copy the moon runes.

Xiao Yuemei was also unceremoniously eating those things.

"Big Sister Dreaming Pig, you're not going to eat? This is free!" Xiao Yuemei said.

"I'm in a bad mood, I can't eat!" Hong Mengshu pursed her lips and sighed.

"Then I'll eat a little more and help you eat a serving..." Xiao Yuemei unceremoniously picked up two fruits and looked at Qin Yun, shouting, "Brother, how can you be like this? Eating here is enough but you are even stuffing it into storage spirit artifact! You're even more greedy than I am!"

Hong Mengshu also submitted to the two siblings. One wolfed down the food while the other stuffed it into a bag, as if they had never eaten anything good in their life before.

Qin Yun also felt that it was free so he did not want to let it go. Furthermore, it was all delicious snacks and fruits.

He also filled up a little more for Mo Mo to eat!

"The Inscription Palace is so rich, it doesn't matter if I have more. Could it be that the general director will scold me because of a few fruits?" Qin Yun chuckled.

Xiao Yuemei laughed, "That's true!" After saying that, she happily ate a large peach in her hands.

Hong Mengshu took out a crystal card and said to Qin Yun, "Brother Xiao, I'll give you five hundred thousand purple coins! If it wasn't for you, not only would I not have gotten this purple crystal coin, I would also have been swindled by them!"

"Besides, if you didn't see that it was a moon rune, the general director would not have lent that saber from me!"

Xiao Yuemei came to Qin Yun's side with a giggle and pushed him to accept it.

Qin Yun thought about it and felt that he was rather poor.

Although he had several million purple coins, they were only used to buy Purple Frost Mysterious Grass.

So, he took out his crystal card and accepted the five hundred thousand purple coins.

Hong Mengshu believed that Qin Yun was really Xiao Yuemei's brother, which was why she called him "Brother Xiao".

"Brother Xiao, how long do you think that general director will take to come out?" Hong Mengshu curiously asked, "Will it take two hours?"

"Those moon runes are very complicated and there are many of them! When he is copying it, in order to ensure precision, he must do it very slowly. It would take him at least four to five hours!" Qin Yun thought for a moment and said.

Xiao Yuemei laughed happily: "4 to 5 hours? It's quite long. We can also eat for four to five hours!"

"To be able to get two or three million purple crystal coins for me, that's pretty good!" Hong Mengshu's mood was much better. She smiled and also picked up a glass of juice to drink.

Qin Yun said, "It's not just two or three million purple coins? If the matter of the Mystic Moon Saber having a moon rune is spread out, all you need to do is to lend it to those Inscription Masters and count it according to the price of five hundred thousand purple coins in two hours. At that time you will earn purple coins like crazy, hehe!"

When Xiao Yuemei heard this, her beautiful eyes became round: "Big brother, you are really brilliant!"

Hearing that, Hong Mengshu also revealed a smile: "That's right! At that time, the group of smelly Inscriptionists in the palace will also come looking for me! I never thought that they were just a bunch of idiots. They can't even tell that they are Moon runes!"

"Brother Xiao, you're still the strongest. You actually know the Moon rune! What exactly are the origins of you siblings?"

Xiao Yuemei laughed: "He is not my blood brother but he treats me better than my blood brother! He's also my brother-in-law!"

Although Hong Mengshu was curious, she did not continue asking. She could also tell that Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei were concealing their identities.

After eight hours passed, Mu Feng happily walked out of his room. He returned the Mystic Moon Saber to Hong Mengshu and gave her two million purple coins.

"Ninth Princess, I have a presumptuous request...if anyone wants to borrow the blade, I hope you will not lend it to them!" Mu Feng said with a smile.

"Why? If I lend it to them, I can earn some purple coins! I've lost a lot of money now, so I have to take it back!" Hong Mengshu frowned.

Mu Feng laughed awkwardly: "About that...I have my own selfish thoughts too! Because in this way, in this respect, I am the only one. If you lend it out, I won't have it for myself anymore!"

Xiao Yuemei laughed, "I understand. If the general director is unique, then in the future, he can rely on these moon runes to brag and boast. If anyone else has it, he won't be able to boast!"

Mu Feng smiled and said, "Little girl, you are really straightforward. Alright, that's the principle! How about this, Ninth Princess, I will give you another million purple coins, you don't need to lend the blade to anyone, okay?"

Hong Mengshu thought for a moment before looking at Qin Yun. Then, she said, "Chief Steward, can I still lend it to this friend?"

"He's your friend, of course!" Mu Feng smiled and said, "If you need any help in the future, I'll do my best to help you!"

To be able to hold on to such a strong general director of the Divine Inscription Palace was quite a good feat.

Hong Mengshu had stayed in the palace for a long time, so she had to find the Inscription Master in the palace if she had any matters to attend to.

It was also because her cultivation was low. If her Spirit realm brothers went, those Inscriptionists would warmly welcome them.

Now that she knew Mu Feng, coupled with the fact that the other party's attitude was also very good, it would definitely be worth it.

Hong Mengshu considered the benefits and nodded, "Then if I need anything from the general director, you can't turn me away!"

Mu Feng replied with a smile, "Definitely not! Being able to meet you is also my fortuitous encounter. Seeing your moon runes will allow me to step onto the next level of the Dao of inscription! You've helped me a lot!"

Hong Mengshu nodded and accepted the one million purple coins that Mu Feng had given her.

"General Manager, will my brother and I be able to stay in the Inscription Palace for free in the future?" She already had feelings for the Divine Inscription Palace because back in Tian Qin Imperial City, she and Xiao Xuanqin had lived in the Inscription Palace for a period of time.

"Of course!" Mu Feng smiled and patted Xiao Yuemei's head as he said: "You guys can come back in the future!"

"Right, your brother is really amazing. The moon runes he drew were very accurate. I think he saw it not long ago!"

Qin Yun nodded and asked, "Chief Steward, I wish to purchase Purple Frost Mysterious Grass. May I ask where it is for sale?"

Hong Mengshu asked in surprise: "Purple Frost Mysterious Grass? That's a profound medicine that's worth several million, it's rather rare!"

"I will send someone to help you find it. This type of Profound medicine is not easy to obtain and it will take some time!" Mu Feng smiled and called over an old man to investigate.

"Then I'll be troubling the general director!" Qin Yun said with gratitude.

"A small matter! I'll be busy first, you guys can take a stroll around here!" After Mu Feng finished smiling, he hurriedly entered the room. He must be studying the Moon rune.

Qin Yun and company were placed in a very luxurious suite. There were several rooms and secret rooms inside, such as a bathroom or bath. They were equipped with everything and the decorations were very luxurious.

After Xiao Yuemei closed the door, Qin Yun said, "Ninth Princess, can you show me your saber? I haven't touched it yet!"

Qin Yun could be said to have helped Hong Mengshu immensely. Naturally, she did not hold back and hurriedly handed the saber over.

"This is a pretty good blade! The ancient profound artifacts, have been maintained so well up till now!" Qin Yun gently stroked the red blade. It looked like a ruby but the blade was extremely sharp.

"This curved blade seems to be in consideration of coordinating with the Lunar rune!" Qin Yun carefully looked at the hilt. "I wonder what the material used for the hilt is. It's extremely cold!"

Hong Mengshu sighed softly, "I got this saber from the inside of a very large Life Crystal Jade!"

"It was actually inside the Life Crystal Jade? No wonder it was preserved so well!" Qin Yun sighed in surprise. He found it unbelievable as well. Life mark crystal was a very ancient item.

Xiao Yuemei came behind Hong Mengshu and played with her ponytail.

Because the Mystic Moon Saber couldn't be repaired, Hong Mengshu was depressed and allowed Xiao Yuemei to play with her hair.

Qin Yun said, "I might be able to repair it!"

"Really?" Hong Mengshu suddenly stood up.

"Brother, the general director said it's impossible to fix it! Yet you can do it?" Xiao Yuemei was also surprised.

Qin Yun smiled. "I want to try. I have my own ways! However, Ninth Princess, you must promise me, if I am to really repair it, you must not tell anyone about this!"

Hong Mengshu had always felt that Qin Yun was reliable so she hurriedly nodded and said, "No problem!"

"If you can repair this blade, I'll use my resources to help you find the Purple Frost Profound Grass!"

Hong Mengshu was the Ninth Princess, so she definitely had a lot of connections.

"Alright, wait for me!" Qin Yun held the saber and entered a quiet secret chamber.

Once inside, he let Mo Mo come out and asked, "Mo Mo, are you able to repair the Moon rune?"

"Sure!" Mo Mo quickly nodded.

"That's great! Oh yeah, when you are repairing it, take a look at the dark lines on it. This set of moon runes should be a Spirit Level Moon rune!" Qin Yun said, "It's more ordinary than what I got from the Inscription Gate. However, it's very suitable for initial learning!"

Mo Mo said, "I might have to use up a lot of dragon crystal eggs. By then, I'll only have one left!"

"It's fine!" The reason Qin Yun had kept so many Dragon Beast Crystal eggs was because he needed them urgently.

Soon after, Mo Mo started to light up, as it began to repair the damaged Moon rune on the Mystic Moon Saber. At the same time, it also recorded down the damage done to the Moon rune.

Qin Yun looked at the fairy that glowed with a crystalline white light. He secretly praised the beautiful little fairy. Although it was called a demonic elf by some, it did not have the aura of a fiendish demon.

As the High Priest of the Magical fairy, Mo Mo is indeed very powerful and magical!

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