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Chapter 352

Qin Yun knew very well that he did not have any chance of winning against Jian XuanZi, who was at the Xuan Martial Realm!

Furthermore, Jian Xuanzi hated him to death, so if he was caught, he would not immediately die but would instead be tortured to death.

"I have to avoid this old thing!"

Qin Yun wished he could kill Jian Xuanzi as well. However, he did not have the strength to do so at the moment, so running over was just a walk in the park.

Through the artifact spirit, Qin Yun could sense the location of the cauldron. Hence, he deliberately chose to distance himself from that direction.

However, that artifact spirit became even more crazy, as if it wanted to run out of his body.

"Could it be that the artifact spirit wants me to track down Jian Xuanzi?" Qin Yun stopped and thought to himself.

The artifact spirit continuously jumped about in the center of his nether sun core and kept on charging in one direction, which was where Jian Xuanzi was.

"If I don't go, the artifact spirit will run away!" Qin Yun was reluctant to part with the artifact spirit. After all, it was the soul of an ancient Dao Artifact. It is actually more valuable than the Heavenly Lion's Dragon Suppressing Furnace it'self.

He gritted his teeth as he made his decision and headed towards where Jian Xuanzi was.

"Grandpa Artifact Spirit, don't you dare trick me!" Qin Yun said in his heart, "When the time comes, you must show your prowess and deal with Xuanzi. Otherwise, both of us will end up in the hands of a scoundrel."

As Qin Yun ran, he looked at Mo Mo in the storage space. She had the dragon beast crystal egg to eat, so she had been enjoying herself recently.

"Mo Mo! I'm going to take another risk!" He greeted her and told her to get ready.

Mo Mo nodded in worry. She was determined to die with Qin Yun.

Therefore, no matter what danger she faced, she would never leave Qin Yun.

At night, Qin Yun used his Shadow Force to carefully track Jian Xuanzi.

"This old guy is at the Xuan Martial Realm. I wonder if he can discover me? He seemed to be very close to me. I wonder what the Artifact Spirit is planning, wanting me to look for Jian Xuanzi, could it be that he wants to take back the furnace for me?"

Qin Yun thought to himself as he carefully walked through the woods.

Through his artifact spirit, he could sense that the Furnace was right in front of him and it was not moving at all.

"Who?" Jian Xuanzi's voice suddenly came.

Qin Yun was alarmed. He never expected that the Xuanzi would be able to discover him!

Even though he was only at the Martial Dao Realm and Jian Xuanzi was at the Xuan Martial Realm and his cultivation was countless times higher than his!

Qin Yun stopped in his tracks!

As Jian Xuanzi came over, he could sense a weak ripple.

He held a heavy sword in his hand as he walked forward gracefully, not releasing any sound or aura.

Qin Yun was secretly alarmed. It was difficult for Jian Xuanzi to be discovered even if he were to conceal himself. If he did not have the artifact spirit, he would not be able to sense the existence of the Sword Master.

"What's there?" Jian Xuanzi roared as he struck out with his palm in Qin Yun's direction.

A powerful palm energy attacked, turning the dozens of trees into dust!

Qin Yun was also sent flying, exposing himself!

"It's you... Hahaha..." When Jian Xuanzi saw that it was Qin Yun, he laughed loudly and said, "You little rascal, you want to sneak attack me? Where did your confidence come from?"

After all, the ginger was spicier and this piece of ginger was a thousand years old!

Qin Yun vomited blood as he cursed the artifact spirit in his heart. To think that it had not appeared to protect him at the critical moment.

He had thought that the artifact spirit would be able to unleash divine might but now, it was hiding inside his Nethersun inner core.

"I've been tricked to death!" Qin Yun cursed in his heart as he constantly retreated.

Jian Xuanzi kept the heavy sword in his hand and smiled as he took out a very thin willow leaf sword, like a cat looking at a mouse.

"Brat, does my sword look beautiful? This is called the Flying Blood Sword. If it stabs you and is pulled out, it will bring about a large amount of flesh and blood!" Jian Xuanzi laughed sinisterly.

Qin Yun quickly got up and ran but with a flash, Jian Xuanzi appeared in front of him.

Regardless of speed or strength, Qin Yun was far from being Jian Xuanzi's match!


Xuanzi's sword stabbed into Qin Yun's right arm before he pulled the sword out. It left a large chunk of flesh as Qin Yun cried out in pain.

"Hahaha... It must be great! You little demon, you actually destroyed the teleportation formation that my ancestor passed down, I will definitely not let you die a happy death!"

When Jian Xuanzi thought of the destroyed precious teleportation formation, he immediately flew into a rage. He stabbed at Qin Yun's thigh before forcefully pulling out the sword. With a clatter, he extracted a large chunk of flesh.

Jian Xuanzi's white robe had also been dyed red by Qin Yun's blood!

"Old bastard, you deserve it!" Qin Yun cursed angrily.

"You still dare to be stubborn? I'll kill you!" Jian Xuanzi slashed at Qin Yun's right shoulder.

Qin Yun cried out in pain. In front of Jian Xuanzi, he was like a scarecrow as he was casually stabbed!

That flying blood sword was a very vicious weapon. Not only did it draw out a large amount of blood and flesh, it also caused a lot of pain!

After a few stabs, more than half of the blood in Qin Yun's body was drained. Furthermore, he did not have the time to recover. This made him look extremely weak!

Jian Xuanzi laughed sinisterly: "Don't worry, I won't kill you for now! It's not easy to find offerings like you!"

Just as he finished his sentence, a burst of dragon qi suddenly came from the air!

That dragon suddenly appeared and it's speed was very fast!

Jian Xuanzi's expression changed drastically as he hurriedly abandoned Qin Yun and fled!

What was even more terrifying was that the dragon's tail could sweep away everything within a few hundred meters of it with a single sweep!

Jian Xuanzi was also sent flying.

The dragon's target, was actually Jian Xuanzi!

Jian Xuanzi did not know what kind of bad luck he had gotten, as he continuously encountered this dragon!

The strange thing was, even though this dragon was far away, there seemed to be something attracting it!

Qin Yun also found the appearance of the dragon strange!

But now, he had time to recover the lost blood.

The night sky was illuminated by the angry blue dragon.

The dragon roared as it's might shook the skies. The furious dragon roared as it swung it's huge dragon tail and swept it across the ground, creating a huge crater of several hundred meters in width.

Jian Xuanzi dodged left and right, wanting to escape from this place but the dragon did not let him go.

"Evil creature, watch me suppress you!" Jian Xuanzi was furious as he took out the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppression Cauldron.

The glittering Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppression Cauldron caused the furious dragon's attacks to come to a halt.

Then, the furious dragon let out an even more ferocious roar. That dragon tail that was more than a hundred meters long, bringing with it a blue colored lightning, swept towards Jian Xuanzi!

The dragon's attack speed, was much faster, Jian Xuanzi simply had no time to dodge, the two people carrying the cauldron were swept away!

The Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppression Cauldron was completely useless!

Jian Xuanzi was also shocked and furious, what he obtained was actually trash, the dragon was not afraid at all!


The dragon tail swept out once more, sending the Dragon Suppressing Cauldron flying!

When Qin Yun saw this, he was overjoyed. He immediately used Teleportation Meteor and flew over!

He, who had entered the Martial Dao Realm, had more inner qi. Moreover, he had three Dao Cores that could store inner qi, allowing him to use mysterious star steps' teleportation meteor for a long time.

Although the Dragon Suppression Cauldron wasn't able to deal with the Raging Dragon, it was still an ancient Dao item and was very valuable!

When Jian Xuanzi saw Qin Yun place the Dragon Suppression Cauldron into his storage pouch, he immediately bellowed angrily, "Brat, that's my item!"

Qin Yun's heart was beating rapidly. It was mainly because he was very excited. Furthermore, the current situation was extremely thrilling, giving him an incomparable thrill.

"Uncle Dragon, thank you very much!" Qin Yun laughed loudly. Using teleportation metero again, he disappeared from Jian Xuanzi's vision with a few flashes.

Jian Xuanzi roared and threw out a few extremely powerful Dao talismans, causing the raging dragon's tail to fly into the air!

However, the Raging Dragon didn't let him go. It spat out angry thunder and sent him flying!

When Jian Xuanzi was sent flying, he immediately used the Escape talismansto distance himself away from the dragon!

At the same time, he was also searching for Qin Yun's aura and was tracking him!

Soon, Qin Yun was far away from the intense battlefield!

Jian Xuanzi was extremely sensitive to auras and when Qin Yun was running for his life, he could not hide his aura at all.

"There's something strange about this aura. It's a very strong bloodline!" Jian Xuanzi suddenly sensed that the blood on his robes had a strong life force.

He quickly stopped and took off his robe. He used his tongue to lick the blood on it and shook heavily!

"Yes!! It's the bloodline of an ancient beast!" Jian Xuanzi was stunned. The blood on his robe was Qin Yun's.

"I understand, that dragon was attracted by the bloodline!"

Jian Xuanzi hurriedly took off his robe. He was extremely alarmed as he recalled the scene of Zi Qingcheng protecting Qin Yun. He remembered that Zi Qingcheng had mentioned that he was Qin Yun's wife!

Now, he understood why Zi Qingcheng, a beautiful woman at the Spirit Martial Realm, was willing to be Qin Yun's wife!

This was because Qin Yun possessed a powerful ancient beast bloodline!

"Damn it, no wonder this fellow was able to take away the Dragon Suppressing Cauldron. He has the bloodline of the Heavenly Lion!" Jian Xuanzi instantly understood many things.

Originally, the sacrificial altar needed to absorb the blood for twenty-four hours but it was completed in an instant. Furthermore, it even brought out a Ghost King Heavenly Lion. The dragon had also come!

This was all because of the fresh Heavenly Lion bloodline!

"That idiot Wang Tianshi, he didn't realize that the blood we cut out was from a Heavenly Lion bloodline! If this bloodline is given to us to drink, we will definitely be able to obtain a powerful bloodline!" Jian Xuanzi was also constantly cursing Wang Tianshi in his heart.

If they knew that Qin Yun had the bloodline of a Heavenly Lion, they would definitely deal with it!

Jian Xuanzi was also injured all over by the dragon and they were all heavily injured!

However, in order to escape and pursue Qin Yun, he no longer had the time to heal his injuries.

Daybreak had arrived. Qin Yun, who was running in the forest, felt extremely exhausted.

Just as he was about to rest, he sensed the angry aura of Jian Xuanzi!

"That old bastard Jian Xuanzi actually caught up!" Qin Yun cursed and continued running despite his fatigue.

Even though Jian Xuanzi was heavily injured, his current strength was still equal to a warrior of the Spirit realm!

Even if it were Qin Yun, who was in his peak condition, it was more than enough!

"Brat, your Heavenly Lion Bloodline is mine now, haha!!! I want to eat you alive, I'll bite off your bones and wouldn't even let go of your fur!" Jian Xuanzi laughed crazily, his eyes a look of madness.

Qin Yun immediately felt a wave of disgust. He had heard Mo Mo say long ago that many people would want to eat him because of bloodline power!

Now, he could be sure that this was true!

Jian Xuanzi laughed loudly and increased his speed. The corner was right in front of Qin Yun!

Qin Yun hardened his heart and threw his remaining Dao Cores out. "Old bastard, eat my cores!"

"Damn you..." When Jian Xuanzi saw the Spirit realm Dao cores flying over, he cursed.

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