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Chapter 353

At the moment the Dao cores exploded, Qin Yun hurriedly released the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppression Cauldron. He wrapped around the cauldron and hid behind it.


The explosion of the Dao cores had flattened yet another large mountain!

The most terrifying thing was that it had alarmed the dragon in the distance! That was the most deadly part!

Jian Xuanzi's body was covered in blood from the explosion but he was still a Xuan realm and his bones were extremely powerful.

As long as his bones were not damaged, he could continue running and pursue Qin Yun!

Qin Yun carried the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppression Cauldron and was sent flying.

Although his body had been shaken to the point where it was churning, it was not too bad. He was satisfied with the defensive capabilities of the Heaven Lion Dragon Suppression Cauldron.

While he is holding the Dragon Suppression Cauldron, suddenly the Artifact Spirit came out of the Nethersun Dao core and entered the cauldron!

The current Dragon Suppression Cauldron was the complete one and the most powerful one as well!

"Don't we need to refine anything?"

In just a moment, Qin Yun had established a connection with the Dragon Suppression Cauldron and was able to communicate telepathically.

Just as he was in a state of ecstasy, he sensed Jian Xuanzi chasing him.

He quickly put away the Cauldron and started to run with the Mysterious Star Steps!

"Brat, don't run! I will eat you alive!" Jian Xuanzi crazily shouted.

He, a dignified Xuan realm martial artist, the head of the Profound Sword Mountain, was currently being played around like this by a little demon!

If word of this got out, he would definitely lose all face.

Qin Yun never expected that he would be able to torment Jian Xuanzi to such an extent.

"Looks like my Heavenly Lion Blood has attracted that dragon! The bloodline of the Heavenly Lion is actually capable of summoning dragons?"

Qin Yun thought to himself as he ran.

Although Jian Xuanzi, who was in hot pursuit, was heavily injured, his speed was not inferior to Qin Yun's. He could even surpass Qin Yun.

Qin Yun was being closely pursued. He did not know how Jian Xuanzi was faring and did not dare to rashly attack him. He could only continue running and wait for the right moment to make his move.

The two of them had been madly running for more than a day and both of them were extremely exhausted.

Qin Yun hurriedly released the Spirit Lion King puppet.

Under his control, the Spirit Lion King fiercely rushed at Jian Xuanzi!

When Jian Xuanzi saw the Spirit Lion King puppet, he was secretly astonished. He never expected that Qin Yun would actually use such a puppet!

"This kind of thing can't deal with me!" Jian Xuanzi laughed coldly, as his palm struck the Spirit Lion King's body.


The Spirit Lion King was split apart by the palm but it was still able to move and was entangled with Jian Xuanzi!

Qin Yun immediately threw all sorts of spirit talismans at Jian Xuanzi.


When Jian Xuanzi was struck by all kinds of spirit talismans, he became extremely miserable.

"Motherfucker, if it wasn't for me being injured by that dragon! You little bastard, I'll definitely skin you alive!"

Jian Xuanzi's injuries worsened.

Qin Yun knew very well that if he were to continue being pursued, he would definitely be caught. Furthermore, he would be exhausted.

Jian Xuanzi was at the Xuan Martial Realm and his body was extremely strong. Even without inner force, he could deal with the warriors of the Martial Dao Realm.

"I will chop you into pieces!" Jian Xuanzi's entire body was charred black, he was in a sorry state, he did not seem like a human at all but more like a ghost.

After he killed the Spirit Lion King, he charged at Qin Yun and used the heavy sword to ruthlessly stab at him!

Qin Yun hurriedly took out the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppression Cauldron to block in front of him!


When the heavy sword struck the Cauldron, it produced a powerful impact and sent Qin Yun and the cauldron flying.

"This guy, his strength is actually so terrifying!"

Qin Yun also knew that the Xuan Martial Realm he faced was at the top.

When Jian Xuanzi saw how Qin Yun had managed to control the Cauldron so well, he was even more envious and fanatical. He believed that it was all due to the Heavenly Lion bloodline!

And as long as he consumed Qin Yun, he would be able to obtain such a bloodline!

Qin Yun's Heavenly Lion totem suddenly flashed. It resonated with the totem on the Dragon Suppression Cauldron!

When Jian Xuanzi saw the Heavenly Lion totem tattoo on Qin Yun's arm, he was both shocked and jealous!

"Brat, you actually have a totem tattoo!!!"

Jian Xuanzi was so jealous that his eyes turned red. He felt ecstatic because he believed that Qin Yun would definitely be killed by him today.

Qin Yun saw that his Heavenly Lion totem had reacted to the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppression Cauldron. As he rejoiced, he hurriedly threw the cauldron out!

After the Cauldron had flown out, it suddenly became as large as a mountain, the mouth of the cauldron faced the ground, pressing down on Jian Xuanzi!

Jian Xuanzi also did not expect that the Cauldron would actually become so huge and when it was pressing down, it would actually envelop him within!

"Little bastard, I want to bite off your flesh one bite at a time!" Inside the cauldron, Jian Xuanzi started shouting crazily.

Qin Yun hurriedly controlled the Cauldron to shrink before arriving beside it. He quickly ignited his Nethersun Purple Flame and injected it into the cauldron.

The most powerful aspect of the Cauldron was it's ability to strengthen the flames! After absorbing the Dark Sun Purple Flame, he became stronger!

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...what kind of flame is this? You actually have the Nether Sun Martial Spirit!!" Inside the cauldron, Jian Xuanzi let out a terrified cry.

"Old thing, you didn't imagine this right??" Qin Yun sneered as he heaved a sigh of relief.

"Don't be complacent!" Jian Xuanzi roared.

The smaller Cauldron was blasted away.

Qin Yun's cultivation was still too low, so he was unable to unleash the might of the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppression Cauldron!

However, after the cauldron flew out, it quickly flew back and smashed straight towards Jian Xuanzi whose entire body was covered in black flames!


Jian Xuanzi's head was severely smashed and an extremely terrifying explosive force was released!

"Ahhhhh!!!" Jian Xuanzi was smashed to the point of bleeding profusely.

Qin Yun hurriedly controlled the Cauldron and constantly struck Jian Xuanzi. With just a few blows, he had sent Jian Xuanzi sprawling on the ground.

"Old bastard, your life is so tough!" Qin Yun rushed over and placed his palm on Jian Xuanzi's abdomen as he used the Soul Refining art.

Jian Xuanzi, who had been beaten to the point where he could not retaliate, started screaming miserably: "You're extracting my martial spirit!! This is the Art of Soul Extraction!!! Ahhhhhhh!"

"If you listened to old lady Du and didn't treat me as an offering, then there wouldn't be so much of a problem!" Qin Yun sneered as he pulled out Jian Xuanzi's martial spirit. It is actually a Dragon Sword Martial Spirit.

On the blade, there was a small dragon dancing around it. This was a very powerful martial spirit and could be considered a martial spirit bestowed by the heavens!

"My martial spirit....My martial spirit...." Jian Xuanzi shouted.

"Your Martial Spirit is mine now!" Qin Yun grinned.

When Jian Xuanzi saw Qin Yun's smile, he could not help but be alarmed!

Qin Yun, who was in the martial dao realm, suddenly made him feel incomparable fear!

He did not know why Qin Yun possessed the bloodline of the Heavenly Lion and the Nether Sun Martial Spirit. Furthermore, he also knew the art of soul extraction. Even in ancient times, such things were extremely rare!

But now, they were all gathered on one person!

Qin Yun placed Jian Xuanzi into the cauldron and released the Nethersun Purple Flame. It began to burn and he even poured a large amount of beast oil into it.

Jian Xuanzi's last moments were filled with grievances and he died with grievances! A xuan realm martial artist, not only could he not die in a dignified manner, he was even tortured to death!

What made him most sad and indignant was that the person who killed him was a young man who had just stepped into the Martial Dao realm!

Qin Yun was certain that Jian Xuanzi had died as he lay on the ground. He heaved a long sigh of relief!

Thinking about all the dangers from before left him with a lingering fear.

The place he was at was also in a mess. The trees around him had been broken into pieces.

The previous commotion had been very loud, so it was not appropriate to stay here for long.

After recovering slightly, he kept the Cauldron, picked up the destroyed Spirit Lion King and hurriedly left!

Qin Yun found a tree with a hole in it and hid inside.

What made him pleasantly surprised was that he could absorb the nine suns' spiritual energy by fusing with the tree through the Nine Yang Divine Spirit and the tree totem!

It had to be known that there were huge trees and countless leaves on the treetops. These leaves could be fully illuminated by the sunlight.

Through a miraculous fusion between Qin Yun and the tree, he could quickly absorb the Nine Suns' Energy. Furthermore, this spiritual energy was the essence of plants, allowing him to quickly heal his injuries!

Qin Yun did not know much about the tree totem's abilities. Mo Mo only knew how to let the totems evolve but she did not know the specific uses of the totems.

He could only wait to unearth it bit by bit!

In two days, Qin Yun's injuries were completely healed. He came out of the tree hole with glee.

He changed into a set of black clothes and looked for a direction to head towards the Martial Desolate Land!

It would take a long time to travel from the border regions to the Desolate land. Even for those in the Spirit Martial Realm, the fastest round trip would take two to three months.

Qin Yun could only run on the ground by himself. He even found a place to hide from the beasts.

He discovered that after distancing himself from the Cloud Dragon River, he encountered fewer and fewer magical beasts.

On this side, there were many demon beasts!

What was inconceivable to him was that many demon beasts would not take the initiative to attack him and would sometimes even pass by him!

"The demon beasts won't take the initiative to attack me; so I won't attack them either!" Qin Yun memorized the teachings of a teacher.

Among the demon beasts, there were many strong ones, such as the Spirit Level demon beasts. They had the same strength as the Martial Body Realm.

This type of spirit beasts had an even higher spiritual nature.

Furthermore, it was a very strange feeling. As long as one felt that humans did not have any thoughts of attacking them, they would not attack them.

Qin Yun entered the depths of the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range and gradually felt more at ease.

He'd thought that he'd have to deal with many powerful demon beasts.

"Big Brother Yun, it's also possible that you have the bloodline of a Heavenly Lion, so the demon beasts will not take the initiative to attack you!" She was also very happy that Qin Yun was safe and sound.

For the past few days, she had been extremely worried. She was very worried that something would happen to Qin Yun.

Qin Yun said with a smile, "Is that so? It seems that the Heavenly Lion Bloodline is a lot of good stuff!"

The forest was very dark and cold. The trees here were all thousand-year-old ancient trees. Although they were very old, they could absorb the nine suns' spiritual energy very quickly.

The trees could absorb a huge amount of the Nine Suns' energy and they could also release a very dense amount of plant essence.

And humans and demon beasts could quickly replenish their physical strength by absorbing the plant essence!

Along the way, Qin Yun felt very relaxed.

"It seems that the area near the Cloud Dragon River has a lot of magical beasts!" Qin Yun said, "Those magical beasts are very repulsive. They want to eat anyone they see!"

He also thought of Jian Xuanzi, who previously wished for nothing more than to eat him like a beast!

"Mo, do you have a way to hide the Heavenly Lion totem tattoo on my arm?" Qin Yun suddenly thought of this question as he hurriedly asked.

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