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Chapter 347

Zi Qingcheng looked at her surroundings. Originally, this place was filled with trees but now it was in a mess.

When she thought back to the dangers of the past, she felt a lingering fear. She had almost died a horrible death.

Qin Yun went over and extracted the martial do realm cultivators' martial spirits. Although they were inferior martial spirits, they could be kept for a very long time. They might be useful in the future.

"Qin Yun, weren't you injured as well!? Come with me!" After Zi Qingcheng said this, she hurriedly grabbed Qin Yun's hand, worried that he would run away.

Qin Yun was indeed rather tired. Although he had run fast, he had also suffered a little.

"Where to?" he asked.

"I'll take you to heal!" Zi Qingcheng pulled Qin Yun as they flew through the air.

In the center of the Violet Spirit Star Palace, there was a small lake.

On the island in the lake, there were many purple flowers and trees. It was a very beautiful purple garden.

In the garden, there was a three-storey building.

This was Zi Qingcheng's pavilion!

Zi Qingcheng brought Qin Yun into the first level and through several corridors to an underground staircase.

Not long after, they arrived at a stone room that was filled with a gentle white light.

In the stone chamber, there was a circular pool that was about five to six meters wide.

The water in the pool was purple and was emitting a purple mist!

"Sister Steamed Bun, I think I saved you twice, right?" Qin Yun stood by the pool and said with a smile.

"You're not allowed to call me Sister Steamed Bun!"

"Sis Steamed Bun, Sis Steamed Bun, Sis Steamed Bun..." Qin Yun shouted a few times. She was so angry that Zi Qingcheng stomped her feet repeatedly.

"That's right, you did save me twice! Now, I will repay you by allowing you to enter my Violet Immortal Pond!" Zi Qingcheng pointed to the pool as she spoke.

Qin Yun looked at the pool and said with a frown, "Is this Pool very powerful?"

"Of course it's powerful. My appearance isn't old, I'm relying on this Violet Immortal Pond! Not only can it heal injuries, it can also temper the Dao Body!"

"This is my secret!" Zi Qingcheng said complacently.

"Then how did you get all this water?" Qin Yun asked again.

"Don't worry about it. Are you going down?" Zi Qingcheng snorted softly.

Qin Yun curled his lips and said, "I'm going to strip. Turn around!"

Zi Qingcheng's jade-like face turned red as she hurriedly turned her body and only after hearing a 'putong' did she turn back.

"How do you feel?" she asked quickly.

Qin Yun sensed it slightly and realized that the energy in the pool was very special. It was one of the nine suns' spiritual energy.

Although it was just a single type of Nine Yang Energy, after it was condensed into a liquid, it had a very significant contribution.

His internal injuries and his exhausted body quickly recovered after absorbing the energy from the pool.

Moreover, he could feel that his body was numb and warm and comfortable. His flesh and blood were being strengthened.

"Not bad!" He sighed comfortably and closed his eyes.

Not long after he closed his eyes, he felt the waves of the pool. He hurriedly opened his eyes and saw that Zi Qingcheng was also immersed in the pool.

She only revealed her snow-white shoulders but it was enough to make one's imagination run wild!

"You!! How can you do this? This is too shameless!" Qin Yun was taken aback as he hurriedly said.

"I spent a hundred years to collect this Purple Immortal Dew! Of course I have to come down!" When Zi Qingcheng saw Qin Yun's disdainful expression, she could not help but show a face full of hidden bitterness.

Qin Yun warned her with a serious expression, "Sister Steamed Bun, please don't come over and touch! To think that you would actually be so blatantly in the same pool as me... Are you dressed?"

Zi Qingcheng bared her teeth in anger, "I'm not wearing any clothes, what's wrong?"

"Ah... Then don't you dare act recklessly!" Qin Yun hurriedly retreated to a corner.

"Little kid, what the hell... I was just worried that you would act recklessly!" She turned her head away, no longer looking at him.

Qin Yun said with a serious expression, "Sister Steamed Bun, are you trying to seduce me?"

Hearing that, Zi Qingcheng hurriedly asked, "What are you thinking? Close your eyes and absorb the power of the Purple Immortal Dew!"

Qin Yun did not speak any further. Clenching his legs tightly, he curled up in a corner shyly and even closed his eyes vigilantly.

Seeing the expression on his face, Zi Qingcheng couldn't help but laugh.

She smiled tenderly and asked, "Aren't you being a little annoying? You're not still a chick, are you?"

"I, honorable Qin Yun, am naturally not as experienced as you, Steamed Bun!" Qin Yun grunted.

"Don't talk nonsense! After so many years, only you have seen me....!" When Zi Qingcheng thought of that matter, she lightly stomped on the ground.

When Qin Yun heard that, he became even more worried. He rolled his eyes at Zi Qingcheng and said, "Then why are you laughing at me? You are a thousand years old female!"

"Damn brat, don't talk nonsense. I'm not thousand years old!" Zi Qingcheng immediately splashed some water at Qin Yun.

Qin Yun closed his eyes and ignored Zi Qingcheng as he calmly absorbed the energy from the pool.

More than ten hours passed and when he opened his eyes, he saw that the pool of water had become transparent.

Zi Qingcheng stood up from the pool and walked up as well.

Qin Yun widened his eyes as he looked at her.

"You lied to me, you actually put on your clothes!" Qin Yun grunted.

Zi Qingcheng only used a purple cloth to wrap around her chest and waist but one could still see her two slender, jade-like legs.

"Are you disappointed?" Zi Qingcheng smiled, slightly pleased with herself.

"Damn bun!" Qin Yun hurriedly got up and put on his clothes.

He could feel that his body had become much stronger.

Having just stepped into the Martial Dao Realm, he had soaked himself in the Violet Immortal Dew to help solidify his Cultivation base.

He was pleasantly surprised to find that the Star Crystal in his mind had turned silver, which meant that his mental force had increased by a lot.

"Sister Steamed Bun, your Purple Immortal Dew seems to be able to strengthen one's mental strength! How did you create it?" Qin Yun asked hurriedly.

"Secret!" Zi Qingcheng saw the happiness on Qin Yun's face and said, "Originally, I could soak myself in it for more than ten days! It hasn't even been a day since you entered!"

"Then, if you do it again, let me know, we'll continue!" Qin Yun chuckled.

"That depends on whether or not we are fated to be together! Because a hundred years from now, many things can happen!" Zi Qingcheng sighed softly and led Qin Yun out.

Qin Yun's Star Crystal had originally been a transparent crystal but it had now turned into silver.

This meant that his improvement was great and it was also because he had absorbed a large portion of the Purple Immortal Dew's energy.

"Qin Yun, in a few days, those two grandmothers who escorted YueLan will be back! When that time comes, I will cross to the Desolate land with you!"

Zi Qingcheng brought Qin Yun to the living room and said.

Qin Yun had wanted to go to the desolate land for a long time. He nodded repeatedly. "I'll go with Sister Lan!"

"Will you stay here or do you want to return to the Mysterious Silver Mountain first?"

"I'm going back!" Qin Yun said, "Before you leave, let me pinch your little bun face!"

"I'm not giving it to you, hurry up and leave!" Hearing this, Zi Qingcheng was slightly angered.

"I've saved you twice!! No thanks for the grace of saving your life!" Qin Yun stuck his tongue out and said, "Good people have no good rewards!"

"Alright then, pinch!" Zi Qingcheng thought that if it wasn't for Qin Yun saving her twice, the consequences would have been disastrous.

Qin Yun giggled as he stretched out his hands to rub Zi Qingcheng's pretty, round face. He kneaded it for a good while before he came to a stop in satisfaction.

"You're so annoying!" Zi Qingcheng's face turned red as she glared at Qin Yun. She said angrily, "Quickly leave!"

Qin Yun grinned as he whistled, flying towards the entrance of the Violet Spirit Star Palace.

By the time Qin Yun returned to the Mysterious Silver Mountain, the sky had already turned dark.

Shui Yihui was sitting cross-legged in the hall of the Inscription Gate, absorbing a large amount of Nine Yang Energy. His complexion was much better and the wrinkles on his face mysteriously disappeared as well.

"Unfortunately, this great formation can only be activated once every ten years!" Qin Yun said with some regret.

The opening of a great array had a certain period of time and the main thing was to accumulate enough energy. This process was very long.

Shui YiHui sighed, "Being able to reclaim my old life is already very satisfying! Thank you, Sect Leader!"

"You're welcome. If it wasn't for Elder Shui, I would've been finished!" Qin Yun smiled and took out a piece of paper, handing it to Shui YiHui.

Lan Fengjin was also here. She moved closer to look and read the words: "Deep stars, observe the Sun, Tranquil mind, condense spirit mind star! The nine suns are different, the divine powers are myriad, the Sun God's soul flies and the divine powers enter the body!"

After she finished reading, she said in surprise, "Isn't this... isn't it Grandmaster Lan Xiao who left behind the mantra that has fooled us for thousands of years?"

Qin Yun smiled. "That's true! It's called the Star Yang Heart Sutra but you all were unable to comprehend it!"

Shui YiHui clearly remembered that when he first met Qin Yun, Qin Yun had obtained these two chants.

However, he also said at that time that this was Grandmaster Lan Xiao's joke!

The Blue Spirit Star Palace had already been destroyed, so the only thing left was this Inscription Gate.

Those who could stay here were all loyal to the Blue Spirit Star Palace!

Qin Yun felt that Shui Yihui and company had the right to comprehend the Star Yang Heart Scripture.

Shui Yihui, the three brothers and Lan Fengjin looked at Qin Yun in surprise!

"I have only comprehended the first sentence. However, I have benefited greatly from it!"

Qin Yun smiled and began explaining his insights from the first sentence. He also explained how he needed to cultivate his primordial spirit in order to cultivate the Star Yang Heart Sutra.

Hearing this, Lan Fengjin and the others were stunned!

Finally, Qin Yun mentioned about the Inscription Gate's trial route. It made Shui YiHui and company exclaim in surprise.

Qin Yun stood at the entrance of the cave and looked at the ruins of Blue Spirit Star Palace. He also mentioned what happened at the entrance of the palace yesterday!

Shui YiHui was very happy that so many of the Spirit Martial Realm warriors of the Dragon Fist Sect had been destroyed.

This meant that in the following period of time, the Violet Spirit Star Palace was the strongest.

Even if the Floating Spirit Valley and the Wind Spirit Sect joined forces, they still wouldn't be a match for the Violet Spirit Star Palace.

"Elder Shui, Triple Radiants! I'm going to the desolate land. This Incription Gate will be handed over to you all to look after. I will refine the jade pendant that will be used to enter and leave the hall for you!" Qin Yun said.

Shui Yi Hui nodded his head, "You can only grow faster if you go to the Martial Desolate Realm!"

"I'm going to rest! You all should properly comprehend the Star yang Heart Sutra, it is not too late for you all to cultivate your Primordial Spirit and cultivate your mental cultivation methods!" After saying that, Qin Yun entered a secret chamber.

Now, he finally had the time to break through the formation of the second bead.

He couldn't wait to know what was inside!

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