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Chapter 348

Qin Yun was in a stone room. He channeled his mental force into the second bead and quickly saw the diagram that was preventing his mental force from advancing.

If it was before, he would need a lot of time to break through this formation.

But now, after soaking in the purple immortal dew, his spirit star crystal had become much stronger, causing his mental force to advance by leaps and bounds!

In just half a day's time, he had used his silver mental force to break open the formation!

Qin Yun was immediately thrilled as he went to check the space in the second bead.

The second bead's space was not big, only about the size of a small room. There was only one book inside!

With a thought, he took out the book and held it in his hand!

The book was a golden color, with a total of over a hundred pages. Each page was made from a very thin golden colored beast skin.

From this, one could see that the information recorded in the book was extremely important.

Qin Yun flipped it open and was alarmed. There were many pill formulas recorded in the book!

These were all recipes for mystical pills!

Not only did he have the pill formula, he also had detailed records of the medicinal herbs and experience in cultivating them.

In addition to the pill formula, it also recorded the refining methods of the tools needed to refine the medicine.

Qin Yun had also heard that refining pills required a certain level of foundation in inscriptions.

According to the different herbs, this method could be used to refine the corresponding utensils, allowing one to rapidly refine the medicine.

"These vessels all need to have star or moon marks for drug refining. This book has all the records on it!"

Qin Yun's heart raced secretly. It had to be known that the alchemy runes used to concoct medicine were only royal grade spirit marks or Xuan marks.

As for the alchemy inscriptions in this Book of Alchemy, they are star inscriptions and moon inscriptions!

"All of the required medicinal herbs are hard to find! We can only start from the basic!"

As he flipped through the book, a very thin token dropped. It was only slightly thicker than paper but it was very strong and golden.

"Ancient Garden Passage Order!" When Qin Yun saw the words, he did not know what the ancient garden meant. He could only ask about it in the future.

He opened the second bead and it was a great harvest.

Pills were something that one had to obtain in order to increase their cultivation.

Alchemists and inscriptionists are equally respected!

Qin Yun came out of the secret chamber and made a trip to the imperial palace of the Tian Qin Empire to find Qin Long.

"Father, I'm going to the Martial Desolate!" Qin Yun said, "When are you going?"

"I intend to wait a little longer! Wait until the situation stabilizes over here!" Qin Long patted Qin Yun on the shoulder. "Xiao Yun, you are not even twenty and you are already in the Martial Dao Realm. I do not need to worry about you. If you are going to the Martial Desolate Realm, you must always be wary of the Totem pavilion!"

"Totem Pavilion? What is it?" Qin Yun asked hurriedly.

Qin Long's voice was cold as he said solemnly: "They specialize in collecting totem tattoos! You have a totem on your arm and they will cut off your arm. You have a totem in your heart and they will just dig out your heart! If you have a totem on your face, they'll behead you!"

"This... Isn't that the existence of a devil sect?" Qin Yun exclaimed.

"No! It was said that Totem Pavilion is extended all over magical, demon and Martial Desolate lands! Not only that but they are also extremely powerful. Many king level sects have close cooperation with Totem Pavilion!"

Qin Long reminded him, "Be extra careful when you go to the Martial Desolate Realm! There are very few people who know of Totem Pavilion. This is an extremely mysterious existence!"

Qin Long also had a totem and it was a mysterious dragon totem!

"Alright, just pay attention! In the future, we will definitely meet in the Martial Desolate Land!" Qin Long smiled, "Rest assured, go and see the vast world of martial arts!"

Qin Yun nodded as his heart surged. When he thought of the vast world of Martial Desolate, he wanted to immediately experience it.

"That's right, this is something an old man named Wu Xiang gave me!" Qin Long took out a large box and handed it to Qin Yun.

Qin Yun opened it and was slightly delighted. "It's Xuanyuan iron ore! Being able to refine XuanYuan Steel is something that is needed to craft Xuan Artifacts!"

"Your friend is pretty good too!" Qin Long laughed.

Qin Yun kept the box of Xuanyuan iron ore. He wanted to give some beast oil to Qin Long but Qin Long did not want it.

In the end, the father and son duo drank a few cups of wine and said their goodbyes!

Qin Yun felt that his father definitely knew something about the Immortal Graveyard. He had just never mentioned it.

Qin Yun returned to the Mysterious Silver Mountain and quickly forged a few jade pendants. He gave them to Shui Yihui and Triple Radiants to allow them to enter the hall and activate some array formations.

Zi Qingcheng had already arrived at the cave at the peak of the Mysterious Silver Mountain.

She wore light and agile purple-coloured full body clothes. There were no gorgeous headgear on her head but there were two beautiful, purple-coloured earrings. The headband she wore on her ponytail was also purple-coloured.

At this moment, her dress was very crisp and concise. She looked very lively, just like a lively little girl.

Lan Fengjin, on the other hand, was dressed in a fiery hot outfit. She wore light blue shorts that revealed her sexy waist and wore a short-sleeved shirt. She looked extremely sexy.

The first time Qin Yun saw her, she was dressed like this.

"In the past two days, we've already gone to clean up the remaining members of the Dragon Fist Sect. We razed them all to the ground!" Zi Qingcheng said when she saw Qin Yun coming out.

"Are there any more Spirit Martial Realm warriors in the Dragon Fist Spirit Sect?" Qin Yun asked.

"There's nothing else! There are more than ten people in the Martial Dao Realm but all of them have been killed by us!"

Zi Qingcheng took out her purplish-gold carriage and opened the door for Qin Yun and Lan Fengjin to enter.

When Shui YiHui saw that Zi Qingcheng was accompanying him to the Martial Desolate Land, he felt a lot more at ease.

"Qin Yun, don't worry. When I have time, I will make an additional trip to the Tian Qin Empire!" Shui YiHui waved his hand to bid farewell to Qin Yun.

"My lord, the next time you come back, we will definitely become stronger!" Da Yao Smile said.

Du Gui also agreed to take the three brothers as his students to guide them in their cultivation of mental energy.

"Alright, until we meet again!" Qin Yun shouted.

Zi Qingcheng controlled the carriage and flew towards the depths of the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range!

The Cloud Dragon River seemed like it was roaring and screaming, surging more and more violently!

Even though Qin Yun and company were sitting in a carriage, they could still hear the furious roar from below!

Lan Fengjin looked out the window and faintly said, "I wonder if grandfather and the others went to the Martial Desolate land or still exploring the Immortals Graveyard!"

"He should be going to the Martial Desolate Realm!" Zi Qingcheng asked, "FengJin, do you plan on following Qin Yun around?"

"Of course, he's my master. If I don't follow him, who else should I follow?" Lan Fengjin smiled gently and said to Qin Yun.

Zi Qingcheng said, "I also have a few Spirit Martial Realm friends in the Martial Desolate. They are all women and have quite a high position in the Xuan sect. Do you want to follow them?"

"I..." Lan Fengjin looked at Qin Yun and did not immediately make a decision.

Qin Yun asked, "Sister Steamed Bun, did you bring YueLan and company to a Xuan sect?"

"Moon Profound Valley! When you get to the Martial Desolate Realm, you will know that this is a very powerful place!" Zi Qingcheng said.

"It's actually the Moon Profound Valley! This is a Xuan Rank sect that is ranked in the top ten of the Martial Desolate and they are all women! " Lan Fengjin was surprised and also had a bit of yearning in her voice.

Qin Yun said with a smile, "Sister Lan, do you want to go as well?"

"I... I do want to! Because I heard that there is a cultivation technique suitable for women to cultivate in that allows them to advance by leaps and bounds, allowing them to remain young forever!" Lan Fengjin said.

"I can arrange for you to enter!" Zi Qingcheng laughed softly.

"Sister Steamed Bun was originally from the inner sect of the Moon Profound Valley but she was kicked out!" Qin Yun chuckled.

Zi Qingcheng immediately glared at Qin Yun.

Lan Fengjin also felt that it was strange. Why did Qin Yun call Zi Qingcheng Sister Bun? However, she did not ask and only asked curiously, "Sister Qingcheng, why were you chased out?"

"Because she often eats things stealthily and grows too fat, she shamed the Moon Profound Valley, so she was chased out!" Qin Yun said with a laugh, "Look at her face. She looks like a bun!"

"You're so annoying. Do you believe that I won't throw you out right now?"

Lan Fengjin couldn't help but laugh, "Sister Qingcheng isn't fat, it's just that the shape of her face is a bit round!"

Not long after the caravan crossed the Cloud Dragon River, a low roar came from outside!

Qin Yun quickly retracted the smile on his face and opened the window to look outside.

"Did I hear it wrong? I just heard something roaring!" Qin Yun asked.

"We've crossed the Cloud Dragon River. There are many powerful magical beasts here!" Zi Qingcheng's face was solemn as she hurriedly controlled the carriage to enter the clouds to hide.

Lan Fengjin said, "Master, you did not hear wrong! I heard the roar just now. This kind of beast roar is very scary!"

Qin Yun and Lan Fengjin looked at the grim Zi Qingcheng.

"Sister Qingcheng, what beast is that?" Lan Fengjin asked in a low voice.

"I'm not sure. Unless I can hear it again." Just as she finished speaking, that roar resounded through the air once more.

Hearing this roar, Zi Qingcheng's expression changed. She hurriedly controlled the carriage to descend into the forest, hiding herself in the crown of a huge tree.

Seeing her reaction, Qin Yun and Lan Fengjin knew that the beast that roared was extremely terrifying!

"What is it?" Qin Yun asked hurriedly.

"'s a dragon!" Zi Qingcheng was so scared that her face turned pale, "I've heard many ancient beast roars from some of the sound shells that were left behind from the ancient times. The dragon roar is the best memory for me, I won't be wrong!"

Lan Fengjin's face was also filled with shock. With a terrified expression, she said, "This Cloud Dragon Mountain Range is hiding a dragon. It doesn't seem to be a legend!"

"Let's wait for the roar to fade away before we leave!" Zi Qingcheng heaved a long sigh. "I hope I don't meet it or I'll be killed by the dragon!"

"How strong is the dragon?" Just as Qin Yun finished asking his question, a dragon's roar suddenly resounded.

This time, the sound was even louder, causing the leaves to shake!

Zi Qingcheng replied seriously, "I don't know. In short, he's very strong! This is definitely not something I can deal with. I don't know how it happened but a dragon really did appear. Beasts of this level should not be here!"

The dragon's roar sounded out continuously but it gradually weakened!

In the carriage, Zi Qingcheng let out a light sigh. She thought she could relax but the earth suddenly trembled and the dragon's roar became even louder!

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