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Chapter 337

These middle-aged women were originally from the Blue Spirit West Palace, Nangong and Northern Palace. Two of them were from the Tian Xiao Empire and had been monitoring Xiao YueLan.

Now, they had all joined the Violet Spirit Star Palace.

They were martial dao realm and even in the Violet Spirit Star Palace, their status was still very high!

As for Qin Yun, he wanted them to kneel and admit their mistakes. How could they agree?

The middle-aged woman who had been sent flying was also supported over. Half her face was black from the blow and she was also dizzy. She was in a semi-conscious state.

"Qin Yun! Aren't you being too arrogant! Don't think you're so presumptuous just because you have dual martial spirits! We are not as weak as the trash from Blue Spirit Star Palace!"

"I'll count to two. If you don't kneel down and apologize to Sister Lan, I'm going to make my move!" Qin Yun said coldly, "One...Two!"

The moment he finished counting, a black mist suddenly surged out from his body, enveloping the few middle-aged women!

Following that, the earth began to shake!

Qin Yun's eyes turned black!

He used the Vibration Martial Spirit's power!

Those evil women were all at the first level of the Martial Dao!

Enveloped by the shock wave, their bodies were constantly suppressed by the shockwave and they immediately spat out mouthfuls of blood!


Qin Yun bellowed as the earth shook violently!

The few arrogant evil women all let out miserable shrieks as they knelt on the ground and crushed the stone tiles on the ground.

When those disciples saw this scene, they couldn't help but feel extreme fear.

A few powerful seniors had actually been pressured to the point of kneeling and spitting blood by Qin Yun's Internal Supreme Force!


Qin Yun waved his hand as he sent a slap at the women, sending them flying far away.

After that, he carried Lan Fengjin and flew toward the Eastern Palace's Mysterious Silver Mountain, entering a cave at the peak of the mountain.

Lan Fengjin sat on a chair, looked at the hall and excitedly said, "Master, you've really passed the trial of the Inscription Gate, how unexpected! Unfortunately, my grandfather has already gone to the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range and may even go to the Martial Desolate land!"

Qin Yun smiled. "Sister Lan, you are my disciple, in the future you will also be a disciple of the Inscription Sect! Forget about that Violet Spirit Star Palace!"

"The Violet Spirit Star Palace is actually quite good! It's just that a few evil women are very jealous of me, that's why they treat me like that!" Lan Fengjin coldly snorted and said, "Anyway, I already have you as my master, I won't take anyone else as my master!"

"YueLan, ZiYe and teacher, are they all in the Violet Spirit Star Palace?" Qin Yun asked with concern.

Lan Fengjin nodded, "Yes! ShiYue's injuries were severe, the injuries of her Martial Spirit was specially severe. The people from the Violet Spirit Star Palace could heal her, but....but there is a price to be paid and that is to stay in the Violet Spirit Star Palace."

"YueLan and ZiYe are both outstanding female disciples. They were taken away a long time ago. I heard that they were personally instructed by the Violet Spirit Palace Master!"

Qin Yun paced back and forth in the hall. "Did Grand Palace Master really go to the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range?"

"He went with my grandfather. They said that they were going to explore the Immortal Graveyard. If they didn't come back, they might have gone to the Martial Desolate land." Lan Fengjin said.

Suddenly, shouts came from outside.

Qin Yun listened carefully. It was Shui Yihui's voice.

He quickly walked out and landed on the ground.

Shui Yihui, the palace master from the Eastern Palace and more than a dozen Martial Dao Realm elders were there. They looked at Qin Yun with astonishment.

"Qin... Qin Yun, you've become the sect master of the Inscription Sect?" Shui YiHui took a deep breath and asked in surprise.

Qin Yun took out a jade pendant and said, "I've obtained it. I wonder if it's a token to become sect leader?"

Seeing that piece of jade, Shui YiHui and the others took a few deep breaths!

"We pay our respects to Sovereign!" Shui YiHui immediately bowed and shouted respectfully.

The other elders of the Martial Dao Realm also bowed to Qin Yun.

Even Qin Yun himself was surprised that the sect master of the Inscription Gate had such a position!

"No need to be courteous, everyone! What was the situation in Blue Spirit Star Palace now?" Qin Yun said with a frown, "Grand Palace Master, how long has it been since going to the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range?"

"Blue Spirit Star Palace has already been incorporated into the Violet Spirit Star Palace. They are the ones who sent people to manage it! As for the Eastern Palace, Palace Master Ling is in charge!" Shui YiHui looked at the old woman beside him.

Palace Master Ling is also a female, so she was accepted as a disciple by the Violet Spirit Star Palace. In the Violet Spirit Star Palace, she is also an elder.

"Then... Is the head of the Inscription Sect considered to be a member of the Violet Spirit Star Palace?" Qin Yun asked.

"Yes! But there should be other preferential treatment and the Violet Spirit Star Palace also knows the importance of the Inscription Gate!" Palace Master Ling said, "Sect Master Qin, a letter has been sent to you by Violet Spirit Palace Master!"

Palace Chief Ling handed Qin Yun a letter.

Qin Yun opened it and read the contents.

That was a letter from the Violet Spirit Palace's Palace Master. First, he sincerely apologised to Lan Fengjin and then invited him to go to the Violet Spirit Star Palace to discuss some matters and bring Lan Fengjin along.

"Have you seen this Palace Master of the Violet Spirit Palace? What kind of person is she?" Qin Yun asked.

"She's pretty polite! Back in the Martial Desolate land, she was also a good person! The matter with Lan Fengjin this time is all because of those few wicked women who have acted on their own. They will also be severely punished. If you wish to go to the Violet Spirit Star Palace, I can bring you there!" Asgard Master Ling said.

Those evil women were the more snobbish ones in Blue Spirit Star Palace. When they found the opportunity to harm Lan Fengjin, they naturally wouldn't be lenient!

Qin Yun also wanted to meet Xiao Yuelan so he nodded and said, "Alright, I'll go with Sister Lan!"

He flew up and brought Lan Fengjin down.

After the break, Lan Fengjin's complexion looked much better but she had also changed into a beautiful purple dress.

Qin Yun, Lan Fengjin and Palace Head Ling sat in a carriage as they headed towards the Violet Spirit Star Palace!

The Violet Spirit Star Palace was only a few hundred miles away from the Blue Spirit Star Palace. They would arrive very soon.

Qin Yun was in the carriage. Opening the window, he saw the Violet Spirit Star Palace below.

It looked about the same size as Blue Spirit Star Palace, except it was purple in color.

The enormous buildings inside were constructed out of glittering purple crystals and were very dazzling.

Asgard Master Ling's status was still relatively high. She could directly send her caravan into the Violet Spirit Star Palace and land in a noisy public square.

In this square, there were many people surrounding the battling platform. And on the battling platform, there was an extremely intense battle going on!

When Qin Yun and company got off the carriage, they saw a lady dressed in purple on the martial stage. She was sparring with a man dressed in golden.

These two were both martial artists at the ninth level Martial Body realm!

"Palace Chief Ling, what's going on? the disciples of the Violet Spirit Star Palace, who are they competing against?" Qin Yun asked.

"He is a disciple of the Dragon Fist Spirit Sect!" Palace Head Ling said, "The Violet Spirit Star Palace, the Dragon Fist Spirit Sect, the Wind Spirit Sect and the Floating Spirit Valley, these four sects descended here together!"

"These four sects are spirit rank sects, they are all subordinate forces of a Xuan rank sect! The reason they were sent here was also to investigate the situation in the Immortal Graveyard!"

"Right now, they are allowing their disciples to compete and fight for the leadership position! Although these sects are all subordinate forces of a Xuan Rank sect, they often engage in various battles!"

Qin Yun did not find it strange. The battles between the clans and powers in an empire were also very intense.

He was just surprised that four powerful sects had suddenly descended upon this place. It could be seen that the Martial Desolate land attached great importance to the Immortal Graveyard!

As for the Immortal Graveyard, it contained many secrets and it had a lot to do with Xie Qirou!


The purple-clothed woman on the battling platform suddenly let out a blood-curdling scream. She was sent flying and crashed into the formation pillars of the battling platform.

"Hahaha... Little girl, I won't kill you like this. I have to play with you first!" The burly man from the Dragon Fist Sect grinned maliciously as he walked towards the purple-clothed woman.

The purple-clothed woman's face was ghastly pale and her face was filled with fear and despair. She closed her eyes and her face was covered in tears!

Qin Yun said with a frown, "Is this a life-and-death battle?"

Palace Head Ling sighed, "In one incense's time, whoever survives on the stage will be the victor! During this period of time, the great formation will not close, so we can only let the people inside do as they please. This sort of competition has always been like this and is extremely cruel!"

Lan Fengjin frowned, "I've heard about it before but I've never seen it! I never thought that the competition for the leadership of a sect would result in the sacrifice of it's disciples. It's too cruel!"

With a hiss, the purple clothed woman's clothes were torn apart by that wretched looking burly man. Only her undergarment was left!

"This guy, could it be that he wants to rape that woman on the spot?" Qin Yun said with a frown and anger in his voice.

"It should be... but no one can stop it!" Anger appeared on Palace Head Ling's face as well.

The disciples watching the battle were all from four different sects. Other than the female disciples of the Violet Spirit Star Palace, the male disciples of the other sects all had faces full of anticipation.

Qin Yun was infuriated and immediately flew into the air.

"Bastard, quickly stop!" Qin Yun hovered above the dueling platform and roared deeply.

A few of the supervising old martial artists also suddenly flew over.

"Who are you? You want to cause trouble?"

A golden-robed old man asked angrily. His golden clothes were the same as the big, wretched man's on the battling platform. He should be a martial practitioner from the Dragon Fist Sect.

Qin Yun said angrily, "Can't you see what that beast is doing?"

Below, many female disciples of the Violet Spirit Star Palace saw a handsome and godly youth. They were both surprised and full of respect.

They had never known what a hero was but now that they saw Qin Yun, they seemed to understand what a hero looked like!

"This is a battle of life and death!"

The elder could sense Qin Yun's aura and felt somewhat fearful. However, he did not think so when he saw how young Qin Yun was.

"Don't insult the competition! I have never heard of anyone committing such an act during the martial arts competition!" Qin Yun's eyes were filled with anger as he said with a deep voice.

When the woman on the battling platform saw someone stand out for her, she too was moved.

But she still despaired because the only way to save her was to break the formation on the battling platform!

The wretched man in the martial stage laughed sinisterly: "That bastard above, you have never seen anyone doing such a joyful thing on the martial stage right? Then I'll show you right now, hahaha!!"

"If you want to save this slut, you have to first break the formation! This kind of array would not close unless the energy stored inside was completely consumed! Even those at the Spirit Martial Realm cannot close it easily. Hahaha!! Open your eyes and see just how happy I am!"

"Damned bitch, what are you crying for? You will be killed by me sooner or later anyway."

That wretched middle-aged man ruthlessly slapped the crying purple clothed lady, unceasingly laughing malevolently, causing him to appear even uglier.

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