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Chapter 326

When everyone saw Lan Chen's bewildered expression, they subconsciously believed that Qin Yun had truly cultivated a demonic art.

Many people widened their eyes as they watched. They believed that Qin Yun was about to be killed!

Lan Chen was astonished because he had discovered that Qin Yun's heart had a dragon-tiger totem. Furthermore, the Vibration Martial Spirit is a black martial spirit!

"Qin Yun has not cultivated demonic arts!" Lan Chen slowly said as he retracted his hand and took a deep breath.

Ji Xuanzhao was dumbfounded and his body slightly swayed! He could not accept this fact!

Qin Yun did not cultivate a demonic art and had killed Ji Kailin with his true strength!

Ji Kailin's talent was extraordinary. He had seven spirit vein and the Thunder Qilin martial spirit and even obtained a Xuan weapon like the Thunder Pulse Sword. However, he was still killed by Qin Yun!

"I don't believe it, I don't believe it...If Qin Yun did not use demonic arts, how would he be able to kill Ah Lin?" Ji Xuanzhao's eyes turned red from anger. "Ah Lin can't just die in vain. Qin Yun must have cultivated a demonic art. He must pay with his life!"

In a life-and-death duel, no one could be held responsible!

However, as long as he insisted on Qin Yun cultivating demonic arts, he would be able to pursue the matter!

Lan Chen said loudly, "Qin Yun does not cultivate a demonic art. He does indeed possess the Vibration Martial Spirit and it's a black-ranked one at that! As everyone knew, a Purple-Gold Martial Spirit is the highest grade! However, above the purple gold rank, there is still the black martial spirit."

"Qin Yun's Vibration Martial Spirit is a black colored martial spirit!"

"The most powerful aspect of a black martial spirit is it's ability to merge with the body into one. The martial spirit and martial body can be fused together to unleash an even stronger power of the attribute!"

It was a black colored martial spirit and a legendary one at that!


Shocked cries immediately engulfed the ruins!

The legendary black martial spirit had already surpassed the imagination of many!

Even in the ancient books, there weren't any records.

"Black Martial Spirit! I've heard about it before but I never thought that it would actually exist!"

"Furthermore, it's a legendary martial spirit. How terrifying. Qin Yun is actually hiding so deeply. No wonder he could defeat Ji Kailin, who is using a Xuan Artifact!"

"Ji Kailin died a fair death!"

"He should be able to match up to a martial spirit bestowed by the heavens, Qin Yun's talent is truly terrifying! It's a shame that he only has one spirit vein, otherwise, it would be too heaven defying!"

The fighters were all full of emotion.

Xiao Yanglong clenched his fists tightly. He never expected Qin Yun to hide such a terrifying power.

If Qin Yun stepped into the martial dao realm, he did not have the confidence to defeat Qin Yun!

However, Qin Yun was only at the ninth level Martial Body realm. It would not be easy for him to step into the Martial Dao Realm.

Ji Xuanzhao blankly stared at Qin Yun. At the same time of his jealousy, he felt resentment.

Ji Kailin had been killed by Qin Yun. His extremely talented grandson was completely dead. Not even dregs remained.

He wanted to kill Qin Yun very much but there was no chance for that now!

"Ji Xuanzhao, you have used a despicable method and this has already violated the rules of the Saint Palace. I will punish you!" Lan Chen said coldly, "You don't seem to know how to repent!"

"I... I know I was wrong!" Ji Xuanzhao gnashed his teeth as he looked at Qin Yun.

Lan Chen grunted before looking at Qin Yun. He said, "Qin Yun, I only intended to accept a disciple. Wufeng is already my disciple but he still hasn't officially become my disciple!"

"Now, I want to take you in as my second disciple. Are you willing?"

Everyone knew that Lan Chen was very strong, the number one powerhouse of the Saint Palace.

Back then, when the Blue Spirit Star Palace was in the martial desolate land, they were almost destroyed. Lan Chen was the one who turned the tide and brought the entire Blue Spirit Star Palace here.

Xie Wufeng was very happy. If Qin Yun also took Lan Chen as his master, he and Qin Yun would be brothers in the future.

"Do you need me to agree to any conditions?" Qin Yun asked.

When everyone heard this, they felt that Qin Yun was somewhat foolish. To be able to acknowledge Lan Chen as his master, of course, they had to agree to any conditions.

Lan Chen said, "You have to listen to my arrangements if you want to become my disciple. Because your situation is rather special, you need to strictly follow the cultivation plan I gave you, otherwise your cultivation will go berserk!"

"Also, you are not allowed to take even half a step outside of the Saint Palace without my permission!"

"If you want to step into the Martial Dao Realm, you must listen to my arrangements. I'm not restricting your freedom, I'm helping you to stabilize yourself by stepping into the Martial Dao Realm!"

Qin Yun frowned before bowing to him and said, "Disciple thanks the Grand Palace Master for his good intentions!"

Everyone was immediately taken aback when Qin Yun rejected it!

Lan Chen would not casually accept a disciple. Many geniuses wanted to acknowledge him as their master but Qin Yun had given up such an important opportunity!

"Qin Yun, what are you fooling around for? Hurry up and agree!" Yang Shiyue hurriedly walked over and said.

She seemed to have guessed that Qin Yun was going to challenge Xiao Yanglong soon, which was why he had rejected Lan Chen.

Since taking Lan Chen as his master meant he could no longer casually leave the Saint Palace!

Xie Wufeng also understood Qin Yun's intentions. He did not say much. He knew Qin Yun very well. As long as Qin Yun made a decision, there was no point in persuading him.

Lan Chen was also surprised. He did not expect that someone would reject him!

"Qin Yun, only I can help you step into the Martial Dao Realm! You need to know that you are cultivating a dual inner core and dual martial spirits. It doesn't matter if you can't break through by yourself but there's a high chance that your cultivation will go berserk!"

"Your martial spirit is very strong and it is dual martial spirits. If you cannot control your Martial Spirit during your breakthrough, it will be very dangerous!"

Everyone secretly nodded at what Lan Chen had said.

"Grand Palace Master, thank you for your concern!" Qin Yun's expression was firm as he said, "I have my own plans!"

Qin Yun rejected it once again as everyone exclaimed once again.

Lan Chen continued, "I promise you that I will help you step into the Martial Dao realm no matter the cost of my own strength. You can rest assured!"

Upon hearing those words, everyone felt as though Lan Chen was begging Qin Yun to take him as his master!

As the strongest person in Blue Spirit Star Palace, he was actually begging Qin Yun to take him as his master. If no one saw it with their own eyes, no one would believe it!

"How long?" Qin Yun asked.

"Within ten years!" Lan Chen said.

Qin Yun shook his head. "It's too long. I can't wait! If you can help me breakthrough in a day or two, I will promise to acknowledge you as my master!"

Lan Chen frowned. "That's impossible! It is extremely difficult for a martial artist with two cores to step into the martial dao realm! You must know that it is not easy for a cultivator to step into the Martial Dao Realm, not to mention others don't have two cores!"

This made many martial body ninth level martial artists nod their heads. They deeply understood the difficulty of this.

"Qin Yun, you must not be too quick with your situation. Otherwise, it will be very easy for you to make mistakes! Within ten years, that would only be a relatively conservative estimate. It is extremely likely that it would take more than ten years. However, once you step into the Martial Dao Realm, your strength will be very impressive."

Lan Chen was experienced and knowledgeable, so he knew how to cultivate dual martial spirits.

Qin Yun sighed, "Granf Palace Master, I have my difficulties. Please understand!"

Lan Chen was speechless. With his status as the head of the palace, he hadn't succeeded in accepting a disciple.

The vicious dog!! Qin Yun had even rejected him time and time again!

"Fine, maybe we don't have that kind of fate!" Lan Chen sighed and said, "Then I won't force you. If you think it through, you can come and find me anytime."

"Grand Palace Master, Yue Lan is my wife. Her current situation isn't too good!" Qin Yun was also very anxious about the matter. Then, he glared fiercely at Ji Xuanzhao.

"Alright, I'll give the Tranquil Heart Pill to her now and help her recuperate from her injuries!" Lan Chen looked at Ji Xuanzhao and the others, saying coldly, "Wait for me to come back!"

"Yes sir!" Ji Xuanzhao and the others were all members of the Saint Palace and they knew what punishment was going to be meted out to them.

Lan Chen took the Tranquil Heart Pill and soared into the air, flying away from this place.

Not long after Lan Chen left, a short sword suddenly appeared in Ji Xuanzhao's hand. With a face brimming with killing intent, he charged straight at Qin Yun!

The appearance of Lan Chen had intimidated all martial artists.

Therefore, no one had expected that Ji Xuanzhao would suddenly attack!

When Yang Shiyue, Zhuo Chuan, Xie Wufeng and Lan Huayu felt the thick killing intent, they were all shocked beyond belief and were momentarily caught off guard.

Ji Xuanzhao was at the Martial Dao Realm. If he were to make a move, he could kill Qin Yun in an instant!

Only Qin Yun was wary of Ji Xuanzhao!

His reaction was the fastest. When Ji Xuanzhao rushed towards him, he hastily retreated, throwing out a few top-grade Body Securing Talismans at the same time.

Ji Xuanzhao, who was rushing over, was stopped by the Body Securing Talisman!

Even a few high quality Body Securing Talisman could only stop Ji Xuanzhao for two seconds!

However, those two seconds were enough for Qin Yun to kill him!

Qin Yun used the Flame Cloud Steps' shooting star motion and rushed in front of Ji Xuanzhao. With the spirit essence saber in hand, he used the Wind Slayer Six Style!

"Qin Yun, stop!" Lan Chen's shout came from a distance. The moment he sensed Ji Xuanzhao's murderous intent, he hurriedly turned around.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!...

Wind Slasher, Wave Slasher, Mountain Splitter, Ground Splitter, River Break and Thunder Slash, these six moves were formed in one go!

Qin Yun had used pure Internal Supreme Force to perfect the six style Wind Slayer. He was displaying it to perfection!

As that saber cut down, it's power was earth-shattering, especially the black shockwaves. Once again, it shook the entire Blue Spirit Star Palace!

With a raise of his hand and a swing of his blade, he instantly completed the six style Wind Slayr, slicing Ji Xuanzhao into eight pieces!

That incomparably fierce saber force turned into a gust of violent wind that swept in all directions and didn't stop for a long time.

Lan Chen came back, and Ji Xuanzhao was dead as well!

Qin Yun's expression was cold as he gripped his saber tightly and looked at Ji Xuanzhao's corpse!

A powerful warrior of the Martial Dao Realm was actually killed!

Qin Yun's strength frightened many in the Martial Dao Realm!

Lan Chen also stared at Ji Xuanzhao's corpse, speechless!

He never thought that Qin Yun would be able to kill Ji Xuanzhao and so quickly at that!

"Grand Palace Master, I'm only doing this to protect myself!" Qin Yun said hurriedly.

Although Ji Xuanzhao had violated the rules of the Saint Palace, his status meant that he would only be locked up for a short period of time, which meant nothing to him at all.

However, he had used despicable methods to cause Xiao Yuelan's cultivation to go berserk. Just by this, Qin Yun would never let him off.

(TL NOTE : what a great "good person' grand palace master!! how can scums live under a powerful "good person"? answer : they never can.)

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