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Chapter 300

Everyone in the Hall focused their attention on the wide field in the middle. As soon as they saw their seniors appear on the field, the cheering crowd shouted louder, causing endless shouts to fill the hall.

At this time, Lan Fengjin entered the martial field. The entire audience let out a burst of praise. They praised her beauty, praised her talent in inscriptions and praised that she had reached the martial dao realm at such young age.

Lan Fengjin's expression was indifferent, not moving at all. She took out her furnace, hammer and forging platform very seriously.

On this stage, there were many powerful seniors. As a junior, she couldn't be proud here.

"Lan Fengjin is really participating!"

"She's different from many other beauties. She doesn't look charming or soft, instead she gives people a strong feeling!"

"This kind of wild woman is very hard to subdue!"

"It should be hard to find someone who can match up to her!"

Everyone looked at Lan Fengjin and discussed softly.

Qin Yun squeezed through the crowd and finally walked through the passageway that led to the arena. Slowly, he walked into the arena.

For some reason, when the noisy great hall saw Qin Yun appear, it fell silent immediately as it headed towards the arena!

"Qin Yun, are you in the wrong place? This is not martial arts competition place but inscription competition arena. And the time is wrong too!"

"He couldn't have drunk too much, could he have gone insane!?"


"He must be here to make a fool of himself!"

The crowd burst into laughter.

Just as many people were laughing at Qin Yun, they saw him produce a jade token. It was proof of his participation!

The people who were laughing could no longer laugh. They suddenly recalled that Qin Yun was also an Inscription Master. It was rather normal for him to participate in the Inscription Competition!

"This guy....He's serious!"

"He's only a beginner level Inscription Master. Didn't they say that only middle-level and high-level Inscriptionists would be able to participate?"

"Could it be that he's an intermediate level Inscription Master?"

An intermediate level Inscription Master that wasn't even 20 years old, thinking of it caused the people in the great hall to unconsciously take a deep breath and feel extremely shocked!

It had to be known that many of the intermediate inscriptionists in the arena were old men with white hair. Furthermore, Qin Yun, a kid whose hair had yet to fully grow, was actually an intermediate inscriptionist. This was too shocking!

And what was most shocking was that Qin Yun was participating in both the martial arts competition and the Inscription Competition!

Ji Kailin, who was watching from the side, had a face filled with jealousy. Compared to Qin Yun, he looked somewhat gloomy.

"Brother Yun, you're really amazing! Not only did you ruin the martial arts competition, you're also planning to destroy the inscription competition!" Murong Daren said with a smile, "Middle level inscription master, I can find him to forge a Middle level puppet for me in the future!"

A middle grade spirit weapon was a very high quality item in the Blue Spirit Star Palace.

A Blue Spirit Saint sneered and said, "Qin Yun is only here to join in on the fun and flaunt himself. What virtue or ability does he have to be compared to the seniors present? Just based on his laughable single Spirit vein?"

Murong Daren laughed heartily, "His single Spirit vein is laughable. However, you fellows with 5-6 Spirit vein can't even compare to him in terms of mental strength. Aren't you two even more ridiculous?"

"Murong Xiaozi, you are also a member of our Blue Spirit Saint Palace. Which side are you standing on? You are a traitor!" the Saint disciples were infuriated.

"I am speaking the truth. Can't the disciples of the Blue Spirit Saint Palace accept the truth? That's ridiculous!" Murong Daren said with a smile.

At this moment, Zhuo Chuan's voice, that was neither loud nor loud, appeared leisurely in the hall. "Star Xuan Wu Academy had expelled Qin Yun. You should be regretting it now!"

The few Elders of the Star Xuan Wu Academy were all present. Upon hearing Zhuo Chuan's words, their expressions suddenly became incomparably unsightly and they could only remain silent!

However, many people were laughing at them. It was an extremely foolish act to chase away a young Inscription Master like Qin Yun.

There were more and more Inscriptionists entering the arena. The moment they entered, they felt uncomfortable seeing Qin Yun's youthful face, especially the inscriptionist from Blue Spirit Star Palace.

"Truly a child's play. This is a serious competition, where a young brat still wet behind the ears has come to join in the fun, what sort of conduct is that?" A blue-robed old man that was participating in the competition coldly snorted. He was extremely displeased.

"Is this the little devil who caused so much trouble during this period of time? Such competitive spirit that does not know how to restrain is bound to fail!"

"Hmph, Zhuo Chuan, seriously, you actually think so highly of him! A kid who love to show off like this wouldn't be able to live for long. As an Inscription Master, one must be more obedient and focus on studying inscriptions in order to stand out!"

Qin Yun looked at the elders that were preaching to him. They were all dressed in blue robes. They were the inscriptions masters of Blue Spirit Star Palace, including those from the Blue Spirit Saint Palace.

There were more than a dozen elders that constantly scolded Qin Yun one after another!

Many people outside the arena saw that Qin Yun had been belittled by these seniors. They were also full of interest as they ridiculed Qin Yun in all sorts of ways.

Ji Kailin was feeling much better as he scolded Qin Yun along with his companions.

As for Qin Yun, he looked calm and did not think much of it.

It wasn't as if he had never seen such an old fogies. The last time he was at the Grand Hall, he had taught a group of old fogies a lesson.

Those Inscription Masters hadn't appeared here yet but he didn't know why.

Qin Yun sat beside Lan Fengjin. Their seats were at the edge of the arena. After all, they were juniors so it was impossible for them to sit in the middle.

"Qin Yun, I never expected that you would participate in both sides. You are truly greedy!" Lan Fengjin said to Qin Yun with a chuckle.

She did not doubt Qin Yun's strength in the slightest. She had initially thought that Qin Yun would not participate in the competition and was somewhat disappointed in him.

"There's nothing I can do about it. I've been poor recently, so I have to make some money. Besides, your Blue Spirit Saint Palace is rich and generous. The rewards you give must be all good stuff!" Qin Yun chuckled softly.

In order to nurture this little fairy, Mo Mo, he really needed to store some resources.

There weren't many people participating, only two hundred and seventy people. Among them, there weren't even a hundred high level Inscription Masters. It was said that this was the majority of the middle-high quality inscription masters in the border region.

The person in charge of this competition was Lan Fengjin's grandfather, Lan Huayu. He is a Xuan level Inscription Master and is also highly respected.

The Inscriptionists here all looked at him with respect and envy.

Lan Huayu said clearly: "There will be 70 people eliminated in the first round, regardless of the competition. The competition is about refining the most basic materials. In the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, you must do your best to refine the best high grade bone steel!"

After that, the participating Inscription Masters lined up before Lan Huanyu to retrieve high-grade spirit iron and some animal bones.

Each person received one thousand pounds of high-grade spirit iron and one thousand kilograms of animal bones.

To refine the Bone Steel, one had to fuse the two together.

For middle-level and high-grade Inscriptionists, refining high-grade bone steel wasn't difficult at all. The difficult thing was, how to refine something with a better quality, it was a great test of the level of an Inscription Master.

When refining high grade bone steel, there was no need to use inscriptions. Therefore, even if the Inscription Master grasped a good Inscription, it would still be useless.

Just as they finished collecting the materials, Lan Huanyu said, "Please keep your furnace and forging hammer. You just need to use the forging platform!"

No one knew the exact rules of the tournament.

Even Lan Fengjin was bewildered. She didn't know why she had to put away the hammer and furnace.

When refining materials, forging hammers and furnaces were the most useful but now they had to be put away!

Lan Huanyu looked at all of the Inscriptionists with doubt in his eyes. He said faintly, "While refining the materials, you all are not allowed to use your own furnaces or hammers. This is for the sake of fairness. Because during the competition, good forging hammers and smelting furnaces can both bring about a great deal of improvement!"

The crowd was in an uproar. To not use a furnace to refine it, that was simply too difficult!

Those thousand pounds of high grade spirit iron and bones needed to be continuously smelted in a large furnace before it could be melted.

Lan Huanyu waved his hand and over a dozen sturdy men walked up, giving each of the Inscription Masters a forging hammer.

The forging hammer was a low-grade spirit weapon and it was enough to forge high grade bone steel.

Qin Yun did not have any objections because his flames were very strong. Furthermore, he had the Heavenly Lion's arm, so he felt that he could overcome various problems.

"None of you have any objections, right? If you have any objections, then please give up!" Lan Huanyu smiled faintly as he swept his gaze over the group of inscriptionists.

Who would dare to object? Everyone could only accept this rule!

"Alright, I'll start lighting the incense now! This incense stick's time is close to two hours!" After Lan Huanyu finished speaking, he waved his sleeve and lit the one meter tall incense beside him.

All the other Inscriptionists immediately revealed their abilities and released their flames to burn the materials.

Amongst them, Qin Yun's flames were the most dazzling. The purplish-gold flames were unique!

Through the arm of the Heavenly Lion, he released flames from his palm.

The purplish-gold flame violently burned hundreds of kilograms of spirit iron and beast bones.

The other inscriptionists did the same. Their flames were much hotter than Qin Yun's!

This group of Inscription Masters used all their strength to ignite the flames, making the entire hall as hot as a furnace!

"Although Qin Yun has purplish-gold flames, I can sense that his flames are the weakest. They are far from the heat of other Inscription Masters!" Ji Kailin laughed disdainfully. "Now, everyone should be able to see how terrible his level is!"

Many people agreed with his point of view as they all nodded their heads!

Although the heat emitted by Qin Yun's purple-gold flame was at the bottom, it burned the fiercest. The spirit iron and beast bones burned by the other Inscriptionists did not turn red but his turned red!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Qin Yun had already raised his forging hammer and began hammering furiously at the Spirit Iron. He was the first person to begin forging!

Ji Kailin, who was disdainful just a moment ago, turned somewhat embarrassed. He could not understand why Qin Yun's flames looked so weak but were ahead of the other high-ranked Inscriptionists!

Everyone felt incredulous when they saw Qin Yun's forging. They thought that he was here to fool around but they never expected that he would turn serious. His standards were not inferior to other high-grade Inscription Masters!

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