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Chapter 299

Qin Yun took one of the Illusory Demon Orbs and gripped it tightly before striding out.

Just as he walked out, he felt a mental force with all sorts of emotions seeping into his body and surging into his brain.

As he took the second step, the mental power became even more violent, as if it wanted to devour his consciousness and instill all kinds of illusions into him.

Strength, beauty, treasures, all sorts of illusions. The moment one was immersed in these illusions, one would immediately be able to enjoy an incomparably powerful feeling. Then one would be able to obtain all sorts of beauties and possess all sorts of treasures.

This was only the first round of the illusion. Once he entered the first round, he would immediately enter the second round.

As for what the second hallucination was, Qin Yun did not know. It was because with just a thought, he had erased the mind energy that had surged into his mind.

In the blink of an eye, he had already taken more than ten steps forward!

This was quite surprising because this was already past the number of Xuan grade Martial Arts Academy students!

Everyone secretly felt that he couldn't take more than twenty steps.

However, in the blink of an eye, Qin Yun had taken more than twenty steps with a calm expression.

To Qin Yun, the Illusory Demon Orb was nothing more than a simple stone. It was unable to affect his emotions.

Every time he was assured that Qin Yun would not walk for long, he would continue moving forward without a change in expression!

More than fifty steps!

Everyone present let out a low cry!

To take more than 50 steps meant that he had reached the level of a Blue Spirit Star Palace disciple!

The Illusory Demon Orb that Qin Yun held temporarily lost it's effect under his suppression. Therefore, it would not affect him in the slightest.

When he took the 70th step, everyone was dumbfounded!

Qin Yun had reached the level of a Blue Spirit Saint and could may even surpass them. That was because even now, his expression remained the same. He looked extremely relaxed.

Ji Kailin could not help but clench his fist. He was the person who had walked the furthest in the first round of the calmness test. As for Qin Yun, he had already taken more than ninety steps!

A hundred steps!

Everyone exclaimed loudly. Some of them even suspected that there was a problem with his Illusory Demon Orb!

As for Qin Yun, he was able to continue walking forward!

After 150 steps, he finally stopped and placed the Illusory Demon Orb on the ground!

"Qin... Qin Yun, one hundred and fifty steps!" An elder that was in charge of supervising the proceedings shouted loudly before recording Qin Yun's results.

The crowd suddenly burst into an uproar!

"He's surpassed Ji Kailin!"

"Is there a problem with the Illusory Demon Orb he obtained?"

"Blue Spirit Star Palace's record was the highest, with 140 steps. That's from an old senior. He actually surpassed an old senior from Blue Spirit Star Palace!"

"That's impossible, he cheated!"

Many disciples of Blue Spirit Star Palace were discussing amongst themselves.

Lan Fengjin, who was watching from afar, said with a frown, "Qin Yun's mental fortitude is too terrifying. Even I can only last a hundred steps. He can actually reach 150 steps!"

"I heard that the highest record was one hundred and forty-eight steps, set by a senior! Qin Yun has already surpassed that elder!" Xie Wufeng exclaimed.

The several old men responsible looked at each other in dismay. They also felt this was inconceivable!

They were certain that Qin Yun had not undergone any training in this area. It was probably his first time using the Illusory Demon Orb to achieve such a result. It was truly unbelievable!

"Elder, Qin Yun must have cheated!" Ji Kailin was unwilling to accept the outcome as he hurriedly shouted. He looked down on Qin Yun but Qin Yun had exceeded him by so much. It made him feel as though he had eaten a fly.

The other saints and disciples of Blue Spirit Star Palace also protested.

A blue-robed elder hurriedly walked towards Qin Yun. He inspected the Illusory Demon Orb in his hand and realized that there were no problems. He shook his head and said, "This Illusory Demon Orb is normal. It has no problem!"

Everyone expressed their confusion. If the Illusory Demon Orb was fine, then what was the problem? No one believed that Qin Yun would be able to do better than Ji Kailin without any self-training.

Qin Yun was infuriated. He had only used his powerful mental power to protect his brain and prevent the Illusory Demon Orb's negative emotions from invading. To think that he would be suspected!

"Elder, please let Qin Yun start a new test. Furthermore, we need to prevent him from cheating this time!" Ji Kailin was the first to refuse to accept this because he had been surpassed by Qin Yun.

Qin Yun said with a sneer, "Since you said I cheated, tell me, how do you want to retest my mental fortitude?"

"That's easy, as long as you don't let your hands touch the Illusory Demon Orb, then it's fine. You're an Inscription Master, it's very likely that you used some methods just now without being discovered." Ji Kailin's words garnered the support of many people.

The elder said, "Alright, I'll tie the Illusory Demon Orb and hang it on Qin Yun's chest. His hands are not allowed to touch the Illusory Demon Orb so he will not be able to cheat!"

Ji Kailin nodded his head. "If he can do this, he can still take a hundred steps forward. I'm willing to admit defeat!"

"Although I haven't practiced using the Illusory Demon Orb before, my mental fortitude has become much stronger when training in other areas."

Qin Yun felt displeased being doubted by so many people. "How about this, you two tie up two Illusory Demon Orbs on me! If I can still get first place, how about giving me two magical beast crystal eggs? If you all suspect me, it is because of your disrespect towards me. This can be considered compensation!"

He actually wanted to tie up two Illusory Demon Orbs, this was insane!

A single Illusory Demon Orb could make a person fall into a devil's trap. If it were two Illusory Demon Orbs, they might go berserk, this was simply too risky!

After the few elders discussed for a while, they agreed to Qin Yun's request.

The Blue Spirit Saint Palace was in charge of hosting this convention, so they had to act a bit more magnanimous.

Qin Yun had two Illusory Demon Orbs tied to his body, one on his chest and one on his back. He spread out his arms so that everyone could see that his hands had not touched the Illusory Demon Orb.

It was extremely quiet in the Spiritual Martial Palace as they watched Qin Yun walk out one step at a time!

Ten steps, twenty steps, thirty steps... Fifty steps later, the quiet Spiritual Martial Palace suddenly boiled up!

This time, no one suspected that Qin Yun had cheated. No one doubted that there was a problem with the Illusory Demon Orb!

But they still couldn't believe, that someone so young could have so much self-control, that he would be able to become so strong and not be affected by the two Illusory Demon Orbs!

Qin Yun had two Illusory Demon Orbs tied around his body. His heart was calm as he walked leisurely to a hundred and fifty steps!

Ji Kailin's expression was extremely ugly. He thought that his self-control was the strongest. He would be able to obtain first place in the first round and then enjoy the gazes of worship from everyone!

And now, Qin Yun's mental strength and mental state was much stronger than Ji Kailin's!

Ji Kailin possessed Seven Spirit veins and the Thunder Qilin Martial Spirit. He was originally the most brilliant star in this convention.

But at this moment, Qin Yun had made him lose all light!

What was even more laughable was that he had previously mocked Qin Yun, saying that he was unworthy of Xiao Yuelan!

Lan Fengjin laughed lightly, "This guy, he's really well-hidden! I really don't know how he managed to cultivate such mental fortitude! Ji Kailin is so angry that his face turned green!"

"In brother Yun's cultivation life, he often had to endure all kinds of pain. This allowed him to cultivate a very strong willpower!" Xie Wufeng frowned, "We don't know what kind of training he went through!"

The first round had ended. Qin Yun had walked the most steps, so he had obtained the only reward, which was two magical beast crystal eggs!

This made many people extremely jealous. If it was in exchange for Xuan Points, these two Magical Beast Crystal eggs would be one hundred million Xuan Points!

"Qin Yun, I will definitely defeat you! Just because you have strong willpower doesn't mean you're strong!" Ji Kailin walked past Qin Yun and snorted coldly. Then, he left in a huff.

Qin Yun looked at the crowd and saw Lan Fengjin, Xie Wufeng, Huo Zhong and other acquaintances. He also greeted them from afar.

Although there was a smile on his face, he felt a little disappointed in his heart because he didn't see Yang Shiyue.

Yang Shiyue had already stepped into the martial dao realm, so she did not need to go into seclusion for the time being. She was also a saint of the Blue Spirit Realm.

In the first round of the Martial Competition, half of the participants were eliminated. It was almost noon.

At this moment, many people were rushing to the Spiritual Martial Palace. Many people were looking forward to the Martial Arts Competition and the place Inscription Master Competition would take place.

In the Martial Arts Competition, the strongest was only at the ninth level Martial Body realm.

Many old fellows had personally gone up to participate in the inscription competition.

To many young people, those old inscriptionists were people of great virtue and prestige.

Lan Fengjin also hurried over to the inscription hall. She was the most eye-catching and mysterious Inscriptionist!

"Lan Fengjin will certainly suppress all other outstanding talents. She is a woman and at such a young age, she is also a high level inscription master. Just by this alone, many seniors and juniors will be ashamed!"

"I heard that Lan Fengjin is the youngest Inscription Master in this competition!"

"Aiya, in that case, we have to support her!"

Some of the disciples of the Blue Spirit Saint Palace rushed to the Hall.

Qin Yun was also participating in the Inscription Competition. He took out a jade token that was used to enter the arena.

"Qin Yun, let's hurry up and do our best to stand in front so we can see!" Xue Ziye urged her as he trotted.

Huo Zhong and Murong Daren also followed the crowd and walked out of the Spiritual Martial Palace.

Old inscriptionists were all highly respected and those who came to watch the show were all juniors, so they naturally had to cheer for their seniors!

Qin Yun followed a group of people. After entering the Hall of Inscription, he saw many uniformly dressed square formations. Amongst them, the Blue Spirit Five Palace had the most number of square formations and then there were the three Xuan Wu Academies!

The Inscription Spirit Palace was as spacious as the Spiritual Martial Palace. It could accommodate tens of thousands of people but there were only a few thousand people here today.

Qin Yun looked at the team that the Star Xuan Wu Academy had supported. They were actually the few elders who had expelled him!

"We have many Inscription Masters participating in this competition!" A candid voice rang out, causing the entire Hall to become extremely quiet.

The person who was presiding over this competition was an old man with long white hair and a beard. His face was like that of a young man. He was Lan Fengjin's grandfather, Lan Huayu!

Lan Huanyu's voice enveloped them in layers upon layers of energy, causing everyone to quiet down and not dare to make a sound.

Qin Yun took out his entry jade token and walked towards the spacious competition arena in the middle.

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