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Chapter 289

Qin Yun waited for Xie Wufeng and company to walk far away before he hurriedly hid somewhere else. He waited until it was dark before continuing his journey.

"That squad from Blue Spirit Star Palace should be here to kill the magical beasts! These experts didn't need to go through experience. But why would they kill magical beast? Could it be that Blue Spirit Star Palace is in urgent need of a batch of magical beast crystal eggs?" Qin Yun walked along the road as he tried to guess the possibilities.

The Blue Spirit Star Palace didn't lack magical beast cores but they had dispatched such a strong team. Clearly, they had other important reasons for doing so.

At night, Qin Yun carefully walked for about four hours before he suddenly stopped.

Because in front of him, there was the sound of a battle!

"There's a battle! It seems like humans and magical beasts are fighting. Let's go over and take a look, maybe I can take advantage of the chaos and be the fisherman!" Qin Yun was delighted as he carefully approached the battlefield.

In such a chaotic battle, if one had a certain level of strength, they would be able to sneak in and obtain something.

Not long later, Qin Yun neared the battlefield. He had originally planned to fish in troubled waters but he suddenly sensed a familiar aura. He could not help but feel pleasantly surprised.

"It's Old Tan and the others! I never thought that I would meet them here!" Qin Yun could also sense the aura of Elder Zhou and his two sons.

Qin Yun also realized that other than Old Tan and company, there were dozens of others here.

"Quick, retreat! The other magical beasts are coming!" Someone shouted loudly, causing everyone who was engaged in the chaotic battle to jump out in droves.

When attacking a magical beast horde, what they feared the most were other magical beast hordes suddenly charging over.

Old Tan and the others also fled the battlefield. Qin Yun traced their auras and chased after them.

These were the small squads that had temporarily joined together. Right now, the smaller squads were all fleeing in different directions.

Qin Yun followed them for a period of time before Old Tan and company came to a stop.

Old Tan and company entered an empty little villa and hid inside a cave in a stone mountain.

"What bad luck! I almost took down that magical beast horde but suddenly, another magical beast horde attacked!"

Old Tan cursed under his breath, "Motherfucker, it's all because of that group of fellows that didn't know how to cooperate and cause such a huge disturbance. We should not have tried to go after the spirit beast from very beginning, we should have cleared all the rank 7 and 8 beasts first, then the rank 9 and spirit beast would have been easy to deal with!!"

Old Man Zhou and the others were also in a bad mood, cursing the other teams.

As Qin Yun walked through the cave, he heard their curses and felt that Old Tan and company had encountered a group of pig teammates.

Just as Old Tan and company were complaining, Qin Yun suddenly appeared.

"Who is it!" Old Tan yelled out in surprise, exploding out with his martial dao aura.

Following that, a powerful aura exploded out from Old Man Zhou and the other two men. They were all in the Martial Dao Realm!

"Old Tan, it's me, Ah Yun!" Qin Yun said with a smile, "Long time no see. You are all Martial Dao Realm cultivators now!"

Tan and company also saw Qin Yun's familiar face. It looked much more mature than before but they could still recognize it.

"Ah Yun! It's really you. Great, great!" Old Tan roared with joy.

"Hahaha, our good teammate is finally here!" Elder Zhou was very happy as well. He hurriedly walked over and patted Qin Yun on the shoulder.

Zhou Da and Tuesday hurriedly brought out delicious food to entertain Qin Yun.

Although Old Zhou and Old Tan both looked like old men, they were in high spirits.

"I thought I would go to the sanctuary to look for you but I didn't expect to see you fighting a magical beast horde, so I quietly followed you!" Qin Yun said with a smile as he took a bowl of wine and drank it.

"Haha, although we couldn't take down that magical beast horde but to be able to meet you is still a great harvest!" Old Tan was very happy and also drank a few bowls of wine.

Qin Yun was not in the Martial Dao Realm but Old Tan and company had never underestimated him.

"By the way, did you find the shelter?" asked Qin Yun. The reason he came to the first town was to find the refuge.

"Found it! We even found that legendary witch doctor, who allowed us to successfully step into the Martial Dao Realm!"

Old Tan smiled as he stroked his beard that was filled with wine and continued: "That Witch Doctor is a good friend of my grandfather, so he is very willing to help us step into the Martial Dao realm. If it were anyone else, he would ignore them!"

When Qin Yun heard that, he was delighted. He asked, "Old Tan, I'm also in a hurry to step into the Martial Dao Realm. Can you help me find that Witch Doctor?"

"No problem! But, he wants two magical beast crystal eggs!" Old Tan said.

The two magical beast crystal eggs were nothing to Qin Yun.

"Yes, I do have them!" Qin Yun said with a smile.

"Good, we will set off tomorrow and go to the Dragon City, which is also the shelter!" Old Tan smiled and said, "If you step into the Martial Dao Realm, your strength will definitely increase by a lot!"

Old man Zhou laughed, "Ah Yun, when the time comes, the Body Securing Talisman will be even more powerful!"

"Let's rest for now and wait for me to refine some top quality Body Securing Talismans. If we meet a group of magical beasts on the way, it'll be easier for us to make a move!" Qin Yun took out the talisman crafting equipment and said with a smile.

"Hm! If you join us, Ah Yun, our entire team's strength will increase by a lot!" Old Tan laughed. "Come on, let's drink first. We'll plan again tomorrow!"

When Qin Yun encountered Tan and company and confirmed that the Witch Doctor was able to help someone step into the Martial Dao Realm, he was very happy and had a good time drinking.

They drank until late at night before going to bed.

Early the next morning, Qin Yun started forging top quality Body Securing Talisman. Now that he had someone at the Martial Dao Realm like Old Tan and the others, they would be able to infuse their powers into the Body Securing Talisman, which would be even more powerful.

Previously, when Qin Yun had created the Body Securing Talisman, he had saved a bit of energy and did not consume it all in one go. That was because he needed to move around by himself.

But now, Old Tan and the others were here to protect him. That way, he could also use all his strength to craft talismans and quickly create the best quality Body Securing Talismans.

He could produce six pieces per day, which was enough for eight pieces per person. Then, he would head to the Dragon City.

Although he could feel the direction of Dragon City, he didn't know where it was located.

Only after Qin Yun met Old Tan and company did he realize that Dragon City was still deep. It would take at least ten days to reach. The main reason was because they couldn't walk in a straight line, as they had to avoid large magical beast hordes.

"Ah Yun, you are holding the Royal Spirit Cannon. There are twenty artillery shells!" Old Tan handed the Cannon to Qin Yun and said with a smile, "This thing is even stealthier than me. I'll be more at ease if you use it!"

Qin Yun took it over and said with a chuckle, "Old Tan, do you have a blueprint for the Royal Spirit Cannon? I want to copy one!"

"Sigh... there isn't any! If there was, I would definitely give it to you!" Old Tan sighed, also very regretful about this.

For Qin Yun to be able to produce the top-grade Body Securing Talisman at such a young age, he was definitely not bad at forging. Therefore, Old Tan felt that it was a pity. If he had the blueprints, he could have allowed Qin Yun to craft a few Royal Spirit Cannon.

"It's fine!" Qin Yun said with a smile, "I'll think of a way to see if I can discover anything from your Cannon. Then, I'll try to refine one myself!"

Old Man Zhou laughed, "A Yun, if you can refine one, you must sell one to me!"

"No problem but it will definitely not be as strong as Old Tan's original version!" Qin Yun did not know if Mo Mo could really see through the inscriptions of the Royal Spirit Cannon.

"Then I'll leave it with you for now, study it properly! Let's get on our way and get to the Dragon City as soon as possible so that Ah Yun can step into the Martial Dao Realm as soon as possible." Old Tan was very good to Qin Yun because Qin Yun was a very promising inscriptionist.

In such a chaotic place, it wasn't easy to find such an Inscription Master. Moreover, he even gave them the top-grade Body Securing Talisman!

They left the cave and started on the way to the Dragon City.

With Old Tan and company around, Qin Yun no longer felt worried. He was able to run in peace.

At noon, the nine suns released an unbearable heat, like ferocious fire beasts.

Qin Yun had entered the first district and had not come out much during the day. Therefore, he had never known that the sunlight in the first district was so harsh.

"I'm going to be burnt black!" Qin Yun said with a wry smile.

"Just get used to it! The first district is exactly like this. Although the sun is fierce, the spiritual energy and vitality of the nine suns are very strong here. If it's someone who's injured, they would be able to recover much faster than they would if they were outside!" Old Tan said. He was indeed used to it, so he was not sweating like Qin Yun.

Old man Zhou's expression was solemn as he said softly, "The remaining aura here seems to have come from a large magical beast horde! There is a magical beast horde moving around!"

"Is this magical beast horde very special?" Old Tan asked.

"Yes, I felt a trace of a dragon's aura from this aura! If I'm not wrong, it should be that group of Demonic Dragon Lion groups!" Elder Zhou's face was filled with excitement.

Tuesday and Zhou Da He was also secretly excited. He said: "Demonic Dragon Lions are magical beasts with dragon bloodlines in their bodies! They just wiped out a hundred-man team of humans, a very famous group of magical beasts!"

"In that case, do you mean that the horde of the Dragon Lions will always fight against the human army? It must be riddled with injuries!" Qin Yun said with a smile, "Let's chase after him and destroy this magical beast horde!"

Old Tan frowned. "No, a pack of Demonic Dragon Lions with the blood of a dragon have strong regenerative ability. Since this is the first district, their recovery would be even stronger. Even if they were injured, it wouldn't be too severe. Moreover, this magical beast horde is extremely large. Rumor has it that there are five Spirit magical beasts, while the other Class 9 Magical Beasts are also in the hundreds!"

Old Man Zhou said "In that hundred man team, there were five martial dao practitioners. However, they were still defeated. Only a few survived! That team's luck was bad. They accidentally entered the Demonic Dragon Lion's territory, so they were chased and attacked. Even cultivators of the Martial Dao Realm would not be able to escape."

Mo Mo, who was inside the storage space, said very quietly, "Brother Yun, I smell the scent of the demon beast crystal egg and it contains the blood of a dragon, that group of Demonic Dragon Lions has quite a few crystal eggs!"

"Are dragon bloodline beast's crystal eggs very precious?" Qin Yun looked at Old Tan and asked.

Old Tan nodded. "Of course! Not even ten ordinary magical beast crystal eggs are as precious as a single one of the dragon beast crystal eggs."

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