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Chapter 288

Qin Yun tensed up and carefully avoided the large magical beast horde in front of him. Only when the fairy directed him far away from the magical beast horde did his heart gradually calm down.

"This is really scary. Even though there is still some distance between us, I feel that this is terrifying!" Even Mo Mo still contained some lingering fear on her face. Her face was covered in sweat.

"It should be fine now!" Qin Yun heaved a long sigh and said, "If not for you, I might have walked over. By the time I discovered that it was a large magical beast horde, it would already be too late!"

For magical beasts in the first district, their vigilance was very high. Anyone who approached them would immediately notice them and then rush over at an extremely fast speed.

Thus, in the first district, the sooner one knew there were magical beasts up ahead, the better.

Although Qin Yun had bypassed the gigantic magical beast horde, Mo Mo did not slack. Frowning, she began to carefully sense her surroundings. She was burdened with a heavy burden, so she had to be extremely alert at all times.

Qin Yun could only sense the nearby magical beasts but could not sense them from far away. Hence, the fairy had helped him greatly, allowing him to distance himself from large magical beasts.

The first night he entered the first district, he encountered three magical beast horde. One of them was extremely large, while the other two weren't very large.

"There are indeed many powerful magical beasts in the first district!" When Qin Yun saw the snowy white color in the sky, he began searching a basement and prepared to hide.

During the day, he couldn't use Shadow Force to hide his aura, so it would be easy for mental perception to detect him. It is very dangerous.

The first district wasn't small and there was a large number of magical beast horde. They couldn't travel very quickly and it wouldn't be easy for them to reach the sanctuary.

In the basement, Qin Yun had finished setting up the flag array formation to conceal his aura. He took out a furnace and began forging Body Securing Talisman.

What he had made now were all top quality Body Securing Talismans. They were mainly used to deal with spirit beasts.

"If I have the help of a Martial Dao Realm cultivator, then my Body Securing Talisman will be even stronger!" Qin Yun felt somewhat regretful. Before, it had been Lan Fengjin or Xiao Xuanqin who had injected energy into the talisman. They were in the Martial Dao Realm and they could make the talisman's power even stronger.

Moreover, he was already familiar with the Body Securing Inscription, so as long as he held the pen in his hand, he wouldn't need to think about the Body Securing Inscription and he could easily and smoothly carve out the Body Securing Talisman.

Because he often inscribed inscriptions, he became accustomed to it. This was the pinnacle of spirit inscriptions, the realm that many inscriptionists pursued.

When Qin Yun was tired from crafting the top-grade Body Securing Talisman, he would rest. After he had rested, he would continue crafting. This allowed him to quickly pass the day.

"It's dark!" Qin Yun finally endured through the day. He had also refined two top-grade Body Securing Talismans. The more talismans that could lock down spirit beasts, the better.

Just like this, Qin Yun spent the past few days. He hid during the day to craft talismans and at night, he carefully made his way to the place where the special aura was being released.

"I've been in the first district for the fifth day!" After walking for another night, Qin Yun saw nine red balls of light in the distance. He knew that the day had come.

Just as he was about to enter the basement, he suddenly sensed many powerful auras. It was the aura of a human!

"Human Beast Hunting Team? There are many people in the Martial Dao Realm who are very strong!" Qin Yun hurriedly hid Mo Mo and flashed into an abandoned shop.

He did not see who those people were, he only knew that they were coming this way!

Qin Yun was standing on a main street. The luxurious shops on both sides of the street were severely damaged. The street had many cracks in it from numerous intense battles.

Qin Yun, who was hiding in the shop, was extremely nervous. It was because the group of people that had suddenly arrived seemed to be charging at him.

Qin Yun held onto more than ten of the top-grade Body Securing Talismans tightly. This was the only method he had to deal with a Martial Dao Realm cultivator.

"It's coming closer...wait... why are their auras so familiar?" Qin Yun's mental power was cultivated from the Nine Yang Divine Spirit and he had also cultivated the Star Yang Heart Sutra. He was able to condense a Mental Power Crystal, allowing him to sense an aura he was familiar with.

As the auras neared, Qin Yun was alarmed. This was because there were a few auras that he was very familiar with.

"Boss Xie Wufeng's threatening sword aura!" He was overjoyed. As he ran out of the shop, he saw more than ten people in blue robes.

Qin Yun saw many familiar faces. Xie Wufeng, Hou XingFeng, Xiao Yuelan, Yang Shiyue and Lan Fengjin were people he knew very well.

Aside from that, there was also another person who had a huge impact on his mood and that person was Xiao Yanglong!

He could also see that this was a powerful team from the Blue Spirit Star Palace and they were all very young. Other than the old man leading the team and Hou Xingfeng, the others were young.

"Brother Yun, it's actually you!" Xie Wufeng was very happy to see Qin Yun. He hurriedly walked over and patted Qin Yun on the shoulder.

Even though Xie Wufeng only had one arm, his strength was growing stronger and stronger. Perhaps it was because he cultivated in the way of the sword and also in mental power, he improved so quickly.

"Boss Xie, it looks like you've gotten stronger again. You're really awesome!" After Qin Yun came into contact with him at close range, he could sense that Xie Wufeng had become much stronger.

"This is nothing, you're the real deal! you can come to this place by yourself!" When Xie Wufeng saw that Qin Yun was not with the others, he felt that it was too dangerous.

Xiao Yuelan walked over and pinched Qin Yun. "You, what are you doing here? It's too dangerous. Even a team like ours would have to be very careful in this place "

Xiao Yanglong coldly snorted: "We thought that he was a lonely magical beast but we didn't expect him to be such a self satisfied fool!"

"Qin Yun, did you come in alone?" Lan Fengjin asked with a frown. She had thought that Qin Yun was together with Old Tan and company. If it was just Qin Yun, it would be too dangerous.

"Of course! I was chased out of the Star Xuan Wu Academy, so I came here to try my luck and see if I could find that shelter!" Qin Yun said indifferently.

Yang Shiyue said, "Qin Yun, come with us. It'll be safer this way!"

"Brother Yun, follow us. We'll take you out of the first town. It's really dangerous for you to be here wandering around by yourself!" Xie Wufeng also added.

Hearing that, Xiao Yanglong's face changed as he hurriedly said: "He's only a burden, we can't take him with us!"

He looked at the white-haired old man and said, "Elder Xuan Jian, you must not let this fellow join our team. This fellow will only harm us!"

"Xiao Yanglong, you are a dignified chief disciple of the Blue Spirit West Palace, how can you be so narrow-minded that you can't let him follow us?" Xiao Yuelan said in a cold voice, slightly angry.

"Elder Xuan Jian, if you don't allow Qin Yun to follow us, I'm willing to leave the team and stay with Qin Yun!" Xie Wufeng said with a resolute expression.

"I'm following Qin Yun too!" Yang Shiyue coldly glared at Xiao Yanglong.

Lan Fengjin said, "Elder Xuanjian, all of you can go back on your own. I want to stay and accompany Qin Yun!"

Hou Xingfeng had also come to Qin Yun's side.

"You all... You bunch of fools!" When Xiao Yanglong saw Yang Shiyue protect Qin Yun in such a manner, he was immediately incensed.

The old man said indifferently: "Alright, let him follow us. He is at the ninth level Martial Body realm and his strength is not bad... I personally witnessed his trial!"

Hearing the elder's words, Xiao Yuelan and the others let out a sigh of relief.

However, Qin Yun was unwilling. The reason why he had come here after so much trouble was to find that refuge.

If he followed them out now, wouldn't that mean he was messing around?

"This... I am not going with a scum like Xiao Yanglong, so I will not disturb you!" Of course he knew that Xiao Yuelan and company were worried about his safety.

"Qin Yun, if you continue to insult me, I'll kill you!" Xiao YangLong said angrily.

"Scum, you want to kill me?" Qin Yun chuckled and said "Come on, come on. I'm right here!"

Xiao Yanglong wanted to go over but seeing the frightening murderous intent of Xie Wufeng and Lan Fengjin, he did not go over.

Lan Fengjin is a Saint of the Blue Spirit Saint Palace and Xie Wufeng was a damned rare sword cultivator. He was not someone that Xiao Yanglong could deal with!

"You mischievous brat, stop messing around and obediently follow us!" Xiao YueLan pinched Qin Yun's waist and snorted softly.

"YueLan, I have something important to do here. I'm not messing around!" Qin Yun said with a serious expression, "Thank you for your concern, Boss, Teacher, Sister Lan and Senior Hou. I can get in here myself, I'll be fine! I've been waiting for my companions here. I've joined a very strong team."

Qin Yun was afraid that they would not believe him and said to Lan Fengjin, "Sister Lan, you saw that team last time, it is just Old Tan and company, with them to take me in, I'll be safe!"

"However, you all better watch out for that scumbag Xiao Yanglong and don't let him leave the group. Once he leaves, it might be to chase after me!"


Xiao Yanglong was fuming and wanted to smack Qin Yun to death but there was nothing he could do.

"Alright then, take care of yourself!" Xiao Yuelan still believed in Qin Yun. In the past few times, she had supported Qin Yun in doing things that others thought he would never be able to do.

"Be careful!" Yang Shiyue also warned him.

Xie Wufeng patted Qin Yun on the shoulder and said, "Since Brother Yun already has his own plans, we won't force you!"

"You have to run if you can't beat them. Do you remember?" Lan Fengjin knocked on Qin Yun's head. "You must live well. When the time comes, challenge Xiao Yanglong and defeat him!"

Xiao Yanglong snorted in disdain, "Dream on!"

"You guys go on, I'll wait here for my friend!" Qin Yun said.

After all, Qin Yun was her young husband. She was still very worried for him.

Not long after, the elder also left with his group from the Blue Spirit West Palace.

"With their strength, dealing with a group of small and medium-sized magical beast horde shouldn't be a problem!" Qin Yun thought to himself as he watched them leave.

Actually, he also wanted to join in as well. This way, he wouldn't have to avoid magical beast hordes and directly go to work.

If Xiao Yanglong was not here, he would still have willingly joined in. With the help of his Body Securing Talisman, he could have easily taken care of the magical beast horde and obtained the demon beast crystal egg.

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