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Chapter 283

Based on the current situation, the magical beast attack was a failure.

The flying beastman who was watching the battle at the scene would definitely go back to report this matter.

Qin Yun wanted to find out who had joined forces with the beastmen to order the magical beasts to attack the city. Hence, he immediately decided to follow the flying beastman back.

"Little Brother Yun, wait..." Just as Meng FeiLing shouted, Qin Yun jumped off the city wall and rushed towards the flying beastman before disappearing into the darkness.

Qin Yun used Shadow Power and charged towards the flying beastman from the ground.

Soon, he arrived below the flying beastman.

After a careful observation, he was certain that this was a beastman. It had a human body, a pair of giant wings on it's back, two eagle legs, a pair of claws, feathers all over it's body and an eagle's head.

"This guy's strength isn't weak. Judging by the strength of this aura, it's equivalent to the 9th level human martial body."

Qin Yun was about three thousand meters away from the city gate. It was extremely dark there. Even if there were flashes of light from time to time, he would not be exposed.

The birdman did not discover Qin Yun. Instead, it continuously flapped it's wings and observed the battle in the distance.

Not long after, the battle outside the city gates became less intense and the ground was littered with the corpses of magical beasts. Only a few people were injured, no one died.

The battle was over. More than a thousand magical beasts had attacked the city, completely defeated!

On one hand, the Demon Imperial City was well-prepared. On the other hand, Zhuo Chuan and the elites of the Divine Inscription Palace were here.

Furthermore, the Beastman thought that the formation had been destroyed by Xia Yusen's group, allowing them to enter the city.

The beastman never expected that all of this would be destroyed by Qin Yun. And they even exposed their conspiracy!

After the battle was over, the birdman took to the skies and left in a hurry.

Earlier, Qin Yun had collected quite an amount of birdman's aura. Using the aura, he had refined a Soul Chasing Talisman.

He had once used this Soul Chasing Talisman to pursue an enemy and it had been extremely successful.

Although Qin Yun could fly, he did not follow the birdman. The main reason was that the birdman's speed was extremely fast. If he were to chase faster, it was very easy for him to leak his aura. It would not be good to be discovered by the birdman.

"Bastard Beastmen, I am the crown prince of the Tian Qin Empire, how dare you target my city!" As Qin Yun was forging talismans, he scolded angrily.

What made him most angry was that there was a high chance that Blue Spirit West Palace or Nangong was behind this.

He had to find out who did it so that he could find out who had done it.

After Qin Yun finished refining the Soul Chasing Talisman, he used it to determine the direction Birdman had gone before chasing after him.

Demon Imperial City was at the border of the Tian Qin Empire and the Beastmen army was at the border of the huge mountains, so they weren't too far apart.

Not long after he gave chase, Qin Yun left the country and entered the mountain.

That mountain was extremely barren and was mainly occupied by the beastmen. Originally, it was a very beautiful mountain.

"This must be the beastmen mountain range! Ever since I was young, I've often heard of it. This is my first time entering this place!" Qin Yun carefully made his way through the barren mountain range.

Not to mention him, even some of the Martial Dao Realm cultivators did not dare to casually enter this mountain range.

There were many experts in the Demon King's Mansion that had never entered here in their entire lives. This was because it was extremely dangerous.

Legend has it that the Beastmen appeared only after the Tian Qin Empire was founded and the appearance was very sudden.

In short, the beastmen appeared at that time, they were very strong and they sacrificed many warriors to bring the beastmen to the beastmen mountain range.

Qin Yun could not help but admire the birdman's strength. It's speed was extremely fast and even a martial dao realm cultivator would find it difficult to catch up.

"This fellow should have already returned to his lair! I need to catch up quickly and be able to eavesdrop on their conversation!" Qin Yun entered the Beastmen Mountain Range and ran at his fastest speed.

Late at night, he finally entered the depths of the mountain range, getting closer and closer to the birdman.

On the way, he also saw many beastmen.

He did not make a move. He dodged the beastmen and chased after the target.

After entering the Beastman Mountain Range, Qin Yun had a rough understanding of the number of beastmen. He was deeply astonished.

There were many beastmen here but he did not know how they reproduce or what they ate.

"If there was no formation in the human city, it would have long been broken by the beastmen!" Qin Yun sighed in his heart and said, "The person who discovered the Inscription was able to use it to set up a formation. What a genius!"

After the birdman entered the beastmen' mountain range, it's speed slowed down.

This was because in the mountain range, from time to time, a cold and sinister wind would blow. Even Beastmen would not be able to withstand it.

Therefore, every night, the weaker beastmen would hide in the caves and not come out.

The bizarre gale did not affect Qin Yun.

After running for some time, he finally caught up to the birdman.

The birdman flew in the sky and suddenly landed on the side of a large mountain.

When Qin Yun saw it, he memorized the location and carefully used the Flame Cloud Steps. He rushed over.

When he got close to the mountain, he stopped his Flame Cloud Steps and quickly climbed up into a cave.

There were no Beastmen guarding the cave because this area was the territory of the powerful Beastmen. The other weaker Beastmen would be killed if they casually entered.

Moreover, no humans had ever entered this place before, so the Beastmen in this area were not very vigilant.

Qin Yun carefully stepped onto the passageway and entered it's depths. He came to a very spacious stone hall.

That birdman was walking back and forth in the hall, looking very anxious.

"Someone's coming!" Qin Yun suddenly heard a sound as he hurriedly hid in a passageway that led to a storage room.

Qin Yun did not dare to go out as he was worried that he would be discovered. It would be safer to hide in this passage and hear the outside voices.

"Lord, the magical beasts we sent out are all dead!" The birdman's voice carried a trace of fear, afraid that he would be punished by that lord.

"Dead?" The voice was very hoarse and coarse, like the rumble of thunder.

"How did they die?" The voice that asked the question sounded very familiar to Qin Yun.

Qin Yun immediately recalled the voice as a blue-robed elder appeared in his mind — Blue Spirit West Palace's Palace Master!

Back then, when he wanted to challenge Xiao Yanglong, this Palace Master was also present, so he remembered the voice.

"It was indeed done by the Blue Spirit West Palace!" Qin Yun clenched his fist tightly.

The Blue Spirit West Palace had colluded with the beastmen to break into Demon Imperial City and murder millions of people. This made Qin Yun furious.

The birdman recounted the story of how the magical beasts had been killed.

"An old man with a glowing staff... this must be Zhuo Chuan! With this old man here, it was normal for the magical beasts to be killed! Why would he appear in the Demon Imperial City? Had he already discovered Xia Yusen? So they went to stop it?"

The Palace Master of the Western Palace lightly took a breath and frowned, "If the Divine Inscription palace is aware of this, it won't be easy for us to break into the city in the future!"

The Beastman Lord said, "What a pity, Demon Imperial City is a very large city. If we succeed and relied on the large number of corpses inside, we would definitely be able to raise a large number of powerful magical beasts. The magical beasts could give birth to many magical beast crystal eggs and the magical beasts that come out of the magical beast crystal eggs would be completely obedient to us!"

Qin Yun already knew that a magical beast from a crystal egg would definitely be very powerful.

If they could enslave magical beasts of this level, they would indeed gain tremendous power.

If a magical beast wanted to produce a magical beast crystal egg and to hatch another magical beast, that would require a large amount of food. In other words, a magical beast needed to eat a large number of people.

At this moment, Qin Yun finally understood the West Palace Master's plot. They had also taken a fancy to the strength of the spirit beast and wanted to control such power. And for the sake of obtaining these magical beasts, they actually planned to use humans as food to feed the magical beasts!

And he was using the people of the Tian Qin Empire!

This made Qin Yun even angrier. If he had the strength, he would have charged out to engage in a battle with Palace Chief.

"Then what should we do now?" the beastmen leader asked.

"Let's go try out another city! Sigh, Demon Imperial City is the closest to the Beastman Mountain Range, if we could capture it, then the Tian Qin Empire would be within our reach." Western Palace Master sighed with great regret, "Ever since Qin Long returned, the Tian Qin Empire has not been under our control. If this continues, sooner or later they will become a powerful force and fight against us!"

This point was pretty much what Zhuo Chuan had guessed.

"Palace Chief Yang, then it's up to you! We, the Beastmen, can control the magical beasts. If we join hands, we will be able to rule this borderland sooner or later!" The beastmen Lord laughed out loud.

"Lord, I bid you farewell!" The birdman was relieved to see their lord in such a good mood.

"Dismissed? You came back empty-handed and if you didn't bring one or two humans for me to eat, you still have the nerve to leave?" The Beastman Lord shouted, "Men, capture the black crow and hang it at the entrance of my cave. roast it tomorrow morning and eat it!"

"Lord, spare me!" Birdman quickly knelled down and pleaded.

The Lord didn't even say anything as he left with Palace Head Yang of the West Palace.

Not long after, a few werewolves came and captured the birdman.

One of the werewolves laughed: "You dead crow, we have always seen you in a bad mood, we have always wanted to eat you, hahaha... As long as day breaks, we will be able to eat your flesh!"

The birdman was tied up, crying and cursing the werewolves, wailing "Lord" and hoping the lord would spare him once.

"Beastmen are beastmen, they don't know how to win over the hearts of people. This birdman was never wrong. He himself isn't good at fighting, so it's normal for him to not participate!" Qin Yun's mouth twitched before he took out a high-grade Beast Taming Talisman.

As long as the Talisman was inserted into the beast, it would allow him to control it's body for a period of time. The refining difficulty was not that high and it would be much easier than refining the beast collar.

Qin Yun had only created a few. He decided to give it a try and see if he could use the talismans to control the beastmen. If he could, he would be able to control the birdman.

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