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Chapter 279

Qin Yun did not want to forge a top grade spirit artifact because it would take some time. Furthermore, he wanted to have Meng Tao and company issue an order to seal Demon Imperial City off as soon as possible.

Xia Yusen saw how serious Qin Yun was but he did not believe him. He said, "I'd like to see what kind of trick you use to create a high-grade Spirit Artifact!"

"I'm not here to show you, I'm here for Old Meng and the others. It's fine as long as they believe that I'm a high-grade Inscription Master. As for you guys, believe me or not, doesn't matter to me!"

Xia Yusen and company disapproved because even middle-aged Inscription Masters like them were unable to forge high-grade spirit artifacts. They were unable to do so, so Qin Yun, who was seventeen years old, should be unable to do so.

"Sister FeiLing, you don't seem to have a decent spirit artifact! I'll just refine one for you. What kind of weapon do you need?" Qin Yun said to Meng FeiLing with a smile.

Meng FeiLing was startled and said, "Little brother Yun, this true? You really can refine high grade spirit weapons?"

To her, this was simply outrageous.

Because in normal times, those who were able to use high-grade spirit weapons were all seniors with high statuses within the clan.

For a junior like her, she needed to work hard for many years and serve the clan before she could receive a reward. Furthermore, it would be a used old spirit artifact.

If she wanted to hire a high-ranked Inscription Master to refine a high-grade spirit artifact, she would need to use a lot of crystal coins and other things!

The reason why Qin Yun wanted to forge a high grade Spirit artifact for Meng Feiling was partly because she had taken care of Qi Meilian at the Star Xuan Wu Academy and also to help her consolidate her position in the Meng family.

She was a girl and no matter how talented she was, the older generations would still not respect her much.

If she obtained the high-grade spirit artifact refined by Qin Yun, not only would she be a friend of Prince Tianqin, she would also be a friend of a high-grade inscriptionist.

Furthermore, the elders of the Meng family would be delighted if Qin Yun gave the high-grade Spirit Artifact to Meng FeiLing. After all, Meng Fei Ling was a member of the Meng family.

"Can I have a good whip? I heard that the whip is the most difficult spirit artifact to forge, so it's not easy for me to find a whip spirit weapon!" Meng FeiLing said in a low voice, "If that's not possible, then forget it. Just casually forge a sword or saber!"

Qin Yun said with a smile, "I have yet to refine a whip, so I might as well give it a try!"

The difficulty of crafting a whip was indeed great, so it was rarely seen among the high grade spirit artifacts.

When the elders of the Meng family heard that Qin Yun was going to make the whip, they were moved.

If he could really refine it, then this level would be quite high even among the high level inscriptionists.

Xia Yusen and the others all felt disdain. Even if they were beaten to death, they would never believe that Qin Yun would be able to forge a high-grade spirit artifact, much less a high-grade spirit whip.

To Qin Yun, forging high-grade spirit artifacts was not difficult. He was able to refine the Giant King Spirit Hammer that was even more difficult to refine than a high grade spirit weapon.

Forging a whip now was just a new attempt.

Meng FeiLing noticed Qin Yun took out a long, white, long object from his storage space that looked like a thick rope. She asked, "What is this? Is it used to make whips?"

"This is a beast tendon!" Qin Yun said with a smile as he took out a few tendons that were as thick as an arm.

Meng Tao was surprised. "This is a magical beast's tendon and it's even the thickest one. You have one tendon from one magical beast, your tendons come from a few magical beasts!"

Qin Yun smiled but did not reply. Instead, he twisted the tendons together to form a huge white rope.

The complexions of Xia Yusen and the rest changed. Qin Yun had a certain level of skill in producing such precious materials.

"Just using beast tendons?" Meng FeiLing did not know much about artifact forging. In this aspect, she was just a child. She curiously asked Qin Yun.

"Of course not! The purpose of the beast tendon is to make the whip more flexible!" Qin Yun took out a pile of bone steel and said, "I'll have to add some bone steel more or less to forge a spirit artifact."

"Top grade bone steel!" Xia YuSen shouted.

Even they, who were only Intermediate level Inscriptionists, might not be able to get that much top-grade bone steel.

Meng Tao was also shocked. "Didn't you say you were going to refine a high grade spirit weapon? Just use high-grade bone steel. If you use top-grade bone steel, it will only increase the difficulty!"

"I don't have that many High Grade Bone Steel, so I am using the Top Grade Bone Steel... It's more or less the same!" Qin Yun grinned and said nonchalantly.

After obtaining the Mental Resonance Xuan Pen, it had become even easier to inscribe spirit marks. Even if he were to inscribe spirit marks on top of top grade bone steel, he wouldn't find it too difficult.

High-grade bone steel was thrown into the furnace by Qin Yun for incineration.

The temperature of the furnace was very high and the flames inside were terrifying.

Meng Tao, Xia Yusen and the others who were in the Martial Dao Realm were only about ten meters away from the furnace. However, they were enveloped by the furnace's heat and felt very hot.

Qin Yun secretly used the nether-sun flames of the Nethersun and fused it with the purple flames. Not only was the temperature high, there would also be a strong heat wave.

After being burned by the Nethersun Purple Flame for an hour, the top-grade bone steel had turned into liquid!

The furnace was nearly as tall as a person and it was also very big. Qin Yun opened the lid of the furnace. The large furnace was filled with a golden, dense liquid. It was top-grade bone steel that had been dissolved!

This was also the first time Qin Yun had used the pinnacle of his flames. He never expected that the top-grade bone steel would turn into liquid so quickly. He was astounded by this as well.

"Impossible! He only has the cultivation of the 9th level Martial Body. How could he turn the top-quality bone steel into liquid so quickly?" Xia Yusen's expression was as if he had seen a ghost, full of shock.

Meng FeiLing proudly said, "Junior Xiao Yun has a totem and it's a Heavenly Lion totem too. What's so strange about that?"

Xia Yusen and the others were secretly envious of this flame. Indeed, it could greatly facilitate refining.

After opening the lid, Qin Yun placed the twisted tendons of the spirit beast into the furnace.

The beast tendons that were originally very thick began to shrink as soon as they entered the furnace, crazily absorbing the liquid from the top-grade bone steel.

Only when the beast tendons were completely stuffed into the furnace did Qin Yun cover them with the lid and continue heating them.

While it was heating up, the large animal tendon was still shrinking. It was absorbing the bone steel!

Qin Yun heated the furnace for four hours. There was only the animal tendon left in the furnace.

Just as he was about to open the lid, 'kacha!' With a sound, the furnace actually cracked apart.

No one was surprised to see the furnace suddenly crack. After all, Qin Yun had constantly used that terrifying flame to heat the furnace. It would be strange if it did not crack.

"Sigh, it's finally broken. I can finally change it to a new one!" Qin Yun sighed gently before taking out a very hot beast tendon from the furnace.

The beast tendons that were originally very thick had now become much thinner and as thick as an arm.

Qin Yun placed the beast tendon on the platform and used the Giant King Spirit Hammer to execute the Six Style Forging Dragon. Then, he began hammering at the beast tendon. Under his fierce hammering, the animal tendon gradually became thinner.

When he was forging, he was so engrossed that he did not pay any attention to his surroundings!

As for Xia Yusen, Meng Tao and the others who were watching from the sidelines, they were all shocked by his terrifying hammer technique. Every strike from his hammer seemed to strike their hearts!

The fake mountain next to them was struck by energy shockwaves again and again. Soon, it was shattered!

Xia Yusen's expression turned ugly. As long as one was not blind, one could tell that Qin Yun was proficient in refining. Even an old high-ranked Inscription Master might not be able to match up to such a level.

Not only was Meng FeiLing surprised, she was also very excited because she would be able to obtain a high grade spirit weapon very soon. Furthermore, it was her favorite whip!

Meng Tao and the others, who were experienced and knowledgeable, were stunned by Qin Yun's talent and remained silent for a long while. They felt that their understanding of the world was still too little!

After four hours of beating, the beast tendons finally turned as thick as a normal whip. It was a pure white whip. Although it hadn't any Spirit Inscriptions inscribed on it, it was still extremely beautiful.

"Even if you don't carve the spirit marks, this whip is still very powerful!" Meng Tao praised.

The whip was originally made from a few tendons of spirit beasts and then it was fused with top-grade bone steel. After being thoroughly tempered, just the materials alone were comparable to many famous top grade spirit artifacts.

Xia Yusen was trembling in fear. He was an intermediate level Inscription Master, so he understood what it meant for Qin Yun to be at Qin Yun's level. This is no longer an ordinary high-level Inscription Master, this is an existence that can become an Ascendant level Inscription Master!

"What kind of spirit inscriptions would you like to inscribe?" Meng Fei Ling laughed, "Little Yun, you are so awesome. You managed to get the whip ready so quickly, you only need to inscribe spirit marks! As for the other Inscription Masters, they have to suffer for several days before being able to create a rough embryo!"

Meng Tao and the others nodded in succession.

An elder from the Meng family looked at Qin Yun with a look of admiration and said, "Your Highness, you should be able to forge top grade spirit artifacts now, right? The whip as a whole already has the foundation of a top grade spirit artifact!"

"For the time being, I can't do that. I still can't inscribe seven sets of spirit marks on a spirit artifact!" Qin Yun shook his head.

If there were five to six sets of spirit inscriptions on the spirit artifact, they become high-grade spirit artifacts.

A top grade spirit weapon would require seven or eight sets of spirit inscriptions.

"It's going to be possible sooner or later! You're still so young anyway!" Meng Tao said.

Qin Yun smiled and said, "I'm going to start engraving!"

He took out the Mental Resonance Xuan Pen and injected his blood soul's power into it, causing a ball of light to appear and envelop his hand so that no one could see the engravings on the spirit marks.

When engraving dark lines, inscriptionists need to conceal them well, otherwise someone will steal the spirit marks.

Qin Yun quickly finished engraving the first set of dark lines. It took less than an hour.

Ever since he refined the Spirit Lion puppet last time, the inscriptions became smoother and smoother.

The next inscription was quickly completed.

"What is the first set of Spirit Marks?" asked Meng feiling.

"High-grade Thunder Marks!" Qin Yun said with a smile, "When you whip, you can unleash the power of lightning!"

To be able to carve a high-grade Thunder mark on a spirit artifact, that would definitely be a spirit artifact with a violent attack power. Even the seniors, such as Meng Tao, were envious.

Xia Yusen saw that in such a short period of time, Qin Yun had managed to inscribe a high-grade Thunder mark.

Such a thing was impossible in his eyes. Now that he had personally witnessed it, he felt that his world had been turned upside down.

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