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Chapter 272

According to Mo Mo, the beast king inscription spirit could allow people to better grasp beast type spirit marks or beast type totem marks.

The Mental Resonance Xuan Pen contained the beast king inscription spirit but she was not sure of it's actual usage.

Several hours passed.

Qin Yun was already sweating profusely. It was extremely strenuous to carve totem marks on Royal Grade Bone Steel. He needed to consume a lot of blood soul energy to carve the totem markings into the Royal Grade Bone Steel.

The puppet beast he forged this time was vastly different from the one he forged last time.

This time, after the entire body of the lion was forged, a special technique was used to inscribe the Heavenly Lion Totem Mark into the Royal Grade Bone Steel, perfectly fusing it with the bone steel.

Although this method allowed the puppet to become stronger, the process of inscribing the totem mark was extremely difficult.

"I shouldn't have used Royal Grade Bone Steel. If I had used Top Grade Bone Steel, it would have been much easier." Qin Yun felt that he could succeed but it would take a very long time.

Just as he was about to give up, he suddenly felt that his consciousness had fused with the Mental Resonance Xuan Pen. It was as if he could see something underneath the tip of the pen through the eyes of the pen.

At that moment, the Mental Resonance Xuan Pen fused with his body and mind!

What surprised him was that in his mind, a complete set of the Heavenly Lion totem appeared. Unknowingly, his Heavenly Lion arm started to move swiftly as it held the Xuan Pen.

The power that is being used, is at the core in the Heavenly Lion's arm. The strange energy that it released is not the power of the Blood Soul, it is superior to that of the Blood Soul!

"The power of the Heavenly Lion Bloodline!" Qin Yun was secretly delighted. The Inscription Spirit had finally come into play.

Naturally, he didn't feel any mental pressure at all and he didn't need to be serious to be able to inscribe the Heavenly Lion totem marks.

It was as if there was some kind of strange power that had triggered his potential, allowing him to quickly inscribe the Heavenly Lion totem marks. The process of inscribing was smooth and the precision was very high.

What was even more terrifying was that the Nine Yang Divine Spirit was frantically absorbing the Nine Yang Energy, replenishing the energy lost by the inner core, nourishing the Heavenly Lion bloodline in the Heavenly Lion's arm, allowing the bloodline to maintain sufficient energy.

"It's working!" Mo Mo, who was at the side, was so happy that she flew back and forth, "Brother Yun, I can feel that the Inscription Spirit is very active, as if it has a life of it's own."

"En!" Qin Yun was also very happy. He had originally thought that he would be unable to complete the next totem marks.

With the assistance of the inscription spirit, Qin Yun inscribed the Heavenly Lion totem marks quickly with great precision. This allowed the totem marks to display even greater power.

In the blink of an eye, more than ten days passed.

The new puppet beast that Qin Yun had just refined was finally a success. He had spent a month's worth of time.

Now, the blue lion was walking around the room and Mo Mo was sitting on the lion's head.

"The blue lion is not so good to look at. Can it change it's color?" Mo Mo said, "It looks weird."

"What you said is true!" Qin Yun thought for a moment before injecting a golden flame into the crystal clear surface of the bone steel. It made the lion turn golden red. Furthermore, it's entire body was spewing flames like the Heavenly Flaming Lion.

The greatest use of a puppet beast was it's ability to fight. The better the material, the stronger the defense and the stronger the strength.

The one that Qin Yun had refined was made from Royal Grade Bone Steel. Logically speaking, even a Royal Grade Spirit Artifact could not necessarily destroy it.

"Let's call it Spirit Lion King!" Qin Yun patted the lion's head and said with a chuckle, "With this fellow, hunting spirit beasts will be much easier."

Actually, what Qin Yun wanted most was a Royal Grade spirit artifact like the Royal Spirit Cannon.

When he thought of the Royal Spirit Cannon, he fiercely looked at the fairy!

The fairy can see the dark lines and can quickly memorize them. This meant that the inscriptions on the spirit artifacts she had seen could be memorized!

As long as he could obtain the inscriptions of the Royal Spirit Cannon, he could replicate it!

"It looks like I have to go to the center of the first town and borrow the Royal Spirit Cannon to study." Qin Yun was ready to make his move. If he had a spirit artifact in his possession, coupled with his Body Securing mark, he would be able to wipe out a large group of magical beasts by himself even if he did not have a team.

He thought about it and then became excited!

Qin Yun stored the Spirit Lion King and Mo Mo. He walked out of the suite and went to the main hall of the Divine Inscription Palace to ask the elder if Zhuo Chuan had returned.

Zhuo Chuan returned. The moment he learned that a high-ranked Inscription Master wanted to see him, he immediately rushed to a secret living room. When he saw that it was Qin Yun, he could not help but laugh.

"Qin Yun, you have indeed come to the hall. I was wondering where you would go after you were chased out of the Star Xuan Wu Academy." Zhuan Chuan laughed as he stroked his long beard.

"Great Elder, did you know that I was kicked out of the Star Xuan Wu Academy?" Qin Yun was slightly surprised. He had thought that the doyens would keep the matter a secret.

Zhuo Chuan laughed and said, "I know! Use more than a billion Xuan Points to buy a magical fairy that has a problem. Later on, those old fellows found out that the fairy that they thought had a problem was actually the high priest of the fairies. However, the fairy had starved to death in your hands. Thus, in a fit of anger, they chased you out of the Star Xuan Wu Academy."

"That must be what my teacher said." Qin Yun said with a smile. Only Du Gui and Pan Dawei knew the details of this matter.

Zhuo Chuan nodded and laughed: "Many people think that this is a huge blow to you but to see you so happy, it does not seem to affect you at all? Your arranged battle with Xiao Yanglong is only about a year away, aren't you anxious at all?"

"Of course I'm in a hurry!" Qin Yun said with a wry smile, "But there's no other way! I need to be more stable, I can't go berserk!"

Zhuo Chuan's face also became serious as he nodded: "You must be steady! Oh right, do you have something to talk to me about?"

"Great Elder, I have two top-grade Body Securing Talismans. Take a look at the quality first!" Qin Yun took out two Body Securing Talismans and handed them over. "I need to exchange for something!"

Zhuo Chuan took it and looked at it, then said with a frown, "Did you exchange a high quality Body Securing Talisman for two spirit beast cores?"

"Yes! I want to exchange for a magical beast crystal egg right now!" Qin Yun said.

"The top-grade Body Securing Talisman you refined is of excellent quality. Your inscriptions seem to have increased in precision by quite a bit!" Zhuo Chuan looked carefully and his eyes were filled with shock.

Qin Yun immediately asked, "How much did it increase?"

"The inscriptions you inscribed before was between rank 3 and rank 4 but now it is rank 5! This kind of progress is really huge!" Zhuo Chuan took out a crystal mirror and looked at the spirit inscription on the top-grade Body Securing Talisman.

The crystal mirror flashed and five lines appeared.

"Level 5 Exquisite!" Zhuo Chuan took a light breath, "Even if it was me, I could only carve out a sixth level Exquisite. This is the result of many years of hard work and yet you....being able to reach level 5 in such a young age, what a monster!"

"Then... Can I exchange these two top quality Body Securing Talismans for a magical beast crystal egg?" That is food that Mo Mo had yearned for a long time.

"Of course, I just happen to have one! Truthfully, in this period of time, the magical beast crystal eggs have become more and more difficult to get rid of. Many magical beast crystal eggs have hatched successfully and the large scale beast hordes have become stronger and stronger."

Zhuo Chuan sighed and took out a purplish-red magical beast crystal egg and handed it to Qin Yun.

The energy contained in the magical beast crystal egg was very useful for cultivators. As for martial dao realm and below, they could only absorb a very weak energy from it.

"Qin Yun, what do you need a magical beast crystal egg for?" Zhuo Chuan asked with some curiosity.

"I will use it to exchange for items with others!" Qin Yun said.

Magical beast crystal eggs could indeed be used for this purpose. Many martial artists would be happy to have a magical beast crystal egg.

Zhuo Chuan nodded. "It's a pity that the High Priest of the fairies died. Otherwise, you would have picked up a treasure!"

"High Priestess of the fairies, is there anything powerful about her?" Qin Yun asked.

"It can make the totem mark evolve! There are many levels to totem marks and the totem marks you currently have are the most basic. It is extremely difficult to make the totem marks evolve. If we have the help of the High Priest from the fairies, it will become very easy."

"Also, High Priests of the Demon Elves are able to repair totems and various damaged inscriptions. For example, there are many ancient spirit artifacts with totems or inscriptions engraved on them. However, due to the passage of time, these inscriptions were damaged. If one does not know about the inscriptions within, it would be extremely difficult to repair. However, the High Priest of fairies do not need to understand the inscriptions to be able to use their miraculous powers to repair them."

Zhuo Chuan laughed, "Of course, they can repair inscriptions and destroy them. It's a pity that it died just like that!"

Qin Yun was overjoyed. He had indeed picked up a treasure.

He silently cursed those doyens for starving Mo Mo. It had caused Mo Mo's stomach to ache for such a long time and she was even nearly starved to death.

He thought of the pitiful fairy, of the stomachache she would feel if she were to be starved or forced to eat something low grade.

Such a lovely fairy, enduring so much torture. Just thinking about it made his heart ache.

Qin Yun planned to stay in the palace for a period of time. He wanted to obtain as much resources as possible.

He was talking and laughing with Zhuo Chuan. After they walked out of the reception hall, they saw a group of people covered in wounds outside the main hall.

"Great Elder!" After an embarrassed old man saw Zhuo Chuan, he hastily walked over and said, "We were attacked! Five hundred miles away from the Spirit Mountain, the city we were responsible for protecting was suddenly attacked by a group of very powerful magical beasts. After we got there, we weren't able to defeat that horde of magical beasts, so there were heavy casualties."

Qin Yun looked carefully at the group of injured people. They were wearing the armor of the Divine Inscription Palace. They were sent out to guard the city that worked with the Divine Inscription palace.

Currently, all of the guards were heavily injured and the wounds on their bodies were caused by sharp objects. It was obvious that they had been scratched by the sharp claws of magical beasts.

"Aren't you guys being too careless!? Knowing that the magical beast horde is very strong, you should have rushed back to ask for help!" Zhuo Chuan frowned and said.

"Great Elder, you don't know! That group of magical beasts are very cunning, they actually know how to set traps and use all sorts of tactics." The old man said helplessly.

Zhuo Chuan was slightly startled and immediately shouted: "I'll go personally this time. Head Steward, immediately call an elite guard to follow me."

"Great Elder, I'll go too!" Qin Yun also wanted to see how the beast horde was cunning.

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