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Chapter 273

Zhuo Chuan nodded at Qin Yun. "Your strength is also not bad. It's fine if you follow us. At that time, we might let you fight against the magical beasts."

Soon after, an elite guard of a hundred people gathered in the main hall of the Divine Inscription Palace.

They were all wearing mid-grade armor and their weapons were of high-grade. Most of them were middle-aged men at the ninth level Martial Body realm. In total, they were divided into ten teams.

Qin Yun could be considered to have experienced the power of of this zone's Divine Inscription palace branch. Just this elite guard alone was enough to frighten the various powers in the borders of the Nine Desolate lands.

"Let's go!" Zhuo Chuan also just followed them and he didn't personally lead, instead he was under the command of the Guard Captain.

Qin Yun and Zhuo Chuan followed behind. They flew in the air towards the city five hundred kilometers away.

"Great Elder, have you seen any magical beasts near any city? From what I understand, if they don't have enough power, they wouldn't take such a risk, right?" Qin Yun said.

"It had happened before but it was quickly taken down by our men. This is the first time something like this has happened!" Zhuo Chuan also felt that it was a little strange, so he personally followed.

There were also some extremely powerful magical beasts but these magical beasts would usually not come out. Otherwise, they would be surrounded and attacked by the humans.

Currently, the magical beasts that were attacking the city near the mysterious Spirit Mountain were most likely these kinds of super powerful existences.

Not long later, Qin Yun heard a roar that echoed in the sky.

The elite warriors of the guards also rushed down.

Below the clouds was a medium-sized city, which was the Mystique Wind City.

This city existed independently and did not belong to any country. It mainly mined spirit iron ore and supplied spirit iron ore and various materials for artifact forging for the Divine Inscription Palace. As a result, it was protected by the Inscription Palace.

Qin Yun and Zhuo Chuan could see that there were more than a thousand magical beasts down there. Furthermore, they were all different types of beasts. There were those that looked like crocodiles, those that looked like wolves, those that looked like wild boars, those that looked like lions. There were eight or nine different species.

It could be seen that this was a gathering of multiple magical beasts!

"Didn't they say that there are only a hundred or so magical beasts? There are over a thousand of them here and most of them are Class 9 Magical Beasts!" Zhuo Chuan was also very surprised as he spoke in a solemn voice.

Qin Yun looked down at the beasts that were attacking the city and was alarmed. "They actually know how to use formations to attack! All of these formations are specializations of the human army. These magical beasts are indeed very cunning!"

The elite guards had already rushed into the city!

"Who opened the city gate? Those guarding the city gate are really a bunch of idiots. The city gate is completely intact, so it must have opened from the inside." Zhuo Chuan cursed angrily before charging down. At the same time, he turned his head towards Qin Yun and said, "You go save those people being chased by the beasts!"

Qin Yun nodded and flew to the sky above the city. He realized that the great defensive array had been withdrawn and thought to himself, "There's a traitor! The city gates were opened from the inside and the grand defensive formation was put away. Could it be that someone was cooperating with a magical beast? Or are these people plotting something?"

If this wasn't the case, no matter how many magical beasts there were, they wouldn't be able to break through the city's grand formation in a short period of time.

Qin Yun landed in the city and took out his saber. Using Imperial Spirit Art, he controlled the saber to fly out and kill a wolf type beast.

The magical beasts chasing after humans were mostly smaller wolf-type magical beasts.

The other magical beasts were responsible for destroying the city walls and fighting the human warriors.

The division of labor was very clear, as if someone were commanding them. Especially when the beasts were in formation, it was even more shocking.

"These wolf-type magical beasts are all Class 9 Magical Beasts. The weaker ninth level cultivators may not even be a match for them, let alone the others." When Qin Yun flew over, he saw many people being bitten to death.

After the wolf type magical beast quickly killed a man, it threw him to the ground and continued to attack the other escapees.

They did not eat the human corpse, so it was obvious that they were planning to store them.

Qin Yun's saber was extremely sharp. Under the control of the Imperial Spirit Technique, even a rough and thick magical beast would find it difficult to withstand a strong concentration of mind energy.

In a short while, more than a dozen magical wolves had been killed and their corpses taken away by Qin Yun.

The magical wolves that were in charge of hunting and killing humans had been obstructed by Qin Yun. They no longer attacked humans in such a brutal manner.

They gathered their forces and charged at Qin Yun.

"Come and die, you stupid wolves!" Qin Yun saw dozens of gray magical wolves charge at him. Without any fear, he took out a few high-grade Body Securing Talismans and scattered them at the demonic wolves that were charging at him.

A high-grade Body Securing Talisman was more than enough to deal with a rank 9 magical beast.

Several Body Securing Talismans had been released, releasing a net of Body Securing Power that completely surrounded the wolves.

The dozens of wolves suddenly found themselves unable to move. As for Qin Yun's Spirit Essence Saber, it flew over and began a massacre.

Qin Yun used flame cloud step and like a raging fire lion, he charged into the frozen demon wolves. Taking out his Giant King Spirit Hammer, he slammed it onto the wolfs' head.


With each blow, the wolf heads exploded. In the blink of an eye, there were four to five strikes, killing four to five wolves! The most terrifying thing was that he could control his saber with mental energy and kill five magical wolves at the same time.

In just a few short moments, 40 wolves were killed!

This caused the martial body ninth level martial artists to be so shocked that they couldn't say anything.

They could sense Qin Yun's aura and knew that Qin Yun was only at the ninth level Martial Body realm but his strength was terrifying.

After the Talisman's power disappeared, there were still seven to eight Wolves that were alive. However, they were killed in a few seconds by Qin Yun using his saber and Giant King Spirit hammer.

Qin Yun kept the beast corpses in his storage space and headed to a battlefield a few hundred meters away. There, a group of people were being surrounded and attacked by more than a dozen wolves.

The strength of this group of people was not bad. There were quite a few martial artists that were at the 9th level Martial Body realm. The others were all at the 7th or 8th level and could barely defend against the Wolf attack.

The moment Qin Yun came over, he had already sent his saber over to behead two magical wolves. He had killed two of them in an instant.

Then, with his bare hands, he punched out Qi Explosion Technique, sending the demon wolf that was attacking a woman more than ten meters away.

The group of people were astonished when they saw Qin Yun's astounding strength. It was because they saw that Qin Yun was very young and his strength was only at the ninth level Martial Body realm.

Many sharp-eyed people saw that flying saber. This was a mental energy weapon that everyone coveted the most!

Many people had never heard of a mental energy weapon before, so they did not know that it required mental power to activate. They mistakenly believed that anyone could control that saber, so they coveted it.

Soon, Qin Yun finished off the remaining dozen or so magical wolves.

"Thank you for your help, young master. Otherwise, this little girl would have been severely injured by the wolves! This young lady's name is Lin Yin. May I know young master's name?" The azure-dressed woman that Qin Yun had just saved hurried over and said her thanks.

She was beautiful, slender and had a pair of alluring eyes under her curved eyebrows. When she smiled, there was a tantalizing tinge to her smile, which was very alluring.

"Just call me A Yun!" Qin Yun smiled lightly at the girl. "I'm from the Divine Inscription Palace. It's my duty to protect you. There's no need to be courteous."

"There are many magical beasts outside and they are still very dangerous. I'll escort you back!"

Lin Yin smiled and nodded slightly, then looked at the middle-aged men and the young men. "We are members of the Lin Family in this city but now that the city has been destroyed, our family have been torn apart. It is our honor to meet Young Master A Yun. I wonder if A Yun can escort us to the hidden grounds of our Lin Family's Elders?"

"No problem, lead the way!" Qin Yun felt that since the Lin family was a martial arts family in the city, their relationship with the Divine Inscription palace should be good. Therefore, he agreed.

Following that, Qin Yun followed the Lin people and left through another city gate. They ran towards a distant hill.

There were a total of thirty or so people in the Lin Clan and their strength could be considered decent. Perhaps it was because those few middle-aged men had only just stepped into the 9th level Martial Body realm.

Fortunately, there were no major problems. He could still run at a high speed.

Not long after they left the city, two of them, who were in the ninth level Martial Body realm, released a strong aura and ran at the forefront.

Qin Yun frowned and chased after them. He whispered, "Brothers, slow down a little and retract your auras so that you do not attract magical beasts!"

"You are so strong. What are you afraid of? The reason we need to run a little faster is so that we can quickly meet our Lin Family's Martial Dao Elder." A round-faced middle-aged man said nonchalantly.

"Your Divien Inscription Palace should be protecting us to begin with. Even if we want to attract magical beasts, you don't have to bother about us." The short middle-aged man sneered, "You should be more alert and pay attention to the movements of the magical beasts. Why do you care about us?"

Qin Yun immediately felt a surge of anger. He wanted to leave immediately. He was worried that he wouldn't be able to explain himself to Zhuo Chuan or else he would have turned around and left immediately.

"Fifth Uncle and Sixth Uncle, can't you all be a bit more courteous?" She was only at the seventh level Martial Body realm, so she couldn't catch up.

Qin Yun noticed Lin Yin's good attitude and did not bother with her. Instead, he slowed down and arrived beside her.

"Young Master Yun, their tempers are just like this. Please forgive them." Lin Yin sighed helplessly as she spoke.

Qin Yun nodded and did not say much. He could only stay alert and discover the magical beast early so that he could deal with it.

There were many people who had escaped from the city but there were no people who had taken this path. Only Qin Yun and the Lin family had left.

Lin Yin had previously said that this direction led to a mountain range. In the mountains, there was a possibility of hiding magical beasts. It was rather dangerous, so no one took this route.

However, in front of them, a few silhouettes appeared.

"There's someone here!" Qin Yun said hurriedly.

The members of the Lin Clan also hurriedly raised their vigilance, preparing for battle as though they were facing a great enemy. Their reaction made Qin Yun somewhat surprised.

As the two middle-aged men in front were extremely arrogant, Qin Yun felt that they were the type to be careless.

However, he never expected that the moment they met someone, they seemed to have changed.

"Kill!" The fifth uncle shouted in a low voice and fiercely rushed forward.

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