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Chapter 201

An explosion thundered in the sky as the gigantic sound of thunder shook the land. It shocked Qin Yun and Du Gui to the point that their expressions changed.

Night. The torrential rain came quickly and the sky was filled with dense lightning. It was an extremely terrifying scene.

Qin Yun and Du Gui had no choice but to take the stairs out of the tree hole and head to a higher point. The rain was heavy and there were huge ice showers.

Qin Yun was standing at a tree hole that was more than ten meters tall. He looked at the Treasure Forest in the distance and could not help but feel alarmed. The ice shower that suddenly fell was extremely heavy.

The gigantic Starsun Treasure Tree in the middle of the area had also lost many large leaves. In the open space around the tree, there were many giant ice cubes a few meters tall.

Many of the houses in the Star Xuan Wu Academy were destroyed by this huge block of ice.

Du Gui frowned as he looked at the sky filled with lightning. His expression was heavy as he said, "This isn't good. This phenomenon is very abnormal. It seems that there is something above the clouds. I will use my mind to investigate!"

"Teacher, are we still not activating the barrier?" Qin Yun asked. There were so many large chunks of ice that they could fall into the courtyard but the barrier had yet to be activated.

Now that the monster horde was approaching, if the barrier was not opened, powerful flying beasts could destroy the entire Academy.

Du Gui suddenly exclaimed in a low voice when he was inspecting the clouds above. His old face was filled with shock as he said, "As expected, there's something above the clouds!"

At this time, the barrier suddenly activated. Rain and ice shower could no longer fall into the Martial Arts Academy.

However, it was still raining heavily outside. The waters of the Myriad Star Lake had already overflowed, gradually submerging the island in the middle.

Qin Yun hurriedly asked, "What is it? Did it make the rain and the ice?"

"It should be! I don't know what it is! It should be a beast type martial spirit, with the aura of the Ice and Water Martial Spirit, as well as the Thunder Martial Spirit! The beasts that can fly, they have already begun to attack us." Although Du Gui's face was filled with shock, he did not feel any fear.

Qin Yun was secretly alarmed. There was actually a powerful beast that could call the wind and summon the rain. Furthermore, it also had a certain level of intelligence. It knew how to use such a method to attack a fort built by humans.

Du Gui looked at the sky and suddenly shouted, "It's appeared!"

Qin Yun had also been looking at the dark clouds that were filled with lightning. After Du Gui's shout, the dark clouds churned even more crazily as a giant lizard that could fly emerged from the dark clouds.

The black lizard had a pair of wings, black scales covering it's body and a pair of violet eyes. It's forelimbs were rather small and it's hind legs were two large and powerful legs with sharp claws.

"What is this?" Qin Yun's voice was filled with fear.

"I don't know!" Du Gui shook his head, his expression grave.

The black lizard's 20 to 30 meters long wings were like the wings of a bat, vigorously flapping, raising the huge lizard's body.

The block of ice fell behind the boundary of the Star Xuan Wu Academy and was broken up and sent flying.

"Evil creature, get the hell away from here!" A fierce curse came out. A golden figure flew out from the center of the Star Xuan Wu Academy. An old lady with white hair, holding a golden long whip, rushed into the sky and ruthlessly lashed at the monster through the barrier.


The sound of the whip was like a clap of thunder, producing a loud noise. It shook the earth and at the same time, a golden light shone, illuminating the entire Star Xuan Wu Academy.

The flying monster in the air let out a furious roar and was sent flying more than 1000 meters away. It then flapped it's wings and fled.

"This grandma is really amazing!" Qin Yun's eyes widened as he watched the golden figure slowly descend.

"She is our Principal, she is indeed very powerful and very strict! Even our teachers are often scolded by her." Du Gui chuckled, he was much more at ease now.

The rain gradually lessened, the dark clouds dispersed and the sky once again filled with stars, illuminating the Myriad Star Lake.

The fear and haze that shrouded the Star Xuan Wu Academy also dispersed with it.

In the middle of the Star Xuan Wu Academy, there is a tower that is dozens of stories tall. The top of the tower flickered with light. When Du Gui saw it, he said to Qin Yun, "The Principal is summoning all the teachers. I am going to attend a meeting! Don't go into seclusion for now. Just wait for me to come back!"

Qin Yun nodded and also left the Treasure Forest. He came to the center of the Star Xuan Wu Academy.

In the middle of the area, there were many public places, such as the Colosseum, Academies, Xuan Point Shop, Crystal Coin Shop and various other shops. Therefore, this was a rather bustling place.

Despite the ice shower, the place was not destroyed. The people in charge of the shop were all powerful in cultivation, so even if they were to fly out and smash the huge block of ice into pieces, they would still be able to survive.

The buildings in the other areas had been destroyed, most of them student houses, so they were now at the hotel here, too.

Qin Yun came to the center of the "block" of the Xuan Wu Academy and came to the entrance of the academy. It was a square stone tower nine stories tall and looked extremely sturdy.

There were many books in the academy and every bookcase had a special crystal that could record images of the surroundings. If anyone broke a book, or stole a book, they would be found out immediately, would be severely punished or even expelled.

The academy was extremely large. There was a total of nine levels, with each level having hundreds of long bookshelves. Qin Yun's head immediately turned heavy upon entering.

The staff members who were still here were all elderly people who were familiar with the various areas where all kinds of books were stored.

Qin Yun asked around and found the location of the books related to the martial spirit knowledge. After that, he rushed to the third floor and arrived at that area. He found a bookcase filled with books that recorded the martial spirit knowledge.

Qin Yun quickly flipped through the pages. His mind was strong and he could finish reading the entire page with a glance. While searching for what he wanted to know, he memorized the various knowledge he had read.

If he wanted to master the art of soul refining, he would also need knowledge about large number of martial spirit.

The Martial Spirit books here had records of all sorts of Martial Spirits, as well as an in-depth description of them.

Qin Yun stayed in the region for a few days at a time. He constantly flipped through the books and entered an extremely focused state. He did not notice the passage of time at all.

After he finished reading hundreds of books on martial spirits, he took a deep breath.

"So my mysterious Martial Spirit is called the Dark Sun Martial Spirit. It can release mysterious dark internal energy and can be used to disintegrate and absorb energy quickly! Dark inner force can even make a person hide in darkness. Apart from this, the most powerful thing is that it can release powerful Nethersun Flames. According to the books, this flame, the most powerful of flames, can quickly dissolve everything!"

After Qin Yun gained a better understanding of his martial spirit, he was much calmer. Furthermore, this martial spirit would be of great help to him when forging artifacts.

"The Star Xuan Wu Academy has so much information on martial spirits. I've also found the information on the mirror martial spirit of Yue Mei! If she makes the Mirror Martial Spirit stronger, then she will be able to copy many different kinds of Martial Spirits. Furthermore, she will even be able to extract Martial Spirits from the Mirror."

Qin Yun left the academy and pondered as he walked.

Returning to the Starsun Treasure Tree, he saw Du Gui waiting in his tree hole.

"Kid, where did you run off to? I've said to wait for my return. Did you go and hook up with the female students?" When Du Gui saw that Qin Yun had returned, he scolded with a smile.

Qin Yun said snappily, "Of course not. I went to the academy to supplement my knowledge! Teacher, how did the meeting go?"

Du Gui said, "The monster horde has already appeared. Because we have the protection of the Myriad Star Lake, the beasts on the land are unable to come here! Those who fly in the sky take a detour, not daring to pass here."

Qin Yun was slightly alarmed. He never expected that the horde of beasts would appear in the few days he spent in the academy reading.

Du Gui continued, "Our Principal is very knowledgeable, she told us that the beasts that appear from the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range are all magical beasts! Ghost beasts and vicious beasts are also included. If it was a normal Demon Beast, not all of it would be vicious. Some Demon Beasts are quite humane and they would not even take the initiative to attack humans."

"As for magical beasts, they are incomparably savage and fond of human flesh. Especially eating strong humans. They can make their strength stronger."

In the academy, Qin Yun did not read any books related to beasts. He nodded and said, "There are some demonic beasts that can transform into human form through cultivation. There are a few demonic beasts that yearn to become humans and they are worried that they will be punished by heavens for killing others."

This was what Ding Tianchun had told him.

Du Gui was somewhat surprised and said, "Seems like you know quite a lot about demon beasts! None of the books will give much information about this because the majority of the people here are very abhorrent toward demon beasts."

"Almost all the beasts that have appeared are Magical Beasts! However, there are too many experts in the Desolate land, so they have no choice but to hide in the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range. However, there are also many powerful demon beasts in the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range who do not have the space to survive now. Furthermore, they have not even eaten human flesh yet, so they have come here."

It was actually a herd of beasts that came from the Demon Desolate land. They had come here after a long journey, so they might be even more ferocious if they did not eat for many days.

"I'm afraid that it isn't as simple as eating human flesh. This large group of magical beasts have a certain amount of intelligence. Perhaps there is something in the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range that is attracting them." Qin Yun felt that this might have something to do with the Immortal Graveyard.

Du Gui said, "There's also such a guess! In short, if we want to go out now, we have to be extra careful."

He took out a card made of crystal and handed it to Qin Yun. He said, "This is your Xuan Point Crystal Card. Just drip a drop of blood on it! Next, there will be a Beast Hunting Trial! Some of the old guys in the Star Xuan Wu Academy need powerful magical beasts to study them. You can go find a good partner, hunt some beasts and exchange them for a certain number of Xuan Points."

Qin Yun took the crystal card and dripped blood.

Du Gui continued, "The outside environment must be very harsh, so the Martial Arts Academy won't let you out easily. You need to pass the assessment and obtain the entry token to be able to enter and leave freely."

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