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Chapter 199

Du Gui shook his head and sighed, "We don't know either. To us, this is still a mystery! In the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range, there are many beasts that are stronger than us and we have no way of exploring the entire region."

Qin Yun realized that life would not be easy in the future. Thankfully, he had already saved up several hundred million crystal coins!

Qin Yun, I have to tell you this. If the horde of beasts arrives, our Star Xuan Wu Academy will also need to send students to deal with the demonic beasts. Du Gui urged, "At that time, all students will have a mission."

Qin Yun nodded. "If it's a ghost beast, I'm not too worried."

"The problem is, it's extremely likely that there are many evil beasts! I wonder what happened in the depths of the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range to cause so many beasts to suddenly appear." Du Gui sighed and said, "Our future days will not be so good."

After Du Gui left the tree cave, Qin Yun immediately entered his room. He took out a Soul Sealing Pearl that had a low grade Silver Fire Martial Spirit.

"I need to learn how to carve inscriptions into the Martial Spirit as soon as possible! I need to refine a strong Martial Spirit for my Heavenly Lion Arm."

Qin Yun released this martial spirit from the Soul Sealing Pearl and took out a carving knife. He inscribed a Ghost Suppression Spirit Inscription onto the Silver Fire Martial Spirit.

The Soul Refining Art also described the inscription process on the martial spirit in detail. It was similar to the inscriptions done on the talismans and artifacts. The only difference was that when inscribing on a spirit, one had to fuse the martial spirit and the inscription.

"To inscribe a inscription on the Martial Spirit, the essence of the technique is to let the inscription sort of impregnate the martial spirit. This way, the inscription will be able to fuse with the Martial Spirit."

Qin Yun had tried for a good half a day but to no avail. The main reason was because he had to carve a spirit mark out of thin air and was unable to attach it to this martial spirit.

The Martial Spirit was like the air, unlike how one could directly carve it on paper or skin when crafting talismans. Therefore, it was very difficult to carve inscriptions on the Martial Spirit.

Although Qin Yun had tried many times but to no avail, he was not discouraged. He had to solve the problem based on what he had discovered.

"My Mystery Martial Spirit seems to have a strong regenerative ability. Maybe I can separate a part of the Martial Spirit and use it as the main body and the power of the Blood Soul to condense spirit inscriptions."

Qin Yun thought about it, but he could only think of such an idea.

"Let's give it a try!" He immediately took action, using the soul refining technique to extract a trace of his black sun Martial Spirit.

He thought that it would be extremely painful to pull out this part of martial spirit but he didn't feel it at all.

What surprised him the most was that the black martial spirit's regeneration ability was indeed strong. It could instantly replenish that separated part.

After feeling delighted, Qin Yun used the tiny bit of his martial spirit to merge with the power of his Blood Soul. Then, he used the carving knife to carefully inscribe the spirit mark on the Silver Fire Martial Spirit.

And soon, the power of the Blood Soul is successfully attached to the Martial Spirit and would not dissipate.

"It's working!" When Qin Yun saw it, he was secretly delighted as he continued inscribing seriously.

Inscribing spirit marks on the Martial Spirit required a huge amount of time and effort. It took Qin Yun a full day and night before he was able to successfully embed the Ghost Suppression spirit inscription into the Silver Fire Martial Spirit.

"I'm so familiar with the ghost suppressing spirit inscriptions, yet it took so long!" Qin Yun wiped the sweat off his forehead. Although he was exhausted, he felt great joy upon seeing his success.

The Martial Spirit that was embedded with spirit inscriptions could not only be integrated into the body but also into the weapon.

Although Qin Yun had thirty-six spirit inscriptions, there were only a few that were suitable to be embedded into a martial spirit.

"I need to obtain more spirit inscriptions." Qin Yun refined the Fire Martial Spirit that was embedded with the ghost suppressing spirit inscription into his ghost head spirit saber.

The spirit saber is a mental power based weapon and is the best weapon for dealing with ghost beasts. Now that he had refined a Ghost Suppressing Spirit Inscription, the effects would be even better if he went to fight ghost beasts.

"My black martial spirit is very special and cannot be revealed for the time being, so I tried my best to cover it up with my mental energy and the Heavenly Lion's Arms. Then, I must make my Heavenly Lion's Arms stronger."

Qin Yun had already made a plan. The first step was to merge a sufficiently powerful Martial Spirit into the arm of the Heavenly Lion.

Amongst the martial spirits he had drawn, Ye Chang Chao's Purple Gold Thunder martial spirit was the best.

"Since this is a martial spirit for the arms of a Heavenly Lion, then I will carve two spirit inscriptions! What kind of spirit inscriptions would it be good to inscribe?"

Qin Yun pondered as he thought of the thirty-six spirit marks. The Heavenly Lion's Arm and the Purple Gold Thunder Martial Spirit were more suitable.

"The Heavenly Lion Totem is fire attributed, so it has to be imprinted with a Fire Mark. How could the Purple Gold Thunder Martial Spirit have a Fire Attribute and be successfully fused with the Heavenly Lion's arm?"

"My Heavenly Lion arm is extremely strong, it might be able to withstand a low grade spirit artifact. If I were to engrave the Alchemy Mark, I might be able to destroy someone's weapon through the high temperature gained by the Alchemy Mark."

Qin Yun thought of the Blazing Light Fist that could be used along with the Alchemy Mark. His Heavenly Lion's Arm is like a hammer. If he were to use the Six Style Forging Dragon, it would be equivalent to using a hammer.

"Alright, let's do it!" After making his decision, Qin Yun took out a purple gold Soul Sealing Pearl that glimmered.

This Soul Sealing Pearl had electricity pulsing within it. It was extremely violent and one could tell that it was of a very high rank. It was much more active than ordinary martial spirits.

After Qin Yun rested, he chuckled as he released the martial spirit. Then, he extracted a few strands of soul power from the black sun martial spirit and began inscribing lines on the purple gold thunder martial spirit.

He had just stepped into the seventh level Martial Body, so he could not rush to increase his cultivation. At the very least, he had to wait for his golden bones to completely stabilize.

"Once i reach the eighth level Martial Body realm, my Martial Spirit will become a Vajra Martial Spirit, which will be even stronger. At that time, I will be able to release it and i will ask Yue Lan how she cultivates so many Martial Spirits."

With Qin Yun's two martial spirits, it was extremely difficult for him to cultivate. He also hoped that his martial spirit would be able to leave his body.

Two days later, he finally embedded the Fire Marks into the Purple Gold Thunder martial spirit! He rested for a while before he continued carving. This time, he wanted to inscribe the Alchemy Inscriptions.

He was quite familiar with alchemy inscriptions but when he carved on the Martial Spirit, he felt that it was very unfamiliar.

Fortunately, with his rich experience, he was able to smoothly carve the second spirit mark. This was because he needed to deal with it well and not interfere with the Fire Spirit Mark.

This was the same logic as carving the second and third spirit inscriptions on the spirit artifact. Only if the positions of the two spirit inscriptions were arranged logically and the inscriptions did not interfere with each other, would success be considered.

Qin Yun needed a lot of time to inscribe his second spirit diagram. He even rested a few times during the process!

A few days passed quickly.

Qin Yun looked at the two spirit inscriptions on the inside of the purple gold thunder martial spirit. He felt a sense of accomplishment. After spending a total of nine days, he finally managed to embed two spirit inscriptions into this Martial Spirit!

"Let's start fusing the Martial Spirit. This should go smoothly!" Qin Yun controlled his purple gold lightning martial spirit and floated into his Heavenly Lion's arm.

After the Purple Gold Thunder Martial Spirit entered his arm, the Heavenly Lion totem above it immediately lit up!


With a shake of his arm, it let out a low growl which astounded Qin Yun.

He originally thought that the process of fusing would be painful and difficult but after the Martial Spirit entered his arm, it seemed as if it was connected to his arm, miraculously fusing together.

"Success! This must be the totem soul! My arms really became very strong!" Qin Yun clenched his fists tightly as he sensed the Heavenly Lion's immense strength.

What was unbelievable was that the Heavenly Lion's Arm could absorb a large amount of inner strength from the vibration martial spirit of his heart and the black colored internal energy in his dantian. It was gathering it's own internal energy!

"Great!" Qin Yun was secretly excited before lying down on his bed to rest. He had been tired out for the past few days.

Sufficient rest, to be relaxed in all aspects, during relaxation, can also quickly grow stronger!

Inside the Star Xuan Wu Academy, every student was immersed in intense cultivation. They all knew that there was a large group of beasts who had crossed the Cloud Dragon River and majestically left the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range, entering the human world.

Even many teachers were caught up in a state of unease because once the beasts entered the human world, it would cause a huge amount of destruction. In the future, humans could no longer freely move about outside.

As for the major empires and powers, they also needed to protect the mineral resources. Moreover, once the horde of beasts invaded, the strongest vicious beasts would definitely choose to occupy the crystal mine.

Everyone wanted to know why there were suddenly so many vicious beasts. However, because the humans here were too weak, they were unable to clearly explore the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range.

Qin Yun, who was resting, was suddenly jolted awake by a roar.

He jumped up from the bed and hurried to the tree hole. He saw a 20-30 meter long two-headed vulture in the air. It flapped it's huge wings and hovered under the scorching sun.

Du Gui, Hou Xingfeng and many other Star Xuan Wu Academy martial artists all flew up and attacked the two-headed vulture.

In an instant, many kinds of lights exploded in the air. Multicolored waves of air surged, enveloping the two-headed vulture and coloring the sky above the Star Xuan Wu Academy.

Qin Yun sensed the powerful auras of the many Martial Dao Realm cultivators and was astounded.

The most shocking thing was that even under the attacks of so many Martial Dao Realm experts, the enormous two-headed vulture only dropped a few huge black feathers before flying away in panic.

If a few more flying beasts of this level were to come, the consequences would be unimaginable. The sudden appearance of this kind of evil beast in the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range was much more terrifying than everyone had imagined.

Qin Yun looked in the direction where the two-headed vulture disappeared and the fear in his heart gradually dissipated. He suddenly felt that humans were still too weak in the face of such a colossus!

The purpose of practicing martial arts was to make the weak humans to become stronger, acquire great strength and fight against these powerful evil beasts and against all kinds of natural disasters!

The appearance of the enormous two-headed vulture meant that the horde of beasts within the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range was approaching as well. The flying beasts were the first to come out. As for the other beasts that were running on the ground, it would take some time to reach them.

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