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Chapter 198

Qin Long shook his head, "I'm not sure either. Demon King Zhenren said that the beasts have just crossed the river and should arrive soon. The other cities have already tightened their defenses during the night."

Qin Yun feared for Xiao Xuanqin in the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range. He hurriedly said, "Father, I need to go to the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range. Auntie Xiao is still inside!"

"I'll go too!" Xiao Yue Mei was also very worried about her aunt.

Qin Long said, "I'll go with you! This way, you will be much safer!"

After making their decision, they immediately left the imperial palace and flew out of the imperial city, heading towards the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range.

Xiao Xuanqin had given Qin Yun a map that indicated where she was hiding.

After Qin Long looked at the map and memorized the location, he brought Qin Yun and company into the air and entered the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range.

Xiao Xuanqin was hiding in a cave on top of a mountain, not too deep within the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range.

When Qin Yun and company arrived at the area, they did not see any signs of the horde passing by. They also felt reassured.

Very quickly, they found Xiao Xuan Qin.

When Xiao Xuanqin saw Xiao Yue Mei, she could not help but shed tears of excitement. She had always been worried that Qin Yun would not be able to save Xiao Yue Mei.

Subsequently, she found out what happened during the engagement ceremony.

She was overjoyed to learn that Xiao Yuelan had completely escaped Xiao Yanglong's control and immediately thanked Qin Yun.

Xiao Xuanqin had a bad reputation due to the matter of Soulshake Powder but Qin Yun did not think much of it. He brought Xiao Xuanqin to the Divine Inscription Palace of the Tianqin Imperial City and arranged for her to cultivate there.

Xiao Yue Mei was also with her. That way, Qin Yun would often come and play with her in the future.

It took Qin Yun three days to return from the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range. He was prepared to return to the Star Xuan Wu Academy.

With Xiao Xuan Qin watching over Xiao Yue Mei, she was at ease as she cultivated in the Divine Inscription Palace.

At night, Qin Yun and Qin Long stood at the top of a tall tower in the imperial palace of the Tian Qin Palace. They were admiring the resplendent stars in the sky.

Qin Long took off the mask that covered half his face and looked at Qin Yun. He said with a smile, "Little Yun, you should have guessed the reason why I'm wearing the mask, right?"

Qin Yun saw the tattoo on Qin Long's right cheek and immediately nodded. "This is the Dragon Totem inheritance!"

"That's right, I got it from the Dragon King's Spear! And there is a totem soul." Qin Long said.

"That's great! Unlike my dead totem." Qin Yun said with a smile.

Qin Long said, "Xiao Yun! Your totem is very special and is not a common totem, so there is no such thing as dead or alive! I've already acquired the dragon totem for a few years but I still haven't been able to comprehend the martial arts within! Yet, you were able to learn the Heavenly Lion's martial art from the Heavenly Lion Totem, so your Heavenly Lion totem is definitely not simple."

Qin Yun could sense it himself. Back then, he had encountered the descendants of Heavenly Lions. If the totem was truly dead, the Golden Fire Lion would have told him as well.

Qin Long continued, "The world under the nine suns is a world filled with beauty and mystery. The martial arts that we humans master are but a small part of this world."

"Father, I know!" Qin Yun nodded.

"You don't have to worry about your martial spirit either! Although the Blue Spirit Star Palace is a huge existence to us, they are still a small fry in the Martial Desolate land. Otherwise, they wouldn't have come here like a stray dog. What they said might not be true." Qin Long encouraged Qin Yun in order to dispel his worries over the lion totem.

"The Blue Spirit Star Palace is actually so weak in this martial desolate land!" Qin Yun said in surprise.

Qin Long looked at the stars in the sky and slowly said, "The vast and ancient martial desolate lands are filled with martial nations! There were also other countries there. It was said that all of them are powerful Martial Kings! The strength of a Martial Kingdom is extremely terrifying."

"In the Martial Desolate land, there are Spirit Level Sects, such as the Blue Spirit Star Palace. They don't have any Martial Kings and only have Spirit Martial Force experts guarding them. Thus, they are only Spirit Level Sects. If there is a Profound realm martial artist, it would be a Profound Rank power. Above the Profound realm would be the Martial King realm. The school would be able to be developed into a Martial Kingdom."

"As for some sects, they don't want to become a bloated Martial Kingdom, so they keep their sect's state running. Even king level sects are very powerful existences. Ancient king level sects are feared by even the vast Martial Kingdoms."

Qin Yun patiently listened to what was happening in Martial Desolate. He was extremely astonished because in comparison, the so-called Blue Spirit Star Palace was nothing at all!

"Work hard. One day, we will be able to go to the Martial Desolate Land." Qin Long gave a carefree smile and said: "Let's go. I'll send you to the Star Xuan Wu Academy now."

The Star Xuan Wu Academy was very close to the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range but their defense was very strong. Even if there was an attack from a horde of beasts, there was no need to worry.

Qin Long brought Qin Yun and spent a day flying above the Myriad Star Lake.

It was night. As Qin Yun flew in the sky, he could see a mirror-like lake that reflected the sky with numerous stars. It was very beautiful.

Qin Yun came to the entrance of the Star Xuan Wu Academy and waved farewell to Qin Long. He took out his identity token and entered the Star Xuan Wu Academy.

After entering, he hastily ran towards the Treasure Tree Forest, went up the tree and entered his own tree hole.

Just as Qin Yun entered the tree hole, Du Gui arrived with a grin.

"You're finally back. You're really a naughty little brat." Du Gui smiled and said, "When I first knew that you had been sent to the forbidden grounds, I had thought of all sorts of methods to save you. Who knew that suddenly a meteorite would drop?"

"I thought you were dead and I was sad for a while."

Qin Yun said with a smile, "Teacher, I've made you worry!"

"What I'm most worried about is still that girl, Little Mei Lian. She's always coming to me, begging me to save you. Sigh...." Du Gui sighed.

"Is she all right?" Qin Yun asked.

Du Gui laughed and said, "This little girl is extremely happy to learn that you are still alive. Many sad things can be forgotten! She comes here every morning to see if you're back and you'll see her tomorrow morning."

Du Gui chatted with Qin Yun for a while before returning to rest.

Qin Yun returned to his room and closed his eyes. He cultivated the Star yang Heart Sutra and gathered the power of the stars to strengthen the Star Crystal in his mind. His mind was strong enough, so it would be much easier to do many things.

He suspected that the reason why he could master the inscription and the martial arts so fast was because of his special mental power.

The sky quickly brightened. Qin Yun got up and washed himself. He changed into a fresh set of blue clothes and walked out of his room. He saw Qi Meilian sitting in the hall.

She was dressed in a white dress with her long braids hanging down to her chest. She looked at Qin Yun with excitement.

"Little Mei, did you climb up yourself?" Qin Yun said with a happy smile.

"Big Brother Yun!" When Qi Meilian saw the living Qin Yun, she shouted happily before jumping into his embrace. With a tender laugh, she said, "I can fly now too!"

Qi Meilian had already learned of Qin Yun's matter from Meng Feiling. At this moment, the entire Star Xuan Wu Academy was talking about his matter.

"It's my fault, I made you suffer!" Qin Yun caressed her cute face as he said with a pained expression.

"I'm fine! Big Brother Yun is still alive, I'm already very happy and you even taught Qi Yu a ruthless lesson." A sweet smile was plastered on Qi Meilian's face. It was obvious that she was also a very optimistic and cheerful girl.

She had been bullied often when she was young and had to endure all sorts of insults. However, she did not become sinister along the way. Instead, she remained lively and innocent. This was a rare occurrence.

When Qin Yun saw the sweet smile that came from the bottom of her heart, he was shocked. He never expected that although Qi Meilian looked gentle, she had an extremely powerful heart.

"Little Mei Lian, big brother is already very rich, what do you want? I'll give it to you!" Qin Yun said with a smile.

"I don't know. I'll tell you when I think of it." Qi Meilian was very satisfied to see Qin Yun again.

Qin Yun and her sat at the entrance of a tall tree as they looked at the scenery of the Star Xuan Wu Academy.

"Brother Yun, Sister YueLan has a deep affection for you. When you were young, you helped Sister YueLan and you've also helped me. In our hearts, you're a great hero!"

Qin Yun said with a smile, "Little Mei Lian, I will continue to protect you from now on. I won't let anyone bully you again! Big sister Grand Preceptor had also told Yue Lan and I to take good care of you and not let anyone bully you."

Qi Meilan's pretty face was filled with happiness and a sweet smile, "I knew that as long as I am strong and continue to live, one day, I will be happy."

At this moment, Du Gui suddenly flew over.

Qin Yun and Qi Meilian hurriedly entered the hall when they saw Du Gui's serious expression.

After Du Gui entered, he solemnly said, "Something big is about to happen!"

Qin Yun thought of something as he hurriedly said, "Are the demonic beasts and hordes of evil beasts coming?"

Du Gui nodded, "That's right! "It's coming faster than we expected. I wonder if the big cities are on guard!"

Qi Meilan said, "I've heard my teacher talk about this too! I'll go back now. I want to become stronger as well!"

Qin Yun nodded to her and rubbed her head before sending her to the tree hole. He watched her fly to the ground and walk out of the Treasure Forest.

"Teacher, we are so close to the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range. If we were surrounded by a horde of beasts, would we be able to defend against it?" Qin Yun had previously seen demonic beasts of the Ghost King's level and they were extremely powerful.

Du Gui said, "The Myriad Star Lake can also play a defensive role! The Myriad Star Lake is very deep, the bottom couldn't be seen, and the lake water is very cold. Although the demonic beasts could cross the Cloud Dragon River, it isn't that easy to reach here! At that time, flying beasts will only be a bit annoying. "

The monster hordes that crossed the river were certainly huge, otherwise Du Gui wouldn't be so worried.

"If that day comes and we want to leave, won't it be extremely dangerous?" There was quite a distance between the Star Xuan Wu Academy and Tianqin Imperial City.

Du Gui nodded and said, "That's for sure! There are hundreds of millions of beasts and ghosts in the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range. They will certainly be spread throughout the countries and have more in number than humans."

Qin Yun shuddered when he imagined the various beasts that would surround the major cities.

He asked, "Where did all these beasts come from? With so many of them, could it be that they were all transformed from demonic beasts? That's impossible! Is this related to the Immortal Graveyard?"

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