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Chapter 155 - Fighting with Dragon Claw

Huo Zhong sent out a surge of inner strength through the air and struck the leg of the Thunderstorm Bear!

The giant bear was in so much pain that it let out an explosive roar. Waves of thunderous fire spewed out from its mouth before it charged towards Huo Zhong with a furious roar.

Squad Seven's leader gritted his teeth and said, "Dean Bai, isn't it against the rules to attack the Colossal Thunderstorm Bear from a distance like this?"

Dean Bai replied, "Not really! But this move is not suitable for a large number of people because if the Thunderstorm bear gets angry, it will randomly attack and since you guys have too many people, it is very easy to get hit if you fail to spread out. "

Also, it was not easy to control the Thunderstorm bear after it had been blinded.

The eyes of the two Thunderstorm Bears on the field were wounded, like flies flying about, like they had gone mad.

Master Wei hurriedly shouted when he saw Qin Yun had arrived beside the mountain wall. "What is Qin Yun planning to do?"

Everyone immediately looked at Qin Yun as his palms condensed two powerful forces of energy that pushed against the mountain wall.

Yang Shi Yue said in a low voice: "It's the Ten Thousand Horse Palms. And there's even the Hanshan stance!"

Indeed, Qin Yun combined the Ten Thousand Horse Palm and used the Hanshan stance on the mountain wall. He infused a very powerful force into the mountain wall and it was even continuously infused with the power of vibration!

He even secretly used the Tsunami Technique and used his vibrating inner force to create three shockwaves to attack the mountain wall!

Zhuo Chuan said in surprise, "The Hanshan Style! Such a difficult martial art, yet he learned it at such a young age and he even used the power of Hanshan!"

Hou Xingfeng narrowed his eyes and said in shock, "He seems to have even used the Tsunami Technique, He can actually gather multiple martial arts techniques and use them together!"

With Qin Yun's strike, the earth immediately shook and the mountains began to shake. The gigantic mountain began to shake violently as cracks and tears appeared on the mountain walls and boulders began to fall.

He was also submerged in the falling rocks!

When everyone saw this, they could not help but mock Qin Yun and thought he smashed himself.

Just as everyone thought that Qin Yun had been injured by the boulder, the boulder pile suddenly moved. Following a loud boom, a rock exploded!

Qin Yun flew out from inside.

"Old Huo, come pick a rock!" Qin Yun shouted as he charged at the Thunderstorm Bear. He sent out a stream of Vajra inner strength that struck the bear's leg.

After the Colossal Thunderstorm Bear's leg was hit, a piece of the black armor was knocked off. The bear's leg was injured, and its speed became even slower.

Qin Yun continued to contend with the Thunderstorm bear, helping Huo Zhong gain time!

When Huo Zhong arrived at the pile of rubble, he immediately lifted the huge rock that was over twenty meters long and ten meters wide. His brute force caused everyone present to be moved!

Now, everyone could see that Huo Zhong wanted to use a boulder to smash the Colossal Thunder Bear!

Qin Yun directed the Thunderstorm bear towards Huo Zhong and shouted, "Throw it over. Throw it right now!"

"Alright!" Huo Zhong shouted and threw the huge rock!

Everyone could not help but be alarmed when they saw a rock fly. Someone shouted, "Aren't you afraid of smashing Qin Yun to death?"

Just as he finished speaking, he saw Qin Yun flash as he instantly traversed dozens of meters!

The stone also landed on the Colossal Thunder Bear's body!


As the boulder fell, it immediately shattered. The entire valley also began to fiercely shake!

At the same time, Xie Wufeng and Mu Rong Da Ren's side also made a lot of noise. A huge rock fell from the mountain wall and landed on the Colossal Thunderstorm Bear, who was near the mountain wall.

Two of the Giant Thunderstorm Bears were now hit by the boulder!

There was a period of silence in the valley. Qin Yun and his four-man team had cleverly used the arena to severely injure the Thunderstorm bear!


The roar of a bear suddenly shook the air!

The giant boulder that was pressing down was actually shattered!

The Colossal Thunderstorm Bear charged out, it's body filled with violent lightning bolts. Even though it was covered in wounds, it's power did not diminish at all.


Xie Wufeng and Murong Daren's thunderstorm bears also broke through the rocks and ran out. They were so angry that they spewed lightning bolts as they charged towards Murong Daren.

An old man from the Blue Spirit Star Palace laughed coldly on the mountainside, "This is a Rank 8 Demonic Beast, how can it be suppressed with a few stones? You are all too naive. Now that the giant bear has been completely enraged, if you all approach it, you will definitely be severely injured! "

Huo Zhong immediately lifted a huge rock that was more than ten meters long and smashed it towards the incoming Thunderstorm Bear.

The Colossal Thunderstorm Bear spat out a bolt of lightning towards the huge rock, shattering it into many small stones!

The enraged Thunderstorm Bear was not as clumsy as it was before. It seemed to have suddenly gained intelligence.

"Look up there! It's those two old men from before. What are they doing up there?" Mu Rong Jun shouted.

After dodging the Thunderstorm Bear's lightning strikes, Qin Yun looked up and saw two old men from Blue Spirit Star Palace floating cross-legged above the valley.

"They're the ones who brought the Colossal Thunderstorm Bears. They should be communicating with the Colossal Thunderstorm Bears and using this method to control the Bears!" Xie Wufeng's face was also filled with anger, "This is too much!"

"The Thunderstorm Bears aren't in a good condition, it was also beaten up before you began! The reason we are doing this now is also to make up for the advantages you have previously obtained." An old man from the Blue Spirit Star Palace sneered.

"Hmph, your mouths are on your butts. You can fart however you want." Mu Rong Jun said angrily, "You old things, remember this!"

Xie Wufeng said to Qin Yun, "No matter what, we must kill the Thunderstorm bears!"

Qin Yun looked at Huo Zhong and asked coldly, "Third Brother Huo, do you have any means to make the Colossal Thunderstorm Bear immobile for a short period of time?"

"Yes! Leave it to me!" After Huo Zhong said this, he rushed towards the giant bear like a bull. A pale golden mist suddenly appeared on the surface of his body, as if it was an air shield.

The Colossal Thunder Bear roared and spat out a bolt of lightning towards Huo Zhong.


After the lightning and fire hit Huo Zhong, they were repelled by the golden barrier on the surface of his body! Everyone was secretly amazed, they did not know what martial skill he used!

"Gargantuan Elephant Skill!" Zhuo Chuan's pupils slightly contracted as he said in surprise.

"It's that kind of cultivation technique that can create a huge illusion?" Hou Xingfeng was also very surprised, "I thought this cultivation technique was extinct!"

Huo Zhong dashed past the Thunderstorm Bear and the golden shield around him suddenly grew in size, turning into a light golden mirage that was a few meters tall.

This illusion was formed from a very strong Vajra inner strength!

Under Huo Zhong's control, the illusion made a groping motion and tightly hugged the Colossal Thunder Bear.

The Thunderstorm Bear was roaring furiously, struggling nonstop. However, it was unable to break free from the entanglement of the golden colored illusion!

"Brother Yun, quick!" Huo Zhong hastily shouted.

Qin Yun rushed over and leaped up. One of his arms transformed into a gigantic lion claw. The claws were more than a meter long!

"What kind of cultivation technique is that? It must be Beast Martial Arts!" Duan Qian was extremely shocked as he looked towards Yang Shiyue.

Yang Shiyue shook her head and said, "I've never seen him use this martial skill!"

Qin Yun used the Heaven Lion's Fighting Dragon Claw and produced a terrifying pale golden lion claw. Using the six forms of Wind Slasher Fist, he attacked the Thunderstorm bear!

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