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Chapter 154 - Scheming Everywhere

Qin Yun looked at the seventh team in the valley and nodded inwardly. These thirteen people were doing very well. Their overall quality was very high and they could handle the Class 8 Thunderstorm Bear with ease.

"If this continues, they should be able to pass this round." Mu Rong Daren said, "Seventh team, have always been quite strong!"

"I remember that they are going to enter the Lin Xuanwu Academy." Huo Zhong took out his long rod and wiped it clean. He said, "If it's time for us to go on stage, it might be a bit easier."

Qin Yun's team would be fighting in the final match. When the time came, the Thunderstorm Bears' stamina would definitely be depleted. It might even be injured. The Colossal Thunderstorm Bears that they faced would definitely not be in a good condition.

To them, this was indeed a good thing. After all, there were only four of them. Facing the Colossal Thunderstorm Bears that were in an extremely poor state, it could be said to be fair.

This made the other teams extremely unhappy, as if they were giving someone else a hand.

An hour would soon pass and there was still a bit of time left.

At this time, Team Seven's captain began to command and coordinate, carrying out the final attack.

Their attacking style was the same as the previous team. One part attracted the giant Thunderstorm Bears while the other part attacked ferociously.

Even if the few of them were to launch a fierce attack, they would only be able to hit it ten times in an instant.

"Seventh team, completed ten attacks." Dean Bai shouted, "Time's up. The seventh team has passed the examination."

It had to be said that the performance of Team Seven caused all the students to praise them one after another. Their teamwork was pretty good and their timing was just right.

After the students of the 7th team were brought back, their faces were filled with pride, especially when they looked at the 2nd and 6th team, their eyes were filled with disdain.

Team Two was still better off. At least they went up but Team Six didn't dare to go up.

The next teams to go up after seven's success was nine, so they also drew on the tactics of the seven team. Although the seven team despised them, they didn't care as long as they could pass the test safely.

"There are sixteen people in Team Nine. If they are unable to even draw lessons from our tactics, then it can only mean that they are too useless." A student from Team Seven said.

Squad Seven's captain's thin face was full of pride as he said, "We've just used up a lot of our stamina on the Thunderstorm bear, so we were sure to be injured when we attacked!!"

(NOTE : i think the retard is gloating that they could get injured but they did not)

He looked at Xie Wufeng and the others and mocked, "You only have four people and don't have any tactics to draw lessons from, so you should just give up like Team Six! No one will laugh at you."

Xie Wufeng simply smiled and said, "Don't worry, we will be taking the third round of the assessment with you."

Huo Zhong took out a few three-meter long sticks and distributed them to Qin Yun and company. He smiled and said, "This way, you will be able to attack the Colossal Thunderstorm Bear without getting too close. It would be better if we could use a whip."

"Dean Bai, if my hammer were to fly out and hit it, would that count?" Qin Yun asked.

"It can't be counted. The weapon must be in hand." He was also secretly worried about this four-man team from the bottom of his heart. It didn't matter if they couldn't pass the examination. Their death was what he feared the most.

Soon, an hour had passed. The ninth team had used seventh teams' tactics to pass the exam.

"It's our turn, let's go!"

Just as Xie Wufeng was about to leave, a blue-robed elder from Blue Spirit Star Palace suddenly flew over and shouted, "The last team is not allowed to use weapons!"

"Why?" Xie Wufeng asked angrily.

The blue robed old man said coldly, "Because the two Thunderstorm Bears are physically weak and injured, they are not in a good condition. In order to ensure absolute fairness, you are forbidden to use weapons. How about this, your exams are just as difficult as the other teams."

Team Seven's captain laughed heartily. "That's right, I agree!"

Team Nine's captain also nodded in support.

As for Qin Yun and the others, they looked furious!

"Dean Bai..." Qin Yun expressed his dissatisfaction with the sudden change in the rules.

The blue-robed old man sternly said, "If you don't agree, then we will revoke your qualifications. Our request is reasonable."

"Let's go!" Xie Wufeng said expressionlessly.

Qin Yun and company could only walk out and face the Colossal Thunderstorm Bear!

"This bunch from Blue Spirit Star Palace is obviously deliberately making things difficult for Qin Yun and company." Duan Qian who was watching from halfway up the mountain said furiously.

"They can't use anything, this is too difficult!" Yang Shiyue revealed a face of worry, gently sighing, "I hope they will all be fine!"

"Are you sure? It's already good that they're not dead. These two Giant Thunderstorm Bears are very good beast pets of the Blue Spirit Star Palace." Master Wei said with a sneer, "Because they entered a berserk state due to severe injury, they became vicious. In time, they will gradually change back. Don't you see how injured it is. Otherwise a martial artist at the eighth level of the Martial Body might not be able to kill them."

When Qin Yun walked into the valley, he saw that there were many people watching him from the surrounding mountains. His eyesight was very good and immediately came at a stop on Yang Shiyue, who was dressed in a blue dress, stood tall and elegant on a boulder with a cool expression.

When Yang Shiyue saw Qin Yun, she smiled and nodded at him.

"Roar ~ ~ ~"

Seeing that someone had appeared, the violent Thunderstorm Bear roared furiously and charged forward.

"Qin Yun, use the rocks from the surrounding mountains. As long as you control it well, killing the giant bear will not be a problem!" Xie Wufeng suddenly said solemnly.

Mu Rong Daren waved his sleeves and unleashed his Qi, hitting the Thunder Bear in the eye and knocking it away.

Xie Wufeng and Murong Daren went to deal with one of the bears.

Huo Zhong picked up a large stone and threw it with all his might. It ruthlessly smashed onto the head of other bear and lured it away as well.

It was just the beginning but the valley had already become extremely intense. Especially Xie Wufeng and Mu Rong Da Ren, they were already able to unleash terrifying attacks from far away.

It was just a few moves but they had already blinded their giant Thunderstorm Bear. This infuriated those from Blue Spirit Star Palace.

As for Qin Yun, he also used explosive qi to carry out a long-range attack. He ran and stopped and specially struck the head of the Colossal Thunderstorm Bear. The Colossal Bear roared repeatedly as it turned even angrier and spewed lightning fire.

"Third brother Huo, I will find a chance to attack the mountain wall and try to knock down a giant rock. When the time comes, you can use the giant rock as a weapon to smash the giant bear! Since the Blue Spirit Star Palace is deliberately making things difficult for us, then they should forget about those two giant Thunderstorm Bears either." Qin Yun said solemnly to Huo Zhong.

When Huo Zhong heard that, he immediately became excited and said happily, "Alright, I'll listen to you. We'll kill those two giant bears!"

On Xie Wufeng's side, he was also thinking about how he should kill the bear!

Although they could all attack the giant lightning bear from afar, they did not attack it from a close distance, so the attacks did not count.

Seeing the situation, everyone knew that these four people would not die or be injured. They were all very powerful and each of them had excellent overall qualities. Now, it was time to see how they could get close and attack the giant bears ten times!

When Qin Yun saw that the Colossal Thunderstorm Bear was slowing down, he said to Huo Zhong, "Third brother Hou, delay the Bear first. I'll go get the boulder!"

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