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Chapter 125 - Mysterious Pattern Inherent skill

Qin Yun's serious expression alarmed everyone!

Originally, those teachers and students did not think that Qin Yun would be able to forge a storage spirit artifact. But now, they somewhat believed it.

"If you can refine it, I'll buy it for 2,000 purple coins!" Hou Xingfeng's cold face was filled with surprise as he asked, "Can you really refine it?"

With that, they returned the three storage belts to Xie Wufeng and the other two.

Qin Yun smiled confidently and said, "You will know once I finish refining it. If not, none of you will believe what I say."

"Alright!" Zhuo Chuan also wanted to take a look and quickly nodded.

Guo Cheng and the others had gloomy expressions. If Qin Yun was really able to forge a Storage Spirit Weapon, he would definitely be a rare and outrageous genius with spirit patterns. His talent was much higher than Qin Zhengfeng's.

There were many spiritual veins and martial spirits. Although there were only a few, there were still some. For example, Xiao Yueran, Xiao Yuemei, Qin Zhengfeng, and so on. Each of the great Profound Rank Martial Academies were always able to catch such good seedlings.

However, a genius with a natural talent for mystical prints could only be found by chance.

Before coming into contact with the mysterious patterns, no one knew anything about them, and there was no good way to find out who had the best comprehension. Therefore, rarely seen genius with strange patterns was even harder to find.

A self-taught genius like Qin Yun was definitely a genius amongst geniuses with strange patterns.

Many powers knew about his natural talent for mystical prints. However, after he failed to fuse with the Fallen Fire Martial Spirit, everyone thought that his Fire Martial Spirit had been destroyed and thus didn't pay it any more attention.

And now … He could even refine a storage spirit artifact!

Qin Yun was very skilled at forging low grade spirit iron. He added beast tendons and beast skins to soften the spirit iron. This way, the belt would be very soft but also very tough.

"If I refine it, I'll use beast tendons and beast skins to fuse with the Void Spirit Stone. If you add low grade spirit iron into the mix, it will be a waste of effort. It will also increase the difficulty and stability of inscribing. " Zhuo Chuan said from the side.

While forging, Qin Yun said, "The beast tendons and beast skins are only to support me. I'll mainly use low-grade spirit iron to absorb the Void Spirit Stone!" The Void Spirit Stone is an ore, and the iron comes from the ore as well. The two attributes are the same, so it's easier for the iron to absorb the ingredients for the Void Spirit Stone. "

"Senior, take a guess. If I were to use a stone the size of a grain of rice to forge a spirit artifact, how big would my storage space be?

When Zhuo Chuan heard this, he also felt that it made sense. This was because when they were forging spirit artifacts, they weren't complicated at all. No matter how simple it was, they had to ensure the forging of spirit artifacts quickly and stably.

"Those are high-grade spatial spirit inscriptions, they can make the space even larger …" Zhuo Chuan did not dare to speculate and was worried that he might not be able to make a guess.

When everyone heard Zhuo Chuan's words, a commotion arose. That was because the spatial spirit pattern that Qin Yun grasped was actually high-grade!

Previously, Ge Dong's light inscriptions that wanted to snatch Qin Yun appeared to be high-grade light inscriptions!

How many high-grade spirit patterns had Qin Yun grasped? Everyone was secretly shocked!

Guo Cheng clenched his teeth secretly. He regretted not winning Qin Yun over. If he could obtain so many high-grade spirit patterns, he would definitely make a huge profit!

At this moment, the expressions of the elders from the Sky Profound Martial House, Star Profound Martial School, and Blue Spirit Star Palace were all extremely ugly. It was because they had offended a future Grandmaster Inscriptionist!

Especially Tianxuan Martial Arts Academy's Liu Ning. Looking at the Giant Spirit King Hammer in Qin Yun's hands, he felt indignation. That was the loss he had previously suffered. It was also because of this matter that he was unable to raise his head up high in the Tianxuan Martial Arts Academy and was even punished.

After thinking for a moment, Zhuo Chuan said, "An ethereal stone the size of a grain of rice, coupled with high quality spatial spirit tattoos, creates a storage spirit artifact that is at most twenty meters in size."

Twenty elephant spaces, that is to say the interior can hold twenty adult elephants.

The storage belt that Qin Yun had previously forged could hold fifty to sixty elephants.

More than two hours later, he created a very beautiful black belt. It was very exquisite. Then he took out his carving knife and started carving.

Zhuo Chuan, Hou Xingfeng, and the other seniors immediately cheered up. Inscribing was a very important stage in artifact forging.

While Qin Yun was carving, a barrier of light emanated from the carving knife, enveloping the carving knife and belt.

However, he was still worried, so he released another wave of spirit power that formed a barrier to prevent those with powerful spirit power from spying on him.

When he was inscribing spatial spirit inscriptions, the light carriage was very familiar. It was extremely smooth and was almost done in one go.

Although it had taken him more than four hours, he did not feel the passage of time.

Zhuo Chuan, who was at the side, looked on in horror. He was especially astonished at Qin Yun's smooth carving of the Inscription!

"I'm done. I've engraved the blood contract spirit patterns and the spatial spirit patterns. Just need to drip some blood to make it yours before you can use this storage spirit artifact. If someone else gets it, they won't be able to get the items inside either." Qin Yun handed the belt to Zhuo Chuan.

"Old Hou, come and check! I don't lack a storage spirit artifact, so I'll give it to you! " Zhuo Chuan was now completely certain that Qin Yun could forge a storage spirit artifact.

Furthermore, Qin Yun's martial soul was not crippled. It was only the weakening of the flames. Clearly, there was a huge problem with his martial soul. It would speed up the process of inscribing new lines.

Hou Xingfeng received the storage belt, and after dripping blood, he used his mind energy to explore the space inside. He exclaimed, "About fifty Elephant's worth of space!"

Those students were not the least bit surprised. That was because they already knew that the storage belts of Xie Wufeng and the others could hold the corpses of dozens of ferocious beasts.

On the other hand, Guo Cheng, Ge Yuanfei, Liu Ning, and the others had faces full of disbelief!

"Really?" Zhuo Chuan asked in surprise.

"Why would I lie to you?" Hou Xingfeng's cold face revealed a warm smile. The way he looked at Qin Yun also turned gentle.

He said to Qin Yun, "You can enter our Star Martial Arts Academy now. You do not need to pass the assessment!"

Not only was it difficult to enter the Star Martial Arts Academy, but students had never been invited to enter!

But now, he had made an exception for Qin Yun.

"Do you have any conditions to agree to?" Qin Yun asked.

Hou Xingfeng said, "When we need a storage spirit artifact, you can't have any other important matters to help us forge it. That is the condition!" Of course, you're not allowed to refine more than three storage spirit weapons every month … We only need you to inscribe the patterns. We will provide you the materials and you can finish it in one day. "

This caused both the Star Xuan Martial Academy and the Ling Xuan Martial Academy to be extremely envious. This was equivalent to producing three storage spirit artifacts every month!

Storage spirit artifacts were usually not sold, but they were used to reward students and motivate them.

Qin Yun thought about it and felt that it was not bad. However, he did not immediately agree. He continued asking, "Dean Hou, can you invite my three friends along the way?"

"No!" I have already made an exception for you. This is also because you have mastered the spatial spirit pattern! " Hou Xingfeng shook his head.

"Then I refuse!" Qin Yun said.

Without his arm, Xie Wufeng's strength had been reduced by a lot. Furthermore, this team only had three people. If he wanted to pass the examination in the future, it would be even more difficult.

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