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Chapter 126 Secrets of Puppets

When Xie Wufeng saw that Qin Yun had rejected him, he hurriedly said, "Brother Yun, you do not have to worry about us. You can enter the Xuanwu Academy first! If we go in earlier, we'll be able to increase our power a bit faster. "

Huo Zhong and Mu Rong nodded their heads and advised Qin Yun to agree.

"No, I want to pass the exam together with you and enter the Star Xuan Wu Academy together!" Qin Yun said with a resolute expression.

He was very clear that Xie Wufeng was a rare sword genius, and he definitely could not be buried because of this. Therefore, he must stay and help Xie Wufeng enter the Star Martial Arts Academy.

This kind of loyalty also made Xie Wufeng and the other two feel very touched!

"Alright, I'll make sure that you remain in the Three Mysterious Academy!" Hou Xingfeng looked at Xie Wufeng and the others, saying, "If you can really pass the assessment, I very much welcome you!"

Zhuo Chuan's face darkened as he shot a glance at Ge Yuanfei and said, "We must make it clear that if anyone else wishes to enter the Three Profound Academy, they must pass the approval of the three Profound Grade Martial Academies and the Hall of Wonders. Otherwise, we will not care if they die here."

The few vice principals of the Black Level Martial School also nodded.

"Let me tell all of you first. If anyone wants to make a move on Qin Yun, clean up a bit and don't leave any traces behind." Otherwise, if I find out, even if it's the Blue Spirit Star Palace, I'll go and flatten them out. " Zhuo Chuan's vicious words shocked everyone.

The ability Qin Yun had displayed was enough to attract the attention of the Hall of Marks. If someone really wanted to make a move on him, he would have to think it over carefully.

Zhuo Chuan continued, "Dean Bai will continue to hold the position even before we elect the new Principal. We will use three months to choose a new Principal."

He was the one who spoke. From this, it could be seen that he, the Hall of Wonders, had a lot of authority in the Three Mysterious Academy.

The strength of the Hall of Marks was actually able to balance out the three Black Level Martial Academies and the Blue Spirit Star Palace. This allowed many people to gain a new understanding of the mysterious Hall of Marks.

Ge Yuanfei's eyes were filled with hatred as he glanced at Qin Yun before hurriedly leaving with his crippled grandson.

The other senior teachers of the Blue Spirit Star Palace brought their injured disciples and followed behind Ge Yuanfei.

Hou Xingfeng took out two thousand purple coins and bought Qin Yun's storage belt. Then, he and Zhuo Chuan left the Three Profound Academy.

Dean Bai heaved a sigh of relief. He had made the right bet! He had long since concluded that Qin Yun would be highly regarded by the Hall of Wonders because it was Duan Qian who had sent Qin Yun here.

Now, it was as he had expected. Qin Yun was highly valued by the Hall of Marks!

Dean Bai looked at Qin Yun and company and said with a smile, "Your house has been destroyed. You should start a new one!"

"Dean Bai, can we dig a hole in the mountain?"

"Sure!" Dean Bai nodded, then went back to his work.

Now, Xie Wufeng and the others also heaved a sigh of relief.

Huo Zhong used his tools to carve out a cave. With a regretful expression, he sighed, "Brother Yun, you have missed a great opportunity! What if we fail this time? "

"Exactly! "Why are you thinking so much about us?" Mu Rong Jun sighed.

"If you were me, you'd surely refuse, right?" Qin Yun said with a smile, "There's nothing to be regretful about. If I can't pass this assessment, next time!"

Xie Wufeng did not say anything more. If it were him, he would not be able to let Huo Zhong and the others go either.

He said, "During this period of time, we must seize every moment to improve our strength. After we enter the Star Martial Arts Academy, we will be safer."

Xie Wufeng was worried that Qin Yun would be avenged. Furthermore, he had so many high-grade spirit inscriptions in his possession. It was enough for the large powers to take action at all costs.

The few of them quickly dug out a cave and created a hall and several stone rooms inside. It was very quiet inside and was very suitable for quiet cultivation.

After he finished showering, Mu Rong came out in blue brocade robes and sat in the hall drinking tea. He said to Qin Yun with a laugh, "Brother Yun, you are truly unfathomable. You actually killed an iron man. I was chased to death back then!"

Xie Wufeng recovered from his rest and looked fine. He wore plain white clothes and sat in the hall drinking tea with the others.

Qin Yun said with a smile, "Not only was the iron man killed by me, I even collected them."

He then took out the remnant from his storage space and threw it onto the ground.

Huo Zhong looked very happy when he saw these fragments. He walked over and picked up the torn limbs of the iron man, laughing loudly. "If I knew earlier, I would have killed an iron man too!"

"I have great uses for iron men. I want to see if I can imitate one." Qin Yun pointed to the steel head and said, "Old Huo San, help me open this steel head. I want to see the structure inside …" and help me open all these limbs. "

Mu Rong Jun was very excited and laughed, "Brother Yun, if you can make a puppet, you must sell it to me. "If I hide it in my Spirit Treasures, it will definitely be great to take it out when I'm in a fight."

"Let's talk about it when I successfully forge it!" Qin Yun shook his head and smiled. He looked at Xie Wufeng and asked, "Brother Xie, do you want me to try forging an arm for you? It will make it easier for you! "

"No need, I'm doing quite well like this. In the future, I will find my own medicine and let my arm grow out." Xie Wufeng shook his head and smiled, "If anyone else were to fight with me and see that I lack an arm, they would definitely look down on me. This is not a bad thing for me."

Xie Wufeng's optimism made Qin Yun secretly delighted and made him feel reassured.

Following that, Murong Dazren helped to dismantle the metal man. He opened up all the inscriptions and let Qin Yun examine them carefully.

Qin Yun took the dismembered iron figurine back into his room and spent the night studying it. He used his notes to make clear lines that he could see.

After tidying up in the middle of the night, he took out all of the spirit prints on the iron man's body and arranged them on the table in order …

"These are the spirit markings on the head, the most on the neck, the most on the body, and then the arms …"

He arranged the paper with inscriptions engraved on each part of the iron statue on the table one by one.

When he finished arranging the spirit lines, he discovered that the complete spirit lines were actually a totem of the ape type!

"Beast totem... Could this be the secret to refining a puppet? This ape can really walk upright like a human … " Qin Yun looked at the ape type totem as he frowned in thought.

What he saw were only clear lines, not dark lines, so it was impossible for him to copy them.

"The metal man's internal bead should be used to store spirit energy. The spirit markings on it are mental imprints, and they are also the heart of the metal man. They can connect ape type totem markings, give orders to the totem spirit markings, and drive the metal man." Qin Yun picked up a transparent pearl and looked at it carefully.

Then, he picked up another fist-sized white bead and observed it. It was full of Origin Gathering Marks.

"This can gather energy and release it. This is used to save energy."

"Other than that, there is also a special spirit pattern that can let this pearl accumulate energy and then condense inner strength. What kind of spirit pattern is this?"

Qin Yun took out the "thirty-six spirit lines" and carefully looked at them …

"Could it be the Imprint of Strength?" This was a spirit pattern that could increase one's inner strength! "If you increase your inner strength, you will be able to transform it into inner strength!"

He had Will Marks, Strength Marks, Origin Gathering Marks, and they were all high-grade Spirit Marks. Right now, all he lacked were ape type totem markings.

"If I had the dark markings of the ape type totem, I should be able to create a puppet!" Qin Yun sighed and kept the blueprint dejectedly.

Suddenly, he thought of something and hastily took off his clothes to look at his left arm!

There was a faint golden Heavenly Lion totem tattoo there!

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