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Chapter 102 Who is first?

Qin Yun was somewhat surprised. He never expected that Duan Qian would know about the matter of the primordial spirit.

An old blacksmith's eyes were filled with yearning as he exclaimed, "It is said that cultivating a primordial spirit is equivalent to opening a spiritual door within one's elemental energy. The surrounding spiritual energy will automatically rush in."

Duan Qian said with a nod, "Even though Qin Yun only has one spirit vein, the fact that he has an origin soul can make up for his deficiencies! One of the benefits of a Primordial Spirit is that it is very sensitive to the surrounding spiritual energy. He will be able to absorb a little of the spiritual energy attracted by the flags in the vicinity. "

Qin Yun could absorb the spirit energy that was attracted by the flag array!

This caused many people to be extremely angry, but the Mysterious Marking Hall was only so big, so they couldn't avoid it unless they used a flag formation. If he did not use the flag array, the inner strength he had consumed would not be replenished.

The hearts of those from Blue Spirit Star Palace were the heaviest. Although the young people they sent out were all of decent quality, the gap between them and the middle-aged and elderly Inscriptionists gradually became apparent.

What made their hearts thump was that their disciple could not even be compared to Qin Yun, a minor Inscription Master. If news of this were to spread, the reputation of the Blue Spirit Star Palace's famous inscriptionist would be tarnished.

The senior members of Blue Spirit Star Palace watched on anxiously from the sidelines. They had put in so much money for the registration fee just now, so it could be considered as a waste of money.

The main reason was because they underestimated the Inscriptionists here. They thought they could get first place by sending some youngsters over.

Duan Qian tried his best to stay alert in case someone was cheating at this time, and kept a close eye on the disciples from the Star Palace.

A tense atmosphere enveloped the entire great hall as time slowly passed …

Qin Yun calmed his state of mind and allowed himself to maintain his performance. If he persisted until the end, he would be victorious. Even if he failed to obtain first place, he would reap considerable rewards in this competition.

When he saw the young men of the Star Palace, he thought to himself, "The Blue Spirit Star Palace has indeed declined. Their young Inscription Master is not too strong, and he would definitely lose if he was proud. It seems like what Great Grandfather said was true."

The Blue Spirit Star Palace could indeed recruit a group of pretty good people, such as Yang Shi Yue, Xiao Yue Lan, Qin Zheng Feng and other powerful young warriors.

And in the future, Qin Yun planned to go to the East Palace's Mysterious Gate to take a look.

"Time is almost up!" Duan Gan shouted.

The old weirdo's level was very high. He was able to hold on until the very end, then he would be able to forge a spirit iron ingot out of ten thousand Jin iron.

Among the disciples of the Star Palace, five of them had not even reached the end.

Qin Yun also surprised everyone. This was because he had really struck out a standard spirit iron ingot!

A fifteen year old beginner inscription master was able to reach this level. This meant that his alchemy ability was on par with intermediate and high level inscription masters.

This was because Liang Shuijin, the youngest genius reputed to be from the Blue Spirit Star Palace, was actually unable to complete it.

When he compared himself to Qin Yun, the gap was extremely obvious.

He could not help but hate Qin Yun for losing so much face.

Without comparison, there would be no harm!

If it were not for Qin Yun, everyone would definitely not have said a word because of Liang Shuangjin's youth. However, Qin Yun was much younger than Liang Shuangjin. He was a minor youth!

Qin Yun heaved a sigh of relief. He was also secretly impressed that he had managed to last until the end!

On the surface, the Inscription Master in the hall didn't say anything, but in his heart, he secretly admired his strength.

A 15 year old youth, without a good furnace or flag array, or even taking a pill, had been able to complete a competition that only an intermediate and high level Inscription Master could complete with just a hammer.

This was a true genius! He didn't know how much more talented he was than Liang Shuijin!

"It's been hard on you all. Now start to weigh it. Whoever has the highest weight spirit iron ingot will get the first place!" Duan Qian took out a golden pole scale.

The spirit iron ingot was not big, only a little bigger than the thumb. However, it should be refined to the limit before it became very heavy.

All of the Inscriptionists who were participating in the competition left their seats one by one. The spirit iron ingots that they forged were placed on their own forging tables, waiting for Duan Qian to go down and weigh them one by one.

Duan Qian called one, called another ….

"Tong Ang, one hundred sixty catties!"

"Chu En Li, 175 jin 6 taels!"

"Su Zongping, one hundred sixty-three catties!"

There were dozens of people in a row, all of them weighing 150 jins or more. It could be seen that these Inscription Masters were on par with each other.

The level of the disciples of Blue Spirit Star Palace wasn't too bad. They were also around 150 jins!

A spiritual iron the size of a thumb was already that heavy, it was truly a miraculous thing!

Qin Yun had also read about it in the books. There was a record of extreme alchemy, but he had never tried forging before. He had only forged using brute force this time.

Duan Qian finally arrived beside Master Wei's table and everyone listened attentively.

"Wei Yong …" 199 jins 8 taels! "

It weighed nearly 200 jins, which was the heaviest it had been so far. The heaviest heaviest thing in the past was a hundred and eighty-nine jins!

Everyone sighed in admiration, but at the same time, they were also incomparably disappointed.

This time, it was Master Wei's victory!

The previously nervous Master Wei finally broke out into a proud smile. The Inscriptionists who were on good terms with him immediately stepped forward to offer their congratulations.

Duan Qian walked to the side of Qin Yun's forging platform as everyone fell silent. Everyone wanted to see how skilled Qin Yun was. After all, it would not be bad if he could reach such a level.

"100 jins is already enough!" Liang Shuijin sneered, "It's only relying on the Purple Gold Fire and the Giant Spirit King Hammer, his own level isn't that good either!"

His words were laced with a thick sour tone. It was clear that he was envious of Qin Yun.

Qin Yun smiled slightly and said mockingly, "I am indeed not as good as you! You have a top-grade furnace, a high-grade forging hammer, and also a set of flag arrays. Although you weren't able to complete the competition, being able to hold on for so long is already not bad. "

The angry Liang Shuijin was just about to say something when he heard Duan Gan shout, "Qin Yun, two hundred jin and one taels!"

The main hall burst into an uproar as everyone let out incredulous cries.

"Am I hearing things?"

"The spirit iron that Qin Yun struck was actually heavier than Master Wei. That's impossible!"

"Impossible! No matter how heaven-defying Qin Yun is, it's impossible for him to do it with his current strength! "

"General director, did you call me wrongly?"

The old masters questioned and exclaimed one after another.

Many people did not believe that the two kilograms of spiritual iron forged by Qin Yun was real!

Even Qin Yun suspected that he had misheard. He knew that his spirit iron ingot was not light. He estimated that it weighed around 180 pounds, but he did not dare to estimate the weight at 200 pounds.

"If you don't believe me, you'll know after weighing it yourself." Duan Qian smiled as he walked towards Master Wei and the others. They also took out their poles and scales one by one.

In a row, more than ten inscriptionists reported the same result. When it was Master Wei's turn to announce the results, it was the same result!

Liang Shuijin, who had mocked Qin Yun earlier, had an extremely ugly expression. He was known as the youngest genius, a monster.

But now, he was left far behind by Qin Yun. The words "genius" had become a great mockery to him.

Master Wei was the one who could not accept such an outcome the most, because the first place belonged to him!

"This... I can't believe it's true. Qin Yun is only fifteen years old. Master Wei had already shook his head. No matter what, he would not accept this result.

"The truth is right in front of you!" Duan Gan said.

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