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Chapter 101 Exceptional Performance

Qin Yun could only sigh inwardly. All of them were fully prepared.

Especially Master Wei and the others, they had prepared for nearly ten years.

As for Qin Yun, he only knew two days ago that it was already too late to begin preparations.

Everyone was curious as to why Duan Gan did not provide Qin Yun with any resources. Otherwise, he would not be so far behind others.

At this moment, Qin Yun had been completely ignored by everyone …

The other Inscriptionists had already forged a piece of iron into a small piece of iron and started forging a second piece.

As for Qin Yun, he had just taken out the red-hot metal from the furnace and used a forging hammer.

"What is in Qin Yun's hand is …" Was it the Giant Spirit King Hammer? No, it's not the real Giant Spirit King Hammer! " It was only then that everyone noticed Qin Yun.

"The blueprint of the Giant Spirit King Hammer that he obtained was refined now? The refining process of this sort of Royal Grade Spirit Treasure was very complicated, and it was not that easy to forge. Especially the layout between spirit inscriptions. The requirement for it is extremely high and you need to harmonize with your entire appearance or else you will not be able to succeed. "

"It seems like he has successfully forged a low-grade Giant Spirit King Hammer!"

"It's said that this is a blueprint passed down from the ancient giants. The arrangement of the inscriptions makes the power of the inscriptions even stronger!"

"The true Giant Spirit King Hammer can grow bigger. After all, it's for giants!"

Qin Yun did not know of the history behind the Giant Spirit King Hammer. The moment he took out the hammer, he used the Six Xing Long Styles and began forging.


As the hammer came crashing down, its aura felt like it was splitting the mountains. Everyone looked over in shock, their faces filled with incredulity!

"Just a low rank Giant Spirit King hammer has this kind of power?"

"One strike against several of our strikes!"

"This guy might be able to catch up to us. We need to hurry up. Don't let this little ghost catch up to us, we will be laughed at!"

Qin Yun had gone all out to forge it in order to unleash such terrifying might.

It was only a few hammers, yet it was already able to turn a hundred jin of iron into a small piece of spirit iron.

After he finished forging a small piece of spiritual iron, he hurriedly took out the metal that had been boiled in the furnace and hammered it a few more times. His speed was so fast that it made the old engravers exclaim in admiration.

"It looks like the Giant Spirit King Hammer is able to unleash Giant's inner strength!"

"I really didn't expect him to have such a hammer."

"He might be able to catch up!"

Hearing the people from the Star Palace saying something they were worried about, Duan Gan slightly smiled. He already knew how powerful the Giant Spirit King Hammer was. It was just that Qin Yun could not feel it for himself.

Even so, he was still astounded by Qin Yun's strength.

It wasn't easy to unleash the power of the Giant Spirit King Hammer, as it usually required a Profound Ranked Martial Technique, specifically a Hammer Technique.

Qin Yun's Dragon Tempering Six Styles was not bad as well. It was very close to a Profound Rank martial skill. Furthermore, he had learned it at the initial level and had used his inner strength to execute it.

"There's no need to use a furnace to burn this kind of ordinary iron!" Qin Yun looked at the sparkling Alchemy markings on the Giant Spirit King Hammer. It could produce a scorching power in itself.

He stopped sending fire into the furnace and carried the unburned iron to the forging table.

He directly used the Six Xing Long Styles to hit the iron hammer. The moment the hammer landed, the alchemy imprints absorbed the inner strength that was injected into the hammer. Then, they released a very strong heat from smelting and turned the iron into a red color.

Just a moment ago, everyone was wondering what he was doing, but upon seeing his actions, they were all taken aback!

One strike, two strikes, three strikes …. In total, he only needed six strikes to finish the task. Moreover, he only used the first two moves of the Six Xing Long Styles.

"This little bastard!" Master Wei was extremely jealous as he stared at the painting, cursing silently in his heart.

Qin Yun no longer needed to use the furnace. He was much faster than them.

Duan Qian was also shocked to the point that his heart secretly jumped. Only he knew that the alchemy markings on the Giant Spirit King hammer were high-grade spirit markings.

This was the only reason it had this kind of effect. In addition, the inner strength of the purple gold fire was able to perfectly fuse with the Giant Spirit King hammer and the alchemy patterns.

Qin Yun focused on forging, as though he had fused with the Giant Spirit King hammer. His hammering movements were natural and smooth, as though he had reached perfection.

Everyone had thought that Qin Yun, as the youngest Inscription Master, would not be much. He might even be inferior to Liang Shuijin.

However, in reality, he was much stronger than Liang Wujin.

Liang Shuijin's forging technique was very clumsy, and in the eyes of many Inscription Masters, this was what a novice should be like.

As for Qin Yun, he was at the level of a Grandmaster when it came to forging.

"Qin Yun struck fifty pieces of metal, while Liang Shuijin struck forty!" An old blacksmith in the Hall of Wonders exclaimed in a low voice.

Even the fastest, Master Wei, only had sixty-eight pieces! With his high-grade furnace and forging hammer, he was not much faster than Qin Yun.

Among the disciples of Blue Spirit Star Palace, the highest number was fifty-six, not much more than Qin Yun.

Most of the twenty Star Palace disciples were behind Qin Yun! One had to know that they possessed flag formations and high-grade spirit artifacts. They were actually behind the Qin Yun they looked down upon!

Qin Yun never expected that he would be able to catch up!

Amongst the contestants, he was considered a medium level.

"Qin Yun will not be able to sustain his exhaustion at all! The difficulty was that when one forged a hundred pieces of spirit iron into a single piece, one would need even more inner strength to support it. " An old man from the West Palace forcefully mocked.

Qin Yun was closer to the center. There were flags everywhere.

The biggest benefit of this was that he could absorb a large amount of Nine Yang energy from the Nine Yang Divine Spirit without being detected. Furthermore, he could also snatch away the Qi from the Spirit Gathering Flag Formation.

After he cultivated his primordial spirit, his perception of spiritual energy became clearer. Therefore, when the Nine Yang Divine Spirit absorbed spiritual energy, it could also absorb more!

Nearly two hours had passed!

"A hundred pieces of spirit iron have finally been completed!" Qin Yun looked at the small pile of spirit iron and wiped his sweat. He had forged a hundred pieces of spirit iron for the twentieth time.

Those from Blue Spirit Star Palace had ugly expressions on their faces. This was because Qin Yun was faster than even their disciples!

In the eyes of the old inscriptionist, the disciples of Blue Spirit Star Palace had performed quite well. However, they were still lacking when compared to a monster like Qin Yun.

Following that, Qin Yun used the furnace.

He placed a hundred pieces of Little Spirit Iron into a roasted red, then stacked them one by one to forge them into the size of standard spirit iron strips.

The most surprising thing was that Qin Yun was still energetic. This did not make sense.

This was because he only had a single spiritual vein and had yet to consume any medicinal pills. Yet, he was able to sustain his energy consumption for such a long period of time. Even Master Wei, who was at the ninth level of the Martial Body, could not do this.

"Chief, don't you think that Qin Yun is a little strange? This goes beyond common sense! " An elder from Nangong said coldly.

"The reason why your Blue Spirit Star Palace has declined and has had to hide in this sort of place isn't without reason, you can't even recognize the situation? Qin Yun's inner force cultivation method has been cultivated to a superb realm. He will only be able to rapidly replenish his energy by condensing his spirit and cultivating his primordial spirit. " Duan Qian chuckled.

The perfection of one's inner force was something every Martial Body Realm cultivator yearned for in their dreams!

Upon hearing Duan Qian's words, Master Wei stopped his beating and looked at Qin Yun in shock. The other inscriptionists did the same!

Duan Qian continued to ridicule, "Otherwise, how could he run out of the Heaven's Punishment Tower? His Primordial Spirit came out of the tower to absorb spirit energy and condense a purple gold flame. Only through the spirit lines and the like could a hole be burned out of the tower."

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