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Chapter 42 Anger Shakes the Nine Firmaments


Long Chen's aura suddenly exploded out.


Even the nobles weren't able to control themselves. After Long Chen's exploded, seven cyclones vaguely appeared behind his body.

"He's actually only at the seventh Heavenstage of Qi Condensation?"

Even after so many battles, Long Chen had never revealed his true cultivation base. Many people speculated that he had already reached the Blood Condensation realm but was just hiding it.

But now that he had released his aura, it was clearly just of the seventh Heavenstage of Qi Condensation.

"But why is his seventh Heavenstage Qi Condensation aura so powerful?"

Some people were the first to realize that something was wrong. That aura was too terrifying; it definitely didn't seem to be of the seventh Heavenstage.

Wei Cang, Xia Changfeng, and the others were also very startled. This was the first time they had seen or heard of such a thing.


Long Chen stamped on the stage, causing it to tremble. He charged towards Huang Chang.

His fist was like a huge hammer smashing down, creating gales that filled the air.

Huang Chang coldly snorted; his body shook and the Blood Qi from his body surged out, causing the space around to twist. He also send out a punch to receive him.

An earthshaking explosion rang out when the two fists collided. Qi waves surged out, engulfing everything.

Long Chen's fist was like a mountain, consecutively smashing down three times like a tempest. Huang Chang's expression changed and he roared, using his full power to block it.

BANG! The huge martial arena that was over three hundred meters long was unable to bear the force of their power. It shattered into pieces that flew out everywhere, causing everyone to scream.

With another explosion, the two of them reappeared atop the crumbled martial arena, grimly glaring at each other.

"I really never expected you had at least this much ability." Huang Chang wiped some bloodstains from his mouth.

The current Long Chen was practically a Magical Beast in human form. His great power shocked everyone. Huang Chang was caught off guard and actually received a slight injury.

"The things you never expected are many. You shouldn't have used Chu Yao or my brother to infuriate me. You've made me angry; even I'm afraid of me when I'm angry," coldly said Long Chen.

"Hahaha, how boastful. Do you really think I only have this little capability? Today I'll show a little frog like you what true strength is."

Huang Chang's aura steadily climbed. Originally he was only at the fourth Heavenstage of Qi Condensation. But that quickly rose.

"Fifth Heavenstage."

"Sixth Heavenstage."

"Seventh Heavenstage."

Grandmaster Yun Qi's expression changed; he had never thought this Huang Chang had actually hidden his cultivation base and was actually a late Blood Condensation expert.

The difference between the third and fourth Heavenstages was extremely great; the same was true for the sixth and seventh Heavenstages.

When those huge barriers were overcome, one's battle power would increase greatly. That was why the Blood Condensation realm was split into early, mid, and late stages to determine strength.

Now Huang Chang had exploded out with the seventh Heavenstage of Blood Condensation's strength. Blood Qi surged all over his body, stifling people's hearts.

"Now do you get it kid? Your death has arrived."

Malevolence covered his face and a large fist smashed down at Long Chen before he even finished speaking.

Long Chen's heart shivered. His intuition really had been correct in that Huang Chang was concealing his cultivation base. This was his true strength.

Originally Long Chen didn't want to fight with Huang Chang at such a time. But he had already gone mad with anger, and if he hadn't met him in battle then he would have been unable to accept the pain in his heart.

Seeing Huang Chang coming at him with a disdainful smile as if he were just an insect, Long Chen's fury burst out again and the seven cyclones in his Dantian were used to their max as he also sent a fist to meet him.

With another huge explosion, Long Chen felt a huge force pass through him. It felt as if a charging bull had ran into him, immediately sending him flying.

He smashed into one of the pieces of rubble of the martial arena. He actually shot straight through a piece of wood at least over a foot thick and kept going for several meters before landing on the ground.

"What power. Is the difference between mid and late stage so great?"

Long Chen stood back up, shocked. The first time he had met Huang Chang he had only revealed a cultivation base at the fourth Heavenstage of Qi Condensation.

Even at that time Long Chen had sensed he was completely unable to block him. He had been amazed at the difference between the early and mid stages then.

When he had fought the man with the long eyebrows at the Heroic Assembly House, the long eyebrowed man had not been able to fight back against him at all. And he had been someone at the early stage of Blood Condensation.

Now Long Chen had condensed eight cyclones and his combat ability was several times greater than back then, but he was still completely overwhelmed by the late stage Huang Chang.

"A trash actually dares to brazenly challenge me? Does he even dare to show his face? Does a toad like him really dare to eat a swan's meat? Don't make me laugh." Huang Chang was slowly walking towards Long Chen, smiling with contempt. "A person like you isn't suitable to live in the same world as me. Let me end you."


Chu Yao shrieked and was about to charge forward.

"Don't be impudent; no one can interfere in a life and death battle." The Empress Dowager's face sunk and she sternly warned her.

At the same time a dozen guards appeared beside Chu Yao. Those guards were all experts that Chu Yao was definitely unable to pass through.

"Child, sit. You can't stop it," gently said grandmaster Yun Qi.

"Grandmaster, please. Save Long Chen!" Chu Yao tearfully begged.

"Don't worry, even if I have to lose all my face, I'll definitely go save Long Chen," grandmaster Yun Qi quietly whispered to her with a smile.

Hearing him say that, Chu Yao was filled with relief. Grandmaster Yun Qi continued, "Let's first observe for a while. Long Chen isn't a normal person and he definitely has his own trump cards."

Chu Yao nodded. Although they hadn't known each other for long, but her impression of him was that he was an extremely reliable person. She didn't know why, but for some reason he also caused her heart to be confused.

Thinking about what she had just done and how others had seen it, her face immediately turned red.

Knowing that Long Chen would die without a doubt, the already calmed down Xia Changfeng immediately became furious when he saw Chu Yao care about Long Chen like that.

He immediately shouted, "Huang Chang, stop wasting time. Finish it!"

Huang Chang had already arrived in front of Long Chen when he heard those orders. He sighed, "Kid, let me give you some advice right before you die. In the next life, be aware of your own strength. Some people can't be provoked by you."

He coldly laughed and sent a punch smashing towards Long Chen. But this punch was completely silent. A yellow dirt color appeared over, clearly marking it as a high grade Battle Skill.

Everyone was stunned; he was a late Blood Condensation expert, and Long Chen had already completely dominated without any Battle Skills. Now that he had used one, Long Chen's death was doubtless.

Some of the maidens had already closed their eyes tightly, not wanting to see the scene of Long Chen's blood flying.

But Long Chen wasn't the slightest bit panicked. He indifferently said, "People really do give good advice right before dying. You're right, be aware of your own strength. Some people can't be provoked by you."

Long Chen met Huang Chang's fist with his own fist. Just before they collided, the FengFu Star at the bottom of his foot began to rapidly circulate and a strand of energy was sent into his Dantian.

The originally slowly circulating cyclones immediately grew ten times and began to wildly spin.

An endless ocean of energy filled his entire body.


Qi waves surged out, shaking every direction, causing the entire plaza to shake. Shocking energy swept out throughout.

Tempests of wind wildly surged, almost blowing people away. Everyone retreated filled with shock and terror.

Such a terrifying battle was something they had never seen or imagined before. Was this really power humans were capable of?

When the dust slowly settled, the original form of the stage could no longer even be seen. It was in complete ruins.

In the middle was an empty space that had originally held a very stable stone slab. Now it was covered in spiderweb cracks.

There, two people were staring at each other, their fists still connected. Long Chen's eyes were like lightning as he unwaveringly glared at Huang Chang.

Currently Huang Chang was completely shocked. Just now he had used his full strength but was actually unable to move Long Chen in the slightest.

He sensed that behind Long Chen's fist was an unending stream of energy that flowed out like angry endless waves.

Huang Chang had already erupted with all his power, but was unable to kill Long Chen. It felt as if Long Chen had an endless pit of energy, causing him to feel the slightest trace of fear for the first time.

Xia Changfeng and Wei Cang quickly stood up, filled with amazement. Long Chen's combat ability had completely exceeded their expectations.

"How is this possible?"

Xia Changfeng's expression was ugly. How could a child at the seventh Heavenstage of Qi Condensation explode with such terrifying strength? He was actually an equal for a late Blood Condensation expert.

Everyone present was speechless like wooden statues. Even the always calm grandmaster Yun Qi was astonished.

Chu Yao was filled with both surprise and delight. A soft feeling arose in her beautiful eyes as she looked at that figure which appeared like a heavenly diety.

Fatty Yu and the others were trembling with excitement. They had been reluctant to say anything just now; after all that was a late Blood Condensation expert. They had really expected Long Chen might die today.

With the assistance of Long Chen's medicinal pill, the unconscious Shi Feng had already awoken. But many of his bones were broken and he was unable to move. He could only rely on Shou Hou's support.

Seeing Long Chen overflowing with killing intent and appearing like a bloodthirsty murderous divinity, his heart shook and he felt completely ashamed.

Even if he was stupid he could see that this had been a trap for Long Chen. They had used him in order to force Long Chen into a meticulously arranged snare.

And Long Chen had clearly known this was a trap that could easily kill him, yet he still jumped in because of him. This caused Shi Feng who was an unshakeable stoic man to tear up.


Long Chen shouted and an unstoppable force surged out of him pushing Huang Chang back.

"Huang Chang, if I can't make your blood dye this ground, then I, Long Chen, will not see tomorrow's sunrise."

Long Chen's voice sounded as if it had come from the depths of the underworld, his killing intent not the slightest bit concealed. It caused even the wind and clouds to tremble and people's hearts to shake

"Hmph, although you might be powerful, killing people doesn't just rely on strength." Huang Chang coldly smiled. "However, you did say one thing right. You definitely won't be seeing the sunrise tomorrow, because tonight I'll definitely kill you!"

Huang Chang's words finally caused some people to realize that this battle of theirs wasn't some coincidence, but a clear trap for Long Chen.

Long Chen took a deep breath. He slowly raised his fist. No wind moved around his body, but his robes began to float up, his black hair dancing in the wind. It was as if a divinity of war had possessed his body.

"Then let's see just which one of us won't see tomorrow's sunrise!"

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