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Chapter 41 Long Chen's Fury

"Long Chen!"

"Long Chen!"

"Long Chen!"

Long Chen glanced at Huang Chang and then at the distant Xia Changfeng. How could he not understand what was going on? With a cold laugh, he beckoned with a hand.

Long Chen reached out a hand and everyone immediately became silent as they looked at him. But Long Chen only threw out a single sentence. "I have no interest in battling with a declining dog who has aged prematurely."

The entire crowd was completely stunned; Long Chen had actually declined.

"This is Phoenix Cry's number one junior generation? What a worthless person. It really is disappointed." Huang Chang shook his head.

Long Chen coldly smiled. He had already jumped into one trap, so did they expect he would jump into a second one? There wasn't even any bait this time. Did they think he was stupid?

"Let's leave now. Don't bother with that dog."

Following his shout to the crowd, Long Chen walked away. He urgently wished to refine the beast flame and didn't have time to waste on them.

"You actually want to obtain the third princess with such conduct? I'd advise you about the toad who wanted to try eating the swan's meat. Or should I call you trash?" Huang Chang coldly laughed when he saw Long Chen wanted to leave.

Long Chen suddenly turned stiff. This Huang Chang had truly infuriated him. He didn't know when it had happened, but at some point Chu Yao had already become an extremely important part of his life that he absolutely could not let other people trample on.

But despite his fury, Long Chen still didn't want to fight with this Huang Chang. He didn't have enough assurance, so he continued to walk away.

"I'll accompany you." Suddenly Shi Feng shouted and jumped atop the martial arena.

Long Chen was greatly alarmed and quickly went to grab Shi Feng. But Shi Feng had gone too fast and Long Chen wasn't able to stop him before he had already jumped atop the stage.

"Huang Chang, clean your mouth. Long Chen isn't someone you can disgrace." Shi Feng coldly pointed at Huang Chang.

Seeing Shi Feng come onto the stage, Huang Chang's eyes brightened. He cruelly smiled, "Although you might be the number one junior warrior, you won't last ten exchanges with me. You should go down and try not to lose face."

"Too arrogant!"


"Wreck him Shi Feng!"

Shi Feng had just obtained the title of number one junior warrior. His strength just now was admired by countless people. For this person from the Grand Xia to insult Shi Feng was insulting the entire younger generation of the Phoenix Cry Empire.

"Shi Feng, get down!" Long Chen had already rushed over beside the stage and sternly ordered him.

"See, he told you to get down. He's afraid you'll get hurt. You should go down." Huang Chang also indifferently persuaded him. But his words were even more infuriating than someone cursing him.

"Long Chen, I want to test him," said Shi Feng.

"This is a trap! If you fight with him, you won't be my brother anymore!" Long Chen angrily roared.

"He can insult me, but he cannot insult you. No matter what, I have to fight him. I can't listen to you today." Shi Feng glared at Huang Chang. "Come."

Huang Chang glanced at him and nodded. "I hadn't noticed that you are more mature than him. Due to your courage, I will concede if you can receive ten of my blows."


Shi Feng roared and all his body's Blood Qi erupted. Stamping on the stage, he rushed at Huang Chang with a punch.

This punch contained all of Shi Feng's power. Wind whistled and even space was tore open. Even people dozens of meters away could clearly feel it.


Seeing Shi Feng's imposing punch, everyone let out a burst of cheering. But Long Chen was extremely anxious.


Shi Feng's fist which had seemed completely unstoppable was stiffly blocked. Huang Chang used merely a single hand to stop it. In fact, Shi Feng's entire body's momentum had disappeared the moment he had collided with that hand.


Everyone was shocked; Shi Feng's punch was extremely powerful, but was unable to shake Huang Chang at all. Their hearts jumped wildly.

"Just this little power?" Huang Chang shook his head disdainfully.

Shi Feng's astonishment immediately became a raging fury. He sent a kick viciously towards Huang Chang's stomach, at the same time using his right hand to lock Huang Chang's throat.

This was a double attack; the kick was sent first so Huang Chang would try to avoid it while his other hand could lock his throat. It was a very clever move.

But what Shi Feng hadn't expected was that Huang Chang didn't even avoid it. He actually sent out another kick in response, and its speed was extremely strange; despite being the second to move, his kick landed first.


Huang Chang's kick landed on Shi Feng's knee. Shi Feng felt a burst of pain there before suddenly also feeling a punch land on his stomach.

He was sent back three steps and found his right knee was already broken. But before he could recover, Huang Chang had already pressed his advantage.

"He really is not bad. If Shi Feng can't continue, then he should concede."

Huang Chang's movement were not slow at all. A hand shot out directly for Shi Feng's throat.

Shi Feng quickly sent a punch to block that claw.


Shi Feng's punch was only just sent out before it was latched onto by Huang Chang's hand, and suddenly a powerful force came from it.


One of Shi Feng's arms broke.

"Ah, my bad. It seems I used a bit too much strength."

Huang Chang smiled apologetically, but his hands didn't stop and another one came at him.

One of Shi Feng's knees was unable to move anymore, so there was no way for him to retreat. This time Huang Chang's palm landed on his shoulder.

A bizarre force came from it, and Shi Feng felt his stomach become suppressed as if it was being crushed by a huge boulder. It became difficult to breath.

Now he finally realized the power difference between them was too great. He wanted to open his mouth, but he found he was actually already unable to speak.

"Shi Feng, if you can't continue then you can concede at any time."

Huang Chang smiled slightly, but his eyes were extremely sinister. Another palm was sent towards Shi Feng's stomach.


Shi Feng was sent flying and spit out a mouthful of blood. The force was so great that he was sent flying off the stage.

Long Chen lightly jumped and caught Shi Feng. Long Chen examined him and found Shi Feng's knee was broken, his arm was broken, and the last blow had split his meridians, almost turning him into a cripple.

The entire plaza was deathly silent. No one had thought the bold and powerful Shi Feng that was unequalled just a short moment ago would be defeated so quickly and miserably.

"Brother Shi Feng really is too stubborn. He actually decided to take that palm… my apologies." Huang Chang was helplessly looking at Long Chen and the others from atop the stage.

But deep within his gaze, Long Chen could see his ridicule and contempt.

"Fists have no eyes. If you have to blame someone, you can only blame him for trying to show off without any ability. Not killing him is already not bad." Wei Cang shook his head.

"Shut the hell up you old stick!"

Long Chen's sudden furious shout rang out and a powerful killing intent soared, causing everyone to tremble.

Even those noblemen who saw battle all year round felt their heart's jump and were shocked.

Long Chen fed Shi Feng a healing pill and slowly walked up the martial stage. Looking at Huang Chang, his words were like ice shards.

"You're trying to force me to fight you right? I guess you're satisfied now."

The current Long Chen was filled with surging killing intent. What he didn't know was that while he was consumed by his fury, the FengFu Star at the bottom of his foot was quickly circulating.

Before it was just a primal ball of energy, but now it was gradually becoming clear. However with the passing of time, it seemed as if it were lacking some kind of energy and slowly dimmed back down to its original state.

Long Chen turned to Xia Changfeng and pointed at his nose. "Xia Changfeng, you cuckold bastard, just wait for me!"

He then continued, "Empress Dowager, I demand a life and death battle with Huang Chang."

That final sentence of his was said to the Empress Dowager. For a moment, the entire plaza became still.

"Long Chen…"

Chu Yao was panicked looking at the infuriated Long Chen. She had never seen him so angry before and her heart couldn't help being pained for him.

"Empress Dowager, life and death battles are grand and heroic. It's the very essence of what it means to be a man. I feel that the only right choice is to support it."

Seeing Long Chen furiously demand a life and death battle with Huang Chang, Wei Cang became joyous. He would be able to take back his beast flame if this continued.

That was because the loser would have his spoils taken away by the victor in a life and death battle.

The Empress Dowager was in a difficult position. She looked at grandmaster Yun Qi who was also gravely looking at Long Chen.

"Please help grandmaster." Long Chen nodded to him.

Yun Qi sighed, "Empress Dowager can decide this. Since this is Long Chen's challenge, the guild has no right to interfere."

"Then I permit it."

Following her proclamation, no one cheered the slightest. This was already not a martial competition but a bloody battle of death.

Xia Changfeng had just been cursed by Long Chen, but he wasn't the slightest bit angry. It was not worthwhile to get angry with a dead man.

Their trap was going great; originally they were planning on Huang Chang accidentally making a mistake and killing Long Chen, but now they could kill him openly and resolve all their hatred.

Chu Yao on the other hand was extremely worried. Huang Chang had defeated Shi Feng as if he were playing with a child and was obviously an extremely powerful and frightening opponent.

The people below the stage who had wanted Long Chen to accept at the beginning all despaired now. They were astonished that Long Chen would now propose a life and death battle.

Some of the women were covering their mouths, their eyes filled with admiration. Long Chen's coarse and wild side had aroused their heartstrings.

Huang Chang contemptuously looked at Long Chen. "If you had come earlier, your friend would be fine. How low of you."

Long Chen didn't reply. Calmly standing there, frightening killing intent soared off his body.

"I feel like your gaze is extremely dislikable. I think I'll first dig out your eyes."

Huang Chang suddenly stamped on the ground and appeared beside Long Chen like a ghost. His speed was shocking and even faster than when he had fought with Shi Feng.

"Fuck off!"

His shout was like lightning, shaking the world. All people could was a figure flying back after this shout.

People looked at the stage. Long Chen was standing there motionlessly with his fist forward. Huang Chang was fifteen feet away, his face shocked.

"What's going on?"

"I didn't see."

"It looks like Long Chen punched Huang Chang flying."

Amongst the people discussing what was happening, Fatty Yu and the others took the lead and started cheering, causing others to also join in.

Long Chen didn't pay the slightest attention to those cheers. He coldly looked at Huang Chang. "If you manage to leave alive today, then I wouldn't be Long Chen."


Suddenly the aura around Long Chen's body exploded and caused space to tremble. His terrifying aura shot everywhere, causing everyone's expression to immediately change.

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