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Long Chen’s heart pounded. This statue looked the same as one of the statues by Pill Valley’s gates, one of their two gods, Lord Brahma.

This statue depicted Lord Brahma sitting cross-legged, his eyes closed in meditation. His hands were placed on his knees and were forming a strange seal.

Although there were no divine runes around it, despite the fact that it was just sitting there quietly, Long Chen couldn’t stop his heart from pounding wildly. This statue gave him a sensation of immense danger.

“Be careful. This is a true divine inheritance statue,” said Evilmoon heavily.

“What is that?” asked Long Chen.

“Most of the divine statues you’ve seen are ones that gather faith energy and form a connection with the god. Those statues at Pill Valley’s gates are like that. But this statue contains a trace of the god’s true divine energy. It is left behind as a blessing to his descendants. So, don’t do anything stupid like attack it. You’ll definitely be instantly annihilated.”

“So this statue contains a trace of Lord Brahma’s divine will?” asked Long Chen.

“I wouldn’t go that far. In my current state, I cannot accurately judge, but based on the fluctuations, it should just contain divine energy and none of the god’s actual will.”

“Then why not test it with a slash? If we can make it bleed, you can absorb its divine energy,” said Long Chen boldly.

“Are you crazy? That’s absolutely impossible. The divine energy inside is on a completely different level. It can only be accessed by someone that he has approved in advance. That divine energy inside is only for his descendants. If anyone else touched it, they would be killed. I’m not even close to being able to absorb that kind of divine energy.”

“Fine. Then I’ll let you off for today.” Long Chen looked at the statue hatefully. With his character, he should have at least pissed on the statue today, but perhaps the will within him disdained to do such a thing.

This statue of Lord Brahma looked even more imposing than the one by the gates of Pill Valley. He looked young and handsome, having a faint smile and giving off a peaceful feeling. Long Chen did his best not to be affected by his will as he examined the statue.

“His nose is narrow, his lips are thin, his chin is sharp, and with that cold appearance, he’s definitely not a good fellow even after becoming a god,” said Long Chen disdainfully.

“You can read faces?” asked Evilmoon.

“Anything relating to conning people, I know a bit.” Long Chen nodded.

From the Eastern Wasteland to the Central Plains, Long Chen had seen countless people. He had his own way to judge others. Although he wouldn’t say he could see through a person’s heart with a look, he was pretty good at guessing their basic nature.

Even without being influenced by the will of the Pill Sovereign, he didn’t judge this Lord Brahma to be a good character.

Just what kind of existence was the Pill Sovereign? Why was it that it would have such immense hatred for Lord Brahma and Fallen Daynight? Could it be that the Pill Sovereign had been on the same level as those two gods?

Walking around the statue, Long Chen saw a staircase leading up. He carefully walked up. Upon reaching the second level, he was surprised to see that while the first level had been huge, this second level was much smaller. It looked to only be a few hundred meters in diameter.

In the center of the second level, he saw a square divine platform. There was a foot-long sphere on top of it. It was like a revolving red sun emitting a beautiful light.

Looking around, he didn’t see anyone else. He walked closer to the sphere, and he noticed that there were runes flowing within it.

“Those are inheritance runes.” Long Chen was happily surprised to see this. These inheritance runes were imbued with spiritual marks to pass on knowledge. Looking closely at it, he deduced, “Based on the fluctuations, I’d say that it was used recently.”

The Pill Fairy’s image appeared in his mind. She had clearly come and received the inheritance before leaving.

Long Chen slowly reached out toward the sphere. However, some invisible force kept him from touching it. Long Chen narrowed his eyes. This was Lord Brahma’s inheritance and was clearly not for outsiders.

He had an urge to cut it, but ignoring whether or not he could, if he broke it, the inheritance runes would fade as well.

After thinking about it, Long Chen suddenly ran down the stairs to the statue and took out Evilmoon.

“What are you doing?! You can’t cut him!” shouted Evilmoon.

“Do you think I’m such an unreliable person? I’m not cutting him.”

Long Chen gently used Evilmoon to cut across Lord Brahma’s face.

The golden gilt on top of Lord Brahma’s statue slowly fell. It actually had fluctuations of divine energy, and Long Chen took it away.

Evilmoon instantly understood. So Long Chen wanted to cover himself up with this golden light. It sighed, wondering just how Long Chen’s brain worked.

“Be careful not to touch the actual statue. If you provoke the divine energy inside, you’ll die,” warned Evilmoon.

“Don’t worry, I’ve studied engraving before.” Long Chen chortled. A word slowly appeared on Lord Brahma’s forehead.


Evilmoon was speechless.

“Hehe, what bold and graceful calligraphy. Well written, if I do say so myself!” Looking at his masterpiece, Long Chen nodded in admiration.

When Evilmoon looked at the writing, it felt it to be the scribbling of a child. “If you’re so confident about it, why not leave behind your name so that your legacy will be preserved?”

“Cough, well, you know I’m rather low key. Being arrogant isn’t my style. Not leaving your name after doing good deeds, that’s the way of the king,” said Long Chen righteously.

After saying that, Long Chen took away the gilt he had cut off. He refined it into a glove. But then his face grew hot as he realized he had made an extra finger.

“Whatever, it’s good enough.” Long Chen walked back up with the glove. He slowly reached toward the sphere, and this time it didn’t push him back.

“Hehe.” Long Chen’s hand finally touched the sphere. It shivered, but there was no further reaction. The inheritance runes didn’t come toward him.

“You’re not coming? Then I’ll take you myself.” Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength surged out.

A flood of information suddenly poured into Long Chen’s brain.

“An eleventh tier medicinal pill!”

Long Chen was delighted. All kinds of medicinal pill formulas were appearing in his mind. With eleventh tier medicinal pills, he could finally cultivate faster.

Time passed bit by bit, while more and more pill formulas appeared in his head. Fortunately, his Spiritual Strength was strong enough to accept so much information. Anyone else would have had their soul crumble from this torrent.

Suddenly, sacred chanting appeared in Long Chen’s mind. Hearing that sound, Long Chen’s body shook.

“The third volume of the Nirvana Scripture.”

The first and second volumes of the scripture rang out in his mind at the same time. They combined together.

Long Chen felt like he had already known the scripture. It was incredibly familiar, and so he memorized it just after hearing it once. However, the inheritance caused the scripture to ring out from start to end three times for him.

After that, the runes of the sphere dimmed as if they had used up all their energy. As for the divine platform beneath the sphere, it lit up, sending surges of divine energy into the sphere.

Long Chen looked around. Confirming there was nothing off, he set off for the third level. Upon reaching the third level, he almost didn’t dare to believe his eyes.

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