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The third level was a giant pool. At the center was a gushing fountain, and at the mouth of the fountain was a fairy-like woman sitting.

It was the Pill Fairy, Yu Qingxuan. There wasn’t even an inch of clothing on her right now. Her jade-like skin was fully revealed to Long Chen.

Within the water was immortal mist that curled around her, entering her body.

Although Long Chen was no longer an amateur in that regard, his throat became dry, and his heart pounded wildly.

“Can you grow up? You’re someone who’s even taken a god,” said Evilmoon disdainfully.

“Tch, shut up. My dreams of a beautiful life were ruined by her,” raged Long Chen.

That legendary most amazing experience of one’s life had occurred twice to him, without him feeling happy in the slightest. One was forced by someone, and one was forcing someone. That feeling wasn’t the same as the legends said.

“A good person doesn’t peek, a good person doesn’t peek…” Long Chen muttered to himself.

“Shameless. If you’re not peeking, why are your eyes open so wide?” said Evilmoon. Long Chen’s eyes were still firmly glued to the Pill Fairy.

“She’s actually not the slightest bit inferior to Leng Yueyan. I didn’t expect her to be so impressive… cough, I mean, a good person doesn’t peek.”

It was only with supreme willpower that Long Chen managed to look away from the Pill Fairy’s body and examine the surroundings.

The third level was the top. The only thing present was that pool. A jet of water came from an opening at the center, and the Pill Fairy was sitting there, immersed in the water.

Her eyes were closed, but her appearance was no longer like that of a gentle big sister. She was like an untouchable immortal instead.

“This water…!”

Long Chen reached out to touch the pool, only to be absolutely stunned. This wasn’t water. It was fire.

Black smoke instantly came from his fingers. Despite pulling back immediately, his fingers had turned black.

“First on the Earth Flame Rankings, the Inverse Dao Water Spirit Flame.”

Long Chen immediately realized what it was. This was a legendary existence and the most mysterious existence on the Earth Flame Rankings, to the point that people questioned whether or not it existed.

Just how powerful was Long Chen’s physical body currently? But just touching it had roasted his fingers. If he had been so careless as to jump in, wouldn’t he have been incinerated?

The name of the Inverse Dao Water Spirit Flame was tastefully chosen. Since ancient times, it was known by everyone that water and fire were incompatible. But the Inverse Dao Water Spirit Flame actually possessed the power of water and fire. It could take on the appearance of water as well as fire. It was something in defiance of the natural order and was a terrifying existence.

Long Chen looked at the Pill Fairy. She was still expressionless, seeming to not know that he had come. The power of the Inverse Dao Water Spirit Flame was currently merging into her body.

“She is slowly refining the Inverse Dao Water Spirit Flame…” Long Chen knew that the Pill Fairy was the true master of this place. She was the one with Lord Brahma’s approval, and everything here was arranged for her. Eventually, she would become the master of this Inverse Dao Water Spirit Flame as well.

“Evilmoon, do you think killing people is better or swindling them?” asked Long Chen.

“Killing…” said Evilmoon directly, seeming to understand something.

“Yes, I also think like that. The current Pill Fairy is foreign to me. It shouldn’t be too hard to attack her.” Long Chen nodded as if that had been exactly what he was thinking.

“Actually, I was saying that killing is wrong,” said Evilmoon.

“You’re right, killing is wrong. Although I feel like the current Pill Fairy is a strong foe, we were once friends. I even gave her the Jewel Blood Jade Orchid. Killing her definitely isn’t good,” said Long Chen.

“How are you so shameless? Why did you bother asking? In any case, with your shamelessness, whatever you say is right,” cursed Evilmoon.

“What’s wrong with you? I’m trying to comfort myself. I need someone else’s support to make this decision.” Long Chen was conflicted. If it was anyone else, he could be decisive. But it was the Pill Fairy. She had once let him off in a critical moment, willingly taking on the calamity he had provoked.

“The current Pill Fairy has already changed. Due to receiving the god’s blessing, she lives for her god. Considering your enmity with Pill Valley, she is definitely your mortal enemy. Attacking her would be your best option. One must be decisive,” said Evilmoon.

The current Pill Fairy was Pill Valley’s divine daughter, the god’s representative in this world. Long Chen was fated to be her mortal enemy.

Evilmoon knew that Long Chen wouldn’t kill her. But as long as he ruined her inheritance, he might end up saving his own life in the future.

“If she is my enemy, we will have an above board fight. I’ll stick to my original plan and split it evenly.” Long Chen awoke Huo Long who was in seclusion.

When Huo Long saw the Inverse Dao Water Spirit Flame, it surprisingly didn’t show any excitement. Instead, it became afraid. Long Chen had been planning on letting it absorb half of this flame, but now he found that Huo Long didn’t dare to absorb it.

“Really? You can’t absorb it?” Long Chen was startled.

Having absorbed so many Earth Flame Spirit Birthing Beads, Huo Long’s intelligence had grown to a level that it could communicate easier with Long Chen. It said that there was water attribute energy within it, which was poisonous to Huo Long.

Long Chen couldn’t help being disappointed. The number one flame on the Earth Flame rankings had heaven-defying power. It would be incredibly regretful if Huo Long couldn’t refine it.

However, Huo Long also said that while its current power was limited, it might be possible for it to refine the Inverse Dao Water Spirit Flame once it finished digesting all the previous energy it had devoured.

That made Long Chen feel a bit better, but then the question was, how was he supposed to gather the Inverse Dao Water Spirit Flame without disturbing the Pill fairy?

He slowly formed hand seals, connecting with the primal chaos space. If he wanted to gather the Inverse Dao Water Spirit Flame, he would need the primal chaos space. All previous Earth Flames had been completely suppressed by the primal chaos bead. However, this was the Inverse Dao Water Spirit Flame. Long Chen couldn’t help being nervous.

If the Inverse Dao Water Spirit Flame were to incinerate the primal chaos space, he would essentially be crippled. Without the medicinal fields inside, he wouldn’t be able to refine pills to cultivate.

Just as Long Chen was preparing to carefully withdraw a bit of the Inverse Dao Water Spirit Flame, before he could even suck away a drop, the entire palace shook intensely.

Jumping, Long Chen hastily stopped. Looking at the Pill Fairy, he saw that she hadn’t awoken.

Sweat dripped down his back. How had this caused such a huge disturbance? Without the primal chaos bead, how was he supposed to take the Inverse Dao Water Spirit Flame? With his hands? Wasn’t that suicide?

He took out a divine item. It was a curious divine item that looked like a ladle. It was something he had obtained from a Corrupt expert. He carefully tried scooping out some, only for the ladle to fracture before he could even send it into the primal chaos space.

“Dam, this flame is absolutely terrifying. I have to get it. Evilmoon, do you have any ideas?” asked Long Chen.

“What ideas could I possibly have? If even you couldn’t come up with anything, don’t turn to me. Also, don’t even think about using me for this. Although I might not be afraid of this Inverse Dao Water Spirit flame, I can’t gather it,” said Evilmoon.

That was true. After all, Evilmoon was a saber, not a storage item. Long Chen also couldn’t force it. If he awoke the Pill Fairy, that would be awkward. After all, she was currently naked.

He walked around the pool, finding that the pool was carved into a glossy stone. He then tried to carve out part of the stone to see if he could scoop up the flame with it, but the stone was protected by a formation.

“What should I do?”

Long Chen started to panic. This Inverse Dao Water Spirit Flame was a priceless treasure. If he could obtain it, it would become a life-saving trump card. But he couldn’t think of anything that would work. Was he really supposed to use his hands? Just how long would it take to scoop out half of the pool that way?

“Ah!” Long Chen suddenly clapped his forehead. Sitting on the edge of the pool, he focused on himself. The Nirvana Scripture began to ring out within his mind.

Runes appeared on Long Chen’s body. Covered by those runes, Long Chen slowly touched the pool with his hand.

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