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Chapter 92: Break out

Three minutes later, Marvin had gotten what he wanted.

Kate’s face was still completely crimson.

Even if she put her clothes back on, it still felt wrong.

This man looked a lot like those scamming high grade perverts her older sister talked about...

This was how Kate saw it.

Marvin was actually holding an iron wire in his hand.

He furtively glanced at Kate and she glared back, subconsciously covering her chest.

Marvin forced a smile and began to busy himself.

He already knew that her one piece skirt had chest support under her bosom, and there was an iron wire inside the support. It was used to help women shape their body.

This iron wire was Marvin’s key to break out of prison.

The jail tree’s wooden lock was innately countered by iron wires.

This was a secret that nobody knew for now.

Marvin softly stretched his hand, inserting the iron wire in the tree lock and turning it a few times.

This didn’t require the Lockpick skill. It would be of no use because the wooden lock was a magical lock.

But it had one peculiar property, which was that it would easily wither from being in contact with iron. Thus the Elven Iron Guard would do a body search before locking the prisoners in.

It would be impossible for the people inside to have any iron.

But the elves were totally unfamiliar with this kind of one piece skirt. This skirt just started being popular in the southwest. This kind of information, only a special kind of player like Marvin would know.

Under the effect of the iron wire, the wooden lock soon withered.

The two smoothly escaped!

At this moment, the whole jail tree forest was quiet, there was no Elven Iron Guards in sight!

This was a normal situation.

Because the elves were extremely confident in their own prisons. In fact, very few people could escape. The jail trees are extremely hard.

The few prisoners in the nearby trees saw Marvin and Kate escape and were immediately shocked, crazily waving at them.

Kate somewhat hesitated, while Marvin watched on the side.

He didn’t plan to release those people.

"Hurry and get your things, then we will run," he said hurriedly.

"The Elven Iron Guard will soon react."

He then took the lead and charged to the stone platform, recovering his possessions.

Kate clenched her teeth and also went to get her things.

The two no longer stayed there and ignored all those prisoners crazily gesticulating on their way out of the jail tree forest.

Break out successful!

Standing in the edge of the forest, Marvin sighed in relief.

In general, even if it’s the Elven Iron Guard, once escaped prisoners sneaked into Thousand Leaves Forest, it would be very difficult for them to give chase.

At that time, Kate poked Marvin with a flushed complexion.

Marvin said surprised, "What’s up?"

Kate bit her lip and said, "The wire, return it."

Marvin suddenly realized that the circle of iron wire was still in his hand...

It was always stuck to her body and him holding onto it really wasn’t so good.

He coughed twice and returned the thing.

Kate put the iron wire away, and felt a lot better. She couldn’t help but ask, "Why do you know so much?"

Marvin used the same old trick, "My grandfather is a wizard…"

"Many people have wizard grandfathers, but they don’t know our skirts have iron wires. They also don’t know iron wires can open elven wooden locks," Kate snorted. "You are really like those dishonest men my older sister told me about."


‘This could even be classified as dishonest?’ Marvin thought helplessly. In any case, he couldn’t let that girl know he was a transmigrator, right?

"But regardless of that, I still want to thank you."

Kate hesitated a moment. "You helped me twice, so I’ll repay you. But I don’t have any money right


"I don’t lack money." Marvin looked at Kate with interest.

Before he entered the Thousand Leaves Forest, it hadn’t occurred to him that he might meet one of the three Fate Sisters.

These three girls, if not for the jealous gods, would have continued to be treated as the plane’s own daughters.

If he could befriend them, at least before those jealous goddesses conspired, it would bring a lot of advantages.

"I’m have a lot of respect for shamans’ strength and I am quite curious about it," Marvin said politely. "If there is the opportunity, I’d like to exchange pointers with you sisters."

Kate’s expression turned embarrassed. "But my control is still no good."

"Big Sis said that only an Amethyst Rock could stop the berserk stage. Thus I want to find an amethyst rock to stop my power from going out of control."

"But I haven’t found it yet so I can’t show you my strength."

Amethyst Rock?

So it was like that?

Marvin was stunned.

He didn’t know much about shamans. Shamans in the game didn’t need to go through a berserk stage, so he also didn’t know how normal native shamans got through it.

‘It turns out that the Amethyst Rock can overcome the shaman’s berserk stage?’

‘But this thing is an uncommon natural resource and it would only grow in a few places, Thousand Leaves Forest being one of them.’ This thought appeared in Marvin’s mind.

"But if you are interested, I can let big sis show you," Kate seriously added.

"My older sister is very strong. A dragon isn’t her match."

Marvin nodded.

He obviously knew of that Fate Shaman who was as famous as the Valkyries. But compared to her two sisters, her temper was a lot more fiery.

That was a fierce girl capable of tearing apart a black dragon with her hands!

‘I guess she is already a Legend. After shamans got exiled, they were unable to cooperate and their development became very difficult.

It was also because of that extremely strong Queen’s emergence that they had the power to gather and establish Rocky Mountain Country.

But it was too early to go to Rocky Mountain. It would be better to wait until White River Valley had begun developing. Then he might be able to stay in contact with the shamans’ forces.

The two chatted for a while and then under Marvin’s suggestion, they began walking toward the depths of Thousand Leaves Forest.

Marvin remembered a few places in Thousand Leaves Forest which might have amethyst rock.

He didn’t know where that geezer Sean had gone and Marvin wouldn’t be able to find the Night Monarch’s grave alone. He also didn’t have anything to do around here, so it would be better to help the hurried Kate and conveniently make friends with a future Fate Shaman.

"Be at ease, the Iron Elven Guard are mostly scattered in the surroundings of the Thousand Leaves Forest."

"There are actually few of them in the center area. We shouldn’t be so unlucky to meet with them once again," Marvin reassured as they were walking.

Kate nodded.

But she hadn’t even finished nodding when she turned stiff!

Because from the fork ahead, countless shadows were quickly rushing over!


This time, even Marvin couldn’t help but curse!

How could that be?

Meeting two teams of Elven Iron Guards in a row?

"Quick, hide the wire!" He hurriedly told Kate.

A battle was impossible. They simply weren’t their match!

But he was also very curious. Was their luck so bad that they’d meet two teams of Elven Iron Guards in a row on the same night?

Thousand Leaves Forest was so huge that the probability of meeting them twice was surely less than 1/10000.

"Hide it where?" Kate was panicking a little.

The Elven Iron Guard has unparalleled speed in Thousand Leaves Forest. Others simply couldn’t compare with these elves blessed by the Great Elven King.

Fleeing was ridiculous!

"Hide it anywhere!" Marvin was a little worried.

He hated being unable to help Kate squeeze that circle in!

It would be extremely difficult to break out of prison again without an iron wire!

But the Elven Iron Guards rushing over were too fast and Kate didn’t have enough time to hide the iron wire.

"No good, I cannot go back to prison!" The girl suddenly became unyielding.

She threw the iron wire and her two purple eyes once again flickered in a strange radiance.

‘Shit! She will go out of control.’ Marvin felt like crying.

This girl was simply a bomb that could detonate at any moment!

If she really began casting, the edge of Thousand Leaves Forest would be affected! If Marvin wanted to avoid being injured by magic, he had to obediently stand next to her!

These Elven Iron Guards shouldn’t be immune to Kate’s magic!

They would die without leaving a body behind!

At that time, that Great Elven King would come kill them himself...

Marvin couldn’t imagine that scene!

But at that time, a familiar voice echoed, "Little girl, don’t be so nervous."

"I’m sorry for involving you in this matter. All this was only me wanting to test my apprentice’s reactions on a whim."

"I apologize to you. The wood elves are my friends, they won’t make things too difficult for you."

Marvin’s expression changed, as the old blacksmith’s silhouette appeared among the elves, happily smiling while looking at him.

Kate froze and looked at Marvin.

Marvin flushed red from anger. Turns out this old man was playing with him!

He only wanted to find an excuse to send him away and then let the Elven Iron Guard capture him to see if he was able to escape!

And here he had been worried about him all this time.

Seeing Marvin’s gloomy expression, Sean quickly walked over and solemnly said, "I guarantee that this was the last test."

"You passed. Welcome to the ranks of the Night Walkers. Next, I’ll hold the advancement ceremony!"

"As for this little girl, I am truly sorry for startling you. Please control your emotions."

"As compensation, I invite you to watch Marvin’s advancement ceremony. You would also receive by the Night Monarch’s blessings."

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