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Chapter 91: Imprisoned

After insta-killing the two men, Marvin, for the first time, didn’t immediately check his battle logs. Instead, he went to check on Kate’s condition.

The girl was in a very weak state, but stable.

Her expression as she looked at Marvin was full of shock.

She hadn’t expected Marvin’s fighting strength to be this strong, downing two big men in an instant without taking any damage.

She was staring at Marvin with round eyes, making him a little bit embarrassed.

"Thank you," the girl stiffly said.

From her childhood till now, she hadn’t had much social interaction. Everything was settled by her older sister.

Marvin turned his head and shrugged. "No need."

After saying this, they fell into a strange silence.

Kate didn’t know what to say, and Marvin, after confirming that the young girl had controlled her strength and was in a weak state, thoughtlessly checked his battle logs.

The recent battles seemed extremely easy, but it was just the reflection of his improved fighting experience and skills.

This was Marvin’s advantage. Forget people of the same level, even a base class holder with a few more levels could easily be killed by Marvin.

And a forest at night, this was his field.

But if they were advanced class holders, the circumstances would be very different. Advanced classes had all kinds of strange skills. If Marvin’s attack was blocked, what happened next would be very hard to guess.

Thus he was anxious about advancing. Night Walkers’ skills were varied and also more powerful.

This would certainly show in the next Battle of the Holy Grail.


As he was looking through the battle log, he noticed something.

[Due your repeated uses of rope in battle, and it’s obvious effects, you received a new title – Rope Master]

[Rope Master]: You have a special addiction for ropes and had already been a specialist in this hobby long enough to assume the title of Master.

Effect: When using this title, you can control two ropes!

Rope Master!

This title finally appeared.

Marvin excitedly clenched his fist.

He also held this title in the past. A thief using a wishful rope was originally his creation. He was later emulated by countless players.

People could normally only control a single rope.

But with the [Rope Master] title, one could control two ropes at the same time!

This would greatly broaden Marvin’s fighting patterns.

If a wishful rope was used properly, it would simply be a nightmare to the enemies.

If there were twice as many… Apart from casters, no class could be his match. Of course, that was only if the casters had a sort of dispel magic.

In fact, ordinary rangers generally lacked control type skills but they could use other things to make up for it.

Marvin has dealt with the problem so far by using the wishful rope and the spell – Vine Metamorphosis.

Even if these two methods seemed a bit crooked...

‘What’s with this Rope Master title’s description… What special addiction?’

Marvin was sneering inwardly.

At this time, the girl next to him was unable to bear this strange silence and took the initiative to talk.

"I am Kate. You apparently know my identity. Could I know your name?"

"Marvin." He was brief and concise.

"My grandfather is a wizard, so I know some special things."

"Before they completely awaken, shamans could experience a short or long period with poor control. It’s very difficult to endure during that period."

"You shouldn’t be venturing alone at this time."

After saying this, Marvin suddenly remembered something. ‘Where did that geezer Sean go?’

‘He made me save Kate. That task has been settled, but where did he run off to?’

Kate saw Marvin looking around and couldn’t help but ask dazedly, "Are you looking for something?"

Marvin didn’t have

time to answer as countless shadows came out from the depths of the forest!

The speed at which they appeared was extremely frightening. It only took three seconds for those shadows to arrive one after the other next to the clearing!

A drop of sweat rolled down Marvin’s forehead, but he still protected Kate behind him.

Under the moonlight, countless arrows were coldly aimed at the two.

"Don’t move, or you’ll die." A graceful voice echoed from between the trees.

Marvin smiled bitterly and raised both hands above his head.

Kate’s expression changed.

These guys had came too quickly. They didn’t even give them the opportunity to flee!

"A treacherous ranger."

"A shaman unable to control herself."

"Truly a weird combination. You shouldn’t be in Thousand Leaves Forest."

"Take them. Lock them in the [Akena] prison." That graceful voice made a decision.

A few slender male figures walked out from the shadows.

They were all very handsome, but their eyes were filled with killing intent.

The Elven Iron Guard!

‘Shit, arrested…’

Marvin sighed, helpless.

Kate’s expression behind him became very serious.

"Hey, don’t do anything foolish." Marvin discovered the girl’s unusual condition and whispered, "Listen to me, don’t fight with the Elven Iron Guard in Thousand Leaves Forest."

She hesitated, and then hid the item away.

Akena, one of the elven prisons in the vicinity of the Thousand Leaves Forest.

Ever since the Great Elven King rose to power, he started spending resources to build all kinds of prisons in the edge of Thousand Leaves Forest to lock away intruders.

Akena was one of those. Elven prisons were very difficult to escape from.

Marvin and Kate were taken inside one of the jail trees.

This was a restricted area, with all kinds of prisoners locked up in the jail trees. They made threatening gestures, but couldn’t let out any sounds.

Being locked inside was like having a silence skill used.

That silence skill didn’t have a time limit.

Thus, the whole jail tree forest was very quiet.

Marvin and Kate were searched for everything, including storage items. They were then locked up together.

The elves didn’t take any of their things, as this wasn’t in their nature.

There was a stone platform outside the jail tree and their things remained there, untouched.

After the elven iron guard in charge of the escort team confirmed that they didn’t have anything on them, he chanted an incantation and the jail tree locked them up.

They then left.

Only Marvin and Kate remained.

They couldn’t speak and could only look at each other in dismay.

Kate seemed very annoyed. She glared at Marvin, apparently wanting to know why he let them capture them.

Yet Marvin was relatively relaxed. He made a few gestures, hinting at Kate to stay calm and not be impatient.

Kate failed to understand, so she could only watch helplessly.

One must say, no matter what expression beautiful girls had, it would still give a special feeling.

Kate was about 16 - 17 years old, a bit older than Marvin, and had matured quite nicely. Her eyes were bewitching. The two were locked in the same tree jail and Marvin was somewhat restless. It wasn’t that he was bad with girls.Seeing a pretty girl it was natural for him to give a few more glances.

Thus, the two soon started staring at each other.

They were sitting in the jail tree and the ground was made of sandy soil. She began to feel more and more impatient. Marvin estimated that now was good enough, and broke a branch.

He wrote on the soil with the branch:

[Don’t be angry about earlier, I have a way to escape.]

In the past, Marvin didn’t refrain from going to Thousand Leaves Forest. He got arrested a few times by the elven iron guard when he was at a low level. After a long time, he figured out the trick to get out of prison.

He even remember that once one broke out of an elven jail three or more times, they would receive the [Breakout Master] title in the game.

But this title, apart from fooling newbies… It had no substantial effect.

Kate saw those words and froze. She imitated him and wrote:

[What way?]

Marvin pointed at Kate’s upper clothes.

Her face immediately turned crimson and glared at him with an incredulous expression!

Marvin suddenly realized that he had been too straightforward, and hurriedly wrote something on the ground.

After reading, Kate still looked at Marvin with a somewhat weird expression.

After a while, she wrote, [Turn around. Don’t look.]

Marvin shrugged and turned.

Kate started undressing.

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