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Sean deserved his title of First Aid Master. It seemed he wasn’t just a blacksmith, but also a doctor.

He soon completed the treatment of Marvin’s ankle.

Even though Marvin still had to use crutches to walk, he estimated that he would recover in two or three days.

This was already pretty good. The problem with being wounded was that it would often not be completely cured and would leave sequelae behind.

And in this field, the formidable side of the Night Walker’s organization was revealed.

Although they only had eighteen people remaining, as a former leader Sean had many good things.

Including some divine spell scrolls and some secret medicine.

The value of those medicines was very high, but he didn’t hesitate to use them on Marvin.

From his actions, it could be assumed that he had already decided to take Marvin as his apprentice.

Indeed, apprentice.

After completing the first task, Marvin learned from Sean that he had to go through a process to become a Night Walker, and it was far more complicated than what he thought.

He was still an apprentice at the moment and had to complete a year long trial period before he could officially advance to Night Walker!

But a year was really too long to Marvin!

He hadn’t expected something like that!

If he had known earlier about the one year apprentice trial period, he wouldn’t have decided to advance through that path, no matter what.

But Sean apparently noticed Marvin’s apprehension and quickly appeased him.

After hearing Sean’s explanation, Marvin sighed in relief.

‘Turns out it’s like that.’

The next two days, Marvin carefully rested in the blacksmith shop. During that time, he met the blacksmith’s daughter Jane. The latter apologized to Marvin, visibly very embarrassed.

"Turns out you were really there to look for my father. I thought…" The girl shyly said.

"It’s fine, a girl with strong vigilance is a good thing. And by the way, the porridge you cooked was actually very tasty." Marvin smiled.

Jane’s face turned red, as she found an excuse to slip way. Marvin didn’t mind. He hadn’t come here to chase after girls. If he could learn Sean’s craftsmanship it’d be just fine.

But having said that, didn’t it seem like his territory was missing a good tailor?

Two days later, with help of all kinds of secret medicine from the Night Walkers’ organization, Marvin completely recovered.

He was back to being healthy and lively.

Sean saw the scene and nodded at Marvin, indicating that he was ready.

Because the 2nd task was about to begin.

Very late in the night, in the backyard of the blacksmith shop.

"I didn’t expect a basement to be there."

Marvin followed the old blacksmith Sean into the basement.

There was a spiral staircase at the entrance and candles flickering constantly

The atmosphere was very gloomy. It sounded like someone in the distance was chanting some ballad from the ancient times in a low voice.

"The Night Walkers are a very hidden organization. Few know of our existence," Old Sean stiffly answered.

"Including your daughter?" Marvin asked.

"Kid, if you dare to say anything about the Night Walkers in front of Jane… Trust me, even if I lost more than half of my fighting strength, I can still squish you a few times," the old blacksmith coldly snorted.

Marvin shrugged, not the least bit afraid of the threat. "Jane isn’t a fool, she is actually very clever. You won’t be able to conceal anything from her."

The old blacksmith was silent for a moment, before slowly shaking his head. "I only want to keep her away from danger."

"If she could have a lifetime of peace, it would be great."

"Quite difficult," Marvin remarked.

"Kid, in the end, what have you seen?" The old blacksmith couldn’t help but ask, "Hathaway saw destruction. What about you?"

"A calamity." Marvin didn’t hide anything. "No one would be spared. If you want Jane to live her life in peace, I’m afraid Oak Town isn’t a good location."

Sean gave a skeptical glance at Marvin, before saying:

"We’ve arrived."

They arrived indeed.

At the end of the stairs, was a small narrow room.

In a corner of the room was a pitch black mural.

The content on the mural was very monotonous. There was only a pair of eyes with a faint source of radiance underneath.

There was a massive pile of bones in the radiance, and the people on them struggled and howled in anguish.

Even though it was just a simple picture, to Marvin, it had a great impact!

"This is…"

"This is the scene of the ancient era’s people struggling in the eternal night," Sean solemnly said. "The Night Monarch left the darkness and protected Feinan’s lives, keeping monsters and foreigners from invading."

The Ancient Era?" Marvin was stunned.

He actually didn’t know much related to the night monarch. The information in the games rarely mentioned him. It seemed the next pieces of information would bring new details.

When Marvin transmigrated, the Night Monarch’s real body had yet to appear.

According to Marvin’s knowledge, the history of Feinan was roughly composed of four eras.

First, order. Primal chaos and order. Before the arrival of the wizard god Lance, Feinan’s magic power was made up of the power of order and chaos overlapping, producing life.

During the chaos era, day and night would sometimes appear with strange timing for a long time. For example, 4 - 5 years of continuous night.

That was the legendary eternal night.

The Night Monarch apparently emerged in this era. Some said he was a fiend from the abyss while some said he was one of the incarnations of the wizard god Lance.

But in fact, the records about the Night Monarch mentioned him appearing earlier than the wizard god Lance.

The chaos and order era ended with the arrival of Lance.

Lance made the Holy Grail, and built the Universe Magic Pool, making the whole world lean toward order.

At that time, the first nature god of Feinan was born, named Fertile. Fertile was one of Feinan’s high elves. He turned into an elven old god through some unknown method. He had an excellent relationship with Lance.

At that time, Lance was busy fighting some monster from the outside. He temporarily gave Feinan to Fertile.

Thus, the high elves suddenly rose to dominance, ruling everything.

This was the glorious 2nd era. Apart from the elves, all the other races were inferior.

The old elven god didn’t like this situation and thus left Feinan, helping Lance deal with the enemy. He later went into a deep sleep. After the elves left, the 3rd era of people vied for supremacy. It was also in this era that three fate tablets appeared.

The people that obtained a part of the tablets became gods.

Most gods in existence at this point had been formed through the power of the fate tablet during the third era, aside from the first generation of ancient gods, those few nature gods.

After the wizard god returned to Feinan, he established the wizard era and humanity rose up abruptly.

In the fourth er a, the wizard god left once again. This time it appeared to be a very definite leave.

The gods who had risen abruptly during the third era began to turn restless.

Because the prophecy said that the 4th fate tablet was inside the universe magic pool, but they had to smash it into pieces. Once broken, it would appear above Feinan!

Thus, the 4th era, the reign of terror ended, slowly opening up a new era.

These memories slowly passed through Marvin’s mind

That painting before his eyes became somewhat more vivid.

"Let’s go. One year apprenticeship. I hope you can endure."

"I’ll let you know that this hurdle is called patience!"

Sean pressed one hand on an eye, hinting at Marvin to also do so.

He then began to chant an incantation that Marvin simply couldn’t understand.

This incantation was very complex and lasted no less than three minutes.

Suddenly, Marvin felt his palm warming up and a large pulling force came from the eye!

He was sucked into the mural!


Marvin had darksight, but in here, he couldn’t see anything!

This was the [Eternal Night Paradise], belonging to the incomplete plane of the Night Monarch!

Sure enough, Marvin had to take the one year apprenticeship in the incomplete plane.

The only good news was that the time flowed differently here.

A year here was equal to a day in Feinan!

It was because of this that Marvin decided to keep working on Night Walker’s advancement. Otherwise he would have had to go back to the Three Ring Towers to deal with the Battle of the Holy Grail.

But even so, this year would be hard to bear.

Because time would incessantly pass.

"What do I need to do?" Marvin asked.

Sean’s voice echoed from afar. "You are my apprentice, it’s only natural that I have something for your to do."

"What did you plan?" Marvin asked, stunned.

"Clang! Clang!"

Sounds of metal echoed in the distance.

"I’m a blacksmith," Sean answered.

"Come kid! During this year, you’ll become friends with a stove and a hammer!"

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