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He suddenly got two specialties!

Marvin hadn’t expected that.

A specialty was even more valuable than skills. Most of them had passive effects and were extremely useful.

But as for that battle, Marvin had desperately risked everything.

He kept treading the line between life and death. If not for the surprise effect of Vine Metamorphosis, he might have died!

And his potential had been aroused in this deadly struggle, rewarding him with two specialties.

The first was Endurance.

[Endurance]: You will get a willpower check every 10 minutes after receiving an injury. If the check is successful, you will be able to ignore the pain.

This was a very powerful specialty!

‘No wonder I wasn’t restricted by pain at that time.’

Marvin suddenly realized. He remembered that the feelings of stamina decreasing, loss of balance and pain had disappeared a while after being shot.

Turns out it was this specialty’s effect.

This specialty and Ana’s [Tenacity] were different but similar effects, and both were specialties that melee class holders longed for.

Usually, pain had a huge influence on living beings, especially in a battle.

Pain could affect every move, and could completely change the outcome of the battle by hindering movements.

Endurance was a pretty impressive specialty and would usually be gained by warriors who were regularly wounded. Marvin getting that specialty was quite lucky.

The second specialty was Burst.

[Burst]: Your tough soul doesn’t match your frail body. Up to a certain limit, you can burst out strength exceeding your body’s. However, there will be serious side effects afterward.

Burst was a very rarely seen specialty because it would trigger spontaneously.

There was no daily use limit, but Marvin knew that it didn’t have many uses.

That last Shadow Step he used was definitely the result of Burst!

He managed to dodge the arrow in that split second of Burst, but it also broke his ankle.

This was also a very precious specialty, that Marvin could trigger whenever he wanted.

‘Dealing 1000 damage while sacrificing 800... If used in a three hit combo, hmm...."

Marvin suddenly understood the hidden part of this specialty.

This specialty fit Marvin perfectly. Dual wielding rangers originally used burst strength!

What was a bit of self-harm!

As long as he was one move ahead of his enemy, victory would be his!

Feinan’s medical care was very advanced, especially after the Great Calamity. All kinds of churches began to rise and the price of priests’ divine spells began to drop.

Healing divine spells became a lot cheaper than before.

‘Two very useful specialties…’

‘My fighting strength has greatly increased.’

Marvin felt awesome, but suddenly grimaced from a fierce pain.

That arrow was still stuck on his shoulder, only half of his HP was left, and both feet had snapped. This was certainly miserable enough.

If not for Sean helping Marvin walk back home, he would have had to crawl.

This was the price of burst.

But the harvest was very generous. Not only had he obtained the archer’s map to the hidden treasure, but he also received no less than 1650 battle exp.

Advancing consumed a great amount of experience, so Marvin had been preparing all along. Night Walker’s advancement experience was at least 6000 exp.

The more the better.

"Your fighting strength is quite good. You are also quite fierce."

The old blacksmith who had been busy for a while came over, looking at Marvin with eyes full of praise.

A 14 year old youth able to kill five thieves alone, even if split in multiple encounters, was pretty rare.

‘Worthy of a seer,’ Sean thought.

‘Night Walkers will truly rise.’

"You perfectly completed the first hurdle. You are really qualified to become a member of the Night Walkers," said Sean.

At the same time, he firmly stopped Marvin from moving and cut off the arrowhead in Marvin’s with a knife. He then pulled the arrow from Marvin’s shoulder!

Blood flew out!

His HP quickly dropped!

Marvin had a cold sweat as he felt pain all over his body. He tightly ground his teeth, stopping himself from shouting out!

It was at this moment he understood the difference between the game and the real world!!

He had set the level of pain to 1% in the game!

But now he experienced real pain!

He naturally didn’t feel anything before when he suffered grave injuries. But tonight, Marvin really felt pain!

He still managed not to shout, which was already pretty good.

The old blacksmith bandaged Marvin. His movements were meticulous, very skillful. He applied a kind of very refreshing herbal medicine.

The blood quickly stopped flowing.

Marvin had nothing to fear for the moment.

"Remember my actions. They might be useful to you later in the battlefield," Sean solemnly said.

Marvin nodded when suddenly, a log window appeared:

[You watched a First Aid Master’s Quick Bandage and understood parts of the skill’s nature. (1/3)]

‘Oh? What does this mean?’

Marvin suddenly thought of something and asked Sean, "Can you let me see that move once again?"

Sean froze for a moment, but facing Marvin’s request, he did it once again.

Although he was somewhat of an eccentric, once he acknowledged someone he would get along relatively well with them.

Without a doubt, Marvin’s performance tonight already aroused his sympathy.

Marvin carefully looked and sure enough, that log appeared once again.

But this time, the (1/3) changed to (2/3).

Need one more?

Marvin asked again, somewhat embarrassed. "Could you do it one more time?"

Sean immediately became a little upset.

"What are you trying to do in the end?"

Marvin cautiously said, "I want to learn your Quick Bandage skill."

"Are you kidding me?" Sean angrily blurted. "Even if Quick Bandage is a very simple skill, it still require about a week of training. You think you can learn it by looking at it a few times?"

Marvin hesitated but still ended up saying, "Seers have a few different abilities…"

Sean immediately turned silent. With a cold face, he repeated the action one more time.

Marvin hurriedly paid attention.

The log windows suddenly appeared:

[You watched a First Aid Master’s Quick Bandage and understood parts of the skill nature. (3/3)]

[You understood through observation – Quick Bandage]

[Spend 100 battle exp to turn it into a personal skill!]


Marvin was overjoyed.

Only 100 battle exp was nothing. Quick Bandage using bandages and hemostatics would be extremely on the battlefield.

Especially in a war of attrition!

He immediately spent the 100 battle exp and [Quick Bandage(45)] immediately appeared in his skill list.

‘A high skill level… Seems to be related to Sean [First Aid Master] title,’ Marvin speculated.

Marvin was absent-minded while Sean looked on, displeased. "Kid, what are you doing? Did you lose your mind in that battle?’

Marvin hurriedly recovered and said to Sean, "Gimme your hand."

Sean skeptically did so.

Marvin quickly picked up the hemostatics and a bandage and flawlessly bandaged Sean’s wrist in less than half a minute!

If there had been a wound, the bleeding would have stopped and it would have had the effect of stopping the bleeding and treating the injury!


"How could this happen?"

"Kid, are you tricking me?"

Sean frowned!

He didn’t believe Marvin could learn his Quick Bandage in such a short time!

Sean had actually trained under a Night Keeper specialized in the medical field. Sean also had the title of Master!

However, Marvin actions were at the same standard as him!

This was something that went against his knowledge and experience!


"Seers really are a group of freaks!" Sean cursed.

He then began to treat Marvin’s ankle.

Marvin shrugged.

‘As for seers.’

‘My esteemed self has transmigrated.’

Just as he was thinking that, he felt a burst of violent pain from his ankle!

"Ah… Easy!" Marvin let out in alarm!

"Quiet! You soft egg." Sean faked anger.

However, he seemed somewhat pleased with himself.

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