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Marvin wasn’t being pretentious.

He really thought that killing this woman with his dagger would dirty his weapon.

She kept on saying that she loved Wayne, yet she had cursed him. Marvin was already restraining himself by not torturing her to death.

Hanzer shook his head and actually showed a hint of pity. "Maybe I should’ve broke the Alliance’s law and turned her into a lab specimen."

Marvin thought he was already ruthless enough. He hadn’t expected this teacher to be even more ruthless.

But that said, this Sir Hanzer seemed especially protective of Wayne. His disciple suffered such a serious injury. It would have been weird if he hadn’t been angry.

Wizards have always been lawless. They wouldn’t bow their heads to any power aside from the South Wizards Alliance.

Hanzer had probably been holding back a lot of anger these days.

Thus, when Marvin wanted to kill Lulu, he did not stop him, but instead subtly encouraged him.

After all, there was no issue with Marvin using his name. Magore Academy pardoned Lulu, but the victim, Wayne, was someone of White River Valley. Marvin also had the authority to punish Lulu. It’s just that the priority on this authority came after Magore Academy. After Magore Academy gave up the authority to take care of her, he naturally had the right to exercise his authority.

This was the advantage of status. As a noble, even a small noble, Marvin had some benefits.

And the Great Calamity would destroy all social order. Marvin would also be a victim.

He couldn’t do anything to prevent the disaster and could only protect his people.

"And Wayne’s curse?" Marvin mentioned.

"I’ll go settle everything," Hanzer replied. "I hope he can still make it to the qualifying round."

A hint of worry could be seen on his face. Wayne’s body suffered such a great injury that even if he could make it, his strength might be bleak.

In any case, the top priority was still removing his curse.

The two parted outside the prison. Marvin returned to the where Wayne was resting in the dorm.

The next morning. The sun slowly rose, illuminating the inside of the room from the window.

From the open window came a morning breeze. The strong magic medicine smell was already quite a lot weaker.

Wayne, lying down on the bed, slowly opened his eyes.

He was still as pallid as before, but he had already begun to regain consciousness.

The old butler was at his side.

"Young Master Wayne, you wake up at last!" The old butler was somewhat moved.

"Uh?" Wayne shook his head, suddenly saying, "Brother…"

"Brother came."

The old butler looked at Wayne, stunned. "How did you know…"

Wayne looked everywhere but didn’t see Marvin, seeming very disappointed "What about Brother? Where is he?"

"I clearly saw him arrive."

As it turned out, Wayne wasn’t completely unconscious while cursed. Instead, his consciousness was wandering. He clearly remembered Marvin’s arrival.

"Young Master Marvin, he…"

"He is now receiving arbitration!" The old butler said.

"What?" Wayne eyes widened.

"He killed someone at Magore Academy’s gates. But fortunately he used the Ninth Month Medal, so there shouldn’t be any issue," the old butler comforted.

"Ninth Month Medal? Useless!" Wayne was very clear-headed.

Even if he was only 9 years old, due to this vicious environment, he had quite an outstanding line of thinking.

He immediately shouted, "The power of the family behind White is too great, they probably took over every arbitration staff!"

"Brother has no chance of success!"

"Where is he now? I’m going!"

As he said that, he immediately crawled up from the bed.

"But your body…"

Hearing what Wayne said, The old butler was startled. He didn’t understand these kinds of things very well.

"I’m alright! I’m already fine."

Wayne firmly commanded, "Bring me there!"

Ashes Tower’s Arbitration Hall hadn’t been used in a long time.

But today, it was filled with wizards coming from all over the Three Ring Towers. They came to see the event.

Someone openly killed an apprentice at the gate of Magore Academy. This was a quite novel situation.

It was safe to say that that guy should have been screwed.

But no one thought that this young noble named Marvin was in possession of a Ninth Month Medal!

Ninth Month Medal!

This was an honor bestowed by the South Wizards Alliance. Only members of the South Wizards Alliance who rendered all kinds of meritorious services would be able to receive this reward!

There weren’t that many nobles in the south with that kind of honor. And the reason why it was called the Ninth Month Medal was because the South Wizards Alliance was established in the Ninth Month.

The owners of the Ninth Month Medal were all famous people.

Of course, there are also a few declining nobles. Such as that Baron Marvin receiving arbitration today.

Apart from wizards, there were a lot of nobles in the audience.

These people happened to be registering their children and some even witnessed the scene of Marvin killing. They naturally came to take a look.

How is that matter going to end?

No one knew the outcome.

Marvin stood alone in the corner of a high platform, as if he was isolated from the world.

The arbitration process was already finished. Now was just the outcome of the discussion of a few arbiters sent by the South Wizards Alliance.

"There shouldn’t be any issues," Marvin muttered.

When they asked for a witness, the little girl also took the initiative to participate and truthfully described what she saw.

She also mentioned that Marvin had been previously slandered.

In this situation, it should be quite easy for the arbiters to judge the situation.

But this matter seemed a bit wrong. Those three arbiters had been fiercely arguing all this time.

‘Is it necessary?’ Marvin frowned.

Roughly ten minutes later. One of the arbiters seemed to compromise.

Another one stood and loudly said, "I’ll announce the outcome of the arbitration."

"Baron Marvin openly killed in Magore Academy, furthermore, he killed an apprentice wizard. This is the highest offense."

"We recommend this matter to not be appraised by us, arbiters, but through a court."

"Thus, the outcome of the arbitration is to follow the next process, a trial for Baron Marvin’s criminal charges!"

A trial!

These words started an uproar!

This outcome was like convicting Marvin!

There was clearly an issue with those three arbiters.

Everyone, no matter if they were a wizard or a noble, understood something about the details of this arbitration. With the witness’s substantial testimony, this was still the outcome?

According to the arbitration customs, at most it would end up in an economic penalty for Marvin.

But the outcome was actually to put Marvin on trial!

This meant that Marvin was convicted by the South Wizards Alliance’s court!

"Could it be that this wizard he killed had a huge power behind him?"

"I heard the Unicorn family was involved in this matter."

"I also heard that. This Marvin thought he could run amok with the Ninth Month Medal. The result was crashing straight into a wall."

"He is screwed."

Everyone was discussing.

Marvin stood there, his face sinking.

Someone was playing tricks.

He felt very angry.

But he wasn’t afraid.

A trial?


He couldn’t help but look at that small girl sitting in the witness stand.

As expected, her face also displayed an angry look.

If she wasn’t there, Marvin might have been anxious as to how he could cleanse himself of the criminal charge.

But since she was there, there shouldn’t be any issue.

He requested for an arbitration from the South Wizards Alliance. These arbiters have probably been replaced.

As for the court, it would be the Ashes Tower’s.

The trial would be judged and he had the Ashes Tower Master on his side, so Marvin wasn’t really afraid.

At this time, a shout could be heard not far away, "Brother!"

Marvin was stunned. He noticed a person walking over with the help of the old butler.

‘That kid woke up this quickly?’

A smile appeared on Marvin’s face.

The scene stirred the audience.

They apparently knew of Wayne’s affair, since Marvin had come to the Three Ring Towers because of Wayne. Otherwise he wouldn’t have had a reason to leave his territory.

Wayne was pale and his lips were even paler.

He ground his teeth and arrived in front of Marvin.

Seeing Wayne, Hanzer also couldn’t stay seated, and quickly appeared at Wayne’s side. "You need to rest. We will take care of Baron Marvin’s matter."

"I want to see my elder brother," Wayne firmly said.

Hanzer helplessly stepped aside.

"Kid, I killed your girlfriend. Don’t you hate me?"

Marvin joked.

Wayne saw Marvin standing alone on the stage, about to receive a trial. His eyes immediately reddened.

"Don’t cry. Remember, You are a man." Marvin’s voice was a bit strict.

"I understand, Brother." Wayne ground his teeth.

He stood there like this, looking at Marvin.

Everyone was somewhat moved. This pair of brothers’ situation was very tough.

Marvin looked Wayne in the eyes slowly and solemnly said:

"Look for a place to sit. You need to rest properly."

"I am fine."

"Relax, I’m here, no one will harm you!"

‘I’m here, no one will harm you.’

‘I swear by my daggers.’

This was an oath pledged from the bottom of his heart.

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