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With Hanzer helping him, Wayne looked for a place to sit.

His body was currently very weak, and it would be very easy to fall ill.

But he was full of vitality because his older brother had come.

Even if the previous Marvin was a bit too kindhearted, to the point of being timid, in Wayne’s eyes, he would forever be that almighty older brother.

The two brothers cared for each other.

According to the Wizards Alliance’s rules, Marvin was merely an acting overlord, nothing more.

White River Valley’s true overlord ought to be an adult Wayne.

Because he was a wizard. Even if he was the younger brother, his wizard inheritance made his right of inheritance greater than Marvin’s.

It’s safe to say that the two brothers had a conflict of interest. But they apparently didn’t seem to mind this part.

They only cared about each other.

This was true brotherhood.

After the arbiter announced the results of the arbitration, he consciously left.

Next would be Ashes Tower court taking over this event.

The audience was full of energy.

They originally came here for an arbitration, but they hadn’t expected to even be able to see a trial.

It might be difficult for this pitiful Baron Marvin to avoid imprisonment.

The South Wizards Alliance’s rule was very harsh. A trial was different from an arbitration and Marvin didn’t even have the right to defend himself.

The outcome would be decided by a judge.

The Ashes Tower had three judges all year round. But two among them had something to do and couldn’t come.

The one coming today was an old man with a grizzled beard.

He was a 1st rank wizard with limited aptitudes. He probably didn’t have any hope to advance in his lifetime.

But with the help of a powerful family or clan, getting a relatively useful position was still good enough.

A judge for example.

The judge pretended to read through the summary of the incident.

Then, he feigned thinking for a while.

Everyone patiently waited for the outcome of the trial.

Marvin sneered while looking at that old man putting on an act.

‘This guy had already decided the result of the trial, hadn’t he?’

‘An execution is impossible. That’s too excessive, I guess it would be imprisonment. But once in prison, with their family’s strength, killing me wouldn’t be hard, right?’

‘This old man’s acting skills are really bad, the folder is upside-down… And his expressions are too exaggerated.’

Just as he was ridiculing him in his mind, the old man suddenly said in a loud voice.

"Cough cough. I’ll now announce the outcome of the trial."

"Regretfully, because the other two judges had something important to do, I’ll be the sole judge for this trial."

"Baron Marvin openly provoked Ashes Tower, this is a serious violation of the wizards protection rule of the South Wizards Alliance."

"My verdict: Three years of imprisonment."

When the verdict came out, the audience burst into an uproar.

Some nobles fighting for justice roared, "Three years imprisonment? Damnit, he was slandered first. He is innocent and should be released but you actually imprison him for three years?"


"That person of the Unicorn family is way too shameless, isn’t he?"

There were also a few members of some great wizard families. They mocked and ridiculed this.

They weren’t sympathizing with Marvin, they just seized the opportunity to speak up and give a blow to a competitor.

As for those average nobles, they actually felt sad about this.

What if Marvin’s situation happened to them one day?

If someone slandered you and said you were impersonating a noble, could retaliation be impossible?

Marvin was still the owner of the Ninth Month Medal! This couldn’t save him?

But regardless of how angry everyone was toward this injustice, the verdict had already came out.

Marvin would be imprisoned for three years.

In a corner, Wayne suddenly stood up.

Even if he was young, he also knew Unicorn’s tricks. If Marvin went to prison, he would surely face extreme danger!

They definitely wouldn’t forgive his brother that easily.

"Don’t be agitated." Hanzer dragged Wayne back to his seat. "I noticed that Marvin doesn’t seem worried at all."

"He looks awfully calm."

"Could he still have something?"

Wayne was stunned; Hanzer’s words weren’t wrong. His older brother really looked very calm.

It was as if he didn’t care about going to jail!

How come?

After Marvin heard the verdict, he faintly smiled.

‘As expected.’

‘The Unicorn family? Vicious and merciless, indeed. This is like driving us brothers into a dead end.’

‘You are still sitting?’

He silently looked at the small girl sitting in the witness stand.

The latter’s expression had already turned awfully calm.

It looked like she had no feelings.

But Marvin could still feel her anger.

‘I have to say, my luck is really good.’

‘If I hadn’t met her, I would have truly been fucked,’ He thought.

At this time, the judge said, "The verdict has already been announced. Law enforcers, please lock up Marvin…"

At this instant, his sentence was interrupted!

It was naturally a young voice. "This verdict is invalid."

Even though that voice was very gentle, it suddenly echoed in everyone’s mind.

The judge was stunned.

He looked at that young girl sitting on the witness stand and lightly smiled. "Young girl, this is not a decision you can make."

As Ashes Tower’s Master, only a few people knew Hathaway’s three shapes. And this witch hadn’t shown her face in public for a very long time.

People said she was in seclusion, attacking the legendary threshold.

Who would have thought that this small girl was one of the three big shots of the Three Ring Towers!

The young girl raised her head, coldly watching that old man.

"I said, this verdict is invalid."

This time, her voice rose an octave, turning extremely loud!

Everyone looked at her, startled!

What happened to this girl? Did she lose her mind? A witness giving order to a judge?

"Where did this little girl come from? So adorable…"

"It looks like a witness. I guess she is very dissatisfied with this verdict. She is too young."

"But she seems very sensible. I don’t know which family she came from, but I guess she also came to enroll."

Everyone was discussing.

But there was a small number of people that were stunned.

They already began to look at the judge with pity.

Marvin included.

His expression was still as calm as before, but he had already started crazily laughing in his mind.

‘This idiot actually told the Ashes Tower’s Master that she couldn’t make a decision in her territory?’

This would surely make Hathaway mad?

If Hathaway had originally joined for the fun, just casually participating, now, this half-legend had been completely angered by that Unicorn family’s subordinate.

"Don’t look for troubles!"

The old man still hadn’t reacted. He then said strictly, "Law enforcers! Bring this child away."

But no one paid attention to him.

The law enforcers had suddenly received a notice from the Ashes Tower’s Master!

They were shocked. It has been a very long time since Dame Hathaway gave them a direct order.

This actually made them very shocked.

They didn’t dare to move!

"Law enforcers?!" The old man was furious, "Enforcers?"

The audience was looking at each other in dismay, not clear as to what happened.

Marvin almost burst out laughing, but managed to endure.

The small girl’s body suddenly levitated, both eyes turning crimson.

"Unicorn family’s subordinate, are you a pig?"

Just as she finished talking, a "Thump" echoed, and the judge turned into a pig!

It blankly walked in circle in the high platform, embarrassed and anxious.

Everyone laughed heartily.

‘Instant Shapeshift!’

Marvin squinted, recognizing Hathaway’s spell.

"You can shut up," the small girl coldly said.

"A Unicorn’s subordinate, fuckin telling me to know my place!"

"If there is a next time, we’ll turn all your people into pigs!"

"This is the Three Ring Towers, not your Crystal Palace!"

After saying this, her looks suddenly changed, turning into a blonde woman in her twenties!

"Dame Hathaway!"

Everyone exclaimed in alarm. Ashes Tower’s wizards kneeled down one after the other, displaying a humble expression.

Hanzer was also completely stunned. He pulled Wayne to salute.

Only Marvin was left standing in the Arbitration Hall.

"I declare Baron Marvin Innocent."

Hathaway coldly said.

She then opened a door and left the place.

Leaving everyone in the Arbitration Hall dismayed.

"I didn’t expect Dame Hathaway to be the witness!"

In Wayne’s room, Hanzer was closely watching Marvin. "You must have known something."

Marvin stretched, replying, "I only have good luck."

Hanzer’s face showed that he clearly didn’t believe that.

Marvin changed the topic. "Even if Wayne’s body has been recovering very fast, isn’t that competition about to start?"

"There is nothing to be done about it. I reckon we can only give up," Hanzer said with regret, looking at his own disciple.

The competition would start in three days. At that time, Wayne would at most be able to use a few magic tricks. 1st circle spells would be unlikely.

He wouldn’t let his own disciple throw his life away.

Marvin looked at Wayne and said in a resolute tone:

"I heard every wizard can bring along one follower."

"In that case, let me use your follower status to compete."

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