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Chapter 68: Ninth Month Medal

"He actually killed the wizard!


"That was a real wizard!"

While everyone was watching, an alarm suddenly resonated in the sky!

This meant that Magore Academy’s law enforcers were about to set out.

They already felt that something was amiss!

Marvin stood there and didn’t show any trace of panic.

Everything was as he expected.

Magore Academy law enforcers were also under the supervision of the Ashes Tower, but there was also a stronger power above them.

The South Wizards Alliance.


Weird lights and shadows lit Marvin’s surroundings. It was someone using [Pathfinder Powder] to do a short teleport!

The people coming to Marvin had absolute confidence. They set their teleport close to Marvin.

Marvin knew how to interrupt this teleport, but he didn’t do so.

In a short ten seconds, six 2nd rank wizards with serious expressions appeared around Marvin.

Each of them was wielding a magic staff and aiming at Marvin.

In the sky, a light flashed and a witch wearing a pointy hat was sitting on a slowly undulating magic carpet. She coldly said, "Kill him!"

She clearly saw what just happened, but she didn’t think Marvin would be so decisive and ruthless!

She wanted to stop it, but she didn’t have enough time and could only blankly watch Marvin kill that apprentice wizard!

The two followers dying was not an issue, but the apprentice wizard was part of Magore Academy. And this apprentice was charged with receiving visitors today!

This was simply a provocation to Ashes Tower’s prestige!

The 2nd rank wizards’ magic staves flickered with rays of light with different colors.

But at this moment, Marvin leisurely took out a medal!

He put away his curved daggers and raised the medal. He said with indifference, "I apply for an arbitration!"

"I was slandered.This apprentice wizard had an ulterior motive, trying to frame me. And everything I did was in self-defense."

"I am Baron Marvin from White River Valley. This is my Ninth Month Medal!"

Ninth Month Medal!

When Marvin took out this thing, all the 2nd rank wizards were stunned. They then helplessly interrupted their casts!

The witch on the magic carpet was also astonished and landed.

The affair had become very troublesome.

The audience also didn’t imagine that this seemingly poor noble was actually the owner of a Ninth Month Medal.

Ninth Month Medal’s owners was strictly protected by the South Wizards Alliance.

In general, Marvin could use it to request an arbitration and other things. The medal’s effects were actually far from its reputation. If you met with trouble, you couldn’t count on the South Wizards Alliance to uphold justice. However, this thing might come in handy after you caused trouble.

Marvin’s medal was passed down from his grandfather. A Ninth Month Medal could be used three times, and White River Valley’s previous overlord had treasured this medal very dearly, rarely taking it out.

But Marvin was different. He knew the South Wizards Alliance would be done for very soon. If he didn’t use it now, it would only be a piece of scrap iron later.

What’s more, he really needed to make things bigger now, to attract many people’s eyes.

At this time, the use of the Ninth Month Medal was the most fitting.

The witch got off the magic carpet, and with a wave, she got one of her subordinates to step aside.

She quickly walked in front of Marvin and used an appraising spell with a stiff complexion.

The medal was genuine.

Marvin’s identity was also genuine.

She said with confidence, "You do have the right to apply for an arbitration. However, during that period of time, you’ll need to stay in Magore Academy, and you won’t be allowed out."

In fact, she wanted nothing more than to use a spell and kill this ruthless you

th in front of her. But every wizard or witch that wanted to become a member had to make all kinds of oaths to the [Holly Tree Throne]. To not abuse their authority to injure a Ninth Month Medal’s owner was one of them.

Breaking her oath was the same as betraying the South Wizards Alliance. This wasn’t a price she was able to bear.

"I’ll naturally stay in Magore Academy."

"As a matter of fact, I came here because my younger brother was set up by other people. I won’t go anywhere until he wakes up." Marvin said with indifference.

"Now, Madam, Can I go in?"

The witch coldly answered, "You can."

After saying that, she left a magic mark on Marvin’s back to prevent him from fleeing without approval. She then prepared to leave.

But Marvin suddenly said, "Hold on."

"What else do you want?" the witch snapped, dissatisfied.

"Arbitration requires a witness. Although there are many people here that could act as a witness, I still wish for someone with a good and honest heart, someone that wouldn’t lie, as my witness."

Marvin was talking while quickly walking toward an isolated young girl on the side.

He smiled at the girl, "Will you testify for me?"

The girl was stunned. Her expression changed a few times.

Why did he choose her out of that many people?

That girl wasn’t ordinary...

The young girl was extremely astonished. She had two pigtails and her eyes were a bit large. She was wearing a purple skirt and seemed naive and innocent.

She hesitated, before nodding.

Marvin quietly said, "Thank you."

Then he left, toward the depths of Magore Academy.

Everyone was stunned, not knowing why Marvin had done that.

Yet, the female wizard was standing there hesitating, apparently wanting to go and greet that young girl, while not daring to.

Instead, the young girl walked over and told her, "I’ll be his witness."

"You properly take care of the following process."

Saying that, she looked toward Marvin’s back, revealing a strange smile. "Quite an interesting person."

What the young girl didn’t know was that Marvin also revealed a knowing smile while walking inside the Magore Academy:

‘Didn’t expect to meet her.’

‘Fortunately I noticed that she suddenly appeared after the incident, and there wasn’t any magic power fluctuation.’

‘Now that I’ve the Ashes Tower’s Master as my witness, the outcome of the arbitration is already decided.’

Sure enough, that little girl Marvin recognized was Ashes Tower’s Master, Hathaway!

Great Witch at the peak of third Rank, Half-Legend!

Hathaway practiced a kind of unconventional shape-shifting skill that could let her change her own age between 6 years old, 16 years old, and 26 years old.

This spell that could allow her to change as she wished made players drool… There was a lot of gossip between the male players about Ashes Tower’s Legend; in short, "Marrying Hathaway was like having two wives."

As for the third change, only some people with very peculiar tastes would be interested.

In short, this legendary witch who always appeared and disappeared unpredictably appeared in this situation, making Marvin’s plan a lot smoother.

The apprentice wizard slandering Marvin was a fact, and since Hathaway was aware of it, she would definitely not make a wrong judgement.

This use of the Ninth Month Medal was very worth it!

Following the path he remembered, Marvin soon crossed Magore Academy’s largest area and arrived at the apprentice dorms.

Marvin had once visited Wayne when he was attending school. He still remembered a bit about that.

The apprentice dorms were set up on the hillside. There were six small paths, each path leading to the entrance of a tunnel.

As long as you displayed proof of your identity at the entrance of a tunnel, a domesticated goblin would lead the visitor to the needed room.

Soon, Marvin arrived at Wayne’s doorway after being guided by a young goblin.

He knocked on the door, which was then opened by the old butler.

"Young Master Marvin!"

The old butler was shocked.

He didn’t expect Marvin to arrive such a short time after he sent his letter!

"You came alone?" The butler noticed no one behind Marvin.

"Yes, that’s right."

Marvin walked inside, and said with a serious expression, "I want to see Wayne."

"Hold on!"

The old butler pulled him back, his face showing a heavy expression. "Young Master Wayne’s current situation is very bad."

"Please be prepared."

Marvin nodded.

"He is in the side room." The old butler pointed to a curtain on the side.

Marvin could smell the dense aroma of magic medicine coming from behind the curtain.

He walked in without any hesitation.

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