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Chapter 67: Killing

The apprentice wizard didn’t move; it seemed like he trusted his subordinates!

Marvin was expressionless, but in his eyes, those two fighters were already dead.

To Marvin, killing was this simple.

These two fighters clearly couldn’t progress further due to their mediocre talent, so they chose to become a wizard’s followers. This was the nice way of putting it. In fact, they sold their own lives and those of their families to this apprentice wizard. They had to do everything he wanted so that they would be protected by the apprentice’s powerful strength.

They had no other choice. At least this was a common practice in a lot of places. Wizards had such high status after all, even if it was only an apprentice.

These two fighters had excellent equipment; this was the benefit of clinging to someone influential. But Marvin didn’t care about those.

A fang in his hand suddenly rotated. He took a step forward and threw himself in the embrace of one of the fighters!

This movement looked like a fighter’s Charge.

But a fighter’s Charge could make the enemy [Dizzy] on impact, or even [Stunned]. Marvin’s copied move clearly couldn’t. His copy was also not good enough, to get an offer to buy the skill for experience in the battle log and turn it into his own skill.

It was fine this way. Marvin rushing right toward them startled that fighter.

He started laughing nastily, both hands ready to catch Marvin.

But Marvin was like a fish! He lowered his body and sneaked to the fighter’s right leg, right below the fighter’s armpit!

The next second, he kicked off the ground with his left foot and jumped into the air. In the air, he did a 180 degree turn, and defying gravity, he stuck to the fighter’s back!

This was a thief battle skill!

Marvin was originally very skilled with these kinds of fighting techniques!

His legs coiled around the fighter’s waist and he viciously raised his sharp curved daggers!

Two daggers very slyly thrusted into the fighter’s shoulders!

The armor break effect was released!

The chainmail armor’s weakest point was captured by Marvin’s [Fangs], directly piercing through the fighter’s armor!

It was a very bloody scene. The fighter frighteningly shrieked. His shoulders loosened and both arms were cut down by Marvin.

Two arms dripping with blood fell down. The other fighter who was going to surround Marvin was also quite scared!

That apprentice wizard’s face betrayed a hint of fear, and the audience was also frightened. They didn’t think that this seemingly weak youth would behave like that in the Three Ring Towers territory!

Furthermore, injuring someone! And using such a vicious move!

But this wasn’t over.

This set of moves still had a finishing skill!

Marvin loosened his feet and with a movement of his waist, he forcefully turned his body in the air!

Using this sudden twisting momentum, his right hand’s curved dagger moved, leaving behind an icy ray of light!


The curved dagger’s swing directly cut of the fighter’s head.

The head fell on the ground!

Blood spattered, splashing onto Marvin’s face.

Marvin was already quite familiar with this kind of warm feeling.

Thus he was very calm, carrying the same emotionless’ expression.

But the others people were all in panic!

"Heavens! This kid is actually killing at the door of Magore Academy!"

"What child? This is clearly the most ruthless assassin."

"Martin! Protect the Young Master."

Those nobles displayed an alert expression one after the other, and kept their distance from the battlefield.

They had come to sign up their kid for school, not to fight. At most, they had a few experts with them.

Most of the fighters and followers were left in the surrounding areas of the Three Ring Towers.

No one anticipated that someone would kill at the fr

ont door of Magore Academy.

The last time a violent event happened in the Three Ring Towers, it was because a poison dragon mistakenly entered the region!

Its outcome was very miserable. The three Tower Masters came out together. Not only did they kill it in the most cruel way, but they also used its dead body, refining all kinds of medicine, enchanting items, and so on.

This youth, regardless of his reasons, might suffer a calamity!

This was what people thought!

The apprentice wizard was deathly pale, blankly staring as his own follower died in front of him in such a vicious way.

This was definitely some kind of provocation.

"Why are you still distracted? Kill him!" He yelled.

"Actually daring to insult Magore Academy’s prestige? I’ll let you die an ugly death!"

He then took out a magic staff and aimed at Marvin.

Marvin immediately rolled, dodging an overbearing ray of flame!

‘This guy’s spell is too obvious…’

Marvin sneered inwardly, raising his daggers once again, aiming directly at the warrior!

The fighter was clearly panicking.

He had followed that apprentice wizard for a while and had already been used to an easy lifestyle. Every time he went out he would make use of the apprentice wizard’s identity and very few people would dare to look for trouble.

He had clearly stopped working on his martial skills!

Facing Marvin’s vicious attack, he didn’t know what he should do to resist. He actually directly fell back, wanting to flee!

But this was exactly what Marvin wanted!

He followed behind the warrior, not going too fast, nor too slow. The fighter completely blocked the apprentice wizard’s line of sight.

"Move! Stupid pig! You are obstructing my spells!" The apprentice wizard was furious.

He angrily stomped his feet!

‘These guys have been in the Academy for a long time. As expected, they don’t have any fighting ability.’

‘He is a waste with the leisure to learn powerful spells, but doesn’t know how to use them. No wonder he could only be sent to be a guard here!’

‘Since someone wants to frame me, there is no harm in blowing this matter out of proportion!’

Marvin was calmly dodging a few low level spells while thinking of several things.

These spells were all thrown without any skill. Not a thread of battle awareness.

If he had been a wizard and the other side was a rogue, he would have ten thousands way to toy that rogue to death!

Wizards were very powerful, at least for now. But it depended on the person. Someone like that guy was basically a good-for-nothing!


Just as that fighter was distracted by the apprentice’s scolding, Marvin used Blade Technique – Rapids!

His dagger’s speed was slightly increased.

This was a slight increase, but it greatly increased Marvin’s fighting strength.

The fighter sensed danger behind him and hurriedly turned his body to block.


It was too late!

"Clang! Clang!"

Even if Marvin’s daggers weren’t as fierce as Black Jack, they were a lot more precise!

The sixth cut easily got the greatsword out of the fighter hands by cutting his tendons!

The seventh slash cut open the fighter’s chain mail.

The eighth stab and ninth thrust together ended the fighter’s life.

The audience shivered.

This kind of killing method could only be seen from the best of the best elite assassins.

Marvin didn’t hesitate at all when attacking. He seemed set on getting rid of this guy.

"Truly a lawless guy…"

"Is he not afraid of angering the wizards?"

No one understood what he was thinking.

Killing two followers was still not enough to Marvin!

He wanted to blow this matter out of proportion!

Someone dared to slander him.

Ahahah… Did they really think that White River Valley’s Baron Marvin was as easy to bully as before?

Thus he didn’t stop after killing that fighter!

Instead he crouched and used that corpse that was just about to fall to the ground to maneuver and circled around using it as the apprentice’s blind spot.

The latter was still not clear about what had happened to his follower. He was just very angry, hesitating about whether he should cast a spell or not. That fighter would also get hit!

But just as he was hesitating, Marvin rushed over in a demonic way!

Shadow Step!

A very practical skill. It made Marvin look like a ghost, directly appearing in front of the apprentice wizard.


The apprentice wizard let out a cry and hurriedly aimed at Marvin with his magic staff. "Bang!" Marvin neatly kicked his staff away.

Without a magic staff, his casting speed was doubled at least!

"What do you think you are doing?" The apprentice wizard was still unaware that he was going to die. He still shouted with a stern voice. "This is the Three Ring Towers! What do you think you are doing?


Marvin answered truthfully.

The sinister fang ruthlessly ran along the apprentice’s neck. The latter painfully covered his throat with his hands, pitifully dying on the ground!

The audience was thoroughly shocked!

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