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Marvin was correct, the shadow that launched that sneak attack soon appeared in front of them.

But this time, a total of six people appeared!

The information of these six people were stored in Marvin's mind. Before they left, Raven had prepared those for them.

"Not a Dark Specter, but very powerful. I don't know where he comes from." The shadow said in a low voice.

That shadow was actually a female Drow Warrior!

She was a relatively rare Legend Drow Warrior. The reason she was a rare one was because Marvin didn't feel any aura of Faith on her body.

Usually, although Drows were extremely gifted, if they wanted to advanced to Legend, they would need the help of Gods.

In the Underdark, most Drows were affiliated with the Queen of Spiders. Under the Queen of Spiders' blessing, they would advance to Legend more easily.

But that woman before them was someone who didn't rely on Gods to advance, otherwise she would have never been able to avoid Marvin's attack and escape.

'Sure enough, they are powerful people.'

While the other side was sizing up Marvin and Jessica, Marvin also inwardly linked those six people with the six profiles he had.

The other side had yet to say something that Marvin already said, "If I'm not wrong, this should be Lady Kui."

That Drow frowned and sternly asked, "How do you know my name?"

Marvin shrugged, "I know all of your names."

"We have been sent to carry out the mission with you."

After saying that, he took out the orders forged by Raven.

The leader of the six was a man that didn't seem too fond of talking, he had many things wrapped behind his back.

But Marvin could feel the imposing aura held behind these wrapping clothes!

If Marvin didn't misjudge, that man should the be most mysterious Fiendish Swordsman.

There wasn't even a name in the information gathered, but it was said that he was the strongest of them. In order to avoid any internal strife, they had a competition to see who was stronger before leaving, and the Fiendish Swordsman won the leader position.

Seeing him now, Marvin really couldn't judge him.

From his Perception, that Fiendish Swordsman was highly threatening, it felt even more terrible than when he met Glynos in Black Dragon Wing.

After the Fiendish Swordsman looked at that letter, he handed it over to the others.

Marvin also took the opportunity to size up the others.

Besides the Fiendish Swordsman whose name was unknown, there were still four other Legends.

First was the Cleric Freyr, he appeared to be the most shocked at Marvin and Jessica's appearance here, because among the six,he was the only one who knew what happened there.

He was the Black Dragon God's Divine Servant!

He naturally could see through Marvin and Jessica's disguises. Despite their disguises not being seen through by the others due to the effects of Fate Power, he could feel the aura of the Martyr's resentment on Marvin's body!

But the most annoying thing was that he couldn't expose Marvin.

The Black Dragon God sending a Martyr to kill Marvin was something very dirty to begin with. But Marvin ended up coming out on top and even destroyed his Secondary Plane. If that matter came out, the Black Dragon God's prestige might suffer a terrible blow, he couldn't let this matter come out to light.

Otherwise… The Black Dragon God's followers in the Underdark would be faced with a crisis of Faith!

He could only frown and tell the Fiendish Swordsman, "There is a problem."

The Fiendish Swordsman frowned, but didn't say anything.

Then the War Warrior Tal looked at the letter and didn't say a word, he clearly wasn't interested.

The 5th Legend was a Duergar. From the information he gathered, he should be a Sealer. He could participate in this operation because he was very skillful in repairing seals, and his ancestor was said to have participated in the sealing of the Final Ghost Mother with the Night Monarch.

The Duergars had bad tempers, but that Sealer clearly was unconventional. He was silent like the Fiendish Swordsman and didn't say anything.

The last one was the Legend Wizard. From a class point of view, that guy was a relatively common Darkness Mage. But it was worth mentioning that his level was very high, he already reached level 27 and was the highest leveled here.

That mage was called Elrond, and his strength was also unfathomable.

After Elrond saw the letter, he squinted and looked at Marvin and Jessica, "The letter says that you are our reinforcement, but why did you arrive to the Andes Snow Mountains before us?"

This was a huge loophole in the plan, but Marvin already thought of an excuse.

Jessica very casually said, "You are too slow."

This sentence was provocative, completely avoiding his question, following the Underdark's rule of the strong instead.

They never made superfluous explanations, if there really was conflicting views, they would deal with it themselves!

The Fiendish Swordsman's sight swept through Marvin and Jessica, opening his mouth for the first time.

His voice was very hoarse, "Did you really come to help us seal the Final Ghost Mother?"

Marvin corrected him, "Killing, not sealing. This is the mission given to use by the Underdark United Council. Killing has a higher priority than sealing!"

There was clearly a trap in the Fiendish Swordsman's words, but Marvin wasn't fooled.

Raven did obtain enough information so that Marvin can gain everyone's trust.

"I don't know them."

While most of them were convinced by Marvin, Drow Warrior Kui suddenly interjected, "I know all the Dark Elves powerhouses, but I don't know these two."

Her voice was unyielding.

The Fiendish Swordsman frowned, but he still indifferently said, "Kui, I believe in your knowledge. But since it's reinforcements sent by the United Underdark Council, we have no reason to refuse."

Marvin was pleased.

But the Fiendish Swordsman suddenly changed the topic, "But it's not that easy to join us."

His eyes were burning as he looked at Marvin, "We don't accept the weaks."

Marvin suddenly smiled.

The hot-tempered Jessica took a step forward, disdainfully looking at the six, "Who wants to have a go?"

In another part of the Universe.

Ding took a small porcelain bottle out of nowhere and kept pinching the Dragon's cheeks.

The Eternal Time Dragon was howling in grief, but he still didn't tear up.

Eternal Time Dragons' tears were truly a treasure, but the tears who fell down before were actually the result of magic.

It was very difficult for a true Eternal Time Dragon to weep.

After learning the truth, Ding was infuriated.

She said that if she couldn't get [Time Tears], she would just leave without caring!

Tiramisu rarely had a guest, how could he not meet Ding's requirements. He could try different ways to make himself cry.

After trying for a long time, drops finally fell.

Tiramisu was almost driven to madness by Ding.

"Finally done…" The Eternal Time Dragon's expression felt as if he had just escaped a calamity.

Ding tilted her head, "Three drops."

Tiramisu collapsed...

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