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Jessica sounded very calm, but her voice touched the deepest and most tender part of Marvin's heart.

He was a deep thinker, but intelligent people sometimes found easy things to be very complicated.

Especially when he obtained so much extra information.

To be honest, when he first left the Truth God Realm, Marvin was a bit overwhelmed.

He even began to doubt whether there would be any meaning in killing the Final Ghost Mother.

But Jessica's words woke him up.

He recalled his original intentions.

What he wanted to do, wasn't it to guard the things he cherished?

The beautiful White River Valley, his devoted follower, Anna, who was always silently supporting him, and that adorable and gifted younger brother.

Marvin cherished all of them dearly… Naturally, it wasn't just them now. There were many more people.

He had many friends, Rocky Mountain, Lavis, Thousand Leaves Forest, the Old Alliance of the Seven Orders, the Sea Elven Queen's group… Hathaway... They were all inextricably related.

Marvin couldn't watch them perish.

He had to protect them.

In fact, it was very simple.

Before the truth came to the surface, Marvin would just do what he needed to do.

Thinking too much could impede him from progressing further along the path of raising his strength.

Marvin felt everything becoming clear.

The two of them sat there calmly, waiting for the arrival of the team of Legends.

Based on Marvin's estimates of the scale of what had happened, the great collapse should have spread to the path used by the Legend team, and it might have even hit them!

However, since that group had been sent by the United Underdark Council to attack the Eternal Frozen Spring, it should consist of the finest of the Underdark.

The large collapse would at most trouble them a bit, delaying their arrival, but it was unlikely that it would injure them.

Marvin was confident that they had yet to arrive.

After all, Endless Path, a skill that could cross long distances in an instant, was very powerful. It could definitely match a Wizard's long-distance teleportation spell in terms of utility.

It only consumed some stamina and Fate Power, which Marvin slowly recovered some of over the course of the last 3 to 4 hours.

But there was one thing he was puzzled about: where did Ding go?

Originally, Marvin hadn't brought Ding along on his trip to the Eternal Frozen Spring because Hope City had needed her support.

But Kate informed them that Hope City's siege had been settled, so having Ding with them would definitely be a great help.

Ding's blessings were extremely powerful.

And this was despite the fact that she had yet to grow up. If she grew for a millennium, a simple blessing from her would likely be able to turn an ordinary person into a Legend for a short period of time.

This was the wondrous ability of the Fortune Fairy.

Back before the Great Calamity, Ding had given Marvin 5 luck, making it possible for him to tear a Black Dragon apart. That memory was still vivid in his mind.

The power of Fortune Fairies was rather unfamiliar to most, but it was definitely very real and significant.

At the crucial time, even just a point or two of Luck could change the outcome of a battle.

Marvin's strength had greatly increased from the recent battle, and with a powerful helper joining them, he was a lot more confident in killing the Final Ghost Mother.

But he didn't expect that after arriving, the naughty thing would be nowhere to be seen!

Jessica was also helplessly shaking her head about this.

She wasn't Ding's true master, after all. Ding obeyed her orders because Ding respected her power.

But even Ding's actual master, Kate, couldn't stop her naughtiness.

Who knew where the Fortune Fairy had gone off to?

"There is one thing that's certain. She's never made a mistake when it comes to something so important," Jessica said, "so I'm sure she will return before the fight begins."

In another corner of the Universe, inside a golden sanctuary, a pitiful eastern Dragon was flattering the plump Fortune Fairy.

"Big Sis Ding, how about you try this one?"

He took out a huge coconut.

The Fortune Fairy had a disdainful expression.

The Dragon scratched his head, fishing out a coconut of another color and handing it over.

"How about this one? This dark blue coconut water is the best to drink."

The Fortune Fairy looked at him as if he was an idiot. "You ate a lot of these since childhood?"

She didn't ask with a particularly mean tone, but as soon as she asked, the pitiful Dragon immediately began to tear up. "Big Sis Ding! I truly have had a hard time!" he bawled.

"All these coconuts… I have to eat them very sparingly! I don't know when that bastard Marvin will free me… I signed a contract with him, if he dares to go back on his words…"

He had yet to finish his words when Ding disdainfully huffed, "Marvin? That kid is now busy picking up girls in Feinan, he's probably already forgotten about you."

The Dragon suddenly went out of control!

"I knew that guy must have been doing things half-heartedly!"

"Even if he signed the contract, I'm inside the eternal barrier, I can't unilaterally enforce the contract's power… Wuwuwuwu, I'm so pitiful, since I was born, I never saw the outside world!"

Seeing such a refined and adorable Dragon weep, the always prideful Ding unexpectedly showed some mercy.

"This is why you sought me out?" she asked.

When she was helping Jessica look for Marvin earlier, she unexpectedly heard Tiramisu's call. Driven by curiosity, she took the initiative to leave Feinan to come to the far reaches of the Universe...

In the end, she met a ridiculous Dragon and she didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

'This guy is an Eternal Time Dragon?' She doubtfully sized him up. Even if she didn't want to admit it, there seemed to be no mistake about it.

But this Eternal Time Dragon, wasn't he the most miserable in the Universe?

Ever since he was born, he could only eat those odd coconuts. His father was extremely irresponsible and gave him the name Tiramisu… This kind of name made Ding wince. 'It's rumored that Lance's closest partner was very unreliable…'

Tiramisu was feeling really depressed while trapped in that time barrier. It was very hard for anyone to ever visit him, and he would naturally complain about his sorrows.

After no less than three hours of wailing, his act was interrupted by Ding.

She rolled her eyes as she muttered, "I'm probably one of the only ones that can freely enter and exit this time barrier. I know you want my help with the Pearl Tower matter, but it's impossible for me. However, I can help pass on a message for you, I'm quite familiar with that Marvin guy."

Tiramisu was greatly moved as he tremulously began, "Thank you…"

Ding cut right cross him as she continued, "But travelling between planes is very tiring, and I don't have a natural ability to cross planes like you Eternal Time Dragons…"

"However… I've heard that Eternal Time Dragon tears are very valuable? You weep so much anyways, so how about you gimme a few?"

Tiramisu's eyes were open comically wide, an expression of disbelief plastered on his face.

Marvin had no idea that on the other side of the Universe, an unprecedented kind of blackmail was underway.

He was still taking care of his recovery.

He recovered a significant amount of stamina, but he had used a bit too much Fate Power.

Even with Jessica's help, the Fate Power in his body was a little lacking.

He would need at least two days to recover it.

This wasn't good news.

However, he suddenly frowned.


When these words echoed, there was a sudden white glow in the darkness.


A shadow-like lightning directly struck Marvin's chest!

The frightening white surge crackled as it continued toward Marvin's neck.

Marvin snorted coldly. Someone actually dared to attack him while he was in the shadows?

Being the Ruler of Shadows wasn't just for show.

His body reacted at an inconceivable speed.

The white tip of the lightning bolt pierced through Marvin's neck, but that was just an afterimage!

Then, a fierce punch hit the other side in the abdomen!

The opponent clearly hadn't expected Marvin to have Dexterity that was even higher than his own.


The shadow let out a groan as it was sent flying back by Marvin. It crashed into a wall and dissipated into smoke.

"Drow Warrior? Interesting."

Marvin smiled faintly and told Jessica who was ready to fight:

"Seems like that was the scout."

"They are coming."

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