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On the other side of the Universe, the Gods kept silent and still as they carefully watched the Astral Beast on the verge of falling into their ambush.

That huge, greedy monster was attracted by the Chaos Magic Power that spread out after the shattering of the Universe Magic Pool.

It instinctively felt that Feinan was a delicacy.

It followed the aura of the Chaos Magic Power and left the Void.

Any places it passed, whether they were Abyssal Planes or Hell's Planes, they were all reduced to nothingness.

It was the Void Destroyer!

Even the strongest powerhouses of Hell and the Abyss forcibly moved their forces out of the way.

They wouldn't help the Gods, but they also wouldn't take the initiative to clash with that frightening behemoth.

No one wanted to provoke such a monster.

That monster would soon enter the Gods' ambush, unexpectedly, their attention was suddenly drawn by something happening on the other side of the Universe.

It wasn't the first time for that dazzling golden scale to appear in this Universe.

The Goddess of Truth!

When the adorable little girl appeared above the scale, all the Gods felt a powerful sense of shock.

Especially the New Gods. They had relied on the Fate Tablet fragments to ascend to Godhood. When facing a powerful Ancient God, they felt a kind of natural oppression.

Every powerful Ancient God was like an immovable mountain in front of the New Gods.

Fortunately, there weren't that many Ancient Gods that were still around now. The Ancient Nature God slumbered, the Ancient Elven God vanished, and Moon Goddess Faniya secluded herself from everything happening.

And the most frightening one of all, the Wizard God, had disappeared for who knew how many years.

This should have been the best era for the New Gods.

But the brief flash of the aura of Truth in the Crimson Wasteland felt like a layer of chains to them.

"She appeared!"

"When we looked for her to help, why couldn't we find her?"

"The Truth Goddess is so eccentric after her resurrection. Which side does she stand on?"

The New Gods silently communicated about her reappearance.

An uneasy feeling welled up in their hearts.

The Astral Sea was currently under the charge of the Three Great Gods because the Ancient Gods didn't concern themselves with those matters. Besides those like the Plague God, very few Ancient Gods would stand on the side of the New Gods.

But the behavior of the Truth Goddess was a bit unexpected.

Everyone could feel her power, but she never gave the chance for anyone else to get in contact with her.

Even when the Three Great Gods sent their most powerful Angels to welcome her back, these Angels weren't able to find her despite scouring through the entire Universe.

No one knew what the Goddess of Truth would do afterwards.

She disappeared from everyone's sight, and even Faniya couldn't find her.

They had thought that as an Ancient God guarding this Universe, she would come to help them stand against that Void Destroyer.

She did appear in the end, but for some reason she appeared somewhere completely different instead!

Her actions were too unfathomable.

The Gods felt even more worried because the Goddess of Truth seemed to have a pretty good relationship with that pest, Marvin!

"Glynos… That kid is going to suffer."

A faint voice echoed in the Gods' hearts.

The God of Dawn and Protection, who was leading the ambush, reminded everyone, "Don't be distracted."

"We will make a move in ten seconds."

"That monster is very powerful, we can't afford to make a single mistake!"

When transmitting those last few words, that powerful Great God clearly infused some Divine Power, moving the hearts of those listening!

They no longer paid attention to the fight between Glynos and Marvin, instead turning their combined focus to the approaching behemoth.

In another part of the Universe, the Truth Goddess appeared.

That silent Paladin was still behind her.

He was her Guardian, from ancient times until now. No matter how many times the cycle played out, he would keep being reincarnated as her Guardian.

He was the Final Guardian of the Truth Goddess in this Universe, and he was also her only Guardian.

The current Griffin was different from how he was when he met Marvin for the first time.

The greatsword in his hand was even more dazzling, containing dense Divinity Power!

Sodom's Blades burst out with a powerful cry.

The soul of the Bloody Emperor emitted a strong fighting intent from inside the daggers.

Marvin was startled.

He knew that such a fierce will to fight would only appear when faced with a powerful Artifact!

The greatsword in Griffin's hands was definitely the reason.

But the Truth Goddess wasn't Marvin's enemy. He hurriedly used his will to suppress the Bloody Emperor's fighting intent.

Marvin was calm, but Glynos was utterly frightened!

Clearly, the appearance of the Truth Goddess was far beyond the scope of what he'd planned for.

He had been sure that even if he couldn't kill Marvin, he should still be able to escape unscathed, should the worst happen.

He had stolen a great amount of the Ancient Nature God's Divine Source and was close to being immortal.

Even Marvin's frightening attacks could only keep scattering his body, turning the fight into a war of attrition.

If it kept going like that, Marvin would lose focus sooner or later!

But the appearance of the Goddess of Truth changed all that.

She had immediately brought up Glynos' crime!

Stealing another's Divine Power, going as far as taking someone's Divine Source, this was a taboo for the Gods!

If discovered, he would have to be judged by the God Realms.

This was the Shadow Prince's desperate attempt. Because the Gods were busy coming up with a way to deal with the Astral Beast that threatened the Universe, he dared to use the opportunity to attack Marvin.

Moreover, when it came to it, the Gods actually supported his move.

The attitude of the Three Great Gods was unknown for now, but among the rest of the Gods, there were many who definitely wanted Marvin dead.

The Plague God, the Dream God, the Black Dragon God, the Queen of Spiders...

These Gods together made up a very powerful force, so Glynos' move had some support.

And while the rest might accept it, the Truth Goddess might not be willing to forgive his actions!

Sure enough, Molly pointed imposingly at Glynos. "Stealing the Ancient Nature God's Divine Source... You aren't worthy of being a God."

"Receive the judgement of the Truth Scale!"

As the Truth Goddess' words ran out, the Truth Scale came down from the sky, and Glynos' considerable Divine Source was thoroughly suppressed!

At the same time, Griffin waved his greatsword as he cut down at the Shadow Prince!

An unseen cut slashed out, and a large amount of Nature Power spilled everywhere.


The Shadow Prince was scared.

A shadow separated from his Divine Source and hurriedly fled toward the depths of the Universe.

But how could Marvin, who was still hiding nearby, let such an opportunity escape?

Night Beheading!

After losing his Divine Source and all other trappings of his Godhood behind, Glynos was just an ordinary Legend!

The Ruler of the Night's attack with Sodom's Blades lacerated that shadow!

The Shadow Prince, truly dead!

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