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In all fairness, the more powerful a God's Divine Source, the faster his physical body would be able to reconstruct itself.

The Shadow Prince's Divine Source was actually quite ordinary before, but after absorbing the Ancient Nature God's power, his Divine Source became very powerful.

Of course, there were advantages and disadvantages to this. The disadvantages already showed, as he had already lost his ability to hide in the Shadow Plane.

On the other hand, faster recovery was a significant advantage.

Although Marvin was an assassin that was very good at taking advantage of his enemies' flaws, the Ancient Nature God's power was too great.

While screaming aloud, the Shadow Prince kept controlling his Divine Source as he moved through the Shadow Vortexes.

Marvin was chasing after him, not leaving him any chance. But after the Shadow Prince's 11th death, he finally managed to cleverly escape from Marvin's hands!

'Not good!' Marvin frowned.

Marvin couldn't let things go south because he didn't have the ability to keep reviving!

He had been planning to finish off the Shadow Prince then and there.

He never miscalculated in his fights with Gods in the game!

As long as he managed to reach the Gods' Divine Source, he would never leave them the opening to reconstruct their bodies.

He could always calculate the time that the Gods would need to reconstruct and forcibly disrupt the reconstruction at the perfect time.

These endless attacks were enough to torment most Gods until they ceased to exist.

Dark Phoenix was killed that way by Marvin.

This required keen observation, precise calculation, as well as perfect aim.

Marvin had all three of those, which was why he dared to play with the Gods.

After all, Gods weren't Gods for nothing. They each had a Divine Vessel and Divine Source. Furthermore, they were able to revive a certain amount of times!

Although Marvin had an advanced False Divine Vessel, he was unable to revive!

If he died, it would be over for him.

He couldn't afford to lose.

'He knows his stuff.'

Hidden in a corner of the Shadow Plane, Glynos licked his lips while reconstituting his body.

He focused on the Divine Power in his body, noticing something wrong.

The plane actually had a slight rejection toward him!

'What's going on?'

Glynos wasn't an idiot. Marvin hid himself once again, but Glyos didn't go looking for him like before, and instead tried to work out the problem.

Gods' minds worked very quickly.

In pretty much an instant, he found the answer!

Nature Power!

His Nature Power and the power of the Shadow Plane were rejecting each other!

The Nature Power in his body was too abundant, perhaps more than twice as much as his original Divine Power!

In fact, it had been the only way for him to preserve his collapsing God Realm.

Nature Power's unique nourishing effect could support his God Realm despite it already being in shambles.

If he used too much of the Nature Power in his body, he would die.

Thus, coming to handle Marvin this time was really a huge risk for him.

Naturally, he didn't think that he would be continuously killed by Marvin!

If not for the abundance of the Ancient Nature God's power and the slight error in judgement that Marvin made, he might have never been able to the Shadow Plane!

A hint of fear rose up in his mind.

He looked at the darkness in silence.

There seemed to be countless Marvins lurking in the darkness, eyeing him like he was only prey.

This was the place he was most familiar with, yet it already felt strange and dangerous now.

He couldn't use the Divine Law to oppress Marvin, and unless Marvin took the lead and attacked, he could only remain passive forever.

The Shadow Prince sank into a dilemma.

He had no room to advance or retreat!

If he wanted to win, he would have to leave the Shadow Plane and pull Marvin out too.

Otherwise, he wouldn't ever be able to take the initiative.

But if he left the Shadow Plane first, wasn't that like declaring to the world that he was inferior to Marvin, a mere mortal, when fighting in the Shadow Plane?

He would lose all semblance of respect.

But after carefully weighing the pros and cons, Glynos still made the best decision!

That was to leave the Shadow Plane!

After living for so many years, he had become a very pragmatic person.

What was more important than victory?

Respect and such… psh! As long as he killed Marvin, everything would be settled!

Therefore, he didn't think any further about it and directly left the Shadow Plane, arriving at the remains of Black Dragon Wing!

The Divine Law was immediately released, flooding the surroundings.


As a God, he could use the most basic Divine Divinations. But this kind of Divine Spell could only be released in more normal space.

The Shadow Plane was a very twisted world, many things couldn't work properly inside because of its strange Laws.

Shadow Power and Nature Power emitted from Glynos, sealing the space around him.

Next, the Divination took effect.

He saw Marvin!

He opened his eyes wide and tried to turn!

Right when he started the Divination, a shadow had suddenly appeared behind his back.

The Shadow Prince didn't have time to react before he felt a sharp pain!

He was split into pieces!

Marvin's sneak attack with Sodom's Blades was very fierce!

These Artifacts, which had killed countless Gods, were shining with fierce lights. Marvin only shook his wrists, and the Divine Source's protection was torn into pieces!

His body turned into strips of flesh from the flurry of lights, creating an appalling scene..


The miserable sound once again echoed through the void.

Marvin didn't stop and continued frantically attacking Glynos' Divine Source!

On the surface, Marvin quite clearly had the upper hand.

But Marvin felt troubled.

Glynos' Divine Source was too strong!

Although he kept dying, he still had more Divine Source.

The power he stole from the Ancient Nature God kept repairing his body, and it was doing it very quickly!

Marvin's initial estimate was that he would need to kill him at least a hundred times.

Moreover, for these hundred or so kills, Marvin would have to make no mistakes while attacking all-out the whole time.

But he was well aware that maintaining this state was impossible!

He was going all-out for now, with his focus at the maximum and Desperation Style continuously active.

He couldn't keep this state for too long!

He stamina was continuously being used up!

This duel of shadows unexpectedly turned into a war of attrition!

"You can't kill me! Hahahaha!"

Glynos also seemed to notice this.

As he furiously absorbed the power of Nature, he maniacally proclaimed, "You are just a mortal, and mortals have hard limits!"

"But my Divine Source is endless!"

Marvin frowned, trying to come up with a way around this.

But at that time, a sharp voice echoed in the distance. "Is it? But that endless Divine Source you have… was stolen from elsewhere."

A golden light bathed their surroundings.

A scale appeared from out of nowhere, slowly approaching.

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