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The Shadow Prince had run out of patience!

Since he awakened, he'd always had a feeling of crisis. At first, he thought it was because of the amount of the Divine Power that he stole, but as his power increased, he discovered that the source of the crisis was actually Marvin!

That guy still hadn't died! This worried Glynos greatly!

In fact, he had been continuously dreaming while drifting through the Universe.

All of those dreams felt so real.

He had various fierce battles with Marvin.

They would always be equally matched in the fights, but every time...

Every time!

At the end of the dream, he would die at Marvin's hands.

He could see his own soul leave his body as Marvin slowly took out two bloody curved daggers from his corpse.

His expression was cold and relaxed, as if he was doing something completely natural.

This dream had kept repeating, all the way until he woke up and came upon his incredible opportunity.

He came to this plane.

But for Glynos, that world was the starting point of his rebirth!

The powerful Divine Law burst out, crushing the whole plane.


The loud bursting sound echoed against Marvin's eardrums. The peak below him collapsed, crumbling and turning to dust before falling toward the emptiness!

A lot of Ghosts to the sides screamed as countless Reapers were nervously appearing on the Styx.

This fight involved too many different forces.

Black Dragon Wing was bound to have a tragic fate, as it was the location for Marvin and Glynos' duel.

Many Ghosts easily followed the fragments of the plane and fell into the Void.

And the other Gods were hunting that Astral Beast. If something big happened in Feinan now and the Astral Beast noticed, the Gods' ambush might fail.

Thus, despite the Underworld's Sovereigns and the Astral Sea's Gods not being able to see eye to eye, they sent some exceptional followers to prevent the situation from worsening.

As for Marvin and Glynos, no one would bother about their fight.

Because no one believed that Marvin would survive this fight!

That was a genuine Divine Law!

It was the supreme authority assigned to Gods by the Fate Tablet.

As a mortal, Marvin could only kneel and accept his judgement!

In the Extreme Evil Hell.

A rough voice sneered, "Diross, isn't that your descendant? Will you just keep watching as he gets killed by Glynos?"

Diross strode across a red cloud, smiling confidently. "That trash, Glynos? You are thinking far too highly of him. I don't care about such a trivial thing."

"Eh?" The Extreme Evil Lord had a pondering expression as he leaned back on his black throne. "Then why did you come looking for me today? I thought you would need my help. After all, the God Realms aren't something you can handle by yourself."

"Azery, I do need your help." Diross look at him calmly for a few seconds before revealing a dazzling smile. "I need your Hell's Angel Statue."

The Extreme Evil Hell Lord's expression suddenly changed. "Are you crazy?!"

Diross seemed unperturbed by the outburst. "I'm not crazy. It's time to truly unite the Nine Hells. Only in that way would we be able to slaughter those worms from the Abyss."

"Let me tell you something. My troops went to the Supreme Forest and reached an agreement with the Migratory Bird Council."

"They helped me find your world."

"The Extreme Evil Angel Statue will be the first of my collection. If you don't want to part with it... you can die."

Then, a huge door suddenly opened behind him.

Roars echoed as an army charged out from the door.

"Divine Law?"

The plane had already completely collapsed, and Marvin was left standing in the air, a smirk on his face.

A golden light shone through Marvin, illuminating his body.

But the scene that everyone was expecting to happen… didn't happen.

Despite the suppression of the Divine Law falling upon him, Marvin was completely unharmed.

He stood straight, looking back at Glynos!

There was something shiny on his abdomen.

"Your law doesn't affect me!"

Marvin skillfully played with Sodom's Blades as he glared coldly at the Shadow Prince. "But it seems that you stole quite a bit of the Nature God's power."

Glynos opened his eyes wide!

"How could this be!"

He had sent out enough of the Divine Law to crush a mortal into ashes. This was the core of his power, yet it had no effect at all on Marvin!

He stared at Marvin in shock for a few moments and then hesitantly asked, "You… You ascended to Godhood?"

'Godhood, that's the only explanation!' he thought to himself.

'Only a God could withstand Divine Law!'

But after, Marvin responded with a sneer.

He had an advanced False Divine Vessel, he had the aura of a Child of the Plane. No Divine Law could threaten him!

This was why Marvin dared to fight with Glynos now!

With the Divine Laws being useless against him, Glynos wouldn't be able to use his most direct method to kill Marvin.

He had to do it personally… But could he do it?!

The Shadow Prince's brow twitched, but he quickly calmed down.

He had already known that Marvin wasn't easy to kill. If Marvin had died from that, Glynos would have been left wondering if the cockroach was just feigning death somehow!

"Seems like you know a lot of things," Glynos said. "The Migratory Bird Council is a group of fools who still believe in the Ancient Nature God! But he already died!"

"His power is my power!"

"I'll make you completely disappear from this Universe!"

Glynos rushed over like a bullet.

Each step shattered space!

The powerful body of a God carried endless strength, and the auras of Shadow and Nature overlapped, causing many of those watching to become alarmed.

That guy was truly insane!

Marvin wouldn't shy from a fight, although he knew that he couldn't show his full strength in the shattered space. After all, he wasn't a God.

But he wasn't afraid of Glynos either.

"A fight to the death, huh?"

"Brave words. Watch out!"

With a "Whoosh," Marvin disappeared!

Glynos unhesitantly followed suit.

Even if it was a trap, he had to follow. He knew that all the powerhouses of the Universe were paying attention to this battle!

He could only emerge victorious, he couldn't fail...

He had to win...

The two powerful auras suddenly disappeared before appearing in another area.

"You actually chose to fight me here."

Glynos glanced haughtily at Marvin and sneered, "Could it be that you think you are the one who knows the most about shadows in this world?"

"I, Glynos, am the true Shadow Prince!"

His voice had risen to a roar!

Not far, Marvin's laughing voice could be heard coming from within a Shadow Vortex. "I killed you here before."

"It'll be just the same this time."

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