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When the plane collapsed, all the people and things turned into fragments by the distorted space.

Flesh and earth mixed together, and a power from the Underworld pulled at that world.

There hasn't been a plane who had such an abnormal fall for a long time.

In general, even if a Secondary Plane's lifespan was exhausted, at that time, there would be Gods specialized in presiding over the world's judgement and destruction.

And an event like the battle between the Crypt Monster and Glynos, destroying the plane in the process, hadn't happened in more than a millenium.

Everyone could feel that the order of the Universe was getting out of control, step by step.

In the God Realms, those Gods who had been laughing at the Black Dragon God also began to worry about whether their Secondary Planes would be attacked by unknown enemies.

While watching out for the constantly approaching Astral Beast, they paid attention to the situation of Black Dragon Wing.

Marvin stood there, looking at Glynos' thin silhouette, sighing.

As for the Shadow Prince, he looked at Marvin with a complicated expression.

That youth with a calm expression was no longer a child he could ignore.

He grew up way too fast. If Saruha's rocket was just a trick, then now, Glynos acknowledged that Marvin already had the power to fight him!

Countless scenes flashed past his eyes.

The first time he saw Marvin, in the Three Ring Tower.

That time, he followed the Gods' decision to assassinate the Half-Legend Seer, Hathaway.

At that time, no one entered his eyes, including Hathaway.

At the time, he had successfully ambushed the East Plane Guardian, Anthony, by using his conflict with the Twin Snakes Cult to make him fall. He proudly believed that no one in Feinan could stop him.

In the end, he miscalculated.

The reason was simple, Marvin shouted. A small miscalculation which let Legend Monk Inheim who had been following him take advantage of his attack on Hathaway.

Hathaway survived.

This was different from what the Gods divined.

But the him back then was still unconcerned. He knew that this world forces couldn't change, he also didn't take notice of that youth besides Hathaway.

It was just a child.

This was Glynos' thoughts back then.

But thinking about it, maybe, everything changed from that moment.

Hathaway didn't die. Although she was deprived of her Seer identity by Dark Phoenix, she was still an awakened Anzed Witch Queen.

A Seer might be very troublesome, but it had to be remembered that in the past, the Anzed were the core of Feinan.

The Witch Queen was the former Guardian of Feinan. She was more powerful than this era's Four Plane Guardians!

He was almost able to kill her!

But almost led to Glynos' fate being changed.

When appearing in White River Valley, he had been schemed against. He noticed Marvin, but unfortunately, at that time, he was immersed in anger and suffering. Time Molt was taken away by Inheim. He was also taken care of in an humiliating way by those Legends.

He encountered extremely high resistance in each of his following moves.

When he went to kill Feinan's Legends in the Decaying Plateau, he ended up being crushed to death with the Great Elven King. Arborea had been overthrown, his Avatar came down, thinking of easily killing Marvin, but as a result, he was killed.

Before he could even make a plan to kill Marvin, the latter actually destroyed his God Realm!

He then fell into slumber!

He knew that his name also became the target of laughter in the God Realms.

If not for that opportunity, he would have never been able to return to Feinan!

… If not for that opportunity, he might even have to slumber forever, until this Universe collapsed.

He hated it!

He was angry!

Only by killing Marvin himself would he be able to regain his foothold in this world.

Who would believe in a God like him who had been repeatedly bullied by a mortal?

In fact, the timing of his return wasn't very good.

He knew that if he remained in hibernation for two more years, his strength would have reached a level no one would have ever imagined.

But he didn't care.

He saw Marvin's ability to change fate, and an unexplainable potential!

He heard some rumors, he heard that this kid might be the key to change the future.

He had to kill him!

Thus, despite it not being the best time, he had to return.

For Glynos, Marvin must die!

As long as he had the opportunity to kill Marvin, then that was a good opportunity!

"Do you need a few words before we start?"

Marvin's eyebrows rose as he looked at the plane collapsing behind Glynos, a hot feeling coursing through his heart.

He killed Glynos in the game, he also killed him in this life. Even if he came back with the power of that person, Marvin could still kill him!

This was the self-confidence that came with absolute strength!

Gods were high and mighty, but in Feinan's history, the Gods that died in a mortal's hands couldn't be counted on just one hand.

And Marvin was a transmigrator, he was fearless.

The Sodom Blades in his hands seemed to answer to his fighting intent as red light flickered on the blades.

A calm voice echoed in his mind, 'Seems like you met a powerful enemy. I'll help you this time.'

'I don't like those guys, I killed a few of those Gods before, and I believe you can do so too.'

Then, Marvin felt a powerful power emerging from the Sodom Blades!

Those were the true Sodom Blades!

The previous dusty pair of blades were now a pair of Artifacts who killed Gods!

Following the Sodom Blades' bursting aura, Glynos couldn't help but raise an eyebrow and sneer, "Marvin, I won't give you any opportunity, so cut out the nonsense."

"Your growth rate is amazing, this prove that I made the correct choice."

"You have to die now!"

Marvin said indifferently, "You might not be able to kill me now."

"This isn't Feinan."

The Shadow Prince sneered, "I'm not that Avatar."

"Without the protection of the Universe Magic Pool, I'll show you how big the gap between a mortal and a God is!"

"This plane is approaching its end, and you'll be buried with it."

"Shadow Realm!"

A dense shadow covered everything.

A fragment of tablet flickered with a frightening light from within the Shadow Prince's body.

Fate Tablet!

This was the core of Glynos' Domain.

This was a true God's Law!

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