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In Jessica's eyes, Marvin was an extremely mysterious guy.

When he had helped fight off Clarke's invasion, his strength hadn't been nearly as impressive. He had still yet to become a Legend at the time.

However, by relying on a specialized spear, he was able to kill Clarke. This was enough for Jessica to feel some respect for him. And the strange actions of her younger sister Lorie made Jessica increasingly more curious. She knew Lorie very well. Her Wisdom power gave her great intelligence, and the ability to recognize those who would be very outstanding. For Lorie to take a fancy to a man, there definitely had to be something very different about him.

Later on, this was shown to be correct as Marvin's rate of growth was outrageously fast, becoming a Legend in a short time, establishing a Sanctuary, killing a God...

From a certain point of view, Jessica felt that Marvin was more of a "Child of the Plane" than she was!

There was no doubt that there was a huge secret behind his rise.

Lorie surely understood something about it, but she didn't say anything. Jessica didn't understand it, but she chose to believe in her younger sister.

And choosing to believe in her meant also choosing to believe in Marvin.

This bond of trust was very valuable, so with regards to the information, Jessica just mentioned it casually and didn't go any deeper.

Marvin felt torn. He could see Jessica's show of trust in him, but he couldn't say that he was someone who had transmigrated from another world, could he?

He thought about it and decided that he could only attribute the information to the Pearl Tower.

After all, the Three Sisters knew that he had a good relationship with the Pearl Tower. Although he hadn't visited Mark 47 for a long time, he had headed to the Pearl Tower after helping fight off Clarke and had gained the ability to enter the tower on a whim.

The Pearl Tower held all kinds of secrets about Feinan, so if Marvin's information came from Pearl Tower, then everything made sense.

Jessica easily accepted this explanation, and Marvin waved his hand a bit guiltily, gesturing that he would lead the way.

The two sped up, one behind the other.

The tunnel soon began to narrow, and the air temperature was behaving erratically.

It was alternating between being hot and cold, and they were seeing fewer and fewer creatures around. This all meant that they were getting closer to the core of the world.

Marvin explored the path meticulously as they continued to proceed deeper down.

The Deep River could be found from almost any corner of the Underdark. All that one needed to do to reach it was keep going downward. Most of the areas that the Underdark's Races lived in would have warning signs along the paths that led deeper.

Marvin only needed to find these warning signs and follow the path rather than heed their advice.

"This should be the last warning sign." Marvin pointed at a sign written in Duergar Language not too far away that meant -Danger Are.

He and Jessica had fought side by side this whole time. Though the girl was shorter by half a head, she was a lot more domineering than Marvin was.

Her eyes darted around, looking everywhere.

Right now, they were in front of a suspension bridge.

The bridge was very old, and they could see that the planks on it were basically already rotten. They would likely shatter upon contact.

The Duergar warning sign was just a stone in front of the suspension bridge with the words carved upon it.

On the other side of the suspension bridge, Marvin could see a narrow cave.

It was different from most of the other caves that they had travelled through in the Underdark because it clearly had been formed naturally rather than being man-made.

The two of them looked into the depths of the cave, and the darkness within seemed quite chilly for some reason.

But ironically, the temperature of their surroundings was extremely high.

Because magma was flowing under the suspension bridge.

An extremely magnificent blue flower was blooming in between cracks in some hardened magma. It looked so lofty and affected people.

"[Fiend Whisper], a rare and precious flower. In all of Feinan, only a few of them grow, and only in the Underdark."

Marvin felt pleasantly surprised.

But he didn't make a move, instead looking around while continuing to explain, "Usually, there would be a few Lava Monsters around…"

Jessica understood what Marvin was hinting at.

"You pick the flower, if there are monsters, I'll deal with them," she firmly suggested.

She was full of confidence.

Marvin didn't argue. Fiend Whisper was very useful because it was the bane of all lifeforms with Divine Source!

He didn't expect to be fortunate enough to find such a rare treasure here.

With this in hand, dealing with the Crypt Monster would be a lot easier.

Without further words, he jumped down into the precipice!

His movements were incredibly graceful as he glided through the air before gently reaching for the gorgeous flower.

At that time, some things suddenly burst out of the magma causing some of it to spray into the air, and a few huge shadows pounced at Marvin!

Marvin was unperturbed, his movements not influenced at all.

The Alchemy Box appeared in his hands while he had his feet planted against the wall of the precipice, keeping him firmly in place.

[Low Flight].

The ability from the Dense Blood Nucleus was being put to good use here.

Marvin was standing perpendicular against the wall as he manipulated the Alchemy Box to take out a delicate pair of scissors.


The rhizome of the beautiful flower was cut, and soon, the flower's petals started withering.

Marvin moved quickly and placed the flower into the Alchemy Box!

The Alchemy Box could conserve medicinal herbs and was especially useful for keeping rare and uncommon reagents while preventing them from losing their medicinal properties.

After completing this, Marvin raised his head.

He noticed Jessica still standing in the same place, with the corpses of many Lava Monsters near her.

He laughed because it gave such a surreal feeling.

After putting away the Alchemy Box, he used the Flight Witchcraft and floated back up, returning to Jessica's side.

"All settled?" Jessica casually asked.

Marvin nodded. "Let's go. After crossing that tunnel, the Deep River shouldn't be much further."

Jessica nodded in acquiescence.

The two looked like long-time partners that worked together perfectly as they proceeded toward the depths of the Underdark.

On the way, they met several more powerful monsters, but with their powerful coordination, none of these monsters were able to resist!

The Fate Sorceress and the Ruler of the Night simply swept through everything!

Marvin had paired up with many people in the game for different objectives, but he had never felt so comfortable with it before.

Jessica was simply his most perfect partner. They had a tacit understanding of everything that felt so natural. She didn't say much and her actions were very firm. Regardless of what monster they encountered, she would go fight it directly while Marvin would roam around, observe, and then strike a critical blow on it.

Their strengths and weaknesses complemented each other perfectly. And as they fought together more, their cooperation was becoming more and more seamless.

In this trip to the Underdark, having such a perfect partner was the warmest encouragement for both of them.

In the endless darkness, devoid of all light.

The deadly and silent river that was flowing slowly nearby as a lonely silhouette stood on the shore.

He walked to one side while muttering, 'I really didn't expect it to go that way… The Divine Prophecy is spot-on, as expected.'

'The Ruler of the Night and Fate Sorceress duo is indeed problematic. A sleeping Crypt Monster definitely won't be able to block their path.'

'But what if it's an awakened and crazy Crypt Monster?'

'Traitors... Being silenced in the darkness is the most lenient judgement for you…'

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