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The dark river water seemed as black as ink, perfectly melding with the rest of the always-dark Underdark.

Although the other rivers in the Underdark also tended to be quite dark, there would usually be some bioluminescent aquatic plants that would serve to brighten the area to some extent.

But here, everything seemed to have been swallowed up.

The true power of Darksight could only be displayed in this kind of location.

Marvin was like a fish in water as they travelled along the dark river. They were steering a small boat, following the current.

Jessica was a Fate Sorceress, so she could naturally adjust her perception and use various other methods see and otherwise know about her surroundings. But because of the unusual qualities of the Deep River, she definitely wasn't equal to Marvin here when it came to how well they could see.

At the same time, they had a sort of unfathomable feeling.

It made Jessica feel rather depressed. In fact, anybody that reached this place would have this same oppressive feeling.

It came from pressure.

This was the lowest place in the plane, and it was filled with an indescribable pressure. An ordinary person simply couldn't have reached such a deep location on their own power. The most likely result for any who tried would be to faint on the way there.

Although this kind of pressure couldn't injure Legend powerhouses, it would still make them uneasy and impatient.

That place was too quiet, after all.

Besides the constant sound of running water, it felt as if all other sounds had been unfathomably swallowed by a monster.

Time seemed to have lost its meaning. They could only feel the river and the air, while all else was nothing more than darkness.

Fortunately, both of them had extremely high Willpower, otherwise, in this situation, it would be very easy to fall prey to an illusion.

This was already the second day of their trip through the Deep River.

With Marvin taking the lead, the two smoothly made it through the Underdark and reached one of the extremes of the Plane, the Deep River.

The Deep River flowed very fast. By Marvin's estimate, they would reach the Crypt Monster's area in at most half a day.

As long as they managed to cross that area, the Andes Snow Mountains would be within reach.

During their first day of travel, Marvin and Jessica only communicated intermittently, while most of the time was spent in silence.

Even so, they were still very composed.

Marvin sat at the front of the small boat, coldly looking into the distant darkness.

His mind felt extremely clear. In this uninhabited and forsaken place, there shouldn't be any threat they couldn't take care of together.

But somehow, he had a faint feeling, an ominous feeling.

Like a throbbing little beast continuously irritating his ears.

This was a dangerous premonition.

'Danger is normal, but what's up with this feeling?'

Marvin's Wisdom Gift made his thoughts become unprecedentedly clear. It also made him have a faint feeling of being able to see things to come, like Divination.

He faintly noticed that this danger was something outside his realm of knowledge.

This idea confused him. Outside his knowledge? This place still had something more frightening than the Crypt Monster?

In theory, this was almost impossible.

But Marvin didn't just carelessly dismiss the possibility.

He knew that his own arrival had already greatly changed this world!

The Eternal Frozen Spring had burst ahead of time… Then perhaps, the Crypt Monster recovering ahead of time wasn't out of the question either.

But there wouldn't be any issues as long as they made sufficient preparations.

In the pitch-black darkness, Jessica's voice faintly floated over. "I hate darkness."

Marvin involuntarily chuckled, "Most people do."

"The night snatched our parents," Jessica calmly explained, "so I dislike the darkness more than most people."

Marvin's mood sank.

This was the first time he'd ever heard Jessica talk about that story.

Among the Three Fate Sisters, Jessica was definitely the most powerful one.

Although she was outstandingly beautiful, very few people would look at her as a woman.

When a mighty figure's strength reached a certain stage, they would become a symbol or a halo in others' eyes, no longer just a person.

They respected her, maybe revered her, or possibly loathed her, but no one understood the real her.

After all, counting carefully, Jessica should only be a young woman that was twenty years of age.

It was such a young woman that supported the southwestern corner of the continent primarily by herself. Even Marvin felt some reverence for Jessica.

But when she said those words, that feeling suddenly changed.

It was replaced by a difficult-to-express pity.

Marvin searched through his memory all his experiences in the Feinan Continent game but surprisingly didn't come up with anything that concerned the lives of the Three Fate Sisters before the events of the game!

Those three seemed to have suddenly emerged from Rocky Mountain, so elegant and refined that they shouldn't have even been from there.

It was as if the word "parents" didn't exist for them.

Many people were convinced of this. For Fate Sorceresses… If you had to name their parents, shouldn't it be the Plane?

This was the conclusion that most people came to.

But it wasn't so.

"Lorie had just been born when they passed away. That was a year filled with disasters, and Kate was almost secretly killed by someone near the river shore…"

Jessica's voice sounded very calm, as if the story was unrelated to her.

But Marvin could hear the sadness and frustration in her tone.

Such a strong young woman was still a young woman, after all.

Thus, he gently placed his hand on the back of her hand.

Ice cold.

This was abnormal!

Marvin was startled.

But before he could react, Jessica suddenly raised her head, staring at Marvin, "Do you know?"

"My parents died on a pitch-black night…"

Marvin frowned.

As the atmosphere became heavy, he suddenly said, "First of all..."

But Jessica fiercely interrupted, "You want to know how they died?"

Marvin's mind felt a bit sluggish at her unexpected question as he stared at her curiously.

In the darkness, Jessica's eyes were like bright pearls.

Jessica looked straight at Marvin and murmured, "I killed them."

The atmosphere instantly froze. Marvin shook, his mind coming to a standstill for an instant!

At that same moment, Jessica grabbed the side of the boat with one hand and shoved Marvin away with the other!

The entire boat capsized, and water flew in all directions!

Jessica's movement was too quick for Marvin to react in his surprised state!

Marvin came to a standstill in mid-air, squinting to see through the spray!

He could see a strange, four-limbed humanoid shadow that was lying on its stomach on the hull of the boat!

If not for Jessica, Marvin might not have noticed it.

Marvin's expression became rather unsightly.

'What is that thing?'

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