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In the Rotten Mushroom Swamp, the Snake Witch's will overwhelmed all else.

Marvin had deliberately made sure not to harm the wooden tablet at her waist during the fierce battle because he had known that this wooden tablet was the key to enter the wooden house safely.

Otherwise, even if he knew the path, there would still be all kinds of mechanisms and traps constantly trying to kill him.

He followed the small path on the periphery of the swamp, taking advantage of the parts of the dense fog that weren't as thick, and quickly went in.

The path to enter the cabin was long and sinuous.

And on the way, Marvin encountered a lot of potential obstacles.

A bloodthirsty willow tree, a squirrel with an enormous tail, and also a viper nest.

These monsters were all extremely vigilant against outsiders, but when Marvin took out that wooden tablet, he was able to enter effortlessly.

This wooden sign not only helped him avoid superfluous battles, but it also was very important for actually getting inside the small wooden house.

As a brilliant Alchemist, the Snake Witch definitely didn't have an ordinary cabin.

Although it looked like an ordinary little house on the outside, it was huge on the inside.

It was like a small Wizard Tower.

And the key to enter the Wizard Tower was that wooden tablet, which had once represented the status of the Snake Witch among the Anzeds. She had never given up on her feelings toward the Anzeds, which could be considered somewhat pitiful.

After entering the cabin, Marvin didn't think too much and went straight for the important stuff.

He only touched what he wanted, and didn't take things that he didn't need.

After all, he wasn't a real caster, so he couldn't disable all of the Snake Witch's magical mechanisms and traps inside.

If he was a bit careless and accidentally triggered a trap, he would definitely be in for a miserable experience.

The first floor of the cabin was a wide living room. A long wooden table was set up in the middle of the room, and at the end of the table there was a tall, ornate seat carved out of wood.

Seven flowers, as well as a strange moon, were carved on the seat.

'The Anzeds' ancient totem?'

Marvin squinted. This was his first time entering the Snake Witch's cabin, so this was naturally his first time seeing what was inside.

There were also a total of twelve wooden chairs, with six on each side of the table. Each chair was wiped clean and shiny.

Marvin shook his head mockingly. He could even imagine the Snake Witch sitting on that moon and flower throne, revelling in her fantasy of becoming the Witch Queen, with the Twelve Witches bowing their heads to her.

But unfortunately, this scene would never happen in reality.

Marvin went past the table and went up a staircase at the end of the room.

The really good stuff would be on the 2nd floor.

Strictly speaking, the 2nd floor was the Snake Witch's laboratory and library.

There were many precious resources in the Snake Witch's small cabin, but without a Legendary Wizard at his side, Marvin didn't dare to act recklessly.

He could only follow the guide from memory and take away the important items that wouldn't trigger serious traps or curses.

Searching through the laboratory, he found a clean display case in which the Witch had set up her already finished Alchemy items.

There were four shelves on the display case, each of them packed completely full. The bottles of medicines and items were labelled in a strange language.

This was the Anzed Language.

[Burning Hot Power], [Anqima Poison], [Thunder Bless], [Major Wish]...

Each potion was at least at the Legendary level!

The Snake Witch was truly worthy of being a Legend Alchemist who had lived for a millennium. This collection of items was beyond extraordinary. Even when Shadow Thief Owl looted Diggles' treasury, they hadn't gotten so many powerful potions.

But Marvin could look at those things with desire.

Because he knew that these potions had very powerful Magic Arrays arranged to protect them.

Disabling them required the chant from the Snake Witch's mouth. If he did manage to snatch something away from the shelves, he'd then have to contend with the problem that the potions could even self-detonate.

And not only would Marvin be unable to get any advantage out of it, but he would also trigger the cabin's alarm, triggering all of the defenses and countermeasures.

He looked away from those powerful potions at the top, and his gaze ultimately fell upon a particular potion bottle on the 4th shelf.

'This potion doesn't have a defensive magic array?'

'This was the latest one she crafted, so she probably didn't have time…'

After Marvin used Earth Perception and found out that this bottle didn't seem to be under any protective spells at all, he had an expression of pleasant surprise on his face.

He had originally looked at the display case rather casually, knowing that its contents were all magically secured. It came as an unexpected surprise that there was something useful in it that was unprotected.

Like this potion bottle called [Poison Drug].

From the label, this [Poison Drug] was the Snake Witch's latest work, which she was very proud of. Marvin could only presume that she hadn't gotten around to properly naming it yet.

The effect of the Poison Drug was very simple: ten minutes after taking the medicine, the user's attributes would all raise by 10 points!

That was a very frightening number!

To Marvin who had already become a Legend, what kind of changes could an overall increase of 10 points to all his attributes cause?

He didn't dare imagine what the Post-Godly Dexterity, which was already enough to devastate most of his enemies, could do once it reached 45! He had the confidence of being able to contend against the Mid Gods at the very least, and not be at a disadvantage at all!

With his advanced False Divine Vessel, he would at least be able to resist the power of the Gods' Plane Law Authorities. As for the rest of the Gods' skills, in front of his heaven-defying attributes, they simply wouldn't be worth mentioning.

What kind of concept was 45 Dexterity?

Maybe even the Gods couldn't reach this?

It would allow one to move at an extremely frightening speed. A Wizard's Teleportation Door or a rogue's Flicker simply couldn't even beat Marvin's simplest movement skill with 45 Dexterity! And then there was the bonus to all his other attributes too!

Having such a potion was equivalent to having an overwhelmingly powerful trump card.

How could Marvin not be pleasantly surprised about the find?

Naturally, it wasn't all nice. The potion had been named Poison Drug because it truly was a poisonous drug!

Although it could arouse one's potential, the potion itself was very toxic. While the potion was in effect, one could still rely on the power boost from the increased attributes and their own body's natural resistance to fight it.

Once the effect was over, the toxic side effect would start flaring up. Even a God who took the potion might have their Divine Source corroded by the poison, falling to never rise again!

Marvin felt quite terrified when looking at this explanation.

That thing was the same as his Magic Addict Shape. It was to be used only in a very desperate situation.

Unexpectedly, it suddenly occurred to him that this bottle of poison might be suitable for use when paired with his Magic Addict Shape!

A bold and crazy plan took form in his mind, but Marvin only thought about it for a moment. It would be unlikely for him to use it in a real battle.

Unless he really needed to use it, this kind of last-chance move would stay hidden forever.

As he thought about this, Marvin put away the Poison Drug before looking at the other corners of the laboratory once again.

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