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Marvin truly hadn't thought that the Snake Witch would still have enough Magic Power left over to look for him after all that had happened.

Moreover, he'd thought that even if she did have energy left, she wouldn't be able to find the location of his Eternal Night Seal anyways.

As the powerful gravitational force tore at Marvin's body, trying to drag him out of the Eternal Night Seal's space, something occurred to him.

'That woman is far more powerful than described. The Ranger who wrote the guide must have been one of the first players who became a God, which made the encounter seem much easier from his point of view.'

'My resistances are so strong that I can resist almost all the Witchcrafts that would inflict curses or mental effects, while also having an extremely high resistance to Seals. How could I have known that she'd have something like the Bone Breaking Screech?!'

Marvin's awkward state was actually somewhat justifiable.

He ascended to Godhood in the game and was able to use Divine Power, so he knew many things about it. However, in the time frame just before he transmigrated, he had heard that some large guilds were researching the God Slaying Seals of the 3rd era, but hadn't learned much about them yet.

He only saw some descriptions about God Slaying Seals like the Bone Breaking Screech, but had never had to fight against anyone that used them.

The information wasn't complete, which could easily lead to being at a disadvantage.

Marvin didn't manage to avoid the hit from the Bone Breaking Screech, and he was surprised as to the lengths that the Snake Witch was willing to go to get her revenge.

That woman was suffering too, but still went all-out to immediately look for him.

If that wasn't crazy, what was it?

Despite the pain, Marvin was still quite clear-headed.

He had cursed aloud just now because he had been startled by the Snake Witch's appearance.

But that surprise had quickly turned into delight.

His loss of self-control was three parts legitimate and seven parts feigned.

He was pretending to desperately try to escape from the Snake Witch's power, as if he was completely out of strength. Ultimately, he was slowly pulled over to the Snake Witch.

There was only one ray of sunlight piercing into the ravine.

The Snake Witch's eyes were bleeding profusely, but the white irises were still staring fixedly at a specific place in the darkness.

A huge hole appeared out of nowhere, and Marvin fell out of it, landing just in front of the Snake Witch. The latter was panting, but her face was filled with arrogance and hate.

Marvin's guess wasn't wrong. The previous sneak attack and the Bone Breaking Screech seriously wounded the Snake Witch.

However, she was such a lunatic that she staked everything to forcibly drag Marvin back.

If she had just retreated to her cabin to make better preparations, her life would have been a lot more secure.

After all, Marvin had already used up one of his trump cards and lost the element of surprise, and her cabin was a place where she had been living for so many years, with all kinds of arrangements planned for the Anzeds, or in other words, for the Witch Queen.

The lair of a caster who had lived for thousands of years... Even if Marvin summoned all his Shadow Dragons and the Black Dragon, he might not necessarily be able to take her out.

But as was common to those who always stood above others, the Snake Witch was very conceited.

She was certain that Marvin was already an arrow at the end of its flight. All she had to do was catch him, and he would be screwed.

She didn't have the patience to wait, and she absolutely didn't want to give Marvin any chance to escape.

She wanted to torture Marvin now!

Only in that way could she vent the rage and fear that he had just stoked in her heart.

When she saw Marvin's staggering silhouette appear before her, the Snake Witch showed a mocking smile. "Lil' Rat, I don't care who you are or where you're from, Anzed or the Supreme Jungle. Since you wanted to kill me, I'll let you test some experiments I've been working on!"

After saying that, she spread one of her hands open, and the fingers turned into five vines rushing toward Marvin.

But suddenly, a golden light shone!

The Snake Witch was dumbfounded as the expression of Marvin, who had been slumped on the ground, suddenly changed.

Major Shapechange - Royal Griffin!

"Snake Witch!"

"You aren't the only one that is able to use Major Shapechange spells!"

As those words came out of the Griffin's mouth, the wings flapped, creating a dusty tornado that engulfed everything, cutting off the Witch's path to retreat!

The Snake Witch suddenly became pale.

When she saw this scene before her, she recalled that this guy had easily used Dispel Magic earlier!

It wouldn't be strange for him to also be able to use a Shapechange spell.

Using Major Shapechange was like shedding one's body. Although supposedly it wasn't on the level of the superior ability, Ultimate Shapechange, it was enough to counter the pain and weakness of Marvin's normal form.

His body was suddenly full of strength.

The growth of the advanced False Divine Vessel also had some consequences on the Shapechange, making the Royal Griffin become more nimble.

The two of them were too close to each other, to the point that just as the Snake Witch started using an instant spell to try to stop him, Marvin's sharp talons had already clutched her around the chest!

An extremely bloody scene played out in the ravine.

Marvin, who had been on the verge of life and death, had no pity for the fairer sex when it was someone so insidious, and he wouldn't make any stupid mistakes and die for it. He quickly and efficiently tore apart the Snake Witch's chest and her heart!

The Magic Armor that the Snake Witch was wearing activated automatically, but it seemed powerless to stop the Griffin's claws, and she was mauled to death in just moments!

This wasn't exactly because of Marvin's immense power, but rather because he knew how frightening a Legend caster was.

A powerful caster like the Snake Witch would likely have cast some special recovery spells on herself.

If she had been thorough enough, she might even be able to recover with only a head left.

The only way to make sure she was truly dead was to tear apart all her vitals.

In the end, the Snake Witch fell lifeless to the ground.

Marvin stood coldly next to her corpse, still in his form as a Royal Griffin, as he inspected those bloody remains with his eyes.

Small fights between Legends would often not result in any actual deaths due to their resilience, their access to special recovery techniques, and the wide variety of abilities that they could use to escape a bad situation.

But the Snake Witch had gone out of her way to give Marvin this opportunity. If she had just left when Marvin disappeared instead of spending a huge amount of her power to search for him while he was just waiting and recovering, there wouldn't have been such a grisly result.

Marvin felt pretty lucky that she'd made such a decision.

He knew that many other Legends wouldn't have made this kind of mistake. The Snake Witch had lived in the Swamp for a long time and had already become rather arrogant and aloof, since she was one of the strongest beings around. Marvin successfully enraged her, making her lose her rationality.

When he thought back carefully about their fight, he felt that even if it was very short, there had been many very close calls.

Marvin had also been a bit scared by the revelation of how powerful the Bone Breaking Screech was. Although his strength was fierce, this era wasn't lacking in powerhouses.

Later on, he might look for a bit more information.

After killing his target, Marvin didn't immediately rush to the cabin in the swamp to find what he had come for, wary of the possibility that she had set traps or other contingencies there that he didn't know about.

He rested for no less than an hour in a corner of the ravine.

After the Shapechange ability expired, he was in extreme pain once again as his bones had been shattered. It was hard to endure.

Thankfully, because of his strong constitution and the effects from the Shapechange, under the nourishment of all kinds of power, his bones slowly regrew and knitted back together.

The Snake Witch had struck a huge blow against him, leaving him seriously weakened. He could only use 70% of his strength at most after the initial quick recovery.

But that kind of wound wasn't permanent. With the passage of time and the use of other things to help, he should be able to recover within a week or so.

After his body recovered enough of his strength, Marvin left the ravine.

He found the wooden tablet that he needed on the body of the Snake Witch, and unhurriedly entered the tenebrous swamp once again.

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