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Facing these rebellious voices, Marvin chose to be indifferent.

In the current situation, he had too many matters to deal with. There would invariably be those that disagreed, and everyone always wanted more, especially in such difficult circumstances. Some would show good will, and some would appear greedy.

These refugees were unrelated to Marvin, so he had no real obligations to them. They escaped to the Sanctuary that Marvin painstakingly established and he provided them food and shelter, but now they were still arguing against his conditions.

Some of them were even worse and gathered in a group, criticizing his morals.

Marvin didn't feel like dealing with them and only told Anna to pacify the people.

And then the night was peaceful.

The next morning, the leading troublemakers were hanging on a cross outside the refugee camp, which made many people remember. This territory's Overlord was no saint. He did a lot of things for Feinan, and for White River Valley. He got rid of Diggles, Dark Phoenix, Black Dragons and other menacing lifeforms.

And though he did this, he definitely wasn't like a hero from those novels.

That morning, there were no more complaints.

In fact, many had only been testing Marvin's reaction, to see whether they could argue for more benefits.

But they hadn't expected Marvin to be so decisive.

All voices of resistance were suppressed.

White River Valley's original inhabitants were calm in the face of these events. They understood their Lord.

As long as they calmly lived their lives, Lord Marvin wouldn't make things difficult for them. On the contrary, he would protect them. He had always been doing so.

Ever since the start of the Great Calamity, only White River Valley and a few other locations were left unscathed. This was clear proof.

But if someone dared to question Marvin's commands or try to destabilize White River Valley's government, even if they only showed signs of it, Marvin would immediately eradicate them, leaving no room for negotiations.

And the Sha clansmen were very clever about this matter.

They stayed low-key and silent during the ruckus. After it was over, in light of Marvin's request, they organized fifteen hunting teams on the same day.

The hunting teams were a way to distribute the military strength.

Regardless of whether they were adventurers, militiamen, army troops, Shas, or refugees, as long as they chose to battle, they would immediately be formed into 60-man teams.

Each hunting team would be tasked with wiping out monsters around the Sanctuary once a week.

The mission would have a quota and as long as it was completed, they would be credited with a certain amount of contribution points.

Their points could be used to exchange for food and other items, and if they exceeded their quota, they would receive extra rewards.

This series of rewards had already been quantified by Marvin and everyone could see them.

Marvin didn't do all this for no reason.

The current White River Valley wouldn't face a large-scale battle in the near future. However, there were countless monsters in the Sanctuary's surroundings.

This territory was rather close to the wilderness, so there were many strange beasts.

It had to be known that most beasts had willpower far inferior to that of Humans. They would be easily influenced by the Chaos Magic Power, which would turn them into Monsters.

Although these Monsters would be repelled by the power of Order and wouldn't dare attack the Sanctuary in a short time, they would always be an underlying danger.

Moreover, after becoming Monsters, their rate of reproduction would substantially increase.

Marvin remembered that Post-Calamity, each Sanctuary would have these kinds of hunting teams.

They would clear up the surroundings at regular intervals.

But White River Valley's area was too large. There were the northern Shrieking Mountain Range, the southern wilderness, the eastern Sword Harbor's sea, and the western Deathly Silent Hills!

Based on the information gathered by his scouts, there was a frightening amount of Monsters close by.

Although most of the Monsters were just 2nd rank trash, he couldn't let them build up.

He had to eradicate them.

He couldn't take care of everything himself, as he had other things to do.

This time, the people in the Sanctuary had to stand up for themselves.

This was everyone's Sanctuary. It wasn't only up to Marvin to protect it. They also needed to fight for their own survival and not wait for Marvin to distribute food every day while idling away.

In short, at Marvin's urgent orders, most of the Sanctuary's inhabitants made new preparations.

Everything was led by Anna. As a Legion Commander, she was well-suited to dealing with this kind of matter.

Soon, she made enough preparations for the first month.

Lola and her little attendant were in charge of releasing the missions, monitoring the execution, and providing contribution points.

Lola was a lot loftier now. As one of the people trusted by Marvin, her power in White River Valley was quite considerable.

Marvin actually didn't care much about the production of the northern mine currently, so he directly transferred her to this new task.

Contribution points and food exchange were very important matters and could easily create a lot of troubles.

He believed that with Lola's shrewdness, she would be able to handle this work.

As expected, after Marvin's explanation, Lola quickly adapted to the position.

Besides the little attendant, she also picked two accountants as helpers from the refugees.

On the edge of the White River's pier, she set up an exchange location specialized in settling the matters of the daily hunting teams.

From Marvin's assessment of the situation, Lola would have to do everything by herself at the start. Things were difficult at the beginning, after all, and it was vital to get the Sanctuary running. For now, she would have to oversee everything herself. Only when everything ran smoothly would she be able to delegate jobs to others. Naturally, she would still be in charge of supervising them.

After the new system was established, Marvin could feel that White River Valley had been re-energized.

Before, people only talked about the battle between the Gods and Legends as if that matter was unrelated to them.

But now they were beginning to research how to handle the Monsters outside the Sanctuary.

Some experienced adventurers even began to sell some basic Monster information.

Some of them were scouts sent out by Marvin.

However, the Sanctuary had only just been created and the currency system was still not fully established. Food was the current hard currency and everyone had 100 base contribution points. Everyone needed to exchange those for food to fill their stomachs, so only a few people clenched their teeth and bought the information.

Even among the refugees, some were attracted to the fine wines and fine food, giving them the motivation to train hard.

Although they couldn't immediately perform those tasks, they would be able to after completing their training.

As for the military instructors, Marvin actually prepared a lot and they enjoyed a relatively good treatment. The goal was to train all the able men, and even women, into soldiers.

With all this settled, Marvin went to the peak on his own.

After the Sanctuary was set up, this peak became the symbol of White River Valley, but only Marvin himself could approach.

The Source of Fire's Order was slowly burning at his side.

He walked in front of the Wish Pillar and activated its power, using part of its magic energy to make an [Eye of Justice]!

In a flash, the Eye of Justice slowly rose up like a ball of fire and began to sweep across every corner of White River Valley.

The effect of the Eye of Justice was to find those who violated Marvin's laws in White River Valley.

After the Great Calamity, it was like the end of the world in Feinan. Even if White River Valley was a Sanctuary, when it was the end of the world, people would always act crazily.

Marvin had to erase those crazy elements.

With the Eye of Justice keeping watch, all crimes would be exposed

And his trusted nineteen Dark Knights were in charge of enforcing his laws.

The Eye of Justice would last a month, and during this month, the Dark Knights would gain the Adjudicator halo. When the Eye of Justice detected a crime, the Adjudicators would immediately find out and rush to the scene to handle it as they saw fit.

Enough time had passed that the Dark Knights had already regained most of their rationality.

Their loyalty remained unchanged and they became even stronger.

The stronger ones among them were Zero and One, who seemed to be close to advancing to Legend. Marvin was looking forward to this.

The Dark Knights' slaughtering abilities were unequalled within their own levels. Who knew what strength they would display after recovering to their peak?

With the Adjudicators defending the order of his Sanctuary, Marvin fixed the last loophole.

It was now time to resolve a few thorny issues.

First, food. It was still food. Even if White River Valley had stocked a lot of it, with the increase in people, there would definitely be a shortage in the future.

There weren't that many people farming in the territory, and White River Valley wasn't fertile enough, so the crop yield wasn't high.

But Marvin had a solution to this problem.

That was to deal with Arborea!

Arborea was a fertile world with an abundance of food there and as long as they knew the location of the entrance to that plane freed from the Shadow Prince, Marvin would be able to trade with them.

After all, Prince Aragon was still in White River Valley.

Entering the Ashes Plain wasn't as easy after Hathaway became the Witch Queen, but there was an entrance to the Ashes Plain in the Ashes Tower, so Marvin could return to Arborea through there.

The food problem could be solved through the interplanar transactions.

The second issue was really problematic.

It was the matter of weapons.

There were so many fighters in the territory now… How could he solve that weapon issue?

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